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WWE RAW Recaps. 9th may (mainly)

RAW  Recaps 9th May 2011

This week, WWE told us that R Truth, the guy it is moving forward with, that he did not deserve a title run in any entirety. True. However, he is working towards one. And WWE decide to…? Tell everyone that the guy they are producing is not worthy for an fan interaction? Then isn’t this just a waste of valuable TV Time? A rising star, be it in any form – whether ‘big’ or not, should never be expressed as unimportant, when highly thrown forward. Ludicrous.

On RAW we saw Ricardo Rodriguez. A man who never moved in the draft. Hmm? WWE could easily have thrown 2 more into the supplemental draft picks (Ranjin Singh is now on S/D)

After a lengthy segment, which was a good move for once. Mysterio, Del Rio and Miz & Riley were given time alongside ‘The Truth’. Though Rey Rey took the GM spot by making a match for the #1 contenders spot. Also giving us the Alberto Del Stinko for kiddie response, WWE really need to strengthen the scripts. New performers cannot get over with this dialogue. That’s why fans won’t give you the manipulated response you want them to shout at any arena.

Miz , last week (2nd May 2011) became WWE Champion. But decision was reversed AFTER the ref made it, due to assuming the belt was used to cheat.

When a referee makes a decision such as the main title and calls the final bell that decision sticks, regardless of whether the ref discovers he was conned afterwards, because he has, technically, removed his position of authority by making the decision over with.

Last week The Miz was WWE Champion...
The Miz is technically WWE Champion, and John Cena, is technically a flunkie/fluke Champion – still remaining champ when his title was credibly lost. WWE should now use this to strip the title from them to save face and either do the dreaded hold up to the next PPV or indeed, have a 1 on 1 rematch. Though they won’t, of course. Defying this logic of common sense (and the morals the John Cena character supposedly stands for, Respect, Fairness etc), costs you the belief of the universe. Fans realise your not there for them, and therefore won’t invest in you how you wish them to.

The company will not produce anything new to gain viewers interest and will therefore, remain a constant position as it is now of not anything spectacular or special as it always used to be.

You know the Women’s division is in serious trouble when its champion or main player has their music slowed down in tempo. The awful music, for the Bella Twins, now slowed down and patchy – listen to Victoria’s Theme Music for the prime example, it’s only a matter of time before they drop their title.

Eve in the sin bin with Maryse, Bellas got away, from the, paralysing Medusa esq Kharma, phew!

We all knew she was coming, but WWE gave us a match, with Eve and Kelly Kelly teaming up, this match was bound for disaster. KK gave us another rendition of the infamous Layla V KK ECW match. Commendable for trying, however, it’s still no where near bearable. You need more than one or two leg spin manoeuvres. Just let her be demolished by the big dark menace.

Maybe WWE should hire Max Waltham to produce the WWE Hotties Magazine?  Male stars need equality too, right? :D I'd be happy to help x

Speaking of whom, once KK got a cheap and stupid pin fall reversal, that Bella had to sit and wait for ages to roll over, Kharma finally came.

OK, someone is defiantly view my posts from Connecticut. Michael Cole informed us that Kharma had that, paralysing with fear presence, which this writer earlier wrote in another post J WWE can have a couple, but hey, I’m not working for you, (yet), so unintentionally feeding the hand with thoughts/ideas, it’s nice to reveal some air time if nothing else. Maybe a shameless shout out or Rleylicious could air. I’ll allow it for one RAW lol :p
Bless those open legs , Punk and the cameraman :)
Last week’s rematch of the main event replayed. Kane V Mason Ryan. Why wasn’t Kane the main RAW draftee? Ending with a double chokeslam, KO’ing CM Punk (who has more value than Big Show) and a Nexus run in which, happily pleased us with a David Otunga squash, ended in a DQ.

New & Improved. EX-CUSE ME!?
“The new and improved Dolph Ziggler” was presented to us again. Your greatest asset is the greatest heel of this generation to date – Vickie Guererro. Maybe my words were heeded? Ziggler, stripped of the blond locks and shiny glitterball tights (with no sequins? Unforgivable), gave something interesting to the match. A very beautiful dropkick, I have to say, but alas, Ziggler is not sexy, has no presence and needs to work on promoting his in ring talent – he’s half way there. He looks like a ‘W’ , that’s not an expletive Dolph, it’s a complement, but it’s the word eradicated from what WWE supposedly stood for.

After the SD Recap (see Christian dethroned article on this blog), WWE made Zack Ryder – someone hugely popular with the audience (why is he not being featured in a more predominant role?) made to look like a goon by Mr. Fruity Pebbles.

Continuing to bury potential at every level for one person, Alex Riley was no exception to the hitlist. Having a match with Cena to make up for costing Miz last week by throwing the title in the match after the referee made the call, Lawler told us the ill fated – dirty W word *gasp*. And commentary let us know that this would be the highest win of Riley’s career. A defining moment to behold. Would WWE finally put Riley, a new star with credible potential on the market? No. Cannon fodder to the WWE Champ who lays waste to every performer (this is why none elevate for the company, you need opponents for Cena – and one’s who win matches).

With some heated words to his counterpart Riley, The Miz decided to insult Orang-utans. One of the closest forms of humanity and intellect (there are 2), Miz compared his young disciple Riley to a "stupid" humane intellectual. I wonder if the WWF have something to say about this? :o

The Miz-utan cradles his young apprentice Riley

Not only was he devalued once, it wasn’t enough. Cena gave 2 , yes 2 Attitude Adjustments to Riley, unnecessary and derogative, to prove to Miz.. What exactly? It proved no point.. and therefore was pointless and irrational to book. Then the STF was the finally nail in Riley’s coffin. Excellent work WWE.

STF Stupidities! (is that hold even 'on'?)

Michael Cole, Sir and Mr.Wrestlemania with an undefeated streak, announced his retirement from in ring competition. Everyone wanted broadcast retirement. Cole and Jerry Lawler went at it again, just as we thought it was all over, we get one last offering of a match. NO. Know when to cut the sinking ship! Bret Hart V Vince Mc Mahon – Wrestlemania, dig the archive footage if you can’t remember how the match itself went for you. It’s not producing and Swagger needs out of this pain.

Just like the GM Voice - end this dire feud!
This feud is still going on...
Cole declined the offer fro Jerry Lawler for one more match. If Cole won “King” would personally induct him into the, wait for it, WWE Hall Of Fame. So, is Cole going in the Celebrity wing with Drew Carey? Or the ‘W’ side. HBK beware, Mr.Mania will outshine you next year, should he gain acceptance. Jack Swagger, trainer to Cole, accepted on his behalf, when semi conscious.

The highlight was clearly Lawler's "untouching" therefore legal onslaught on Michael Cole, whom hid inside the colemine however had one open space which King used his tie as a battering ram for Cole's face to smack and be squashed up the 'glass' among the 'mine!  Cole was also allowed to get this going by, asking what Lawler did for Mother's Day. Insensitivity can be used as a cheap gimmick these days... King was very mature, but it didn't make it right to air that to provoke a reaction. 

Facepalm! Muppet! Or Spitting Image?

Ironically we get the “Anti Bullying” campaign. From a company that allowed Cole to brand a fellow college a homophobic response via online comunciations as well as taking no action. (As well as bullying Riley via John Cena).

With Swagger still in the ring, Kofi Kingston came to defend the US Title. Swagger, must be promoted back to main event level loiterer. He doesn’t have to win the WWE Title, but has to remain a float around the competitors. Punk, Swagger, Mysterio, Del Rio, Riley & Miz offer a pool of options should creative work with it.

Zack Ryder or R Truth could even play for the US Title. Or Dolph/Drew.

Another film of Randy Orton’s new film – promoting anti bullying as earlier broadcast by Mr & Mrs Mc Helmsley. “Accept people for who they are” So, Does WWE ‘Accept’ me? Do I need to be ‘accepted’? No. I need to be VALUED. J

Main event time and it’s Rey Mysterio V The Miz V Alberto Del Rio. This was right to be given time, schedule, structure and a ball to run with. This was by far one of the best matches on RAW for a very long time. It had it all and these 3 performers showcased why the ‘E needs to recognise all 3. Riley returned to make it up to the Miz and managed to help him gain the victory, by pulling Del Rio out of the ring from under Mysterio’s pinfall – wonderful. Miz got the pin on a bewildered Rey Rey, and Miz even perfectly fell through the middle rope to the outside when grabbed by competitor – a nice full frontal too :D . All 3 proved valuable to the future of main events on RAW here.

Roll up secures #1 contender - The Miz

Cena returned to spoil Miz’es victory by announcing – Oh Dear, an “I Quit” Match for Over The Limit. PLEASE don’t use duct tape this time…

Well, it seems WWE are planning to thrown The Miz to Smackdown with Riley to rival the Viper, Randy Orton? Really? Reeeeaaallllly?? *sigh*

Miz victory, Cena quit, Smackdown have them both. Of course that won’t happen – Cena NEVER quits. Which makes it predictable and pointless before the PPV is presented again.

There is no need to ship Miz away from RAW. He has his fan base there. The positioning of the product/company doesn’t seem to be proving fruitful as it could do. It’s becoming a very depressing one, not lifting any spirits for the audience. Which means you need to adshere to that, before it’s too late again (another 2 years – not one new performer, and the 2 top men standing at front of house as champions).

May 2 (1st actually) The Great Ones B-Day :) Bring on the studel!

© Max Waltham 14th May 2011

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