Thursday, 19 May 2011

Is The Miz headed to Smackdown?

Is The Miz headed to Smackdown?

Going Blue?

Not ready yet...
Will The Miz be heading to blue shores after Over The Limit 2011? Smackdown currently houses Randy Orton as its head guy. Sheamus and Daniel Bryan, equally added with The Great Khali, Mark Henry & Wade Barrett, WWE views everyone of them as ill prepared or unready. Christian, after climbing the mountain and then being shoved right off of it’s peak snowballing to the bottom catastrophically, has set up camp down below with them once again.

Smackdown has 2 flaws. 1) it has no legitimate contenders to it’s champion whomever it may be. 2) The are no top heels for the challenging role to a babyface champion.

Alex Riley has already crossed over, however has yet to make an appearance. Knowing how John Cena will NEVER say the word Quit, should The Miz do, WWE have added Riley to S/D to enhance The Miz having a place there?

Top contender for Orton - see 6 Feuds post...

WWE should focus on developing stars on S/D rather than throwing RAW one’s over by default.

Randy Orton or Christian come Sunday, it looks very likely one will change. But whom? Obvious choice is Christian. Though with all 3 on S/D and knowing WWE, there could be a Legacy reunion in the pipeline?

But would WWE have the guts to turn Tweener Orton, as champion, especially after the new film promoting an outreach program to its Universe for diversity and equality?

5 day World Champion

Even should Captain Charisma turn, he who holds the mountain flag does not believe Christian will draw, and therefore Is set to remain in the midcard/jobber role.

Therefore, it looks VERY likely Miz will go blue should he utter those words.
Apparently my morals are the same :o

There are only a few ways Miz can get away with the verbal response, shades of the Bret Hart feel, he can pass out (or even Cena, but very unlikely), this would keep him on RAW.

The Miz, with his fan base on RAW as Del Rio had before his move on S/D, will suffer the backlash should this move occur. Allowing Riley to breathe as a main star against Orton and all round contender – it is possible to make it happen (and without MITB) It will also give Miz contrast on RAW and keep his position and media attention generated for WWE as another incentive.

Same Story, Different Brand?

Never says "I Quit" , will he 'remove' The Miz from RAW?

Many will become incensed if the move happens.

Over The Limit 2011, we shall wait and see for the fallout. 

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