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WWE Over The Limit 2011 Results & Review

WWE Over The Limit 2011

On Sunday, May 22nd Over The Limit (from the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington) was meant to hype and deliver it’s toughest match on the card, the “I Quit” Match. With the added Orton/Christian stakes and R Truth’s catapulted development this was a card that seemed to be interesting on many levels for some of WWE’s performers and it’s Universe. Did it deliver?

Kicking off with the first match,

R Truth V Rey Mysterio

See previous post here on 6 Feuds – this is feud #1 that the 2011 draft has given us :D

Gremlins were messin' with R's Music?

Truth entered the arena, to no music? Eh? No entrance music?! Tackling a solid status competitor as Rey Mysterio was a big deal for Truth and low and behold, more like lol and behold, Truth WON this bout. And to no music again! Little Jimmy may have thrown a gremlin in the music reels….

“Don’t Boo me, You shudda Boo’ed Yourselves!”

Don't Boo Me, you shudda been booing ya self!
Seems Truth may have a valid point. This match was interesting for a starter and both men worked well but there wasn’t much to really say except it was the standard Mysterio match structure but with R Truth gaining the win with a reverse russian leg sweep style new finishing move.
The Human Water Fountain

After the end, Truth delivered a water spurt/spit at Mysterio’s head (from a bottle). Did Triple H allow that reminiscence? Or will he be “booing himself?”

After a match that was getting the PPV started but not electrifying it, we had a chance for that to happen with the Intercontinental Title bout.

Intercontinental Championship
Wade Barrett V Ezekiel Jackson

Loyalty keeps the IC Title with The Corre leader
This match, rushed as per usual, didn’t do a single thing for either in the match. Nor those who ran in. Rending this pointless TV Time. Barrett didn’t lose the IC Title, but Big ‘Zeke won the match (via DQ). The DQ occurred when Zeke was implementing a torture rack manoeuvre on Barrett, to which Gabriel & Slater made the ever loyal save to their leader.

Foot Stomp was his 'grand move'
Zeke started this match with ‘such high offence’ – his first ‘big’ move, was, a foot stomp! The big bad behemoth we are supposed to take seriously as a destructive force (in babyface form) changed the match dimensions gaining the upper hand with, a foot stomp. Draw your own conclusions, but this will not be an investment the WWE Universe will cheer, or jeer, for. Sin Cara would have been better placed into this role as challenger.

The only interesting notion here was seeing Justin Gabriel had some new snazzy tights on! Dazzling.

Gabe got snazzy tights! Now this match has personality - just as it ended

Sin Cara V Chavo Guerrero

Made PPV Debut a success 

Did Chavo have any chance? No. But strangely this wasn’t a 3 – 7 second job out for him. Allowed to do something rather than nothing was a slight welcomed change. No doubt that Cara was going to win his first PPV debut and sadly for him, it was, a build the star a little bit, match. Nethertheless Cara won after both put in some sterling efforts in a place on the card that was to fill a hole.

Smooth Hip Toss

Alberto Del Rio, the man earmarked for World (Title) domination, didn’t have a match on the card and instead came out to give us some verbal. If a star, such as Del Rio’s magnitude, is not on the card, this can be ‘allowed’ if he delivers a promo that lifts his stock to the claim he/she is making. Alb claimed he was soon going to be WWE Champion when the Miz or Cena wins tonight, because, he can take both of them.

Class, not Crass

Alby was interrupted (how dare they) by Kane & the Big Show. The current Tag Team Champions cut off Del Rio’s babble to start their match

Tag Team Championship
Kane & Big Show V Mason Ryan & CM Punk

Beefy Ryan was slapped with a steak round the face

STILL champs.. (at OTL)

Punk was scheduled to look weak from the get go. Starting the match, he instantly tagged Ryan in against Kane. This wasn’t a valid move to make.

The typical tag team match unfolded until towards the ending, Kane & Show dished out some double chokeslams to both men on the opposing side. Both challengers were smashed by 2 jobbers with lifetime WWE experience – who are their to sell and work newbie’s into the role of providing for the future, which was not evident here. At least Kane tried to sell for them. Mason Ryan – WWE’s answer to the newest, big, scary, and forceful behemoth, was pinned freely. No title change.

This poor man squashed due to pieces of paper..

WWE Divas Championship
Kelly Kelly V Brie Bella w/ Nikki Bella

The next match was for the Unified WOMEN’S Championship, in the guise of that platinum, silver (thing). That’s meant to be a championship women in WWE are to aspire to….No wonder no women ‘excel’ these days.
Maryse wants her cape back

So the obvious Bimbo Bimbo, Kelly Kelly was booked to have another classic match with her ‘credentials’ (above such names as Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim, Maryse, Melina or Eve). Kelly’s main offence to begin with was using her assets; she wrapped her legs around the head of her competitor – not dispelling any suggestion of the above name. Talk about ‘do yourself a favour’. Her legchoke looked weak once again, but hey, were not expecting miracles are we?

KK's leg choke & bungled Lou Thesz press - he can't be happy with that...

What takes prominance here? the WOMEN'S Title or the Ref? OMG - It's NUNZIO!

Bellas trying to keep title prestige - Thank You for your efforts girls!

Brie Bella, champion, managed to place Kelly into a submission that most, if not all placed into it would’ve tapped, (except Phoenix or Kharma , of course), but not Kelly Kelly. The ‘woman’ with no strengthened skills or in ring potential overnight seemed to have an iron will, a persona of tenacity that would not allow her to tap. She broke the hold after some lame sales pitch of pain.

Nikki Bella (the one at ringside, you know?) did the switcheroo, and to everyone’s delight smashed Kelly with the xfactor to gain the 1-2-3. I can recall only one person wanted KK to win the title, - after they constantly spoke of KK’s T & A. (Not a biased opinion then?)
Switch.. (Ref did the job well here)

Nikki's got the X Factor!

Its official, KK is the John Cena equivalent. And if she win’s that title, which seemed very likely here in this match, I, as many others whom respect Women’s wrestling (it was necessary to drop that word), I would be LIVID. It is something WWE would never be able to come back from and would be the complete destruction of everything plausible and the title would never ever recover. It would also be a massive slap in the face to the likes of Moolah, Richter, Stratus, Lita and all in between with those in today’s female locker room.
Take one look at this and think, then reinstate the WOMEN's Division! 

What message is this sending out anyway? It isn’t empowering women. Maybe you should get Michelle Obama on the show. Or Oprah? Or just pull your finger out and give the audience what they want and need. They won’t take to some bimbo/tart in skimpy pants who can’t do a single thing.

Wonderful Woman with dignity and future values of women..

Million Dollar Mania? How about a free car!!

P.S – Kharma didn’t come out tonight, but got a mention for ‘stalking’ Kelly Kelly.

Michael Cole left his position at the announce desk informing us on the way to the back of the titantron that he was ‘getting ready’ goading Lawler as he went.

World Heavyweight Championship
Randy Orton V Christian

Good Sports

This was the match everyone was here to see. Christian can’t draw? Well this was the match everyone wanted to witness….

Two babyfaces whom respected each other planned to duke it out. The prize was much greater. In those few moments, both men managed to promote the title as the most meaningful entity in the business and what they were both their for. Some people need to learn this practise for the future.

Still amicable on the night..
To begin with Christian was allowed ‘offence’ by going for a cheap roll up at the start of the match. Talk about being watered down from the start. This told us exactly where Christian’s position was. Everyone knew the outcome instantly.

Crowd reaction was anti Orton, sending a clear message to he who sits at Gorilla.

Orton, once again WWE’s 5 star worker, had a sterling match with Christian, who made his credits on his own name also, and the pair managed to have an enthralling, heart felt battle with so many twists and turns in near falls, and counter reversals changing the pace, fluidity and dominance so rapidly, that we never had a front runner, meaning both men had a chance. It was widely open and anticipating. By far the best match of the night.

After many heated exchanges and near falls, The Viper had this one sewn up, and RKO’ed Christian to end his aspirations of regaining his 5 day World Title run after 17 years that WWE so cruelly diminished in one fell swoop.
Stare at the lights again...

Another thrilling addition to this was the dirty tactics WWE used to make Orton seem heelish. Neither turned. One was most likely to. And the parameters would’ve gone wild if a) Legacy reformed, b) Orton turned alone c) Christian used Legacy to screw Mr. RKO and ‘lead’ them.

Tweener Orton was apparent throughout the whole match teasing a change, as well as Christian’s frustration adding to the pot of turn possibility on the night.

WWE got scared, and played it safe once again.

The filler match was indeed….

Kiss My Foot Match
Michael Cole V Jerry Lawler

Should Cole win, Lawler will induct Cole into the WWE Hall Of Fame personally and give him King’s ring as his reward also.

Ahhh, the blank piece of paper reigns highly
With such a high stake, a painful continuation of this ‘series’, and a couple of losses on continual PPV for Jerry, would he really drop the ‘rubber match’ Technically, the rubber only happens when it’s 1 a piece, but still the same practise.

Michael Cole came to inform us that after all the hype, he cannot perform! Oh dear. The lead balloon just crashed within the crowd. The WWE Universe were miffed. Yet also pleased at the same time. They were just sick of their time being wasted. Jack Swagger, Cole’s trainer didn’t make an appearance – Thank god he is out of this derogatory position.

Demi Moore got nowt on those legs! and then there's Eve with a good aerial to be fair
He couldn’t perform thanks to the (genital herpes) on his foot. If Cole places his foot into Lawler’s mouth, he’ll contract (an STI), no he’ll contract a disease, so his doctor has suggested not to fight tonight.

This ‘match’ was brief. Michael Cole almost had his hanging out when Lawler ripped his clothes off. Oooh Demi Moore, eat yer heart out!
Eat My (BBQ) Sauce!

This is a family show you know, so none of that… 

With a half clothes on and half torn off, Cole eventually was smashed in a shambles of this whatever it was, ending with many ‘friends’ banding together for Lawler to make Michael Cole see the error of his ways.

The Ghost of Christmas Past – Jim Ross, assisted Lawler, along with the one from the present – Bret Hart! (Now you understand why the foot was implemented with the whole concept of flashbacks to Lawler/Hart) and someone apparently to enhance the future – Eve. Eve wasn’t happy about her match interruptions (as was Hart on Twitter) (as was Max Waltham) :)

What a Toe job that was...
Cole got his just deserts. Receiving a sharpshooter, a load of lubrication in his mouth from JR’s BBQ sauce tipped down it, and Eve’s top turnbuckle splash on top of him.  And for good measure, Jerry Lawler stuck the ‘boot’ in. Cole gave some disturbing fellatio on Lawler’s toe, which was one mighty Toe Job!

Let’s move on…

With JR back on the announce desk for the main event.

WWE Championship
“I Quit” Match
The Miz & Alex Riley V John Cena

Here was the big one. The most important match. Someone was going to “Quit” Cena, who has never quit or submitted since his long time in WWE, faced The Miz who was supposed to look his equal, yet Cena couldn’t even do that from standing opposite him in the ring to enhance his verbal talents.

Didn't take supercena long to fly strong!

Miz told us instantly that Cena should Quit, because, there were “no rules”. Miz could hit Johnny boy with a chair, throw him off the stage, batter him with the steel ring steps – to which every suggestion was met with elation from those in crowd attendance. Miz also informed us that anything he could do. Alex Riley could too!

A-Rod was given a main event match at long last! Finally WWE saw some sense. But we all knew it wouldn't last longer than a gimmick. :@ As Riley entered the ring with Miz, Cena managed to take down both of them when  they approached him for a clothesline technique. In less than 1 second of ‘action’ Cena derailed it.
Glistening sweat shine Wax On, Wax Off!

Riley and The Miz were never going to recover from this. WWE needs to re asses how it books these matches. Riley AND The Miz could’ve gained even more value to their WWE personalities and added to its future.

Many want to see both these men in the future.

2 men to provide a future 

With an STF to follow instantly after the Cena takedown, it was thwarted. Both challengers seated John Cena atop the turnbuckle for a great double powerbomb. If Cena was there on his own , he would’ve launched off the top for a leg drop that would’ve missed The Miz’s head and landed in the opposite direction nowhere near him. Anyone remember that? WWE don’t want you to…

Beautiful Double Powerbomb from MIz & Riley

Riley removed the turnbuckle pad, dismantled the announce table, then he and Miz threw monitors into Cena’s skull at full force, Miz then planted Cena into the steel ring steps with a sick and beautiful DDT, which then prompted Miz to instruct Riley to smash those steps over Cena when he failed to quit, aiming to break his ribs, which then had Riley hold no sell Cena in between the ropes, (should’ve held me like that J), and allowed Miz to smack Cena in the gut 3- then 10 times with a kendo stick – those are not ‘nice’ things ya know.

Cena then wiggled and screamed so profoundly that after no selling the entire time, he OVER sold to the point which looked so pathetic and tiresome some viewers even uttered the words – “f**k this, I’m going to bed” and turned of their monitors/TV’s. WWE drove the audience away again.
Cena stupidities alongside the pillar of strength - he held them long didn't he 

Of all those practises they weren’t enough to make Cena quit. What would? The dapper dudes needed to pull something monumental out of their bag. Eventually Miz dishes out chair shots, to which Super-Cena reverses and abandons all his morals and ethics to become a thug that is ‘allowed’ to bully and use derogative means and fierce bullying tactics to promote to his kiddie fan base….????? WWE…..

After a while of this pain staking 40 minute match, which entered the outside, Miz goads some John Cena plants in the audience. It’s the KIDS! If he doesn’t want Cena to be hurt he should advise him to quit. Cena became ‘trapped’ in between the ringside barricade that was openly exposed like a cat flap. No sell again. With some chair shots to Cena and Riley placing the mic at his face, the sound beams and ‘John Cena’ says “I Quit” sounding rather patchy. The unthinkable was a recording from the Miz. Should’ve borrowed my Dictaphone.

The referee (the same biased one) decides to call the bell once again in Miz’s favour. Hold on….. Referee Mike Chioda decides once again to reverse the decision after seeing some implemented items. After sussing them out, decision is reversed, restart ordered.

Riley goes to smack Cena with the title, to which Cena now all of a sudden miraculously recovers in full force, ducks so that Ally smacks Miz instead and then receiving the Attitude Adjustment from Cena into the announce table Riley prepared earlier. Talk about ultimate burial.

Miz then was smacked by the belt Cena used when Miz undid it from a 'fan' shortly beforehand. Leading him all the way to the top of the entrance at the titantron. Cena locks on the STF from nowhere, and The Miz, taking 3 seconds or so, quickly screams “I Quit”. Once again Miz is seen as a wimp, weak and dismal. He was no equal as Cena made him tap in limited time as soon as his ‘deadly hold’ was on.
The hold is 'on' and in a split second Miz is 'off'

This did not preserve, enhance or contain the Miz in any entirety. WWE seems like it is starting to throw itself ‘Over The Limit’

With the biased referee instantly calling the bell for Cena quickly, in contrast to Miz/Riley attempts taking forever to check, the referee is becoming a high factor in ruining the angle/s as well. The referee cannot reverse a decision once it is made. That is the law of the referee. Even if they realise after they have been had, they cannot reverse the decision as such, for they made the call and the word is final.

Ken-Miz-Do! now it's 'just a weapon'

The Miz is technically still the WWE Champion twice over. John Cena’s current reign is not valid. WWE should have stripped the title and if so, made Cena re win it legitimately. But this is WWE. The fabric woven into it can be manipulated or written out as it so wishes. Even distancing it from a wrestling product, you are still distancing the values from the entertainment/ storytelling perimeters.

Cena’s constant no sell of “do you wanna quit?” and answers with the monotone NOoo! EVERY single time, even after being severly battered, the deliverance was, the same monotone 'no' that showcased he wasn’t in any pain etc. This is the biggest reason the I Quit matches fail with Cena (who is always booked in them).
Riley gave us a lovely visual :)

It fits perfectly - time for main event! Take CinderRiley to the ball!
The highlight of this match, also, was the fact that you couldn’t get away from how great Riley’s butt looked. In those tights at every shot he was prim and proper. Shame he has gone to Smackdown :( . Whether you ‘like’ it or not, you can always tell if someone’s backside fills their tights perfectly, they are meant for stardom (One WWE usually recognises).

Wonderful display, even if they have broken up :(

The following night on RAW, The Miz didn’t “Quit” after all, and it was announced that Miz would not be able to challenge for the WWE Title anymore. He then blamed Riley, whom smashed him over the head and came out victorious in their scuffle. (When Cena is removed from the equation, stars evolve) which should therefore tell you that Cena, as WWE’s top brass, is completely useless and just a PR tool.

HaHaHa (no HHH reference this time)  still doesn't give a poopy about you...

Still laughs in the face of everyone without one care about it. Not a good stance to have

WWE needs to adhere to it’s match stipulations, or indeed not add them in, if it wont fulfil it’s promises. No one likes to be lied to or feel cheated. If your audience fall victim to this, as they often do, don’t expect any respect from them in the near future. That is one of many reasons heels get cheered and faces get booed regardless of if they are liked at house shows / PPV’s (Remember Summerslam?)

In a nutshell – you are losing your audience and it’s faith in you.

Men/Women of their matches –  R Truth, Wade Barrett, CM Punk, Nikki Bella, Randy Orton, Jerry Lawler, Alex Riley

Man/Woman of the PPV - Randy Orton

PPV Rating – 6/10

©  Max Waltham 27th May 2011

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