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Wrestlemania 28:Fallout, Part Three: Sheamus/Daniel Bryan

Wrestlemania 28: The Fallout, Part Three:
Sheamus snares World Title Strife

Back in January 2012, Sheamus was the choice, campaigned strongly by gym buddy and friend Triple H, to be the man to win the Royal Rumble and claim a title shot at Wrestlemania in April.

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Sheamus received the nod from Vince McMahon, who three months prior earmarked hometown hero Randy Orton to win the match. After certain injury restraints to Orton, McMahon favoured Chris Jericho thus setting the WWE Championship collision between CM Punk and Y2J. Jericho later won a battle royal on Raw following the Royal Rumble, showing that WWE can change the options when they wish to, though has never one so before in the RR match structure, in order to maintain egotistical dominance.

Changing the outcome to a young upstart was the preferred decision from Wrestling Wonders. Orton didn’t need the win, Jericho was too obvious and the match is specifically designed for a young star to hold a title shot as the match is inclined to enforce a new potential to main event status regardless of a victory at the grand event three months on.

Sheamus won the match to which he received no faith as a star who had previously not been on the radar and in squash, job and lukewarm matches and feuds.

Sheamus became a categorical bore, and WWE thought it was just an opinion. Since the victory, the Great White hasn’t exuded any star qualities to a champion role, and no one in the WWE Universe, or outside of those astrological walls, could envisage a champion based on no definition.

Sheamus, on Sunday April 1st 2012, lifted the World Heavyweight Championship in the first ‘match’ on the card, after a shocking 18 second match, where he delivered one Brogue Kick to the former champion Daniel Bryan after Bryan, turned around.

This made Sheamus look a fluke and chump champion. At the biggest event of all, that means something in title matches, and having flawed the champion in quick succession after his back was turned, and as a babyface, mixed the fabric for WWE’s outlook in such a way that was not supportive. Mixing it up is great, but not at the expense of no sense.

Since the win and heavyweight title held on his shoulders, to be enforced as the face of Smackdown just cost WWE that exact principal they tried to endorse.

Sheamus will never be seen as the face of Smackdown and has been completely harmed in winning the title in such a way that labels him as a fluke champion who couldn’t wrestle to secure the title, let alone after a patchy year of nothing matches, and standing in the background.

Should Bryan have remained champion, as heel, Sheamus would have been a healthy challenger that would have made his name on the Smackdown brand and solidified his position once he eventually lifted the title after building reputation with Bryan. Bryan, when losing would also be protected, seeing as the Universe clearly understands Daniel Bryan is the face of Smackdown, the wrestling show, alongside Randy Orton.

Smackdown only has Orton as its stronghold, and the ‘E realised they needed a number of stars to represent that have different backgrounds to draw an audience.

With this result, Bryan has been crippled, Sheamus is seen as inconsistent, and the rest of the lockeroom seem insufficient to stand strong.

Cody Rhodes, Sheamus and Bryan should have been the three built to represent with Orton. Now, the brand suffers immensely.

Re-christened as “The Great White” was a pointless trademark that added nothing to the character and supports Sheamus being inadequate. The championship reign is detrimental, and the only way to rectify is to remove it from Sheamus asap and build him back up to earn the match right, though this will not be taken to now protect an already broken champion.

The match at ‘Mania ruined both stars and with Rhodes' loss also, in such destructive fashion, adds no strong, powerful or investable stars on the product. Coming from out of nowhere, the World title became the most insignificant title among the rest, making the audience wonder where the future, business and investment lies. No one wants their time wasted, if so, they end up leaving when feeling no product can support itself in its self-production principals.
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