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Wrestling Wonders' Pro 50 2016, Part 1, 50 - 26

Wrestling Wonders'
Pro 50

 Part 1 
50 - 26

The most anticipated, ground-breaking and respectful list in pro wrestling celebrating the past years wrestling achievements of the top 50 performers is once again unveiled.

Making the list based on match quality, strength of character, promos, skills and indescribable talents instead of fan favourites and company standing have climbed above the top.

Who are the best 50 male wrestlers in the business over the past year of 2016? Below will reveal all those answers.

The only list which is constantly plagiarised, career defining and thoroughly respected as the only original gauging all eyes for future depth is once again, the only source of interest for all wrestling entertainment, often disrespected by bitterness and hate for being so. Take note on necessary improvements to.

It is the only list any and every performer should strive to be among, if you are ever a true professional in the business today.

Last year's online anniversary of five years saw a bonus 100 indicator, only the top 50 receive write ups, however, explaining those surpassing last year's top 50 rankings, usually.

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Written by and finalised on 
3rd January 2017.

Let's begin...


2015 Placed - 39

Had pitiful gimmick Steel Cage match win over trying force and complete ignorant non-entity stuntman Joey Janela for Independent card on Jan 31st... Played in more Indy matches with decent skills, working well with others... Lost Dog Collar rematch to Janella at end of February... Formed ignorant tag team with over sized ignorant failure Chris Hero against exceptionally ignorant child Ricochet and Matt Sydal in a stuntman's trampoline filler funsie... Battled with ignorant block of self enhancement Tommaso Ciampa... Continued to ruin growing success Max Waltham acknowledged and raise a couple of years back respecting wrestling talents on WW Pro 50 with an ignorant tag battle against Candice LeRae and highly ignorant weed Johnny Gargano... After empty matches of no value, met with Kimber Lee in an embarrassing defeat over July showcasing lack of skill... Played again with ignorant cat toting midget Johnny Gargano, who was on no-one's radar until WW Pro 50 raised it years back, along with ignorant TNA fodder Austin Aries... Committed Wrestling treason in worthless match of no valued against highly ignorant vanilla stick Zack Sabre Jr and supremely ignorant partner of the highest order in a dismal time limit draw that wasted thirty minutes and provided nothing but shame to wXw, a non-entity wrestling promotion warped by its own cheapness trying to survive on handpicked nationalities to entertain tiny crowds.

Hand reared by WW Pro 50 when complete non-entity no-on knew existed, based on talent, has sold out to the point of no return... Ignorant attitude and unnecessary choices to build a profile with a pre-conceived agenda has killed all career options dead for Dunn... Has burned every bridge and not as skilled in recent years as previously thought... Any company indulging in such ignorance is committing wrestling career company suicide and will never succeed as promotion... Dunn should consider retirement... Has no probable options left... Skills are tacky and laboured trash at best. 


2015 Placed - 7

After a serious herniated disc injury stalling time, often regarded as one of the best in the WW Pro 50 every year with high praise, Ibushi made best decision to resign from New Japan Pro Wrestling and also Dynamic Dream Team to focus on freelance career after taking toll on his body with a such a heavy schedule... Named himself part of the Ibushi Purorsu Kenkyujo breaking kayfabe of the sporting type with tasteless vigour... His return to DDT's 19th anniversary card in March was a wasteful win over non-entities to get back in the game as a standalone act... During April, travelled to the United States to join in EVOLVE's events including the WWWN Live disaster of a tag match which committed Wrestling treason in six man tag alongside ignorant cat loving Johnny Gargano, made famous by WW Pro 50, against three highly ignorant goons in Tommy End, Will 'acrobat' Ospreay and the highest ignorance of all that kills any wrestling career, a non-entity made famous by Max Waltham personally, defaming his entire career on a bouncy jobber's kerfuffle... Popped in to WWE NXT territory... In May he took to the Inoki Genome Federation, with classical routes as a company from legendary Inoki namesake, to win over Tanomusaku Toba with distanced interactions... Returned to NXT in June to tape WWE's pitifully ignorant shindig the Cruiserweight Classic making a mockery of Ibushi's name in efforts to sign him to a contract, which Ibushi later declined... Ibushi lost the tournament to TJ Perkins, the eventual winner in what can only be described as a joke of a tournament run by infatuated mark Triple H... Trying to recover from his lacklustre entries, Ibushi once ore made another annual appearance in the now wasteful New Japan G1 Climax tournament, proving to b an inconsistency losing his so called star exposed as an average worker who never really was that great to begin with and just an alternative to latch onto for overseas attention. 

Took careful consideration over nagging injuries proving scale down needed... Failed to think deeper when assisting highest ignorance possible which has tainted previously thought excellence exposed as jobberific status hidden on continental shores... Ageing stuntman with acrobat motions hasn't yet and unlikely to excel to big time success... Destined for minimal attraction with audiences and jokey gimmicks failing to develop further... Needs serious thought on repention and indy bookings... Has become one wrestling's biggest disappointments over 2016... 


2015 Placed - Unlisted

Spent a week in the UK scene with a 4-0 victory to build some profile against White Tiger at HOPE event's King of Flight tournament well... Dropped ignorant skater boi Mark Andrews in Semi-Finals which was a huge disappointment from pint size blondie boy flying about for fun... Took off Ryan Smile and highly ignorant and abusive, foul mouthed disrespecter of the business, Will Ospreay, who once more jumped around with acrobatic lunacy that failed to warrant wrestling value... Finished his little rise to ascension with a defeat of Gene Munny, Jay Garner and White Tiger once more, in a four man clunk fest which needed less rigid, heavy handed moments from towering vanilla block Tyler... Rookie since 2011 has been exactly that and still hasn't matured to full levels of greatness... Has chances unless he completely ruins them for self with ignorant and green naivety with selfish attitude and foul-mouthed 'f**k you's' at crucial career advice... May not be the intended new blood the UK scene is looking for, though it will use him as such until a better option arrives giving muscle man false hope and perhaps a bigger ego than what is perceived at current time of writing... Has many miles to go... Has placed himself in most highly ignorant promotion in the UK, SWE, which proves care to opponents is highly tentative and ever more crucial to behold... May be best to cut losses with promotion or others will have to ditch Tyler instead... A bitter disappointment who will take any job, proving to be a jobbing clown than wrestling opportunity... Chance opportunist... Body definition seems to have changed drastically in short months from weedy abs to rack of ribs...

Young and hungry, is making draft choices to get a profile by throwing away the obvious and naively charging in like all green rookies thinking they are Superman... Choice decisions will prove costly if not adhered too... Desperately wants wrestling fame but needs to contain longevity with choices if ever to survive more than a year or two of infatuated wannabe... Shouldn't attempt to run before he can walk... Needs vast improvements in all areas of mic work, mat work, and opponents... Has the look, but may not have the actual makings of a true wrestler than simply a flash in the pan poster boy so commonly mass produced off the wrestling conveyor belt... 


2015 Placed - 4

Worked excellently once again for EVOLVE Tag Team Tournament setting up Bravado Brothers, to fall at first round with lacking respect from bookers... Couldn't survive second chance with partner Caleb Konley over non essential nobodies desperate for self promotion... Played on the dangerous edge with Chuck Taylor as partner in losing tag battle for NYCW Tag straps... Wherever Taylor is, his best friend and resident ignorant cat toting floater is never far behind... As predicted Nese made huge mistake with Konley battling highly ignorant Drew Galloway and even higher ignorant Taylor pal Johnny Gargano in a useless match up that made Nese a laughing stock jobber... Under increasing unspeakable pressures from podgy clipboard toting delicate Gabe Sapolsky, Nese, under the EVOLVE promotion dipped immense levels of talent for imbecilic deflation... Made another mistake fighting ignorant Ethan Page in a nonsense encounter with loss... Further ignorance entailed with battles against Sami Callihan, Drew Gulak and Gargano again... Joined WWE's themed tapings of its pathetically laced Cruiserweight division re-launch falling to The Brian Kendrick in what was a capable encounter... Continued more ignorance with Candice LaRae, Ricochet and Chris Hero which were all jobbing instances for the once great Nese... Committed last, failed act of ignorance with highly ignorant Tommy End in another pathetic challenge which notably was a dark match at EVOLVE incapable of TV time... Currently sits in WWE with friend Gulak, filling in for jobber Cruiserweight matches on Raw to no pleasurable interest. 

Warnings ignored in 2015, Nese, a constant high climber from nowhere on the WW Pro 50, has lost his self-respect... Has immense recovery to achieve if ever to shake jobber failings... Too weak to speak and defy match pairings has landed Nese, now in the big time platform from stone stepping Indy's a black mark against his credibility... May have resigned himself to less than jobber and complete non-entity he was three years ago before Max Waltham fully respected his efforts that impressed the wrestling business... Personal Choices have become ill thought delusion.


2015 Placed - Unlisted

Sprung forth in 2016 with flying colours dropping Tomohiro Ishii for NEVER Openweight title in battle of behemoth verses styled fighter on 4th Jan New Japan Pro Wrestling glory... Would successful defend rematch on February 11th in yet another masterful MMA power inspired brutefest... defied all challengers until meeting with esteemed veteran Yuji Nagata in a frenzied madman epic dethroning him of gold in a perfect handover of vulnerable skillset trading in May... Made huge mistake in battling highly ignorant vanilla midget turning in no style or skills, Zack Sabre Jr in random UK dabbling at cursed company Rev Pro Wrestling, which offers no wrestling style and simply cast off wannabe's who have no other place to go, in empty match of zero substance... Proved modern failure against the big boys when meeting Bobby Fish for Ring of Honor Television title in combo car nonsense... Had follow up bout with Fish and his tag partner in wasteful NEVER title defences to return favour in New Japan for combo trade deal, which provides fans and audiences with more company reputation lunacy instead of success intended for... Was dropped of NEVER strap by EVIL in a crushing defeat of seemingly apparent premonitions... Returned in November to Rev Pro to beat ignorant nonsense midget Sabre once more proving Jr to be punitive weed incapable of any skill, which casts huge eyes upon Shibata's lack of respect, dignity and wrestling values as a growing star in a cesspit of wrestling failure... Continued on from November into December's New Japan Tag League, with empty and pitiful performances boosted by crumbling company New Japan to build international reputation which is at an all time disgrace instead of intended success ruining all progress it had hoped to make, continuing same principals for at least three troubled years now. 

Waifs and strays of ignorance will never benefit growing depth or charisma... Would be Japanese wrestling hero has proven costly to growing year with severe misplaced ethics... Will need to severely repent if to achieve greatness again... Has ruined it all for one novelty match with a midget of high ignorance which has done virtually nothing for him as a future prospect in skill, technique or styles success... Has opened eyes and exposed unknown random as more jobber-esq than ever... Massive failure of promising start filled with gimmick kicks and stiff interactions that scream bland, generic and forgettable style... MMA fraud in wrestling businesses do not mix well.


2015 Placed - 37

IWGP Champion as babysteps in New Japan while role was being considered for him saw a limp loss back to original owner Kushida... Without any role and a greedy AJ Styles departing at first chance he could get to go to WWE since being TNA fodder jobber, Omega took over from Styles as leader of ignorantly filled nonsense club... Fought with famously made by WW Pro 50 ignorant Shinsuke Nakamura over Intercontinental championship battles in NJPW with a level of distilled being... Challenged ignorant,  overblown New Japan flounder Hiroshi Tanahashi in a nothing match that filled stagnant air... Fought at wasteful NEVER event making huge mistake against two ignorantly homophobic and racist redneck baldies from pitiful, empty company Ring of Honor... Dominion event in June saw loss of IWGP title in first ever ladder match to baffling choice of bulging ignorant waste Michael Elgin who isn't any level Intercontinental standards, making a bigger mockery of New Japan's flawed, recent booking choices... Over the Summer went into the annual G1 Climax tournament reaching the finals, dropping Hirooki Goto to be carried to a win for a later chance to regain IWGP Heavyweight Championship scheduled for 2017... It was his first attempt and the first non Japanese wrestler to do so first time, which was tepidly weak and handed to him as favouritism than athleticism and skill... Kept his title place by giving one last defence against Hirooki Goto on October 10th which wasn't all the hype had maintained it to be missing key storytelling and charisma with another routine relay.

Stand in jobber to fill the void of New Japan's holes it creates for itself is no level talent and a sad indictment of career failure... Inspired by video game rip offs, 'The Cleaner' has created resident stalling and empty promises in 2016 that haven't been as captivating in recent years... Wrestling needn't worry of jobber Omega, because, he is, ...a puppet... Don't... push.. your luck.... Has ruined all chances to make a name for himself after years of standard filler looking and failing to raise profile on WW Pro 50 every year naturally... You never had a name... Omega has no worth in 2017 and will further continue to make even graver mistakes by his own ignorance, costing wrestling values.


2015 Placed - Unlisted

Started his growing year making a shock return to New Japan Pro Wrestling on January 23rd's combo card with Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre at Fantastica Mania, attacking Dragon Lee with promise of a match in the future... After a three year absence for NJPW, Kamaitachi settled back in smoothly downing Dragon Lee with ease to lift his first ever title, the CMLL World Light Championship... Following speculation, he announced he was not rejoining NJ, but simply visiting... Returning o Mexico, he proved transitional but honourable in passing back the title to Dragon Lee in the talent exchange program which stalled progress early for his first title run without clarity... Internal distress revealed itself after with company games being played, where Kamaitachi left CMLL, relocating to the American wrestling scene... Kamaitachi moved into Ring of Honor at the end of April in a jobbing match to ACH... In efforts to prove himself to the company, full of hatred by its owners, gave him a submission loss to wayward flounder Kyle O'Reilly, once made famous by the WW Pro 50 when no one else cared, at Best in the World... Kamaitachi made a huge error in joining highly ignorant backyard junk flying spot Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, losing to the ignorant state of Michael Elgin... He returned in September's Battle of Los Angeles proving to be a sheer waste when defeated by the highly ignorant and idiotic booking of weedy mess Trevor Lee... At ROH's All Star event, he lost again to old foe Dragon Lee in another senseless move that Kamaitachi naively miscalculated... Finally feeling another switch from failed career options, he jumped to New Japan, reneging on his word, at November's Power Struggle card... He challenged new champ Kushida for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship... Made an offer by Tetsuya Naito, he joined the Los Ingobernables de Japon faction.

Made very stupid choices which after learning of by actions, lost a huge portion of starting career to jobbing losses by ignorant counterparts and promotions... Has joined a mildly ignorant promotion instead, as a short straw jetpack escape route... Has skills and style but not much depth of character, technique nor buzz from failed interactions... Must wise up if ever to survive this business and develop a new place for self, outside of ignorance and naivety... Should consider career choices more thoughtfully.


2015 Placed - Unlisted

Green rookie began building portfolio with empty but challenging matches of worth to elevate place in business as growing star... UK novice of one year attempted to make place for self but has strayed from standard path into ignorant waters to sell out for fame... Has not understood landscape of British industry and just who it is that will entertain such a career... Defiance and ignorance from cookie cutter looking bearded cub with athletic build smokescreen for failed existence in business if ever hoping to attain further goals to success... Will presumably listen to same type of failures in Brit scene before him to get ahead... Would be most costly choice to enter fray without any thought of future longevity... Won't last distance for three - five years with such negative and disdainful attitude avoiding advice like many others before him, in categorical failure fashion... Type continues to come and go... Won a random four way in March for vacant title no one has heard of... Has been tiptoeing with UK ager Bubblegum, who is questionably one step away from making the wrong choice and keeps self clean but secretly wishes to be ignorant, as is the interpretation to handle with care... Joined ignorant promotions PCW at dirtily themed cards, including match with webcam sex tape masturbator Charlie Garrett, a non-entity full of useless vanilla block chiselled torso's only... Continued random matches with Bubblegum in highly ignorant promotion of ill worth Southside, which hosts nothing but mediocre latch on hopers forever hopeless... Is currently playing around in Cruiserweight matches, proving failure to first year of seemingly high hopes... While seemingly clean, has dabbled with ignorant promotions that are not going to fully alleviate career... Rookie attitude to do it anyway to get foot in the door could add hard slam to stubbed toes... Must think further.

Young and hungry, is making draft choices to get a profile by throwing away the obvious and naively charging in like all green rookies thinking they are Superman... Choice decisions will prove costly if not adhered too... Desperately wants wrestling fame but needs to contain longevity with choices if ever to survive more than a year or two of infatuated wannabe... Shouldn't attempt to run before he can walk... Needs vast improvements in all areas of mic work, mat work, and opponents... Has the look, but may not have the actual makings of a true wrestler than simply a flash in the pan poster boy so commonly mass produced off the wrestling conveyor belt. 


2015 Placed - 97

Since defeating laughable mohawk World Champion Sheamus in December, started New Year as Authority hated champion akin to the Daniel Bryan era, only more ripped off, outdated and exhausted... Excuses for Stephnie McMahon and her vilely ignorant husband to flaunt self promotion on television in anti Reigns hate hoping crowd would like Triple H instead... Fans cheered The Game by default, not personal taste, which Triple H had hoped would excel him, after he callously booked himself to dethrone already troubled star Reigns of the directionless WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the Royal Rumble match itself... Ego-fested Triple h, who did nothing except hold the title, dropped it back at one of Wrestlemania's worst main events in modern history, which Triple H, failing to work for Reigns, blamed him for to save face... As main champ Reigns would fight incoming ignorant hire of, you guessed it, Triple H, to build up the acrobatic imp of one move routine at Payback which failed to sell Roman as exiting... Continuing Reigns' rebuilding of lacklustre booking downfall, took to Money in the Bank PPV, against former enemy Seth Rollins, losing the World title in a gripping frenzy, which was quietly tainted after dust settled when Dean Ambrose cashed in to make 'The Shield' mini reunion title gaining nonsense that elevated no-one... Lost out to blubbering sadsack and ineligible fit for blood red ugliness in idiotically named WWE Universal title, which was a blessing in disguise after Triple H's favourite hand me down Kevin Owens lifted the belt... Was instead demoted to mid card to avoid recent wellness suspension which Triple H bullied Reigns into apologising to everyone in lockeroom, where scores of other stars were busted but face no reprimands, including  Triple H favourite Sasha Banks... Took hold of United States championship, which worked out better for him, with stunning battles against workhorse Rusev at Clash of Champions and hell in a Cell... Sole survivor to eventually lose was obvious and empty in Survivor Series traditions... Lost chance to regain Universal title from Triple H favourite Owens in another smokescreen protector that made Reigns look stupid, weak and rejoin with Seth Rollins to throw Owens into a table outside, from a disqualification victory. 

Has failed to connect with fans beyond immeasurable doubt which cannot be recovered, solely at the hands of WWE and Vince McMahon's personal misdirection and bad promo writing for him... Lacking direction and all over the place writing is as messy as it comes for Reigns, who as John Cena Mark II, has no chance of WWE's bungled writing to recovery... Vince McMahon's personal writing, childish jokes and endorsement of Triple H;'s favourites to please Steph's husband has destroyed WWE's top prospect becoming typecast, hated and completely useless as a warranted star... He tries, but is doomed beyond repair... WWE chose this path for him... It fails to change suit. 


2015 Placed - 22

Another star that did not look likely to grace the WW Pro 50 but has once again defied rule to bag place with talented interactions in a pool of failed ascenders... Joined TNA's early year Feast or Fired lunacy which rewarded him nothing to novelty gimps rather than skill, which was relied upon and once more, Godderz utilised to give sad-acts credibility in winning a wayward but as stable as can be match involving Godderz misused talents... On 16th February iMPACT, with Eli Drake, had to battle moronic wrestling retard and ignorant bumbag insulting goon Grado, to which Dixie Carter is absurdly in love with, and Indian export Mahabali Shera only to be treated with losing disregard Godderz again made credible... Continued to be spare wheel in Drake and ignorant tool Grado's 'feud' guiding Drake to Ladder match failings... Fresh out of options for directional swamp TNA, was predictably thrown back to split up team The BroMans with another ignorant Carter favourited clown, Robbie E, which again does nothing for Godderz' talents who is always the better of the two, but not seen as such by TNA bookers... Pair failed to win tag titles from James Storm and ignorant no hoper never to materialise Bobby Roode... Godderz kept momentum strong but was once more ruined by TNA booking in feud with ignorant clown who has never grown in ten years, eric Young and convicted criminal of domestic abuse Bram, who TNA re-hired after being charged and arrested... finally had excellent dealings with Eli Drake over Impact Grand title series late August where both drove each other's strengthened charisma, style and technique to put on a spectacular show among TNA's rabble... Later took on Aron Rex, formerly Damien Sandow of WWE fame, over the Grand title, with another interacting success, despite being the whopping boy booked, where rebuilding of Rex and self awareness by skill were apparent... Took a couple of Indy card bookings with Robbie E away from TNA to try and re-build worth... Took appearances on Big Brother homeland and Price Is Right seeking outside bookings from calamitous sinking ship under Captain Carter's demise. 

Excellent worker turned and ushered into pointless reformations out of desperate necessity which zaps momentum... As previously stated two years ago by Max Waltham, TNA should have made him alongside Ethan Carter World champion by now, which seems to be filled with contempt by a disastrously booked TNA washout... Sinking Ship of Dixie Carter's sees Godderz rightly look elsewhere for other options... As stated before in WW Pro 50, Godderz should receive and sign a WWE contract... Muscle, skills, agility and style, Godderz is being wasted by ever hateful redneck Dixie Carter, yet can't bear to be without him on the payroll, which sees everyone she mistreats jump as soon as they can. 


2015 Placed - 27

Was involved in a pitiful battle with Lashley and Matt Hardy in January to win a disjointed tournament to win TNA World title again, which was a letdown in how he got there the time he lifted it... Bafflingly Carter III dropped gold three days after to jobber Matt Hardy in a Last Man Standing match which was ludicrously laughable... Dumb booker Dixie Carter then put her on-screen nephew in more re-run feuds with midget bow tie favourite Spud who predictably cost him on title opportunities which was just lame... Moved on to feud with 'The Miracle' Mike Bennett who had not been any level a miracle, and just another random jobber getting a push from TNA's poor booking team, which affected Carter's standing... Carter would eventually be the run-in, distracter, in role reversals to cost others including ignorant Englishman Drew Galloway... Eventually won a tepid series with Miracle Mike which was a waste of TV time during TNA's production woes... Was pummelled like limp noodle by Lashley at Bound For Glory which was not a selling characteristic... Moved into excellent feud with Eli Drake, despite TNA's mishandling, as always, provided entertainment, in-ring skill and decent movement from bulky Ethan... Eventually Carter would drop Drake for the King of the Mountain, former Legends title, which is exactly the same belt, to become another joke champion by TNA's direction, also making Drake ineligible to talk for the remainder of 2016... Made disastrous choices on Independent scene during tapings, losing to ignorant cat lover Johnny Gargano at pitiful EVOLVE encounter... Committed wrestling treason over the pond in pathetic self promotion of Kurt Angle Invitational Rumble rip off, losing to Joe Hendry, filled with highly ignorant tag team weed at WCPW which crippled Carter's value, proving isn't just TNA who are clueless as direction... While rightly cancelled ignorant UK promotion PCW, dropped that only to step into more ignorant waters... Has much to learn, but ego has grown too big for his boots as wrestling stars so often allow reality to overturn their characters with their real greedy, persona.

Despite last year, after never receiving and finally caved in by TNA to realise what this writer suggested was a necessary direction for Carter III as champion, has proven to be wayward ignorant... Believing self ego and full of own arrogance, Carter III has committed many questionable acts of ignorance that hasn't been helpful to already tentative career... Haggard cottage cheese cheeks' work on Indy scene has proven more harmful than good and exposed Carter as the jobber WWE rightfully let go so fodder land TNA could waste time on... Also deceitful businessman, only collecting pay cheques and letting down wrestling companies already booked for.


2015 Placed - 67

Rising star of 2015 continued to break barriers and after years being on borderline entry has handsomely whisked into WW Pro 50... Became the Crusade for Change with Darius Carter and growing force Anthony Gangone with six man stability over 11 minutes of well interlaced tag joy on 31st January... As part of stable represented with Stockade to lift the FBW Tag Titles a week later to further develop position and group worth... Dropped challenger Sonny Kiss as ACE Heavyweight champion, proving bulldozing force fully deserving of role... Was outdone in a masterful exchange of Indy wrestling against Ethan Carter III for the Title in a testing change which saw capable enhancements on both participants and business values... Would reclaim title after Carter III relinquished gold, pounding Apollyon, Stockade and Vince Steele in a satisfying Four Man Tournament Final to lift vacated glory... Scores of defences thereafter contained title worth, holder and company appeal with natural fit based on talent... Lost it eventually on November 5th after Dan Maff stole the spotlight at ACE crossroads card in a fun filled, exciting chancer with open outcomes... Moved on to make more magic with old pal Gangone at Worlds Collide for the ACE Diamond Title, as unsuccessful challenger to cap of impressive year.

Has risen the ranks with talented respect... Shown character, style and desire to succeed... Has made careful choices avoiding ignorance as temptation to fully grow into a capable act over the previous year, adding much beloved values of wrestling to audience once more... Brute with bulky strength and character could use a little more fluidity in punch connectivity, though this is minor... Lapped up or hated by fans, cutie come brutey has strong pathways to future focal point with intent.


2015 Placed - 83

Unlikely to defeat New Day at Royal Rumble as historic tag title holding run for trio marred process that The Uso's kept going... After being used as cannon fodder to all new incoming teams of no value, met with real talents in The Vaudevillians, losing in a second round tournament for tag title contention with superb technique and heartfelt popularity... Alongside family member Roman Reigns, lost a six man battle to incoming ignorance from New Japan with acrobatic dolly AJ Styles, bookend Karl Anderson and isolated worker Luke Gallows... Lost follow up battle against bald BDSM wannabees from random pothole in New Japan time wasting at Extreme Rules in a tornado twister which was a daft laughing stock by WWE bookings... Was given breath of fresh air freedom in move to Smackdown as part of brand extension with Jey and wife Naomi... Was bumped to a number of Pre-Shows amid insider concerns and lack of being bothered to write for them as pair often work well but seen as boring warm up acts on main card, largely WWE's fault to create... Continued to shine despite making way for other novelty acts of no value incoming to main shows, working with talented tag acts including The Vaudevillians, American Alpha, The Hype Bros and Fandango... Unexplained and clueless turn to dark side on September 6th Smackdown over semi final tag tournament for new random titles was met with confusion than interest... They explained it as fans cheering for American Alpha upset them, a fine reason by WWE standards, then... Won a weird second chance encounter which made no sense at all, only to fall in finals to build up Heath Slater and Rhyno instead... Joined the Smackdown Survivor Series Tag Team ten man melee to defeat Raw's leading team New Day before being dropped to Sheamus and Cesaro, which again saw beautiful action from Jimmy at his best despite short booking depth. 

Manages to create magic in short space of time he is given, regardless of WWE's failed attempts to work a more harmonious position... Likeable duo victimised by WWE's boredom, lack of writing and lazy approach to get new stars in who have been nothing but letdowns to WWE faithful... Has lost out in wake of novelty rookies coming in hoping for a big time since TNA and New Japan have been utter failures for them... Works others to exceptional matches often neglected by fans and audiences where talent brims despite being jobbed out with no direction... Is stronger of duo but works bilateral well... Ludicrous turn with no reason or emphasis among yearly booking stalled time.


2015 Placed - Unlisted

Started year with credible Independent circuit performances with Matt Tremont, Craig Mitchell and others which saw contained levels of growth and dependable vulnerability... Lost title opportunity to Kevin Blue for WWW promotion's heavyweight title in second round tournament battle over fourteen minutes well... Worked on Indy scene with minimal but interesting grower Ethan Page, which requires more work and careful eyes, in a smooth but short skirmish of positive development... Honed skills further as Basketball toting warrior alongside Shane Mercer and former WWE veteran Mr. Ass in a War Games Steel Cage beatfest to succeed intriguing carnage... Continued same night to battle for SSW's Heavyweight gold in main event loss to Kongo Kong in another technical work of proficient work... Reclaimed wrestling worth in following night three way over Zema ion and Troy Miller, taking Miller's Cruiserweight title at HLW in a highly athletic, compact and consistent aerial whizz that proved why all cruiserweight's in main promotions have failed to grasp concept of skill after an earlier Battle Royal victory to advance... Shone throughout further months with Craig Miller, Matthew Riddle, Curt Stallion and more up to June with technical prowess... Contended  a gripping encounter with Aaron Epic in AWE over summer saying "I Quit" in another eye-opening battle of in-ring mat abilities... Had to play in three way nonsense with ignorant Joey Ryan loss to Tanya Cornell, costing him his title, with IronMan Heavy Metal title... Took on former WWE trainer Santino Marella, dropping title like an afterthought, at DREAMWAVE messy event featuring sadsack hobo Mick Foley as referee, clawing fame from talented performers after winning strap moments ago from ignorant douche Ryan on 6th August... Finished up year with stable encounters ending in tag battle against ignorant floater Ryan which is proving more costly to career choices instead of elevating it. 

Ball bouncing, jersey bearing Basketballer started out credible but seems to have lost way in selling out for fame with ex-WWE ignorants and Indy luvvies as a fasttrack attempt to success... May well learn the hard way how to progress as wrestler in business other than looking for cheap thrills which are often disrespectful and resented by fans and industry experts... Needs to clean up act and avoid all ignorants and have the, ahem, balls to refuse match bookings if ever to advance career.


2015 Placed - 52

Started Independent scene comfortably with gentle but encouraging matches against likes of Big Daddy Walter, Aaron Williams and others... Entered ignorantly directionless German promotion wXw in tournament with capable loss to Tyler Bate which could have seen him lose all career with one ignorant booking choice wXw are famed for ruining self growth with as budget promotion... Ruined it all in wXw with an ignorant loss to tiny stickman Zack Sabre Jr in a moronic booking that crippled David's star... Continued on into March and beyond with empty and worthless matches that did nothing with no names after being dropped to a no name many think is a bandwagon to achieve... Had a short but intriguing battle with flounding star Joey Janella in May forcing a double count out in eight minutes... Continued to be a constant fool with ignorance, including a worthless battle loss to Tommasso Ciampa proving Starr to been overblown farce of sheer boredom... Did the honours of ignorance once again three months on with Ciampa's highly ignorant pal of no value Johnny Gargano, making another laughing stock of Starr's now pitiful career... Took on ignorant novelty Ethan Page in another losing failure of no worth... Went back to wXw as gluttony for punishment with ignorant nobody Timothy Thatcher failing to win ignorant EVOLVE company's main title... Continued to waste his and everyone watching's time with empty and worthless matches, mostly tags that showed a constant failure of him, especially in pathetic combo card for PCW ignorants in UK. Davey Richards clone in bad attitude and look has already been done, with shameful results.

Must not be tempted by international potholes that will not materialise and are simply a ignorant novelty that can jeopardise everything for growing star... Proved was own fault in being childish to 'join in' and 'participate' to raise name profile, all the while costing everything he could achieve becoming a sell out jobber that was used and sunk... Is of no value whatsoever any longer and has no depth of character... A blank vanilla canvas that is nothing special and lucky to be there... A sheer irrelevance to all that simply lives in the shadows... Nothing can develop him now... WW Pro 50 put him on the map... Starr has removed himself from it. 


2015 Placed - 25

Since sitting out of Dragon Gate last year, stable Dia.Hearts was disbanded, leaving Flamita to go it alone... Taped dark matches as Fireball against ignorant blocky mess Sami Callihan for ignorant promotion Lucha Underground... Whilst signed to AAA, taped for ignorant promotion Lucha Underground as Night Claw, which may not have gone down well... Returned to Dragon Gate over internal differences on July 2nd becoming a part of the Tribe Vanguard unit... Left AAA later to join Lucha Libre Elite event on June 9th... Slotted back in to empty tag matches of no value for all those remaining months in Dragon Gate, filling places... Could not beat former pal Eita in decent but showcased acrobatics over Brave Gate Championship in early November... Lost fun and encouraging Three Man battle to El Barbario Cavernario and Jack Evans on 2rd December Lucha card... 

Questionable antics, in-ring dependability and cloudy business decisions playing others of against one another is earning a bad reputation among Mexican and Independent circuit... Must learn not to play games with career, especially as tiny flyer who has limited worth in wrestling business... Many more prepared to mow down and take over spot of someone who may get 'too big for their boots' in business industry... Must gain some maturity and protect self from disastrous companies and booking decisions.. if ever to elevate standing... Average at best, currently. 


2015 Placed - 99

Formed dynamic duo American Alpha with partner Chad Gable in January on NXT... Won the tag titles at taped events in Triple H's ignorant playground brand instead of developmental intended territory NXT in a heartfelt but nonsense battle with irrelevant competition... Dropped the tiles back at next taping proving to be transitional joke despite audience appeal, respect and talent in the ring... Finally got the call up to main stage as part of Smackdown brand in 2016 draft lunacy... Instantly made impact only to be shelved to pre-shows and filler kick off side attractions of the main show instead... Despite talented skills with Gable, currently sits twiddling thumbs in obscurity losing all impact gained. 

As weaker of the two in the group, developing and honing skills smoothly over time as he should, Jordan has become another victim of pitiful WWE booking and lack of direction in writing... Will have to wait it out to see improvements... Needs strong booking in tag title scene alongside The Vaudevillians among others, with faith by WWE than simple plus one filling the jobber numbers... HAs the skills and athleticism to back up what WWE so desperately needs, talent instead of ignorant favourites from the Triple H fandom club which will never materialise. 


2015 Placed - 45

Alongside tag partner Aiden English, impressive duo The Vaudevillains made debut on Smackdown brand in April dropping the Lucha Dragons, ignorant midget Kalisto and backstage PR disaster Sin Cara... Pair were exceptionally over as dishourable men, brought in to steady and stablise the ailing tag division with a handful of stars failing to develop... Became number one contenders at Raw event for the Tag Team Championship, besting Goldust and R-Truth and The Uso's in credible mat worked techniques no other tag team has seen in recent decades... Battled Enzo and Cass in the finals at Payback, which saw an abrupt end where Gotch, Irsih Whipped Enzo Amore to the outside, as Amore missed his timing and smashed his head into the bottom rope, ending the match completely, due to concussion that had everyone in WWE on tenderhooks to green bumper Amore... Bafflingly The Vaudevillians were not named victors then or later... WWE failed to follow up and grew bored of team, relegating them to pre-shows and empty tags, despite brimming talent... Gotch, while uber talented like English, caused more controversy for WWE, after being involved in a backstage altercation with Sin Cara, who launched his second well publicised fight for the company, in catering (Previous was in a restaurant with member of the public)... Gotch was clearly blamed and punished as Cara was sent to anger management classes and protected by moving to Raw roster temporarily on European Tour, popping up on following Raw... WWE sided with Cara and blamed innocent Gotch as often is the case in WWE's murky walls of in-house depravity.

Despite fallouts, fights and botched angles of serious misdemeanour, 1900's mannequin has been brought to life with flying colours and dignified grace... 'Tasche toting warrior who can powerlift for WWE as well as opponents is victim of start/stop and misdirected blame... Boredom by WWE office never giving chance has proven costly for tag division which Gotch has upheld with English perfectly and continues to do so... Without them would easily fall apart, which is often underlooked... Pair need to be placed back in to Smackdown title picture or flung to Raw to increase its failed ratings and boost the division with title victories... Gotch continues to succeed where WWE fails.


2015 Placed - 42

Left Money in the Bank event with WWE World title in crowning glory over Seth Rollins, who just defeated Roman Reigns in Triple replay of The Shield glory days, after gaining title opportunity briefcase in favoured Ladder match two hours earlier... Struggled to fit in as champion when parachuted in on a novelty choice of Trio separation resurge drained to death... Fans were soon fed up and boo'ed WWE's ill thought out successor by default... After a disastrous job with Roman Reigns last year, WWE struck again with Ambrose... Fans ripped into him at every event and show explaining their disapproval of a typecast loner with no direction or being in WWE's creative block... Had to play dumb stooge and lower standards when TNA fodder and in-able wrestling stuntman of same routine every match, AJ Styles was only contender by default for Smackdown LIVE after both drafted to the blue brand... Was dropped as champion to Triple H's ignorant luv-in of one tape jumper watched being infatuated with Styles senselessly containing no direction yet again for either man or the Smackdown brand... After Raw's calamitous drop in viewership, separated brand Smackdown dropped worse with Ambrose and Styles leading the pack... Ambrose made up for skills as credible challenger doing all the work at No Mercy with John Cena and AJ  Styles stinking out the arena... Feud with AJ Styles was milked beyond belief, never-ending in WWE's failed creative routine, but had moments of interest when random jobber come hero James Ellsworth was involved, who would eventually cost former pal Ambrose title glory at TLC, with crazy bump in stacked tables at ringside. 

Had a real pig's ear of a year, from lacklustre booking, pitiful opponents and yearlong typecast lack of direction... Made moments with James Ellsworth work beautifully... Was often made to look a fool in-between as middle man but couldn't achieve as main man either... Is better suited to challenger after WWE once again predictably rushed him into title picture with no story other than living past days of three man stable success... Needs real writers, story, depth and booking faith... Should not be champion until after Wrestlemania, building strong feud with James Ellsworth over title from January, if WWE actually have the balls to move with the times.


2015 Placed - Unlisted

Rookie of two years on scene has made extraordinary achievement with progress and amt skills to grace WW Pro 50 2016... Dropped reigning tag team title to Main Street Youth with Mad Man Pondo in a gripping Hardcore themed battle... Joined with sugar Dunkerton and former WWE star Mr Ass in another brutal but thrilling Steel Cage collision in March as victors... Went to No Contests over May and June with Dru Skillz and Kevin Thorn with even more tantalising beefcake battling brutism... Took on champ Kongo Kong for SSW Heavyweight gold in three way with Hy-Zaya serving a distraction to stop victory which Mercer proved valiantly capable of... Master of Powerslam powerbombs battered many following stars including Colton Cage and Jade Dawson at former WWE stomping ground Ohio Valley Wrestling with honours... Time Limit Draw in September with Johnathan Wolf displayed yet another improved level of growth and in ring communication... Reached finals day after for PWF's Heavyweight title, won by Chip Day with more impressive powerhouse moves, rough action and tough beatdowns to clamber atop pecking order with fans... Spent time in IWA Mid-South regional wrestling as part of ten men tag team success as standout force to be reckoned with in such short time... Finished growing year on 3rd December comfortably after a Two of Three falls double count out extraordinaire with Jake Parnell, which was abruptly stalled. 

Red hot crimson haired leather Matrix style stud has proven depth, power and workability with others in such short space of wrestling time... Is reliable, capable, and steady with in ring opponents... Could develop more in singles scene with bigger uprising in 2017... May well be ushered into tag titles, but should be focused on Heavyweight success before falling back on partnership glories... Fresh, current and necessary for some fans, Mercer looks a decent package.


2015 Placed - 51

Along with T-Hawk and U-t downed the Jimmyz, Kanda, Susumu and Mr Kyu Kyu Naoki Tanizaki Toyonaka Dolphin in March for the Triple Tag Triangle Championship... Three month champs would drop it on June 14th after a comfortable but risky reign which saw emotional investment in audience and tag scene... Was tasked to maintain tag scene further securing the tag titles instead afterward on July 20th over ignorant plodder along Akira Tozawa and Shingo Takagi... Held the gold until November 2nd establishing calm, dignity, passionate style and aerial boosts before ignorant company henchman CIMA and Gamma selfish crowned themselves champions... A month later they regained them which continued to make a mockery of the team, performers and titles which should have maintained a more powerful run... Defeated Flamita in a thrilling high flying collision over the Brave Gate title at Gate of Destiny card to retain since monumental victory on 24th July... Could really be a strong future for Dragon Gate if it booked him properly and more competently with his high work ethic. 

Mistreated by directionless aims in Dragon Gate, has much ground to recover... Aerial ace who can work others with levels of vulnerability and crowd belief should be allowed to reign more prominently than job squad stand ins when needed to shift gold to other selfish acts of ego... Deserves his longer reign without any hiccups and strong direction if ever to grow further beyond ailing cruiserweight getting lucky.


2015 Placed - 91

As American Alpha, shone in WWE's developmental now, Triple H ignorant fanclub playground of no value, NXT... Lifted the NXT tag titles at taped events which was marred by lunacy booking, lack of writing and failed chances to capitalise on the pair as a unit alongside individual skillset...  Lost the tiles back at next taping become transitional laughing stocks before beginning necessary steam to re-invigorate WWE product... Received career defining call up to main roster of Smackdown in the disastrous draft brand split which saw initial success wiped by WWE HQ boredom early on... First match on Smackdown was exceptional collision with earlier called up team The Vaudevillians, only for WWE to get bored of them instantly too, where the pair of teams provided excellent wresting and charisma... Became another filler team sidelined by other limp teams and backed into pre-show corners... Participated in the filler tag ten man irrelevance at Survivor Series, after dropping returning members of The Spirit Squad in a credible pass through, only to be eliminated at Survivor's becoming a bigger joke. 

The stronger of the two, has charisma, style and heart, often distilled and stunted by WWE's lacking direction, writers or failure to push talent instead of ignorant favourites that clog WWE's plughole... Could lift tag titles if WWE cared and have red hot feuds with Spirit Squad, Vaudevillians and Uso's on Smackdown to re-develop ailing tag division over January to Summer... Clueless, brainless and pre-occupied with ego alone, WWE have stalled at first hurdle which could be huge setback for talented duo deserving more.


2015 Placed - Unlisted

Started year badly with win over racist, homophobic baldie redneck as one of two disgraced hobos in Ring of Honor which was an empty match of no value... Challenged for World Television title in Honor to champ Tomohiro Ishii with an outstanding display of depth and style... Took on ignorant overblown state Chris Hero in what was a complete mess of a match as well as in ring performances from the unrecognisable blubber, proving WWE right to sack Hero in the first place... Toyed with ignorance in rotten promotion SWE in England, losing to a no mark of British failings... Ruined everything in a multi layered ignorance fest at disgraced rip off playground PCW in a useless Rumble loss to ignorant mass T-Bone... Had some good battles with Chris Ridgeway, whom both risked everything for a platform in shamed company of absolutely no value, SWE... Lost to the laughable and ignorant hairy mess of lanky stick loon Trevor Lee in April... Took off the highly skilled and charismatic Clement Petiot in the pathetically shoehorned Triple H fan fest of ignorance with tiny midgets in the Cruiserweight Classic disaster tournament... Lost to the highly ignorant stain of Kota Ibushi in July at the NXT playground for Triple H's obsessive ignorant ego toting belligerence... Lost to the highly ignorant stick of acrobatic stunts, Zack Sabre Jr, which was absolutely laughable as a match layout with botches, mismanagement and lacking decisions from both on routine in AAW... Committed treason of highest order next night fighting ignorant pal of Jr which was a complete and utter wrestling disaster lacking any skill or technique and simply rolling around on floor and corner moments at PWX... Wasted time as filler jobber in annual rip off which was meant to be one time only event, the Dusty Rhodes tag classic, which will be ripped off to death for Triple H to justify NXT as a place of value than ignorant rookies who have nothing to offer wresting, all-the-while ruining WWE's future stance... Could not win Cruiserweight title from The Brian Kendrick in a four man mess on Raw where bit part Alexander played his green jobber role perfectly.

Failure, like all hopeful up and comers to listen regarding ignorance, choices to jump in feet first has ruined prospects in trying to move to the big time in WWE.. Is a stint in a tiny UK playground really going to develop such career when filled with irrelevant ignorance over a tiny stick?... Needs to re-evaluate decisions to be a part of this business and why he should be booked highly in it... Has used Cruiserweight platform in WWE to advance to main roster... Is set for traditional black person role in quietly racist WWE to be used in a love angle with, wait for it, Alicia Fox, a black woman.


2015 Placed - 11

First title defence in New Year by New Japan Pro Wrestling (as standard) saw loss to agile supremo Katsuyori Shibata at January 4th's Tokyo Dome extravaganza... Rematch next month was a failed attempt, which still kept bruiser worth high... On February 19th New Japan's frayed relationship and cheap promotion's of flounding company Ring of Honor saw a crushing defeat of puny ignorant vanilla strawberries and cream lover Roderick Strong for ROH World Television title with ease... He would defend it officially one week later against beer bulging ignorant Strong and forgotten aging star revived by WW Pro 50 five years ago, Bobby Fish... Despite odds against him in agile acrobat Cedric Alexander, managed to drop him like a fly to take the title back to New Japan, which was another sad insult to wrestling using titles and talent to self-promote ailing brands... As a part of Chaos stable, Ishii would be launched into a bitter feud with Los Ingobernables de Japon meeting wayward, mildly ignorant leader Tetsuysa Naito in the New Japan Cup, with a damning loss... Stood up for highly ignorant failure Kazuchika Okada, when Naito easily defeated him for the IWGP Heavyweight gold, to be secured number one contender privileges... He wouldn't win but entered another monstrous performance against Naito, raising his standing and title lineage... Played around with ignorant, disgraced ROH bald rednecks and a jumping British Monkey acrobat who has no respect for veterans of the business... Holder of ROH TV title finally caved in after defeat from Bobby Fish five days after... Held stable entry in G1 Climax tournament, going up against and destroying raincoat weakling stablemate Okada...Went into World Tag League with Hirooki Goto, adding some much needed maturity. 

Under-viewed by audience for a while, has been spoken of, especially in last years' WW Pro 50 with flying colours, often forgotten about... Needs some refinement to match choices and not over indulge in behemoth stance blockade stalling... Could use more fluidity in movement... While not the average perception of modern wrestler, has positioned place for self as serious striker, with crushing chops, lariats and clubbing blows to stop enemies in their tracks... Best to avoid ignorance.


2015 Placed - Unlisted

Returned to huge surprise at WWE to reclaim birthright from overbearing sister and her ignorant husband destroying WWE with own ego, Triple H in February, mimicking script writing of Max Waltham character, however... Despite tapping into a version of Max Waltham now Bray Wyatt has sunk, and WWE's booking office sees similarities in product consideration, has used this to get footing unfavourably... Took tender action to mildly tone down and move into own self when challenging Stephanie McMahon's rule to WWE ownership... Feud with sister Steph initiated father's biased daughter love to place Shane McMahon in deadly match up at Wrestlemania to prove himself against, The Undertaker, which Vince hoped who ruin him... Wrestlemania match was one for the ages in an explosively gripping bout which ended when Shane McMahon took a crazy and recklessly death defying stupidity dive from the top of a Hell in Cell cage, tumbling into ringside table as Undertaker avoided elbow drop of doom... Despite losing, WWE direction was tainted by giving him control of Raw, a stipulation only allowed if he could defeat Undertaker, to joy but lunatic ideas that miss points... Waited on tenderhooks at Payback to hear Vince McMahon's decision who would run the shows, until McMahon gave obscure ending to "work it out" with no answer creating more real life tension at the expense of the WWe Universe... Real life jockeying of tension between kids for real product say Shane-O strut his sexy stuff still having it when brand split was enforced for the pair of them, with Shane controlling Smackdown with Daniel Bryan as Commissioner with joint control of WWE... Confronted Brock Lesnar after Beast continued to batter a knocked out Randy Orton in their random brand match up only to receive a well taken F-5... Replaced injured Baron Corbin at Survivor Series elimination match for brand supremacy only to suffer a legitimate concussion from Roman Reigns' spear, leaving WWE very concerned as the live event transpired. 

Surprisingly made WW Pro 50 this year beyond doubt, outshining many useless batches of wannabees... Made good on his retuning commitments with sheer gusto, deliverance and passion... Has left the personal for the professional, despite real life problems between him, Triple H and Stephanie in power tussles of WWE that go back two decades with Triple H often sneering and belittling at Shane-O over board room table when caring for workers and writers' ideas.

Part 2, 25 - 1 link here - WW Pro 50, Part 2: 25 - 1

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