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6 fueds from RAW & S/D the draft 2011 could give us?

12 feuds the WWE 2011 Draft makes us want to see

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Randy Orton V Alex Riley

Riley has tangled with the Viper before on RAW. He’s been at the side of the WWE Champion The Miz. Involvement with John Cena and matches also, Riley already has the main event in his grasp.

Randy Orton can work a great match as always and gain the potential from performers worked with to create a wonderful challenege. This feud could propel S/D all the way to a newer, younger and respectful stance from the Universe.

Christian V Sheamus

A battle of the lobster heads could ensue on S/D and re launch both to a newer standing among the fans and the position in the company. Dependable.

Daniel Bryan V Cody Rhodes

Both men have immense potential. Classed as the ‘lesser men’ they can definitely work to a higher level that is asked of them if only they were given the opportunity.

Ted DiBiase V Kane

Giving Kane to Teddy would be a huge challenge and that’s what it’s supposed to be. A David V Goliath stance could get Ted back in the game as a contender and all round position. Kane can unleash the demon for a ‘nice’ turn, but would require some ‘evil’ dominance.

Sin Cara V Wade Barrett

With the IC title in Barrett’s hands, this could be a fast paced and wonderful development in character for both on different levels. Cara doesn’t HAVE to win, but eventually putting it on the line adds fuel to the fire. Experience and character development here.

Natalya V Tamina

 This would be a great pairing to see. Natalya (Jim “The Anvil”) Neidhart V Tamina (Jimmy ‘Superfly’) Snuka would be a battle of the next generation of WWE daughters. Both can work well in the ring and this can still set them fully into the Women’s ‘system’. Being controlled by the lesser woman with no credentials, these two can add to the future of the central outlook to it’s Women. Tamina can 'fly' can't she?

Alberto Del Rio V John Cena

There is no denying Del Rio has ‘got it’. Being moved to the red brand enhances his position on the wider scale. RAW is given more of a green light than S/D for broadcast audiences. Taking on the biggest ‘entity’ of the WWE, Alb has the skills, verbal and technical, as well as the smug and cocky look to eminate a reaction from the Cena demographic. It may also be a chance to give development to John Cena.

Jack Swagger V Michael McGuillercutty

 Whether it’s a face turn for Swagger or expulsion from Nexus (or joining a new group to rival them) Mr Perfect Jr and Swagger could really set a bar in re elevating each other and adding a level based look and credential of a pairing that could interest an audience. Both would complement each other perfectly. Even doing the whole tag team pairing for a while beforehand could bring this along.

R Truth V Rey Mysterio  

 Rey Rey could have a great feud with RT. Both would gain much more, for Truth, key positioning and development to raise stock value among the Universe. Mysterio would cement his skill structure and how to incorporate it fully on RAW to bring out the high class and cruiserweight matches RAW is crying out for since crushing ‘the little man’ for the ‘big bad boy’.

Zack Ryder V Kofi Kingston

  With a US title on the line or not, this one will give Kofi a chance to get away from the stigmata of mid card champ constantly by default. Using his aerial skills and enzuguri’s would not go amiss. Ryder needs to re climb the ladder to mid card pinnacle. He already has everyone supporting him. He is over. Highly. Don’t let it fall. Act now. Plus the Long Island TV ‘Tube show is a added hit. What more exposure do you need for Zack Ryder to go forward?

Mason Ryan V CM Punk

 Nexus leader being smashed by his former and newest protégé? The tower (or Goliath as known on UK Gladiator’s - I never forgot :p) could be a struggle for Punk to overcome. With the look, another potential star is in the pool Punk and Ryan could both step up to the next level and keep their place among the top.

Unmentioned is Batista, as everyone knows this is the dream feud should he come back, but hasn't yet - alas everyone knows it's there in the back of our minds.

Oblivion(Brutus Magnus) & Goliath - UK Gladiators!

Gail Kim V Kharma

 This is THE one. I think almost everyone I have encountered with the question wanted this as the first and foremost one to happen. WWE has it’s concerns. Of Course it should. This is not  a TNA replay. But both have that momentum and history stewing over. If WWE send this forward, in favour of the bottle blonde stereotype, this will produce volumes than the latter would. Kim would be back into the Women’s division – this WOMAN can work the situation presented to her every time. Kharma can clearly dominate the premise of it all. Together this would be dynamite.

Not allowing Kim to have 2 moves and be crushed would be welcomed. She can eventually be knocked, because that’s what it requires after time, but not to begin with.

We haven’t had many feuds that have been ground-breaking, necessary or monumental. Some if not most-all of these suggestions have worth to them. And it also highlights a crucial position among WWE and its future – if it cares about it’s intended audience – the WWE Universe.

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