Tuesday, 2 September 2014

TNA British Bootcamp 2 participants revealed

TNA British Bootcamp 2 
participants revealed

TNA are back with its second series of British Bootcamp this autumn. After its lame first series with only three contestants the show has expanded to a record 12 hopefuls. Wrestling Wonders has the EXCLUSIVE list unveiled below.

TNA, who warned fans not to reveal this season’s stars not only neglected its fan base with disrespect but also assumed they were fame hungry marks desperate for attention. Though TNA assume this because of their own practises, one of the contestants was revealed on a lame backroom UK British television show. The most ignorant guest in the wrestling world revealed that farmer Sha Samuels would be taking part.  

Others on the show will be scrawny Scottish teenager Noam Dar, man of the minute Grado, who plays an insulting downs syndrome type, ignorant non-entity Kris Travis, weighty bruiser Dave Mastiff, weakling Martin Stone, flying spot monkey El Ligero and beefy Rampage Brown.

TNA has also added its extra range of divas. TNA Diva’s include four unknown empties including Scarlett, Nikki Storm, Kay Lee Ray and Miss Louise Jane.  

The first series was won by ‘Rockstar’ Spud who has never won a UK title or interesting match and always used in jobber matches losing nearly every one, every year. Since joining TNA Spud has barely wrestled and chaperoned boss Dixie Carter as her company stooge in a traditional American viewing of British people as upper lip tobacco chompers. Clueless Carter used the show to hire the other contestants in the show, The Blossom Twins afterwards.

Obsessed with gathering media attention alone to raise finances still underachieved, Carter is as clueless as ever on how to run or pick anyone who is right. Fame hungry and financed by daddy Carter decided to avoid listening to fresh warnings on returning the empty show filled with ignorance.

Bulging Samoa Joe, Diva Gail Kim and former WWE superstar Al Snow will be the mentors on the show to the game show wannabee’s. 

Going against the grain to seem in charge will not endorse your product, managerial process nor creative buzz. It will only detract and offer stern neglect from the fans, of whom suffer in the product which is said to be for them but is clearly not.

Fans are unimpressed by TNA who “never listen” and care for their needs.

We know exactly who will win the show, so stay tuned for this as we shall EXCLUSIVELY reveal this soon.

You’re Welcome!

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