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WWE Roadblock: End of the Line, 2016

WWE Roadblock: 
End of the Line 

WWE hosted its second Roadblock shoehorn Pay Per View of the year in tonight, exclusively to the Raw brand. It has to have an extra line of text, you see, to stop getting in trouble with false advertising, as March hosted a cheap Roadblock PPV that did not count as legitimate viewing. 

Live on Sunday 18th December, from the PPG Paints Arena, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, WWE presented it next Raw branded instalment, the last PPV of 2016, two weeks after Smackdown's dryly themed TLC bonanza. Would WWE, and Triple H's over-inflated ego be any different or regain entertainment values? Or would it be another flash in the pan with outdated story's, loosely put together at the last minute with no direction or writing wit?

Let's find out.

WWE (Raw) Tag Team championships
Cesaro and Sheamus Vs The New Day, Kofi Kingston and Big E (c ) w/ Xavier Woods

The WWE tag team championships, the legitimate ones, which exist and have never been brand exclusive separated, meaning Smackdown's titles are a sham, WWE chose to name them Raw instead. It doesn't count. The un-separated titles, cannot simply be re-branded. New titles must be swooped in and unified/declassified in order to have new branding stick. WWE make it up with no thought or brainpower, and the result is a shoddy brand, gold unworthy of gaining and knocks to those who hold it.

The oddball thrown-together team of Cesaro the talented and Sheamus the loof, took on happy, jumpy Unicorn loving stalemates The New Day. After fiddling the books to get another team a WWE record holding score (some of which doesn't exist as Xavier Woods defended a title he was no champion of) the match was another dry run. WWE still don't get how to brand its own brand anymore. Hilarious. Scores of ratings have dwindled over the past two years. What will it take for WWE to finally realise and act accordingly? Do they have any skill?

Cesaro as ever proved to be the most exceptional force, undermined and underutilised for his immeasurable talents and roster worth, to carry all the men as he previously did a year or two before in the tag scene with Tyson Kidd, as well as general work to the ailing Raw roster. 

His sparring partner come pal Sheamus, who is still terribly green and ever more ridiculous looking, is never going to get over with fans, but, he is Triple H's gym buddy handed everything on a plate, so go figure. WWE like him. I wonder why? Is it for sheer talent?

Regardless of moments, thrills, spills and completely lunacy in places, Cesaro again kept the match stable and eventually lifted the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship with Sheamus to finally topple The New Day of Kofi Kingston and Big E's stale reign. When the record is over, WWE hand it over, but by then it has been zapped of all prestige and meaning. It is another worthless title, sent to Cesaro to calm his contract expiry over the last two months potentially sending him out the WWE door due to creative frustration. WWE and Triple H needed to look good, but realises losing a strong member of the force who can actually wrestle despite their lack of ideas and Triple H's ego as head of creative, desperate no to admit he failed, re-signed with title acquisitions. A tag title. From a man who clearly should be in the dire, sinking ship of the main roster heavyweight straps. Though, it's a blessing in disguise not to have WWE's version of the heavyweight gold, the ugly Universal title, which isn't heavyweight status despite being placed on Triple H's heavyweight tub of lard friend.

When Cesaro wins, it's a cheap exercise for the office to cash in on their failed misgivings. It doesn't look promising despite Cesaro being more than capable at making things exceptional. 

Time Limit match
Sami Zayn Vs Braun Strowman

Triple H, obsessed with copying, fame hogging and trying to seem relevant as a WWE suit and more than the trophy husband decided, after much respect and openness from Max Waltham and the annual Wresting Wonders Pro 50 (WW Pro 50), coming in two weeks, decided to be infatuated with trying out all novelty encounters. Trying to outdo Waltham, whom he is bitterly jealous of for being a success in his own right, copying New Japan over gushings of one tape of midget flyer's and Independent circuits adding interest to time limit matches, decided on a novelty option for success.

This would be resident taxi cab, busker Sami Zayn taking on some big block of zero character, Braun Strowman, a former third wheel to the ever sunk Wyatt Family. Being the new brute force battling bulk, Strowman, a jobber squasher, was in his element. Or was that WWE's booking crew backstage, having the last laugh on puny nobody Sami Zayn?

Puny Zayn needed a hobo Mick Foley to but in and detract from him to raise his hand. Yeah, that'll work.

No-one cared, either way. 

This novelty idea was for puny Zayn to 'survive' ten minutes with jobber squashed Braun Strowman. Going into the match as a pure weakling, Zayn, who jumped about after being squashed on the mat, to lie around for a bit, like his real time mate Kevin 'inconsistency' Owens continued. Sami Zayn eventually made it past the ten minute mark and this counts as a 'win' in WWE's match booking lunacy. How has it got to this? They think it's a good idea. Further proof of such distortion to the real world and the 24/7 obsessions the McMahon's live in their own WWE world. Have the ratings gone down again?


Seth Rollins Vs Chris Jericho

The next match in this half-arsed run through of phoning it in on PPV, was an outdated match up before it began. Ageing tool Chris Jericho, who has no place in WWE character wise, or generally, took on rising Raw number one, dropped to Raw number none Seth Rollins. Talent, skill and all round boosting of the product and titles, when WWE weren't so keen on him which Max Waltham saw the light on, has been put into empty jobber battles. 

While excellent in-ring style, charisma and depth, Rollins was gain mistreated with directionless WWE booking outside of its main 'attractions' if that's what we can call them. 

From the predictable sigh of too and fro-ing, Seth Rollins won over Chris Jericho in adequate wrestling style match which had no place or real interest. Thanks for coming.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Triple Threat
The Brian Kendrick Vs Rich Swann (c ) Vs TJ Perkins

The re-launched Triple H-boxing themed purple title strap which looks entirely ridiculous and gimmick themed 'new colour title' provided another bout of wasted midget men jumping around to no avail.

The two, now former champions in its three-four month tenure (lol) saw a three way battle with jumps, floundering spot monkeys, ignorance in TJ Perkins and a novelty booking of Rich Swann, some Indy, close to ignorant, dude who 'was amazing' on the Indy's according to Triple H and his fandom friends in the so called Internet Wrestling community that Triple H often resented and insulted backstage before his WWE rise to NXT gushing. Don't lose your double standards, Trips.

As for the match itself it was juvenile, pathetic and full of spot monkey moments that failed to elevate what everyone already knew from the start, a failed concept that Triple H just cannot see beyond his own ego to 'launch a tournament' everywhere for everything. What a mark. If you want everything, you'll end up with nothing.

Triple H likes to rush into barmy decisions, lacks longevity in foresight and is a public menace on ego hiring of ignorance thinking he is being clever in trying to annoy for fun. Under Triple H's direction of the last two years, in efforts to try and undermine and steal the business magnate maverick pioneering skills of this writer, has failed beyond laughable belief. WWE s more of a Dixie Carter bolt hole than ever before, shows no actual skill in talent, hiring, creativity, direction, ambition or writing. Triple H's ego continues to kill the entire landscape. The man is a deadly poison on WWE that cannot put his own interests behind him and makes the entire business suffer as a result. If he did, he could have it all, but is too stubborn with the blackest of hearts. He's trying to get another wasted match at Wrestlemania with Seth Rollins. Because all of Tripper's matches have worked at 'Mania in recent years, haven't they? Though the big question is, why is Vince McMahon such a pu**y in dealing with his dying company at the hands of wannabe McMahon?

Oh, Rich Swann retained his newly found title, which to many WWE Universe stars was never seen or heard of on PPV. That in itself right there is yet another epic fail. HaHaHa. We are not amused. 

Among all this lunacy, sprite goblin elf jobber Neville arrived dishonourably chucking Swann into the, you guessed it, barricade. A turn we mentioned needed to happen at least six months to a year ago. Six months too late for WWE. Now Nev is just another inconsistency among impish mosquitoes.

WWE (Raw) Women's Championship
Charlotte Flair Vs Sasha Banks (c)

Another, unsettled title re-branded from the original Women's title still un-unified or officially separated was re-named Raw title. It doesn't exist in the backdated lineage of title history, despite WWE desperate to add it in for dear old favourite Charlotte. This is the hilarity of WWE. They forget themselves and tweak their titles for historic moments and yet erase all history made by failing to correctly brand their titles from the supposed kingpin of branding, who seems to have lost the plot over the last seven years.

A novelty option to do the whole 'Women's revolution' thing, made poignant by Max Waltham, made a complete disaster to female wrestling by WWE, a lengthy timepiece.

They had thirty minutes to battle over a title that has only ever had two occupants in under a year, Charlotte and Sasha Banks.

Tonight the battle was on between Raw's two of three divas (Bayley is recent and desperation call up, anyway) Sasha and Charlotte in what seems to be the never ending feud of lackadaisical wrestling. Charlotte who since her debut over the past two years, hasn't managed to technically wrestle one match in WWE and has been resented by fans for it. We told WWE and Charl of it immediately and they choose to dismiss the issue for their own ego. Look at them now. The scene, wrestling and opponents couldn't be more of a joking disaster.

On the flip side was injury prone Sasha Banks, whom Vince McMahon is no fan. He likes Charlotte Flair, daughter of Ric, who will sell out at any opportunity. So does Triple H, who idolises Ric Flair as he wrestling hero. No, seriously, he does. 

Sasha, champion from two weeks back after involvement from, you guessed it, Ric Flair, cost his nasty daughter the title and handed it to Sasha instead, who couldn't win on her own. Two months ago, Sasha Banks was busted for using performance enhancing drugs failing a WWE Wellness Policy test. Instead of being banned for 30 days as is the policy, Sash, who got injured at the same time, sat out on the bench for near 30 days due to injury. WWE decided that this was okay for her suspension too, which was never served and therefore Sasha should have had another 30 days timed out for her wellness violation.

Though this is WWE. She is allowed to be a steroid abusing druggie, in a time of WWE's lack to support its stars and divisions with healthy competition. With only two to three divas on its roster and a WWE ego to push their fave forward above all logic, has made a sheer wasteland of the diva as division, trying to enhance 'Women's' novelty wrestling. WWE have put it back another 40 years. All for ego and PR attempts with press and TV bragging of female empowerment. Hilarious. The true face of WWE's thievery and conniving cash ins for fame. Hasn't worked though, has it? Because you never were and never understood the origin of how it will work. WWE's bitterness serves the product no favours and is currently on a downward spiral evermore.

As for the match itself, filled with botches, rushed attacks and running around moments before doing some mat work breather spots, Charl, using her daddy's name once more, and Sash, the injury prone druggie couldn't even settle the match at thirty minutes. So it went into overtime. Even with a PPV match of thirty mins they were still unable to write or develop an angle for the gals. Hilarious.

Tied at two a-piece, Charlotte Flair pummelled Sasha Banks to defeat her and once again invoked fury with the WWE Universe with her fourth, inconsistent, transitional run as champion. Fans did not take to Charlotte now or ever before, and her days are numbered as a credible star, WWE used by making her her father's shadow, becoming completely worthless to all of wrestling as the most failed concept ahead of Roman Reigns. 

Raw's dramatic change two weeks prior was a red herring that only untrained eyes could not see coming a mile off. 

WWE Universal Championship
Roman Reigns Vs Kevin Owens (c)

A minor champion that has no heavyweight status simply created and slapped on budget replacement for injured ignorant show-jumper Finn Balor after one day of reigning, highly ignorant sadsack Kevin Owens was next on the list to excel the title. After dropping more ratings than anything else, Big Kev spent the first five minutes, as routine to every match of his limited repertoire, on the mat rolling around for breather spots or yelling outside like a child. This isn't the Indies dipsh*t. 

The champ.
More loud spot calling was audible from Kev, as always, in his efforts to tell Roman what to do next. Roman Reigns, who stole the show and proved, despite his wellness violation and poor management by WWE, has shown efforts to drastically improve his style and power, bit by bit. It is encouraging to see Reigns, who knows WWE have no options to changing his position, take advice from this writer on board in previous articles. With sheer improvement, powerful working in transitions and fluidity for such a big man of muscle, has managed to work a decent showing with a pitiful opponent that screams constant failure and limp interactions. 

Expertly applied 'pressure' hold from
Kev's loosely gapping arms. 
Failing to sell angles, walk around, yell and use his body to try and do a move, which was just plain comical desperation, Kevin Owens is not the pin up star WWE so blindly hope for, based on Triple H''s title handing fandom faves. Business sense has gone out the window. In has come some stray from the cold, needing a blanket and a warm cup of cocoa before WWE reads him a bedtime story. Aww. That's nice, isn't it? 

After getting his opponents to simply walk into his standing moves, pedestrian Kevin Owens defeated Roman Reigns by disqualification after, you guessed it, a run in from his new found bestie Chris Jericho. Another flawless victory. Getting a cheap win, failing to actually win on own merits and constantly getting a technicality or cheated win beyond dishonourable direction. This is WWE's  future. What a laugh.

After the match, Roman Reigns, with the assistance of Seth Rollins, double powerbombed Kevin Owens through some tables at the titantron ramp, just like two weeks back when Dean Ambrose was flung into them at TLC. Score!

The state of it, your champion. 
Relive The Shield days, dear. It is all you have left. How sad for WWE that after years of a trio famed for the future, in the future, all three of their careers have plummeted at the top? WWE logic at its best.

So Kevin Owens can be beaten when the title is not protected on him? A poor 'delicate' blubber being used for fat kids, who, ironically hate 'fat' Kev. WWE logic at its very best.
Well done.

On the following night's Raw it was revealed Reigns will have a rematch at Royal Rumble, and Chris Jericho will be suspended above the ring in a sharkcage. WWE at its finest. The biggest joke it can possibly be. What a great idea. Zzzzzz.

PPV Rating - 1/10

Men/Women of their matches - Cesaro, Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins, The Brian Kendrick, Sasha Banks, Roman Reigns

Man/Woman of the PPV - Cesaro

Cesaro won a title. The tag title. As a consolation prize to stay in WWE due to lack of direction and creative distaste. Vince McMahon doesn't like Cesaro plain and  simple. Even with fans connecting, McMahon, the oh so amazing star on the microphone, said this was what Cesaro needed to improve on. Lumbered with Sheamus and no direction, a blood red title of ugly proportions and no character it is clear to see why Cesaro would want out. Though, thankfully, Cesaro has remained. There was no place on the Indy's that would benefit Cesaro. All have become so openly ignorant and would curtail Cesaro in time. A heavyweight in the making, WWE need to destroy the Universal title, have a real World title and Cesaro lift it. The body, size and charisma all fit WWE's checklist. Vince McMahon clearly hates how he got himself over. That's true, WWE really do hate that. The joke, however, is on WWE for failing to see power, stardom and huge money lost on championship and brand raising reputation. It was also highly necessary New Day were finally dumped. All be it six months to a year too late. Stale beyond stale. 

Seth Rollins and Chris Jericho? Whatever. A complete waste of everyone's time. Rollins will be filling the minor roles until Triple H shows up for a match. Only when it's his ego that needs caressing.

Even after thirty minutes, WWE, who false advertised again, due to their brainless angles they can't figure out themselves, it wasn't enough to encourage female succession as champions in the wrestling business today. With only two divas trying to emulate Women, Charlotte and Sasha are as clueless and useless as the writers, bookers and WWE bigwigs that fail them. Telling yourself what you want to hear and deluding the scene further in WWE land isn't going to turn positives. With only two title hosts their history is pitiful. Charlotte, Sasha, Charlotte, Sasha, Charlotte, Sasha, Charlotte has literally been the history books tally since April 3rd 2016 to December 18th 2016. Pathetic.

The Cruiserweight's are once more a non-entity. All thanks to Triple H's ignorant hires and obsessed ego that doesn't have any future outlook or longevity. 

Sami Zayn and Braun Strowman. Really? A toilet break match starting off with a stipulation of weakness. No-one cares for either. There is nothing Zayn can do in WWE, either. Let him and his inseparable play-doh goof go. They won't be nor either will be WWE's future. 

Using Roman Reigns as a smokescreen to do the same old, tired out, thing with Owens as a chump champ who can't even win on his own merits (why title should never have been created or given to him) has failed beyond due course. WWE have no clue where they are heading. He doesn't represent the so called WWe Universe of which it was created for, either, which once more drops ratings. Owens, given a title by his mate Triple H or not, has been a huge factor in declining ratings over the past two years of his 'debut'. WWE realise he is 'delicate' and needs to be given titles instead of winning them to fit in with WWE, to which he has no place, except in triple H's fandom freebie club. Aww. Even the poster of Kevin Owens was hilarious ridiculous. Empty, no emotion, no depth, no charisma, no champion worth and just some f*t bloke in a pair of leggings and shorts. Exceptional. Only Triple H seems to see what Big Kev offers. Mind sharing it with the rest of the world? 'Cos no-one else is seeing it. What a mark Triple H truly is. A fine way to ruin a legacy one was trying to build, on a block towering mess that looks like he needs a shave and a good wash. Glum, boring, dull, button nosed and deflated. Star quality all round. WWE are clueless. Defiance and ignorance are no virtue, especially when killing off your own product for some random jobber, who won't last the distance.

Do WWE purposely intended to annoy and p*ss off people for their own amusement? (The answer is yes.) If unapparent it was so much more clearer to the remaining handful of Indy darlings who have stuck with the 'E despite hardcore wrestling supporters bolting years back after realising this dead end company, fresh out of values, worth and story for its stars would never appeal to them any longer. WWE host their own show for them, forgetting the bums on seats pay their wages. The bums have finally got up, flashed you their behinds and left. WWE have joined the Wrestling fans' own 'Kiss My Ass' Club.

We've constantly written about the lack of foresight, direction and whatnot over the last 10 PPV's WWE has put on since April. Almost all have been lacking and WWE forever fail to listen. When Max Waltham had stopped giving WWE its crucial advice and Triple H attempting a coup for power as a fan favourite who can give what they want, failing miserably, WWE have sunk to their lowest ebb in TV production, ratings and values. Failure to listen, ignorance hires and no actually creative/writing skill, WWE and its incessant ego of Triple H's jealousy than workability with others has flat lined WWE's future. WWE and more so, Vince McMahon have got no clue and have chosen to idly finish off its own business for fun and ego. Ouch. The man who used to be one of wrestling's most exceptional pioneers is now a forgotten shadow of his former self. All because of stubbornness and failure to act on what's hot right now and will be for the next five -seven years. WWE stalled and  five years later. Vince never had a five point plan.

Poster boy Kevin. Non-descript an' all.
Maybe he should start thinking on one, and one which doesn't involve Triple H killing off every chance WWE could have had for his own ego to feel he is a natural McMahon outside of marriage. Yet he continues to hide behind his wife. Double standards to their fullest. Lose the hate, the ego and get with the program. Personal choices have been and are what Triple H's decisions are which has all but destroyed WWE for a very long time. There is no future and it is simple to see why they have to sponsor themselves or throw money at toy makers, jewellers and KFC (Kevin F*t C*nt?) to seem like they have, maintained their position, and sponsor them by proxy. Anyone doing so knows it is not profitable any longer. 

Again, WWE need to get on with figuring out their future, like really, beyond stories, advertisers and TV appearances with media cash ins that don't keep WWE's reputation high. WWE has lost all business sense, jumping on what is relevant and necessary for growth and bungled decisions on its own ego.

2016 has been a pitiful year for WWE, its failed brand spit, perplexing titles, lame direction and lacklustre bookings and hiring's. 

Again, Vince McMahon, get your sh*t together!

© Max Waltham 21st December 2016
All Rights Reserved

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