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WWE Extreme Rules 2011 Results & Review

Held on Sunday May 1st, I was given a Birthday Treat, or was I?

Placement on the card was going to be the key element in how matches were perceived. So what could possible kick the PPV off with a stong result.

The Last Man Standing Match

Randy Orton Vs CM Punk

Punk gives Orton the knee drop in a battle of the Thighs :)

Slithers toward the 'Conda

The leader of the Nexus, whom lost on the previous PPV to the very same man here, CM Punk had to pull something out of the bag. Would he play his Nexus interruption card? Thankfully the creative department allowed both men the respect they deserved to have a clean, 1 on 1 encounter to provide us all with a sterling effort and wonderful match which now features "entertainers" from two superstars whom have talent with the ill fated , do not mention, 'W' word. Afterward Nexus were allowed to assist Master Punk, but only after he was left lying for 10 as Orton, the new centrefold of Smackdown - with some manly and well defined stubble for us to drool over (Thank You), was Last Man Standing. The feud is over, but both men have made this a joy to watch over the last few months. Feud of the year?

Both men fly perfectly

To the victor goes the spoils. Look at that stubble... :p

Impromtu Match - US Title   Tables Match

Sheamus Vs Kofi Kingston 

An impromtu and unadvertised match, set up for one purpose, to send the US Title (drafted with Sheamus to Smackdown) back to flagship show RAW. It was a pointless change to implement. Sheamus' loss added to his delayed opportunities and Kofi's win, as i previously wrote, won't do anything for him in terms of status or development among WWE's future players - wherever he may be place on the tiers. This match actually destroyed both in a slight way.

Kofi brought the US Title back to RAW Via a table and Sheamus

Country Whipping Tag Team Match

Jack Swagger & Michael Cole Vs Jerry "The King" Lawler & 'JR' Jim Ross

Recently knighted (by the croaky voice 'Queen' 'Liz of England) defended his honour after winning Wrestlemania. With trainer Swagger at his side, would heavenly prince Jack turn on 'Sir' Michael Cole?

Cole's right to be scared of the King

That was the only drawing point of this match. The action didn't even matter. It meant nothing. This match went on far too long and JR and King had their time against them. Was it the booking plan or booking team? Either way it was a shambles. The only saving grace is that Swagger is out of this pointless feud and all 3 commentators can do something else that contributes to the product (other than the childish scripts on JR and the homophobic comments from Twitter, or in a Cena promo - to which WWE  has taken no action on, and must realise that Gay and Lesbians are a market among WWE as others are). At least Booker T got a birthday gift and was allowed on commentary.

Screw Michael  Cole, hold ME instead Jack!

 Rey Mysterio Vs Cody Rhodes – Falls Count Anywhere

Barricade Barbarics!

Took it outside the ring for the WWE Universe

Making sure Rey got a pay off so to speak, he regained a pointless victory in this ending feud, as a result of a re run from losing at 'Mania 27 to Rhodes. Rhodes should have either had the mania win and finish the feud or win again here and go on to S/D with his character further enhanced as the intention was to develop Cody. At least they gave some interaction for the fans by entering the outside barricades and smashing into a stacked item in the middle of an empty space - namely the bins/ boxes near the arena merchandise stands, which wasn't pre determined at all.

LayCool finally over..
Loser Leaves WWE – No Disqualification, No Count-out match

Michelle Mc Cool Vs Layla

Everyone knew the advertising of this one was utter bull. After a John Cena - 2 week - kayfaybe breaker and Dolph Ziggler's 'firing' would one of WWE's 2 main divas - both of whom provided much more to its product than many others could do, actually leave?

Regardless, Michelle Mc Cool Vs Layla began.

Laycool was officially broken up. With a pairing such as this, more time should have been devoted to their breaking feud, especially when both produced volumes for the organisation and it's division.

Eventually, a pre menstrual Layla rolled up McCool after a fair to good match for female standards. The finish wasn't a good one. Layla got a cheap roll up out of nowhere, which was clean, thankfully, but all the same should have set her up as a main character going along S/D. Taking someone 'out' of WWE , especially your 'best friend' is a huge deal, and accolade to achieve and brag about.

Got the 2nd biggest win of her career and shelved her best friend.

Layla managed to get out of ringside in enough time, because ... OH NO... an evil laugh beamed. What, Where did it come from ? ( apart from the speakers) KHARMA! Formerly Awesome Kong (from TNA), she finally made her debut, to which Michelle Mc Cool seemed paralysed in the ring with fear. Unable to move, she watched in awe as Kharma made her way down the long ramp to the ring, where she entered and laid waste to McCool. Everyone was thrilled with Kharma's debut, and it looks as though there is much more potential to come from her. We will be watching with intrigue. We 'like' this one.

Kharma's coming for you! Bye-Bye McCool..

World Heavyweight Championship, Ladder Match

Should have won IMO to keep the title alive
Alberto Del Rio Vs Christian

A match with many questions and possible outcomes. This is what the 'E should be adhering to. Though Del Rio managed to lose once again, and fail to grasp a hand on the title that 'had his name on it' ruined whatever momentum and fan base he had going into Wrestlemania. Alb has lost a few followers among these outcomes. Building a new star then pitching ideas and scenarios that ruin his potential following is not a welcomed manouveur. Most clearly knew who would win. Some were still pondering a possible swerve turn by Vinnie Mac. Del Rio on RAW means he will win, right? As appealing as it was, Del Rio could still feasibly defend on S/D. Though WWE chose to stick to the philosophy of World Title moves with the star should he win, that they (and Edge having a handle in this no doubt), pushed forward the decision to finally take Captain Charisma to new heights. Christian, after interferences from Brodus Clay and Edge (in his favour) clambered the ladder to gain his first ever World Title.

The question is, was it too little too late? Christian, down-played for years and upon his return, was practically given the title. How can he now establish himself as the stronghold of S/D and the company portrayal as champion? Can Vitamin-C re-VIT-alise himself and the position of the brand it is represented on?

Finally won the big one, Congrats to Christian.

Would it have been better on Del Rio? Man of the moment would have upheld more than Christian of course, but regardless, and although we are happy Christian finally got the big one, was it beneficial in McMahon's WWE, with his mindset of Christian? With the additions of Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, Alex Riley and Sheamus, as well as Wade Barrett, Undertaker and Kane on the blue brand, can he cement his position as the man who can fend off the popular and maintain his credibility?

Blood = Censorship, Quick get him off TV!

Undisputed Tag Team Championship, Lumberjack Match

Big Show & Kane (c) Vs Wade Barrett & Ezekiel Jackson

Newly crowned team of Big Show and Kane, champs both separated to RAW & Smackdown, respectively, defended against the team of Wade Barrett & Ezekiel Jackson.

Stood no chance as a team

Still Undisputed Tag Champs
Another unannounced match, was supported by Lumberjacks would did their job to stand there and occasionally touch, push back in or attack any of the 4 men involved in the match should they reach the outside for whatever reason.

Eventually, Show & Kane successfully defended the titles in a toilet break/filler match. Barrett (as Intercontinental Champion) was a tell tale sign he wouldn't win another title, paired with Big Zeke, just did not look like a credible team and had no unity among them. It simply wasn't believable.

Rendered Irrelevant despite the WWE sizing strategy

The real speculation was whether the Lumberjack standing with his back to us in a cowboy hat was JBL? Of course it wasn't? Right?  Possible 'culprits' speculated were Daniel Bryan, DH Smith, Chris Masters and Hornswoggle (?), amongst the texan cowboy himself. IMO, it may have been Danny boy Bryan, we know that it was a guy in red tights and slender. No way was it Masters, nor Horni. Place your bets... (Although I do know the answer..., try to figure it out as a little pop trivia, answer is at bottom of the blog).

WWE Championship, Triple Threat Cage Match

John Morrison Vs John Cena Vs The Miz (c)

Went in as WWE Champ..

Do we smell title change in the air? Almost everyone did, but which John was taking it? What of the Cage match itself? The steel cage was rendered obsolete. No real uses of the cage except for a mounted escape attempt that occurred almost every second for every individual involved when action wasn't on the canvas. The Miz and John Morrison had a very scary and choppy moment at the top of the cage when Morrison carelessly hurled Miz up on the top rafter of the structure causing his footing to be misplaced and bungled the spot to try and not be thrown of the top of the Cage and win the match, amongst being squashed like a tomato. Another added reason as to why he shouldn't have been in the match. R Truth should have remained in the spot and given more of an outlook in debate to who may bag the title as his first WWE title match and his new persona of elevation in character. Alas, Truth did come to assist the match, but in no one's favour. His disgruntlement was with Morrison though. Also doing his spot on the Cage door hanging from the top of the Cage above the door being smacked by it angle as he has previously done, once again added to his lunacy of Spiderman antics at Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber - which still hasn't gone over as a new expressive style - get a STYLE, not a gimmick, and you might gain something more sustainable.

Constantly the middle man..

In the end, once again predicted by almost everyone after the Wrestlemania no sell and making Miz seem in-equal to him once again, John Cena snared the title. Commentary informed us that Cena had, not had the title for a whole year.

Miz thwarts Morrison's attempt to leave WWE Champion

Is that telling the audience that we should be grateful that after a year off, time to build new stars, which Cena managed to cripple everyone - Miz, Riley, Nexus to name a few, we should accept what were given? The audience wont welcome this dictatorship practice. That's a huge tip. Keep your audience; don't drive it away again, even if Cena sells the T shirts and baseball caps or spinner belts.

The forgotten man R Truth would've been WWE Champ..
The disappointment of the PPV had to be the fact that in PG WWE, Extreme Rules features a different pre requisite to it’s match type on the card. Every match is tendered to be ‘unique’. Though Tables, whips and a steel Cage were hardly used in the context they were famed for or determined. The only stand out match pardon the pun was the Last Man Standing (most would assume Christian’s win would be the one) but looking at it objectively, both men in the LMS worked together told the story and delivered to the audience, only problem was once again being overshadowed by John Cena therefore meaning they had to go first and become played down and slightly diluted as most of their matches have been. They could have been blockbusters from both men if given enough prowess.

Once again not celebrating but gloating to his 'haters' the 'W'  collective

Overall PPV Rating – 5/10

Men/Women  of their matches - CM Punk, Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio, Layla, The Miz, Cody Rhodes (Daniel Bryan?), Wade Barrett,

Man of the PPV - Christian

© Max Waltham, 06 May 2011

Guy in the Cowboy hat -- (DH Smith)

Yee-haw!! Doesn't look like this anymore...

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