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Royal Rumble 2011 Post show Results and Review

World Heavyweight Championship

Edge (c) V Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero

After waiting 10 minutes for the build up and entrances, due to just 3 matches on the card before the “big one”, Ziggler, had no chance but looked slightly promising for a while in this match up and was worthy of some respect to its credit on both sides. Edge worked him well also, but, wouldn't it have been much more interesting if Christian returned to lose Edge his World title? Reminiscent of the swerve, Hardys/Edge débâcle, no one would have seen this one coming ironically. And would have propelled Ziggler as champion, regardless of whether I “like” him or not.

WWE Championship
Randy Orton V The Miz (c) w/ Alex Riley

Ahh.. Master Orton in a match to work a star again. He is the only person in WWE who can, however has to bear the brunt of losses in order to elevate his opponents. Credible on his own, however The Miz is capable and improving more and more, it's just a shame that as predicted received the Jack Swagger, Money In The Bank dilution as champion cash in, fighting Jerry Lawler every single time to build his persona. Not good.

It's also advisable to mention that Riley could've stolen Miz'es briefcase and inked his name on the contract to be “all set among WWE” then WWE would have 2 more players to add to the fold.

Anyway, Miz retained, rightfully so, and Orton still looked strong, thought the Rumble appearance later, robbed it from him.

WWE Diva's (It's still the WOMEN's) Championship
Natalya (c) V Michelle Mc Cool V Layla V Mystery Challenger - Eve

The unified Women's title was up next (yes it still is WOMEN's), and as predicted, that Raw GM laptop in shot on podium has managed to be quiet all night sitting there.. and here's why. He/She changed the stipulation to a Fatal 4 Way between Laycool (who can be in handicap matches for titles as non champs, yet when champs, which the Women's title was won, and technically Layla's run, can see them change the rules) and completely destroy the women's division with this mockery booking strategy.

Natalya, obviously just lost by this announcement. Plus 2 previous titles and none switched. Best option would have been Maryse, to re boost herself, and the division, and uphold the title prestige.

So who was coming, Awesome Kong? No, Barbarella for PG standards Eve, who is now not a crunk 'lady' anymore. Everybody just realised this pointless match was their toilet break. They knew Eve would win, and what for exactly. Did she deserve her win, was she credible? No. It was received as a fluke victory. Great way to start a title run, especially as a babyface champion. Though with the 4 in this match Layla deserved to win, due to the fact is was to change hands.

40 Man Royal Rumble Match
CM Punk, Dabiel Bryan, Justin Gabriel, Zach Ryder, William Regal,Ted DiBiase, John Morrison, Yoshi Tatsu, Husky Harris, Chavo Guerrero, Mark Henry, JTG, Micahel McGuillicutty, Chris Masters, David Otunga, Tyler Reks, Vladimir Kozlov, R-Truth, The Great Khali, Mason Ryan, Booker T, John Cena, Hornswoggle, Tyson Kidd, Heath Slater, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, Sheamus, Rey Mysterio, Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, Diesel, Drew McIntyre, Alex Riley, Big Show, Ezekiel Jackson, Santino Marella, Alberto Del Rio, Randy Orton, Kane

After predictably assuming CM Punk would enter as prestigious number 1, something only few can do and thus entrusted to him, forces to control this match up were beyond his. Although seconds later this PPV was slightly ruined with the Corre entering to break down the match awfully and main sighs of upset and uncertainty as to which Corre member (ironic) would be number 2, only to find after the obvious GM interaction causing the first 10 minutes of Rumble time a joke, Number 2 was actually a “dream match up” in the form of Daniel Bryan V CM Punk, many including myself were delighted. WWE delivered. But knowing this climate, predicting the winds of change was very obvious and the dream match didn't last long, but was a good opportunity for what we started with. Then with Zach Ryder being jobbed instantly,( but allowed a forceful move surprisingly) WWE should've gave more time to its members to build numbers in the Rumble AND have something to play off with the other 2 for elevation in character.

Starting Well, then becoming lacklustre and pointless in the middle when adding all those Nexus members with Punk (1 by 1 the jobbers came and left in seconds) and ended predictably with WWE trusting old veterans and not leaving room for speculation with only 1 newbie with chance to win (the last 6 involved Randy Orton, John Cena, Kane, Rey Mysterio, Wade Barrett and Alberto Del Rio. (I’m sure a smart alec will state that Santino and Alex Riley replace Kane and Mysterio due to under the ring influence). But from the last 6 in the match we can see WWE has placed it's senior performers in charge of holding the Rumble event, leaving us only one possible winner in hindsight. Barrett was never an option seeing how he has become moved and diluted in recent weeks.

The joke scripted at Del Rio's expense actually cost him some of his credibility just as he was made a headline star.. lunacy.

However, I am pleased Del Rio received his opportunity he had earned. The only other name they could've progressed, even hough many may think ludicrous is to have had Riley shock the WWE Universe and win. Del Rio could have won at Elimination Chamber, and both would have the new standing as key players to new main event - ers with talent to make WWE, and it's stock, literally, grow.

As much as I respect Rany Orton, WWE made an oversight booking him in the Rumble, it didn't need him and he couldn't make every single person in there work, even though he is WWE star worker. He and Ziggler shouldn't have entered for one reason, to be eliminated from the match harmed them more than usual adding another monumental loss to their star auras.
These spaces could also have been used to enter in perhaps Awesome Kong or indeed another woman. Beth Phoenix expressed her interest in a recent interview, and even Maryse could have entered to shock everyone, and would have been a delight to see the reactions as Ooh Oui blasts down the runway, as cape toting Maryse makes her way towards a man's dominating structure. 

Christian could have also been pencilled in. Everyone wanted it.

Surprise entries came in the form of, yes, just 2?? Diesel and Booker T. With Booker making the first surprise entry crowds were shocked and elated, then came the fallout, literally. And by WWE's homegrown stable, The Nexus. But for a brief stint was what undermined it. What if Booker came in gained momentum then a beat down and then Cena, as predicted, joined and assisted Booker? With a couple more entries who can be eliminated before Nash/Diesel makes his appearance? Triple H, Undertaker and even possibly Shawn Michaels did not make an appearance as anticipated.

The WWE Universe enjoy returns like this, then they enjoy them twice as much when it is sustainable.

Santino Marella's comedy skit at the end was just pathetic. No one is buying into it, and no need was there to destroy a future head - liner before beginning his road to Wrestlemania.

Which now begs the question on many minds, is Del Rio ready? The answer is yes, however many still say it is “too soon” due to the fact they dislike Alberto and John Cena not winning. Cena does not need the win, and for the industry to progress, thankfully Del Rio is at the forefront of upholding it for 2011.

Alongside Edge, Orton, Cena and other key players, Rio is in prime position to take hold and cement his place as champion. Many disliked Swagger for his chance, yet it is necessary to build stars, even if you dislike them. (Lord knows we've had Cena do that as an example).

A notable mention to WWE – John Morrison's Stretch Armstrong flexibility was good for about 2 seconds then destroy every single thing the Royal Rumble stood for. Don't do it again, it is pointless! 
As for Hornswoggle, why bother?
 No one was really laughing.

And Swagger shouldn't have been eliminated by Mysterio, nor so quickly neither, to maintain his level of competitiveness.

And where was Goldust? :@

Overall, 8.5/10

Man/Woman of the matches Edge, Orton, Layla, CM Punk

Royal Rumble Winner 2011 - Alberto Del Rio

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