Sunday, 8 April 2012

Wrestlemania 28


Could Wrestlemania truly deliver with a seemingly shabby card, built on Undertaker's legacy and The Rock/John Cena's match hype?

Lets find out...

World Heavyweight Championship
Daniel Bryan (c) Vs Sheamus

If you blinked, you missed it.
HaHa, you joker. C'mon, seriously, what happened?
If you blinked, you missed it.
Daniel Bryan kissed AJ through the ropes for goodluck. As he turned round from his girlfriend, Sheamus charged a Brogue Kick into Bryan and pinned him for a three fall and to win the World Heavyweight Championship in the opening match of the show.
If he was kissing Max Waltham he wouldn't a lost...
The match lasted 18 seconds. This was WWE's intention. In fact, they wanted it to be shorter to defeat Chavo Guerrero's shortest reign, (Kane defeated him for the ECW championship in Wrestlemania's past.)

If you blinked, you missed it.

Well done Triple H. Sheamus' Royal Rumble victory and 'Mania win, the opening match, meant nothing and hasn't set sheamus with a victory he can be proud of. It was a fluke win. 

Kane Vs Randy Orton
Near, Far... Where-ev-er you are....

Made only to ensure both Orton and Kane, two of WWE’s most prestigious stars over a number of years with the company were given a match created one month ago. The basis for this match, not even a feud, we were told, dated back over the course of Smackdown some time last year, when Kane, not as the masked monster who returned in December to Monday night Raw to combat John Cena, was even explicable.

Both esteemed names in the company, WWE made space for the match which served no purpose whatsoever.

Orton, stated by Michael Cole as “a nine time champion,” was on the receiving end of clubs down in the corner from the masked monster. Chin locks would follow with turnbuckle stations. The match, though Orton was selling the big red behemoth beating down the lesser man to enable a David/Goliath feel to proceedings was credible, could not protect the match from being slow and drab.
Orton, a strong and powerful member of the WWE roster was saddled with something he could not deliver well, even though he tried his damned hardest.

At this point, one fan even stated “f**k this, I’m not gunna watch Wrestlemania anymore.” The first match is indeed the most important. (Technically the second, though not in hindsight with the previous.)

Kane attempted a chokeslam gaining a two fall. Turnbuckle tops wth Orton followed until he was caught atop it by Kane, who delivered a thunderous chokeslam from the corner post. Kane would then cover Orton to shock the world. Kane grabbed the three fall and ended this match up.

Kane is a likeable fellow in WWE overall by management. We have nothing against him personally, we like him too. Though, on PPV, in a match with no standing, no value, and no backstory, just to give both performers a spot to fill time harmed both more than interesting fans. Neither benefitted from this.
It was here many believed McMahon had finally lost the plot.
Next up was a vignette backstage. Santino Marella with a guy from Deadliest Catch and then Mick Foley, were fish eating. Joking about occasions at the ‘crap table’, Santino preceded to eat. Showing the guy who presumably caught those fishies, the Cobra and Mr.Socko arrived and gobbled up the fish. This wasn’t best plaiced for Mania, when most audiences didn’t know that random guy in the middle.
Ron Simmons came by and delivered a DAMN!
After paying tribute to the troops at Mania, we were given WWE’s attendance record for the grand event. WWE, who often like to add a few thousand extra numbers on those who actually do attend, it is hard to feasible believe any number WWE churns out nowadays.

Intercontinental Championship
Cody Rhodes Vs Big Show
Perfection. Devilish. Pertroduing.

Cody Rhodes has held the Intercontinental Championship for a record of 233 days. Why were told this number? Rhodes is gunna retain, right?

An old school sign was spotted, ironically.
“The biggest joke artist in Wrestlemania history,” with a 3-8 win-loss record, Rhodes, dressed in a glorified and impressive white and red overcoat, battled valiantly.

It was here that many realised Cody needed to win if wrestling is going to survive.

Cole would call it “prestigious” in reference to the title.

In the ring, Big Show’s big starting moment would be to wear Rhodes down, then, in the corner, delivered a stinkface to Rhodes. What an utter disgrace to a “prestigious” title match. This is unrequired to deliver esteemed value to the strap and its lineage. Big Show shortly wrapped it up by delivering a Knockout Punch to Rhodes, who then shockingly, but predictably fell to a three fall.
Sluggish, tired punch shamefully drops Rhodes...
Big Show is the new Intercontinental champion. Wrestling just died. In five minutes, roughly, Rhodes was toast. Without being allowed barely any offence, one can only assume that Big Show won this title due to Stephanie McMahon’s Be A Star campaign. Steph wants to remove bullying from the world and is one of her main goals this year. Her henchmen, are Big Show and David Otunga. One is fat and one is black. Good for demographics, right?

Being the most cultural individual I know, there is no prejudice to any minorities, though the more you highlight the issues, in bad contexts, the more you will actually create bullying. Believe me, I know.

Oh, by the way, Big Show, no matter how much WWE put the Smackdown logo next to his name on entrances, Show is a Raw superstar. He won a Smackdown title. He was also a World title winner, on the Smackdown brand, at December’s TLC PPV and continually challenging for that.

WWE either forgets its own branded stars, or it simply hasn’t any stars to carry its cans. This is where a young, talented, wrestling star, if anyone, was meant to topple Rhodes, or any title, in fact.

Big Show showed no talent, and did not put Rhodes or newbie’s over as his role predominantly is catered for.

Apparently WWE Divas should be “powerful” and “gorgeous.” Hmmm. You can’t have both, love.

Kelly Kelly then spoke and said they are “versatile.” I bet you are.

Telling us there was “no limit “ to what the WWE Divas can do, in a world of limited capabilities in the Women’s Division, we were led to the next match on the card.

Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounous Vs Beth Phoenix and Eve

Some bird off 'Extra'
Extra, Ex-traaaa!!
The Diva’s title was not on the line. The champion, was saddled into a match with three other limited performers. McMahon knew as soon as he made this match, it would not be able to stand up on any ground.

Most wanted a Beth/Tamina replacement match or a wrestling Woman to combat Phoenix.

Aaaahhhhh!!!! The Bimbo Bimbo screams began almost instantly.

Wrestling Wonders’ own, The Hoeski Vs Bimbo Bimbo commenced.

It was still a disgrace. Not one improvement was made by either competitor, and Kelly  shortly tagged her partner Maria Menounous in.

Maria Menounous, an anchor for WWE’s behind the scenes “Extra” show got the call up to battle with Bimbo B to fight Phoenix after Eve and Beth gatecrashed Maria interviewing Kelly stating Maria should be interviewing the Unified Women’s champion. Maria then asked if Beth was challenging her and thus, a Wrestlemania collision was scheduled. This highlights how important a) that the lockerroom of ladies watching not involved need to create their place. TV time for you, is precious and you must go all out to show to the WWE brass, or idiots as they are known, to push you over the tarts. Otherwise you wont be on screen and eventually future endeavoured. B) If your annoyed that you should’ve been on, and lost out to three non-performers, you seriously need to re-establish your worth.  Wrestling has never needed you more.

Once Maria was in the match both attacked Eve with a double stinkface Jerry Lawler now claimed was called the “SweetFace.” It’s not catching on.

Maria was then ‘injured.’ Already? (Maria already began the match legitimatly with cracked ribs.)

Aaaahhhhh! Bimbo Bimbo jumped onto Beth to do an awful disgrace of the Lou Thesz press. He would be ashamed.

Ever more the star, Kelly did the ‘Molly Go round!’ from previous WWE Woman Molly Holly. Kelly once again flung her legs around a WWE superstars head, screaming in delight and flung them across the ring head first.

The Glamslam was shortly locked on only for Kelly to counter this so cheaply, before a disgraceful bulldog.

Maria gained the tag back in, and once in, climbed the top rope. Jerry Lawler then said “you’re not a pro. Get out of there,” when she attempted to perform a high spot in the match.

While she was an awful fixture in place, Maria can be commended for aiming to make the match work, and if she was in the match, which she was, why should she “get out of the ring?” Surely, she should aim to win by any means necessary as a challenger? Ludicrous.

Beth held a press. Kelly came sneaking up from behind, even though she’s a babyface, caused a shove in Hoeski Eve, then allowing Maria to gain a quick roll up with opportunity.

I wonder where she's from?
The other? - Under the sea!
The Unified Women’s champion, alongside Hoeski Eve lost to two girls who could not perform any wrestling moves nor tell any story in line of superstardom/performance. Anyone else would lose their job for such a poor entry.

Matt Striker then had an interview with “Mr.Wrestlemania” Shawn Michaels. Matt “stick to the script” Striker asked “Your thoughts?”

After the interview the legendary Jim Ross returned to ringside to announce a match. Cole even was allowed to shake hands. That said a lot about WWE on both levels.
JR looked phenomenal. :)

Announcing the match that would be the “end of an era” the Hell in a Cell match was surprisingly on next.

Hell In A Cell, Special Referee
Undertaker Vs Triple H
Special Referee – Shawn Michaels

Undertaker began his force with punches and then a choke to Triple H. Within the five to ten minute period many felt it started as dire. Not the intention by all involved with this production.

Lawler said Triple H was obsessed with getting this match with Undertaker, prompting Cole to correct with Undertaker chased Triple H. Jerry responded with attitude “That’s what I said Cole.” Failure to accept shortcomings with ego drives a wedge between you and the audience in your viablility. Lawler has a problem that Max Waltham pointed out one miscoming months ago on Raw. You cannot argue or blame someone else for a fact. The fact is it was mentioned from said person and no rectification taken causes the WWE Universe to turn on you. (p.s. You may want to look back after the point out that months before this mood, Wrestling Wonders praised Lawler for his work in the Michael Cole match up series.)
Grow Up.
On the outside of the ring, inside the Cell, an Undertaker leg drop occurred. The steel steps came into play. Triple H was flung into them by the deadman, sending HHH over with a good flip.
Severe smashes into the steel structure from ‘Taker to Tripper. Facebuster from Triple H then clotheslined hard by Undie once back in ring.
The pace of the match up was pleasing. Though slowed down in parts. Trips attempted a Pedigree on them for Undertaker, who reversed on those steps shortly after with a flip over of HHH. After some blows and trades of work later, unsuspectingly, the pace changed rapidly once more, as Taker then grabbed Triple H and placed him into the Hell’s Gate over the steps, where a weary Triple H managed to lift Undertaker in submission clasped hold to lift and slam down the deadman to the canvas, then allowing Triple H a pinfall attempt, gaining a two count, met with echoing boo’s.
Triple H fumbled under the ring to enter a steel chair, earlier, attacking Undie’s spine, attempted with a shot now, to a bleeding Undertaker, whom grasped HHH into a Tombstone.
Run into steps by HHH. Lawler said we had "metal chairs" in Hell In A Cell tonight.
Malicious attacks – JR stated as HHH gave further chair pounding. HBK broke it up. Undertaker sold the sheer brutality. HBK threw the chair away. HHH pulls HBK out of the way to pound Undertaker continually.
Telling HHH that Undertaker wouldn’t quit, something they both knew previously, to end it with a cover, which HHH refused.
Asking HBK “you end it, or I will”  HBK tendered to UT asking “Please…” Undertaker adamantly “ Do not stop it.”
Bellowing for UT to stay down, HHH gut attacked with the chair, sending Taker viciously to the ground. Two fall from HHH.
Chair shot to Undertaker, HBK threw back to restore distance. Then checked on 'Taker…
HHH introduced a sledgehammer, vowing to end this “one way or another!”
Pleading with Undertaker to let him ring the bell for his concern, Undertaker told Michaels not to, forcing HHH to smash Undie with a sledge to the face, with a quick two fall cover.
Triple H planned to smash the hammer directly over Undertaker's skull like a fair ground ride, until Michaels grabbed the foreign object from behind.

Deliberating to make the decision, HBK didn’t call it to end checking ‘Taker, was then forced into the Hell’s Gate which Michaels instantly accepted as painful, allowing Triple H to head over and smash the hammer over Undertaker on the ground.
Taker then got the Gate on HHH after Hunter tried to whack him once more.

The “Demon of Death Valley” put HHH to sleep, while Michaels, as official, was down, prompting Charles Robinson to enter the Cell and count a two fall as Undertaker pinned Tripper. Displeased with the result, Taker chokeslammed Robinson.
Tombstone lifted, rapidly, slipped behind, Triple H shoved forward his foe, as Michaels awoke and Sweet Chin Music’ed Undertaker to count another two fall on him in an intense heat builder.
Michaels held his hands in his head realising he allowed personal judgment to cloud the decision, and possibly worrying Undie would come for him later.
HHH threw Michaels out the ring, as Undertaker sat up, to punch HHH all over the ring with momentum and a snake eyes with boot to the skull. Following with a leg drop and then the fabled Tombstone Piledriver as Michaels jetted into the ring to count, for a two fall.

Punches up after gaining their feet, Triple H flies over Undertaker's shoulders once more after an attempt for the Tombstone again to deliver a Pedigree where Micahels counts two.
Undertaker sat up as both try to regain their composure. Taker got their first with a chair as he nailed HHH, crouched at the hammer. Shots to the back and gut by the deadman, until HBK established some control from him. Two more to the gut and back with ruthless aggression, a third breaking the chair as Micheals broke it up. Two fall followed for Taker.
The crowd highly enthused, as Undertaker circles Triple H, aiming to stand in the corner, warned to stay down, attacks Undertaker, who wrests the hammer from Hunter. Weakened in the corner, ring crotch chops Undertaker in defiance, who nails Triple H with the sledge.
Tearing his vest straps down, signals the throat, and lifts Triple H up to Tombstone with authority. The three fall followed through.
Undertaker is 20-0 on the grandest stage of all. It was truly deserved, though all men worked tremendously in this match for their stature. This one, slow to begin with, in parts, with these veterans, was the strongest match on the card. The tension was satisfying to all in attendance and at home.

Michaels lifted Undertaker up, who then chose to pick up Triple H and help to the back, where Undertaker assisted HBK and carried Triple H out on his feet with him.
Undertaker won. Michaels counted for the deadman despite discrepancy. Afterwards, both Undertaker and Michaels helped Triple H by carrying him to the back together. All three men in this saga were finally signalling the end of this series. Debatable it was sometimes, this also had its high points as well. All three can hold those candles that were positive among the negatives.

Hall of Fame Ceremony
Announced by Howard Finkel, the WWE inducted Mil Mascaras, Yokozuna (represented by Keilani and Justin Anoai), Ron Simmons, The Four Horsemen (JJ Dillion, Ric Flair, Barry Windham, Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson), Mike Tyson, and Edge.
Josh Mathews then proceeded with an interview. The one man southern rock band, Heath Slater. Shortly Flo Rida entered, and Slater, asked if he could do anything for Flo, be his DJ, back up dancer, or even sing a duet. Flo said he could “hold my mike” in reference to his gentelia, before slapping Slater round the chops. So poor was the celebrity angle that his entourage came bursting in through the door on cue, asking loudly what had happened. Though it was infeasible for them to know what had happened hearing the slap from behind a door, making this ever more mismanaged as a skit.
Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins even appeared from the other side of nowhere to laugh at Slater, enhancing the Superstar job squad.
Brie Bella introduced the Team Johnny. Brie is usually cast as the babyface of the Bellas. Wow. WWE are ‘mixing it up.’
Team Johnny Vs Team Teddy

12 man Tag match
Winner becomes General Manager of Raw and Smackdown
The Miz, Mark Henry Drew McIntyre, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, David Otunga Vs Kofi Kingston, The Great Khali, R-Truth, Zack Ryder w/Eve, Booker T, Santino Marella

After the introductions were complete and the flag wavers, Vickie Guerrero and Hornswoggle for Raw and Smackdown, respectively, Teddy Long, had Aksana accompany him. There were way too many people at ringside for this one. Even more so, it wasn’t an elimination match to make things easier.
In typical team fashion WWE made Kofi square off with Dolph first. Ziggs knocked down Kofi who retaliated swiftly with a kick and two fall cover. R-Truth entered with a hip toss for another two count.

Santino's abs. No, he hasn't drawn them on
Instantly noticed and questioned was, “Why is Eve on the face team when she's a heel?” Stupid and also legitimate. Stupid, because you’ll find out later but legitimately placed, because Zack gave her ‘another chance’ and all that.
Drew came in next. He got flattened and tossed around like a rag doll by The Great Khali and Booker T for one reason only, to stick it to Max Waltham. Nothing stuck…
Eventually tagging in Swagger, Jack took on Booker. Jack gained a two fall. Mark Henry then in, gave a pitiful punch then a scoop slam.
Capt'n Otunga
Jerry Lawler then utilised the word Dictionary attempting to illustrate meaning with words, seems someone cannot feasibly comprehend how to use one. You decide who that pertains to.
Miz was in after, with strong offence landing runs, kicks to the head and a two fall for his efforts. 
Vickie gave another beautiful yell. Ace pointed his long finger. Booker T dealt some moves before a jump elbow on Book from Dolph connected, then giving the tag to Miz once more. The Teddy team chanted for Booker to give him some momentum, too.
Khali and Henry shortly joined for more stare downs. With a club and low blow this was another low point possible.
Swagger then played with Khali a little before tagging out.
Zack Ryder shortly made his entry to captain David Otunga. Though was caught.
Kofi and R-Truth performed a high spot running over the tope rope for a tope crashing onto opponents on the outside to catch their fall.
Flippin' all over
Aksana and Vickie went at it on the outside with both the Bellas trying to restore order. This was interesting to see, but it was all too much overloaded that it was destroyed, as WWE often does with angles, because it never thinks the longevity of them through considerably.
Miz and Booker kept things going in ring. Santino tagged in. Miz ran for a clothesline. ‘Tino gave a headbutt with hand drop. Then, prepared the Cobra. Johnny got verbal, threatened his position would fall.  His distraction caused Miz to recoup and reverse Santino.
Look at the flight in mid air of The Miz. Poetic.
Ryder and The Miz then Ryder and Ziggler changed the line up. Miz caused a swinging neckbreaker, Miz ducked an attack, which then planted Ziggler precariously behind, swiftly. Miz gave some knees, before Eve got in the ring. Ryder did the Woo Woo Woo fist pump, but distracted from Eve, then saw Miz smash Ryder and claim a one, two, three fall all over Ryder. The Miz won the match for team Johnny! Everyone was shocked WWE allowed The Miz to regain his stride. That was the only pleasing result of this match up.
Johnny hugged an elated Miz.
Eve then tended to a beaten down Ryder. Eve said “I’m sorry” to poor Zack. Then Hoeski Eve struck again with a hard low blow to Ryder’s crotch. Zack ‘muppet’ Ryder was nailed by the Hoeski once again.  Woo Woo Woo!

Perhaps it was felt by the WWE Universe. Ryder should’ve known better than to trust her again, but could only think of what he could get with his, you know… Every typical man…
The Johnny team could be heard joyfully cheering down the aisles of the backstage arena for their victory. Walking past CM Punk, Johnny asked if he was happy he would be in charge of Raw and Smackdown as General Manager.

Ace was surprised Punk wasn’t “jumping for joy.” He told Punk “I want a wrestling match,” so to ensure that, his first decision as GM was to change the rules. If Punk turned it into a brawl with Jericho, a disqualification would be decided, and Punk will automatically lose that title.
WWE Championship
Chris Jericho Vs CM Punk
Jericho wants to remove all thievery and plagiarism (Why thank you my dear.) Supporting Max Waltham, continually plagiarised, Jericho received brawling clubs from Punk.
We were told only two new champs were crowned since 2004 only. Sheamus' victory changed that. Well done Triple H. You changed history for your own ego. Thrilling.
The brawling blows  weren’t enough as Punk broke the count before five at four, which encouraged Jericho to ask “how’s your father?” to rile Punk. After further assaults, rolling to the outside for time, Jeri was beat down by Punk again. The trademark smile of CM with his sadistic smile made Jericho yell once more. “How’s your Sister!?” this time asked. Punk unthinkably grabbed a steel chair. Armed and ready to assault Jeri, getting pasted continuously since the beginning, pointed and jested Punk to plant the chair over CJ’s head. Realising he was being Jeri-trolled once more, Punk relented. With his father a “drunk” and sister an “addict,” Punk wouldn’t be played further. Giving a backwheel kick Jericho halted this assault. With clubbing blows and Jeri clones galore, the outside came into play again with a GTS attempt and clotheslines into the ring. With a suplex to the outside from the apron was gratifying. Once back in ring with a two fall by Jericho. Another beautiful display with a double arm flip suplex fisherman style was given.
Money Shot!

Chinlock by Jericho, then a bad smack of Punk’s head among another dropping manoeuver, stalled a little moment. Flipped into a backbreaker by Y2J followed by a two fall. With some ref stoppage, Irish whips commenced, where Jericho countered grabbing Punk for more whiplash with his head hitting the mat hardly, only gaining a two count for Chris.

Regaining stride, Jeri stretched the arms of Punk while spralled with some goolies delight.
Hard kick to the chest. Chops and a run, knee to the chin, clothesline, reverse neckbreaker, a two fall by Punk. Punk gave a knee high run reminiscent of Triple H’s jumping knee.
Bulldog, Y2J/run, knees, counter into the Walls of Jericho, Punk countered, leg off, leg kick, 2 fall by Punk. Punk tap, elbow, counter, Codebreaker.

The Lion Heart strikes
GTS, counter, bottom rope, leg by Y2J, kick, roundhouse missed, scoop slam counter. Counter holds behind. Y2J bounce ropes. Lionsault. 2 fall.

Y2J chops, Punk chops. Hurricanrana caught from top turnbuckle grab ropes by CM Punk.
Tope through rope on Y2J.
CM headers Y2J in post, with a 4 then 6 count following.

Double assault  mid air. GTS reverse. Punched head turnbuckle attack. Kicks by Y2J. Turnbuckle climb again.

Walls of Jericho embraced, fans went electric for Punk to tap causing the sweetspot of the match.
It's all connected to the thigh bone...


Y2J pulls away from the rope. Reversal through two, Y2J squashed into the Anaconda Vice by Punk was now implemented. Roll over by Jericho. Kicks with knee to the head. Hold enforced by Punk, Jericho had no choice left.
Y2J tapped. Conceded, CM Punk wins.
Brodus Clay came out to take the microphone.
Clay reached into his pocket to pull out his phone. He was gunna “Call My momma!” Bring on Shelton’s mama! Sure enough, WWE booked her.
Speaking to his momma on the phone, Momma Clay entered the arena. She didn’t come alone. She brought her entire bridge club with her. With Clay, and the Funkettes, Cameron and Naomi, Momma Clay danced the roof off Wrestlemania, in what some call the pointless interval space. Well, it was better than most bathroom break spots where matches are destroyed. These placements are better as stars can come out and build themselves with promos or light hearted feel good fun before the next big one, instead of squandered matches.
Momma Clay!
It just happens to be that WWE don’t book something really good, is the problem. Though for Clay, this was appropriate and fine.
Isn’t it interesting that Clay’s momma and her bridge club entourage of clones had exactly the same dress on? 
John Cena Vs The Rock
After both introduced by Machine Gun Kellly and thn milking the spot Flo ‘Rida (signing two songs) (Avicii must be pissed…) John Cena and The Rock entered to their performed entros. Machine Gun Kelly didn’t look prepared for the reaction Cena received. Even he could not comprehend and understood how verciferous those boo’s were.
After Flo, shamelessly prancing around with his top off, and as one viewer put it “the discount store Rhianna” finished, The Rock made his way to the ring.
Blimey, look at that mike stand...
This was it. It was finally on. One year’s work culminates here.

Both began with a lock up, as expected. Cena shoved The Rock backwards. Rock shortly pushed Cena back. One for one. Once both got comfortable with one another in ring, Cena, after being shoved gave a smirk to ruin all of kayfabe after Rock sold for Cena. Extremelly unprofessional, and this one of many reasons why the Universe are disgraced by Cena.

Arm working was on the agenda next. Then, with a flip reversal and ground work,  two fall happened. Cena was perplexed he didn’t get a three.
Following up with a hip toss then gaining a ground headlock on the great one. Here, Cena didn’t even try to disguise it. He verbally spoke to The Rock to work their next angle in working the match, whilst clearly in camera face. Anyone else in WWE would be castigated severely. Cena’s disrespect for the sport drives the wedge further apart from the real ratings increase.
Really Painful...

Rock sold yet another shoulder block for Cena. Rock grabed the rope after a clothesline from Cena came along. Both then partook into bearhug holds. Barricade drops from Cena followed  on through.
Attacking at the announce table, gave a kick to the mid section of The Rock, then seeing Cena gain another two fall.  Then a lift bearhug once more wearing down Rock where the great one yelled orgasmically for his people. That was a high point for sure.
Swiftly gaining back control giving a kick and then DDT on Cena to attempt a two fall. Punches in the turnbuckle from Johnny C came after. Spinebuster delivered, a chance for The People’s Elbow arose, though Cena poorly countered this with a leg STF hold. Any performer would have countered Rock’s epic move with respect, as HHH, Stone Cold Steve Austin and others understand in a wrestling match built on severe levels of hype. Cena just sold himself and the sport catastrophically. There could be no credibility from this point forth with Cena as a challenger any more after a one year build up, reagardless of victory or not.

Kicked off, a reverse running shoulder block from Cena took Rock down. Waving you can’t see me, Cena went for and missed an Attitude Adjustment. Both nailed a double clothesline, destabilising both to the ground. Slaps from The Rock would soon mock Cena with the hand wave. Shocked, Cena jumped up and gave a Rock Bottom to The Rock! He almost put him away with a two and a half fall.  Cena then charged with a turnbuckle dive for another two fall. He managed to hit this one, this year, at this event. Rock soon countered and clasped on the Sharpshooter.

With the rope break reached, Rock broke, punched and pulled Cena’s legs away from the ropes and re-applied the submission. Cena gained the rope once more.
Punches on the outside from Rock were landed, on the apron, where Rock pulled Cena out of the ring. Irish whipping his foe into the steel steps, told him to “Bring It!”
All change again, by the ropes, Cena heabutted, then caught a sunset flip over to roll into a STF hold. Cena applied zero pressure on this ‘hold’ as always.
Rock wouldn’t be put to sleep after the traditional hand up to fall three times, pass out angle.

Slaps and punches later, Rock smacked the Rock Bottom in a counter. An Attitude Adjustment countered. Moving quickly, Rock slammed a spinebuster onto Cena. The People’s Elbow re-attempted caught only a two fall, by Cena with a roll up.
With machine gun jabs, Cena was shoved off the top turnbuckle by Rocky. They had to get the top rope right. They took time to sell it up there too. Rock at the top perch, flew a cross body onto Cena, just dropped off the turnbuckle, who felt no pain and rolled Rock over into an Attitude Ajustment with a pinfall upon catching, for a two count.
Cena went to nail Rock in the ultimate embarassment. Doing The People’s Elbow, Cena turned his back to his opponent, who then got up and nailed Cena with a hard Rock Bottom. The Rock covered. The Rock gained all three falls to defeat John Cena at Wrestlemania. Wrestling Textbook #79 Never attempt another superstar’s finisher so freely.
So The Rock gained the victory in the ultimate combat between two epic forces in the wrestling Universe. Wrestlemania 28 Fallout Part One, The Rock/John Cena

Now, what of the PPV overall? Did it meet standards? Was the card built correctly? How should it be booked? Was it good?
With Daniel Bryan being the signature point of Wrestlemania, this PPV was about one match. Daniel Bryan’s. No-one talks about Cena/Rock or Undertaker/Hunter/Michaels as they do Bryan/Sheamus.
So in making that the shortest match, WWE overrode its entire PPV. Usually matches are placed on the card to position breaks from the big matches all over it. All they will remember is Daniel Bryan’s job, all in the negative sense.
WWE wanted it short, with also reports Bryan may have been injured. Regardless of the truth’s involved, the fact remains. Neither man in that match benefitted. Sheamus is the World champion in a fluke and cheap, cheated win, without any force or credibility. Bryan has been dropped as champ when he needed to work as heel champion after ‘Mania further on. Bryan has been made to look weak once again, which McMahon secretly smiles over, further questioning how apart from the product and audience need he really is.
Wrestlemania didn’t divide. It seperated. Divide means the audience are split but still respect the choice/s. Seperated creates the wedge that viewers see as illogical, detrimental and abrasive behaviour that no one can support.
McMahon knew that the moment he booked the Diva’s match he wouldn’t favour on Wrestling Wonders. He doesn’t care for the Women’s division nor the writer. Fine. We aren’t bothered that you disagree. Though the choice as we all know, is inconsistent and disparaging to all in wrestling.
Two non entities and one brand Hoeski saddled to a champion desperately aiming to reshape the ailing disgrace it has become. Tamina against Phoenix, or Natalya and Tamina on opposing teams would’ve added to the infusion. The fact the favourite barbie’s were placed proved many do not understand the business. Women’s wrestling can be lucrative, and McMahon, the so called king of branding every weak worker, should surely be able to realise that the Women’s division is one of powerful capabilities to stand strong among other parts of the process that cause a constrained bore with WWE programming.
Big Show winning a title, let alone a title that was given high prestige by Rhodes has been undone in one poor decision to keep the bullying campaign up, and give Big Show, Vince’s favourite, long standing company guy, who is tall and weighty to ‘look’ like a powerhouse monger force in Vin’s mind, was secured a title so he can have a higher payday.
Hopefully the silver lining is that Rhodes will go on to rival Sheamus for the World title, among Daniel Bryan. Though WWE will probably get that management wrong once again.
WWE don’t like the company being discredited in any way. Then, make it better. If it is a quality product with current stars people wish to witness with their hard earned cash they pay to you, they will pay it. They will not pay for Kelly Kelly or Big Show.  I’ll put it another way. Imagine Tori and Vader or Viscera as heavyweight champions. Perhaps now, you understand its infeasibility.
The tag match for team GM’s was a washout. Money In The Bank could have played here. WWE scrapped the match because it was planning to have Wade Barrett, of all people win the case. WWE believe Barrett can make it. He can’t. His time as World/WWE champion has passed and cannot be achieved. Find another Brit star who has the credentials to breakout. Wade cannot push that extra part he doesn’t have.
At least we can hope for two more upstarts to gain a chance with the themed PPV, though WWE could have had three briefcase holders if it moved its ideals in place.
The forgotten two, who knew they planned to steal the show even though they had competition all over, Jericho and Punk delivered a great match, considering the card. Jericho didn’t claim the gold due to his contract being short, though it could have been best placed to reward the title change. Punk, is starting to dilute as champion, which can be deadly for any career.  Though he worked well on PPV tonight.
The Undertaker/Michaels/Hunter saga dragged too long over five Wrestlemania’s. Though they worked well on the mic leading up to the matches and deliver something spectacular on the night as best they can, it is finished with, and shouldn’t have felt painstakingly annoying. Next year, the leading candidate for The Undertaker (most are blindly going with John Cena because it is the ‘only’ feud left that hasn’t been done,) is The Rock.
The match has never been done at Wrestlemania. The Rock is the only legitimate man in the world who could potentially dethrone Undie. Therefore, it must be booked next year. Both also won the ‘highest’ pinnacles here. It’s a no brainer.
Overall, Wrestlemania, as a concept died. Becoming just another PPV, and not an extravaganza it is billed for, ‘Mania dropped the ball that shattered the core of WWE’s ideology.
This has become the third Wrestlemania to become bad. No one ever thought ‘Mania of all concepts would be in this place. WWE need to change its booking procedures by building new stars, giving them placement, and above all else, cut the crap with favoured backstage guys who Vince ‘likes.’
It seems McMahon makes decisions now that are – Good for staff and not for business.
To keep them pleased, rather than making the radical and effective choices McMahon used to implore has devalued his entire business model. This was the only PPV fans truly believed Vinnie could change all that. Instead of changing this, he undid it. The WWE Universe have drifted away from someone they believe has truly lost the plot.
It is difficult to envisage why McMahon would be so scared to create the factor of grand scale and intensity for audience. “Fired up”? If this is fired up, there is no spark to enlighten any audience member.
Since when was McMahon scared of anyone? The business of WWE wouldn’t have existed if Vin made those/these choices. Throw it all away and hire stars who can make the show something excellent alongside you. Currently, the product is nothing. This realisation crushes every person that grew with the WWE and its intentions for quality wrestling on programming with storyline’s. It is a shame.
PPV Rating – 3/10
Man/Woman of the PPV – Daniel Bryan
Men/Women of their matches – Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Beth Phoenix, The Undertaker, The Miz, Chris Jericho, The Rock,

© Max Waltham 8th April 2012

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