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WWE Elimination Chamber 2011 Results

Held on Sunday 20th February 2011, at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California.

Kofi Kingston (Intercontinental Champion) Vs Alberto Del Rio

Fresh from his recent victory from the 2011 Royal Rumble match, Del Rio came forward to start the PPV with Kingston, after his entrance and a brief verbal interaction on the mic, to which we all knew was a “builder” match for him. Del Rio ended it via submission. Kingston had no chance, and as IC Champ, to maintain his credibility, should probably not have been booked to job to build Alb if it wasn't going to be a great match for both.

Although both put in a sterling effort to enhance themselves AND each other, Kingston was WWE's cannon fodder. Nevertheless, I was impressed by both , though many weren't sure whether the IC title was up for grabs. Maybe WWE should have payed more attention to detail, as often stipulations either change, or are inadequately explained (for example the whole Diva's – Women’s - Laycool debacle)

Smackdown Elimination Chamber

Wade Barrett, Rey Mysterio, Kane, Big Show, Drew McIntyre, Edge

Smackdown's Elimination Chamber was first to go, as was too predictable to the audience. All combatants in this chamber were a bad selection of the bunch, the obvious winner Edge, (champion, no less), took on Rey Mysterio a possible to the audience but no chance overall and only there for entertainment value, alongside Drew McIntyre, I can understand WWE's attempts to launch the newbie, but this bird will not lay those golden eggs. Former champ Kane was there as was only other potential Wade Barrett, but his demotion to The Corre has stopped him in his tracks. And what of the replacement for 6th place? Someone new? Someone Big? Fresh? Maybe give Jack Swagger or Christian a chance? A new up and comer or even Cody Rhodes? No. The Big Show. A man who has done everything and adds no star quality or value to the match. His preferred size didn't even add the 'dominant' force for this preferred selection by the bigwigs at gorilla.

E & C Revival?
Predictably Edge retained to enhance his Mania match which, wasn't even maintained in the match and had an attack from Del Rio after which resulted in Christian returning to aid Edge. A heel turn for Christian ON Edge would've added more weight to it.

Tag Team Championship

Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov Vs Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater

The 'ginger ninja' and the glue that held Nexus together, ( the 450 was the only sustainable force, let's face it), try to take on communism and dictatorship in 'loving' roles. Odd combination indeed, and thankfully to my delight the youthful team with some talent to progress and add some definition to the Tag Team values of wrestling regained the titles in favour of the comedy tired out act.

Not much else to add sadly. Maybe the Uso's given a push rightly could add competitiveness to the division.

Teddy Long informs us now that he HAS rehired someone to Vickie Guerrero's delight (boyfriend Dolph Ziggler was fired on Smackdown pre – PPV), her glee fell flat when Bimbo Bimbo, sorry Kelly Kelly, 'Holla'd' out with her beaming smile, to which at this point many were happy when LayCool sneak attacked her unexpectedly. In more tales of the unexpected.. The newest trainer for Tough Enough(post Wrestlemania) joining Steve Austin, was revealed. A shock return for Trish Stratus! Aiding Kelly Kelly, Trish opened fire with stratusfaction everywhere on Layla and double on both Laycool.
Stratusfaction Guaranteed!

All the crowd were elated. Yes I was too. Very passionate about the Women's division, seeing Trish was one of the highlights, even if some of it was bungled. But WWE, please note, Kelly Kelly will NEVER be comparable to Trish or anywhere near, cut your losses, Kelly is eye candy only. (Even though she has worn that out too). Focus on Gail Kim and the Bella's or Maryse/Phoenix.

Next Up was the WWE Championship.

The Miz w/ Alex Riley Vs Jerry “The King” Lawler

The Miz, who has faced a 60+ year old man as his main competition constantly over the last few weeks to 'build' him, (in normal circumstances this practice tends to work, but this one just isn't cutting it), his main opponent is, the very same 60+ man, Jerry “The King” Lawler. Although I respect King's work ethic, loyalty and passion to the business and trying to help as instructed by the boss/es, (and highly sympathetic to his recent loss, R.I.P), I didn't feel hopeful for both in this battle, however King, on PPV delivered for The Miz in this match up. 

Miz himself showed some Awesomeness ending this with a skull crushing finale to retain the title, with Alex Riley by his side (looking ever more dapper these days, and having a look of star quality when utilised).

RAW Elimination Chamber, No 1 Contender for WWE Title at Wrestlemania 27

Sheamus, John Morrison, John Cena, CM Punk, R-Truth, Randy Orton

WWE's 5 Star Worker
RAW's Chamber and our final offering of Elimination Chambers tonight, this better be a good one after the first one failed for the first time ever in the PPV's history of epic proportions.

Featuring the obvious again in John Cena, with Randy Orton, the possible upset to Cena winning, and CM Punk for good measure. Sheamus, John Morrison and R-Truth also feature. 1 jobber, and 2 mini jobbers adding to their mini feud building, what was the point of adding 'new talent that could possibly become the newest challenger to a main event status' as surely that is what the Chamber was produced for.

Orton/Punk in the match finally cemented to us all that their feud would begin here and told you straight away that Cena was going to predictably win. But what of Cena's win? Was it monumental or interesting? The answer, as per usual was, No. Most of the match was featured by everyone except Cena's influence. Orton, as always proved to be WWE's star turn in build a match, keeping its momentum and putting over the younger talent and his opponent/s the right way.

The screwy, shocking developments for the audience came with CM Punks “pod malfunction” which caused him to be eliminated and the reinstated by the annoying GM interaction, yes the laptop ruined a main event again, Punk reinstated removed Orton shortly after R Truth , and early on in this match, to which people wanted to see Rand in action more so than the others. And The Miz and Riley watching backstage to see who would face him at Wrestlemania. (Do remember the scuffle between Cena/Miz/Riley at Royal Rumble, at this point dear viewer).
It's Spider-Morri-man!

Then we have the even bigger predictable disappointment we all knew was coming. This really did 'take the biscuit' and ruin the match premise. John ' stretch Armstrong from the Royal Rumble' evolved into – Spiderman! Yes. He climbed upside in the cage structure like a spider to above Sheamus's path and dropped hard down on him. Clunky it was. Regardless, it did the job, or Sheamus as he is now known.

Take me Seriously?
Eventually Cena claims his predictable win after the opposing forces take each other out leaving just Punk, 'easy' for superman Cena to depose.

So, what was Elimination Chamber 2011 about? Did it preserve the match history and unique style. Did it catapult newer stars into the limelight as it should and has been regarded for? What came from this PPV?

Sheamus, was squashed literally like a bug, Jack Swagger who could have, as former champ been involved on the card mainly in the Chamber and if not elsewhere, Kofi squandered, (though a good effort to uphold his position), and Master Orton making the best of WWE's 'talent' pool.

Lacklustre performances form McIntyre and Big Show (whom did not need the spot) with Kane and Wade failing to launch as a bigger influence. Rey Mysterio , was just there, in name only. Even Ted DiBiase could have been placed in the RAW Chamber. Or a Nexus member, you remember that supergroup?
Still Rookies... (No Husky, not Cookie :p)

Punk/Orton, Edge/Del Rio, Cena/Miz, their feuds were all enhanced for the big one.

Every match from the start was not pleasant and hard to watch or get into. It didn't grab the attention and was predictable of the outcome in every match almost.

Once again man of the PPV – Randy Orton.

Man/Women of their matches – Kofi Kingston, Edge, Justin Gabriel, Jerry Lawler, CM Punk,  

Rating and watchability - 3/10

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