Thursday, 27 January 2011

WWE Royal Rumble (pre show) 2011 Review

A year of 2 ago when the rosters had enough capable stars to fit into a 40 Man Rumble match, would have been the most obvious and appealing time to conduct this policy, however in today's climate with so few stars already and those either suffering inuries or delays in returning to the squared circle or ponding/are retired, will this 40 man ideal work?

In my opinion sadly not, as stated above, a few years back yes, now, no. Where can it go from here, most rumble entrants are sure to be cannon fodder (ie. Jobber) to give another star enough eliminations, but that will surely go to a veteran who doesn't need to rack them up to sustain a credible streak like say Triple H or Kane, in previous years.

The Royal Rumble win, as prestigious as it is, allows its victor to travel the road to Wrestlemania and feature in the main event for a heavyweight title of his choice and possible win on the grandest stage of all, and the build up on that road is half of what makes a credible win.

So , who should win, and who will win? Already gathering pace, Alberto Del Rio is becoming a firm favourite among the “new wrestlers to breakout” category, last year Jack Swagger should have received the win and remained his new age metabolism in the main event picture, but a returning from injury stricken veteran, who didn't need the catapulted win, (who did not win at Wrestlemania, for that matter) won the bout.

The Rumble is clearly designed for a newbie to become the newest main event possibility therefore a veteran winning dilutes every core of its fabric it was built upon surely. Now a structured mess to set up a match for the big stage, John Cena, or should he return Triple H, are the people's main concerns as too an unnecessary victory occurring (again, especially for these two, in retrospect).
So, Del Rio , HHH, Cena, whom else is capable? Well, it won't happen but Swagger gaining this win would earmark his last chance return to a credible new star which should happen. Then there is Sheamus, more likely than Jack sadly, yet CM Punk is a choice, albeit that he won't (but believability is key to the success, and buy rates, of the PPV).

Only a new star is ideally meant to bag the Rumble in order to make it fresh and invigorating as it was built on many moons ago.

Could Shawn Michaels possibly add to a shock entry and scupper Del Rio? Is it possible for Christian to return (to be dismissed instantly)? Can Undertaker take the pain to return briefly? Is it possible for Batista to shock the world? Bret Hart to make a placement? Or maybe Jerry “The King” Lawler? (that's sarcasm, by the way).
And does anyone care about the number 1 and 2 entries as much as the number 40 entrant as in previous years?

With 'Mania possibilities, I would say Cena would probably win, though Del Rio is the best choice for a sustainable character, growth, development, and a ire the WWE Universe can love to hate and accept a fresh heel into the mix, adding flavour to an old array of stale produce. The Universe want a new star that will stick and be around to watch and invest in. One of Del Rio's magnitude compliments him favourably, due to the fact he has it all, even wearing gold pants for crying out load, he is self made!

As for eliminations, seeing Swagger, Riley and DiBiase hurled out over them ropes will be a pain to feel, seeing credible talent capable being tossed to the wastelands of obscurity. Just don't give it to Drew 'Crap'Intyre or Dolph Ziggler, those are just an absolute waste, however at least not a veteran.

Well, at least there aren’t any qualifying matches thanks to the 40 man initiative.

Undoubtedly this PPV shall not be the same again, not due to 40 men but due to the fact of how the match will be played out with the obvious Mark Henry/Big Show eliminations of Tyson Kidd, DH Smith, and any other now redundant star, with all the added 'hilarity' of Santino/Kozlov.

But will Awesome Kong make a debut? Beth Phoenix managed a brief entry, but if “Diva's” enter then they need to remain among the match for a sustainable time than just 2 minutes... and not to an empty ring.

Talk about a 'Blank Canvas'.


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