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The supplemental draft 2011 decided to move 22 surplus stars after it's main broadcast on RAW which saw an extra move wasted by John Cena's dominance in the main draft.

Announced on WWE's main website, they decided to move some predictable selections, other's interestingly, moved, previously thought to be unneccessary.

DANIEL BRYAN, due for a move, left RAW but accepted with open arms by the WWE Universe. Many are expecting high things from Danny Boy, so WWE now needs to re evaluate the fact that Bryan has an audience firmly behind him ( and not just the 'Internet Darlings'), and can grow and produce stock value for those at Gorilla. Use him to your advantage and create a new vantage point for the company. He has main event poise should you promote it.

Delish and Talented! Capitalise now..

Also heading to the blue brand are THE USO'S and TAMINA. Previously I wrote that the draft should have left Tamina on RAW with Santino, and I stick to it for the fact that JIMMY and JEY USO need space to breathe and regain their position in the Tag division - which is possible. They are the only team in WWE alongside Slater and Gabriel that can re build it right now.
All 3 kept together, will they begin a career now?

What can he do?
Re-form with Zack? please no, Ryder can go places..

JTG went solo to RAW, along with CURT HAWKINS (many surprised he was still employed) and the masterpiece CHRIS MASTERS. It would be rather nice to see the masterhunk set some parallels on RAW. Even a Zack/Masters presentation as an important and not jobber value fued can invigorate the product.

The 'Masterhunk' © Max Waltham :p

Unfortunatly (and again predicted) WWE moved Bimbo Bimbo aka KELLY KELLY 
Bimbo Bimbo - for good reason here
over to it's flagship show. She could have had another year on S/D for development (slim as that would be) If Kelly nabs the Diva's title as WWE is quietly planning it will signal the end of all Women and Divas and it will never come back from this. The female equivalent of John Cena will ruin everything for the Unified Women's title - which it still is. It will also be a massive slap in the face and insult to THE FABULOUS MOOLAH.

Moolah, when Women meant something

As Women's Champion (which is still Undisputed 'Diva's' Title)

It isn't taking off yet...
Drew 'Crap' 'Mc' Intyre has also been thrown to the red ship. At this rate of his career, DREW MCINTYRE will not sustain any momentum as a future champ or even mid card. Focus on others, then McIntyre later - having time to grow in himself will benefit him. 'Fans' will not get on board at this stage.

Don't you just love his tufty hair?
Diva Devine!
Could he 'play' with Sin Cara?

WILLIAM REGAL added some class to S/D, as well as YOSHI TATSU adding to the demographic. TYSON KIDD also added a touch of pink along with real life girlfriend NATALYA. Understandable for both to move though Nattie should've been on RAW still to keep her supporters and keep herself in the game.
Is he happy?

Glamazon as Women's Champ

Best bud BETH PHOENIX crossed shrores and will resurface on RAW. The move was neccessary and the right one for the division. Alongside Gail Kim to step it up with Kharma would be welcomed. Though we are gagging for Kim to have the lead role!

Maryse sold well. Kharma is here, Raw-hh!

JACK SWAGGER finally came back to RAW! This has thrilled me, but i'm sure to be regretting it soon, as the masses 'up top' won't fully push him back towards the main picture now Del Rio has moved. Del Rio should have remained S/D's top brass, leaving Orton and Swagger on RAW. Nethertheless, please stop the pairing with McIntyre to give them 'something to do'. And DON'T throw him back to Evan Bo-u-ring. That is what ruined his building process to Heavyweight Champion/main event material.

Still Champ material

Don't trip over your own foot down the ramp this time :)
What to say..
ALICIA FOX moved as did THE GREAT KHALI to the Smackdown brand. Neither have any interest, which should worry WWE into doing something.

TED DIBIASE also got his move. The poster boy of the Draft, as I stated before, needed this move, now it is his last chance to set the world alight, and we hope you do it! Give time and allow for feud's to develop and not be thrown to a tag team dynamic again. Interestingly all 3 of LEGACY are on the blue brand, just as all 3's careers are taking off in different stances. MARYSE however didn't join her beau on blue.

<3 Will Cody Rhodes mock those pearly whites?

 (RAW) has the look of someone who can add a different aspect if used correctly. KOFI KINGSTON needed his move, however, once again... WWE gave him the US Title (see Extreme Rules 2011 Review) which I wrote was a bad move to predicatably do to make sure RAW had a secondary title due to S/D having both mid card champs.

New home, new fans?

On RAW now..

S/D now has 2 lobster heads!

SHEAMUS was the final star to move in the supplemental draft as number 30 (the 22nd supplemental, 30 in total including the Televised draft on RAW). Sheamus did not need to move. He should have stayed on RAW gaining more of a place there and his spot could have been saved for John Morrison to move.

A - Rod was on Daybreak!!


ALEX RILEY was predictably seperated from The Miz and sent to Friday Night Smackdown! I will miss him on RAW, though if WWE correctly manouver him on S/D, Riley can become a serious player for WWE in the future. He has his expreicence with Miz, Fueded with top brass Cena and played with S/D's top man - Randy Orton. He also has talented skills in the ring alongside a sustainable voice on the mic. Riley can add a whole new dimension WWE is crying out for. This is the man to push forward for 2011, even though you don't fully realise it. Given the green light, Smackdown can shine brighter than the company predicts itself. Act now, think later has been the philosphy on rushed stars who weren't able or ready (except for Swagger and Sheamus), well with Riley - act now, think later applies. His labour seems fruitful for the future. 

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The Uso's got some dance moves! (As does Michael Cole..)

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