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WWE Night of Champions Results & Review

WWE Night of Champions [2011]
Results & Review

Will this Pay Per View reward it's most lacklustre performers with celebratory wins? This was the first though from the offset.

Stemming from the HSBC Arena in Buffalo, New York, on Sunday 18th September 2011, our first match featured the 

Unified Tag Team championship 

The Miz & R Truth V Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston (c)

After suffering a loss six days earlier on Raw, Truth and Miz planned to wreak revenge to gain what they failed to grasp then, the Tag Team Championship.

It was here, that, after their conspiracies from Triple H previously going against them, they fought a hard battle against team Air Boom (Kingston & Bourne) hoping to alleviate them of the straps. It was not to be. The Miz, midway through the match, had a heated dispute with the referee, to which he pushed down. A ref bump? Reallly? The Miz just earned his team a DQ, thus giving the win and retaining the titles to Air Boom. It was a pitiful ending/beginning.

Continuing on, the next match was for the

Intercontinental Championship

Cody Rhodes (c) V Ted DiBiase

A late match added to the card told everyone what WWE was thinking. Worthless. Both men , after 4 years of struggling to get their 1 on 1 match, finally had their stage. Both shone and proved they are worthwhile on different levels. The problem is that it was four years late, and had no investment in WWE or it's Universe's eyes due to poor booking over the years. It was a fair outing for both men involved.

DiBiase managed to remove Rhodes' face mask, after near falls and possible endings, after Ted removed the mask, (the source of all his powers), Rhodes quickly rolled Ted up in a cradle from nowhere for a 3 fall finish to retain his title.

The finish looked completely weak, and demoralising for both, after their talents were showcased credibly to the audience building themselves up slightly, as serious contenders in the business.

Unannounced, Christian made an unscheduled appearance. Strolling down the red carpet (which was a long strip of red), he took the mike inside the ring. Telling the WWE Universe he deserved to be on the card for Night Of Champions, he went on to deliver a promo that had the audience eating out of his hand. "One More Match" was met by all. But someone would spoil Captain Charisma's party. Lobster head number 2, Sheamus answered his unwanted call. Sheamus joined in the chorus of chanting " One More Match!" before downing the former world champion, Christian, with an expected (to us) Brogue Kick. As this segment left our screens, there was nothing that set them up to feud. 

The next match began.

United States Championship

Alex Riley V John Morrison V Jack Swagger V Dolph Ziggler (c) w/ Vickie Guererro 

A Riley roll up for Swagger was not to be, on this occasion

Alex Riley showing the A -Rod :D

This was the beginning of the PPV downfall, if the above matches weren't already falling apart. Alex Riley was given a strong showing. John Morrison had less of a role here - only booked for a couple of spots. Morrison is clearly 'lost'. Over the coming months, he has been in other superstar's feuds as a jobber/filler/stand in. He cannot find or develop his own feud. It may be due to call time on this one. Jack Swagger, the vice to Dolph Ziggler, fought a hard challenge in which at the end of the bout, was miffed. (In one instance, Riley, whom had a roll up on Swagger, had Vickie place Jack's foot on the rope)
Gut wrench powerbomb sends Morrsion out for the pin

Stole Swagger's win, perhaps?

Swagger almost nabbed the victory, until Ziggler jumped in the ring, shoved Swagger out the way of a pin and covered Morrison - whom had just accepted a gut wrench powerbomb from the all american american. Dolph Ziggler RETAINED the US Title. 

Kept the title in a pointless win

That's right. A match made perfectly to launch a new talent, push forward with their skills and catalogue of credits, this would have made someone from the locker-room instantly.  

It was shortly booked in match time and therefore had no ground to build a foundation of interest, shadowed with an unnecessary win. It was an empty match.

Riley or Swagger would have benefited from the win, and Ziggler would not have been harmed.

Mark Henry was interviewed by Matt Striker, who reminded us that he had "haterz" whilst managing to rip off R Truth's gimmick simultaneously. His 15 year absence from the main event was also acknowledged.

15 years of nothing , explained?

After being informed Hell In A Cell, the next WWE PPV, was just 2 weeks away, one had to wonder whether this PPV, being so late in this month, was just a stepping stone to build the next PPV outing.

Vickie was elated and kissed Matt Striker also, after revealing that the US champion, who gained the win, wanted to be with her! Jack Swagger wanted to be with her! and she also claimed if Triple H lost tonight, she would be first to put herself forward to become the new Chief Operating Officer for WWE! 
Mwahhh! I'd put one on Matt :) AND Vickie!

Vickie GLEE - rerro! You go girl!!

Our next match

World Heavyweight Champion

Mark Henry V Randy Orton (c)

Henry set some moves upon Orton, whom had to sell like never before - and did expertly once again. Henry took a short breather and was slow throughout the match. At one point, Henry was on the outside of the ring, bending Orton's back sideways behind the ring post, whilst the champion was still in the ring, like a human pretzel.

With dominance, (apparently), Henry eventually smashed Orton with a World's Strongest slam twice in succession, to put Orton away. The unthinkable occurred, Mark Henry WON the World title. An absolute disgrace to the sport, industry and entertainment sector also. It wasn't thrilling in any sense of the word.

Is World Champion

Randy Orton, had to sell so much for Henry, which he did, and what was asked of him was absolutely disgraceful. Adding a different challenger should have been in place. Sheamus, Christian or Wade Barrett should have been booked.

This was very clearly  done for one reason. So his 'friend' Vince Mc Mahon, whom favours bigger men, GAVE Henry the title so he could have a "pay off" as champion and have higher earnings as a token of respect for 15 years of service - in which nothing has been monumental on Henry's part. McMahon lost a huge shred of his credibility here. Would he lose any more?

Was jobbed out to the max, tonight (no pun ), unless you want one :p

The camera cut to a lady in the audience. Her reaction said it all. She was dismayed that the World title was dropped to a nobody. Henry has no interest, no fans, and is not a marketable force. I am not one of these Internet luvvies for Ryder, however Zack Ryder has more place being champion, if we are having jokey champions, seeing as Ryder has a huge fan base, shifts merchandise and is a fan favourite. What does Mark Henry have in contrast? Anyone could draw instead of Henry.

He was interviewed in the ring, after the win, stating he'll take on "all-comers" he'll "run from nobody" and would "NEVER lose the title". He promised to deliver a "house of pain" - it sounded like a 15 year old promo.

This run is just as shambolic as The Great Khali's title run, in which he was GIVEN the title, due to height and the look of brute force.

Alberto Del Rio was seen walking backstage with Johnny Ace and Ricardo Rodriguez. After their words, CM Punk was seen nearby. As they left, Punk spoke with John Laurinaitis. 

If there was ever a reason to be doubtful, this was it.

I just knew how this would play out.

WWE Unified Women's (Diva's) Championship

Beth Phoenix w/ Natalya V Kelly Kelly (c) w/ Eve

Kelly Kelly, aka Bimbo Bimbo, entered to some classic comments to mask her shortcomings. Along with buddy, Eve (nose poker), whom Michael Cole stated was "getting her nose in Kelly's business again", we were told Bimbo Bimbo wasn't used to these reactions from the crowd. Lawler provided the best line - "not used to this... or ANY crowd" - now that was hilarious. 

The title is bigger than her... that should tell you something..

Apparently this was Beth Phoneix's hometown (phoning in that she would clearly job). The crowd were constantly chanting "Kelly sucks!" at a high volume, but this was because it was Beth's "hometown", not because Bimbo Bimbo is absolutely dire.

Bimbo Bimbo - seen here with her legs open on her back, again.

WWE even made Beth Phoenix look utterly weak by having Natalya pull her out of the ring to the outside, possibly fearing Kelly would gain a win. Eve, then chose to attack Natalya for no justifiable reason on the outside. Eve is meant to be a babyface, by the way.

Lost on home soil, to sell for someone who will never evolve

After this debacle, Beth was back in the ring. It all went pear shaped. Bimbo Bimbo picked up yet another fluke victory with a piss poor out of the blue pinfall. Phoenix, whom was rightly dismayed in a heap in the ring, afterwards, worked ALL of this match, Usually the "champion" is expected to work the match. Phoenix could be seen taking time to relay messages to the tart who was completely clueless how to do a move.

She ain't the only one cursing the WWE dimwits!

Vince McMahon just lost ALL of his credibility. 

A role Bimbo Bimbo is used to,
being on her back with her legs wide open.
Lets clarify. The only reason this was done was due to wrestling wonders valuing women's wrestling with respect over the last few months. It is what made the WWE stand up and notice, en-corporate phrases, scenario's and principals from the suggestions made to make it better. Vince Mc Mahon's ego decided to cause this decision from what he has seen/read/heard on WW. This is an utter piss poor choice to make. Keeping it on her as an act of defiance to say fk you. We got the message, but it seems you haven't stepped into the current realms of reality and interest of your public in which you state you do for the fans and get it right every time?

Pair of skanks look awful
Bimbo Bimbo can NEVER grow in this role, and you just destroyed everything possible to re design the women's spectrum. You are a fool.

Brie Bella remains the last ever Women's champion. After her, since the death of it being held by Bimbo Bimbo, means no one can ever aspire to, nor hold it credibly. 

Once again, does the legacy and the way paved by the Fabulous Moolah and others along her line mean absolutely nothing to you? Do you even care about that dead woman whose existence and legacy you are tearing to shreds? You should be ashamed. 

Respect this woman's legacy - she worked her way,
 and paved it for today's age.

WWE Championship

John Cena V Alberto Del Rio (c)

One month into his title run, won from Summerslam after cashing in his MITB briefcase from the previous PPV of the same name, one month earlier, Alberto Del Rio defended his WWE Title for the very first time. 

Del Rio is packing... in silver :D
Del Rio came out to Ricardo's announcement, seeming rather displeased. Something was missing. He didn't enter in his trademark car this time. That's because Cena entered in it after getting his cue to drive it. Cena STOLE Del Rio's car. So, Cena can break the rules again? THEFT is acceptable, when it is one/two of his morals ? (Loyalty & Respect). 

He didn't spray paint over it though with "JBL is Poopy" this time. 

It was a typical start to a Cena main event match, back and forth Del Rio dominating, until Cena's 'comeback' occurs.

Cena hit it this time! He didn't hit it on
The Miz at Wrestlemania 27, did he?

Ricardo tripped Cena's foot and was caught doing this by the referee. He was sent away from ringside and, consequently,  banned.

Cena was atop the turn-buckle, then after one punch from his opponent, Cena shockingly lowered himself upside down hanging from the turn-buckles so easily and freely , on camera, fully, failing to "fall" into position and "set" himself down. And this was after one manoeuvre.

Del Rio went for an enzughuri turn-buckle kick to Cena's head but he just stood there, then, ducked. It was shambolic. Del Rio was ruined by this disgraceful no sell. 

World Class shot!

Del Rio also dropped a back drop onto Cena from the top rope, landing with his back fully on his chest like a ton of bricks. Cena, again, failed to sell anything for the Mexican Aristocrat.

Del Rio, whom was working the majority of this match, went for an arm lock, but was countered way to quickly - before Del Rio even touched Cena, John Boy grabbed him and reversed it. Selfish. After this reversal, he, as Cena does, through his Superman strength out of nowhere, raised Del Rio from his arm and Powerbombed him to the canvas. It was unbelievable. Literally, not believable. John Cena applied the STF submission hold. With no pressure applied on the hold, fans were left wondering if Cena would tap out the champ. Shockingly, he did! 

Cena Stupidities, againn!

John Cena won the WWE championship for a "10th time". After Del Rio worked his match, sold like no tomorrow and received nothing back. Rio's star has just been crippled once again. What a way to destroy the only sure fine thing in the company to begin the new uprising of talent evolving. This was just senseless.

Is new WWE Champ, and doesn't care a hell about you.

Lastly, was the non title match at the PPV that would feature championship matches, in the main event no less.

Well, it is Triple H, isn't it? 

Triple H V CM Punk
No Disqualification, If Triple H loses, he will resign as C.O.O

With the General Manager stand in place, and all the quiet behaviour over the last 2 months, since Triple H has returned, the GM doesn't send any messages. (Hmmm). 

Back in the spotlight, you really think he would lose?

Triple H and Punk's 'match' didn't last long before spilling out of the ring and to the announce table. H planned to plant Punk into the bottom of the table with a pedigree. Punk countered and scarpered to the inside of the ring. It wasn't long before they were fighting over the barricade on the outside. Punk , smashed into it and hauled over, was then worked over through the crowd by the C.O.O. 

Gettin' Froggy

Punk managed to stir and do a full circle back to the entrance ramp, through the crowd arena, and was launched into the sign areas by Triple H with a flapjack Toss. Punk got his own back shortly and launched Triple H over it , as he attempted to follow up on CM. Punk launched items including sandbags.

My favourite moment was the fan dressed in fluorescent coloured clothing and a sandbag esq mask. :) That was cool!

Perfect thigh bone connections...

Punk hit HHH with a chair in the ring, whilst imitating a DX crotch chop - Suck it! before attempting a pin.

A picture paints a CM Punk, Mmmm

Later Punk placed HHH on the outside table, the one H tried to put Punk though at the beginning of the match. Punk then dropped a beautiful Macho Man Elbow Drop from the top rope to the outside, sending The Game through the table with Punk. 

Punk dropped an Elbow, Macho Style!

What would transpire next was sheer lunacy on WWE's booking schedule. R Truth and The Miz, whom had lost their match earlier on the PPV, attacked both HHH and Punk in a pointless angle. The audience could not understand why this was initiated.

After R Truth finished beating Punk and Miz battering Triple H, they placed Punk's arm over HHH's and demanded the ref count. He stalled before counting. The C.O.O. kicked out at 2. Miz was angry. He got into the ref's face again - prompting an inside joke from WWE, claiming that Referee's can get suspended too, after the ref planned to strike Miz.

R Truth, whom then and would after attack Punk again,
placed his arm over Triple H, Hmmm

Referee Mike Chioda, was suspended 30 days ago for breaking a wellness policy violation. A referee used drugs too.

Johnny Ace then came out, before a new referee could enter the fray, he told him to check on the injured staff at ringside. While this occurred Triple H had a pinfall, after delivering another pedigree, on a bewildered Punk.

Check on the ref's, so I can send Max Waltham a text!

Punk re-gathered his energy and caught The Cerebral Assassin off guard, with the GTS (Go To Sleep). In another absurd move, R Truth returned to break up Punk's count. Why? This was unknown. Another pedigree from H to Punk, Laurinaitis was seen taking his cell phone out. he was tapping some buttons. What was he up to? Probably sending a picture of Matt Striker to Stephanie's inbox! 


Shortly, Kevin Nash! returned from the inside of the arena, in the crowds, just exactly like last time, at Summerslam. He attacked Punk, then went for former friend HHH.

Pedigree's again, and Nash involved

Nash was preparing the outside table for destruction, removing the TV monitors.

Triple H finally brought out his sledgehammer. Nailed Nash on the outside, he headed back to Punk in the ring, to deliver a final pedigree and get the 1-2-3. Triple H remains your Chief Operating Officer.

Brokeback Mountain, Part 2 (H's hair over Punk's.. :O )

"Why couldn't Triple H at least sell for Punk ffs" - The answer is simple, Triple H NEVER sells for anyone, except himself. This is something the vast majority understand. If you think anything will change after Vince McMahon formally hands over to Triple H , after Wrestlemania this year, you must be as mad as his ego is. Triple H will always hold a future star back, to protect his own image. McMahon is so far back in the times that he can't understand the product's flaws, and remedies. Stephanie has no clue how to run anything. A stage presence she is fine, but business wise - don't hold your breath, though WWE would love to tempt fate with the first ever "WWE ChairWOMAN".

So over the last 3 PPV's Money In The Bank, Summerslam and Night of Champions, it seems it was all for nothing.

Alberto Del Rio won the Briefcase, cashed in one month later, and won the Unified, no less, WWE Championship. His first title defence was a loss. To John Cena. Whom has created no feud with Del Rio. And based on a "rematch - whim". Is this to set up The Rock/John Cena Wrestlemania match? Which will see Rock team with Cena at Survivor Series, in the traditional 5 man match.

Dolph Ziggler, has had nothing wins all over. He won titles and matches against big players, and losing to Randy Orton in a good Raw match. You should be worrying when a champion is harmed by winning nothing matches.

That leads to Kelly Kelly. Enough has been said...(for now!) so LISTEN! "Show tolerance and respect", - WWE shows none to its "Universe".

Beth Phoenix, made to job for a disgrace, when she is clearly the best you have - that is an insult, as with Randy Orton jobbing to Henry.You should be protecting your key players, should they lose, it should go to a star that gains more than enough from the win, in order to build rivalries and fresh opponents with a challenging role.

CM Punk, whom lost his title as soon as he got it at Summerslam, and had to be demoralised by it with the "hoax" title from Cena - taking away his credentials. Coming off the hottest prospect of the "shoot" angle and creating a "revolution" (some of which was WW personified x) has been neutered. He just lost to Triple H, the biggest challenge he could climb in terms of story.

And Alex Riley, whom would have excelled after WWE's drop you after the Miz feud breakup due to WW suggesting a way forward to produce a talent whom has the future earmarked in him. A win of the US Title would have uplifted him in the downplayment of WWE. If you are not pushing him towards the US Title, then you need to throw him to the Heavyweight title scene. That is not an oversight. If you feel so, then you aren't looking correctly at the business model and structure of star making. 

Even WWE's greatest company asset, The Miz was devalued. 

Given this sheer ignorance of talent progression, WWE is going to find itself in a VERY sorry state. Ratings just dropped. Cena will not raise them. Henry will decrease them. Failure to build rivalries will also enhance this. Lack of new stars, for years, is never going to be improved, and therefore, a disaster for WWE and it's future. Focusing on a Rock/Cena build up till Wrestlemania from Survivor Series is the only option WWE have  Have you forgotten WM hosts many other matches that need to stand out - the last 2 Wrestlemania's have been it's worst along with WM 25.

Without any direction, WWE are on course for a magnitude of viewer problems, should it fail to rectify and give a strong solid push forward with the "talent initiative".

PPV Rating – 3/10

Men/Women of their matches – The Miz, Ted DiBiase, Alex Riley, Randy Orton, Beth Phoenix, Alberto Del Rio, CM Punk

Man/Woman of the PPV - Alberto Del Rio

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News Portions of the last week from Wrestling Wonders!


I don't usually do these however their was a demand for it, so here it is, some weekly news on some of the biggest subjects for you :) Enjoy!

WWE and The Rock sell out Survivor Series

Survivor Series, scheduled for Sunday November 20th, reportedly sold out in just 90 minutes. The Rock promises to “electrify” for “Team Bring It”. WWE acknowledged The Rock’s debut at the Pay Per View, fifteen years ago.  WWE mentioned he was still John Cena’s Wrestlemania XXVIII (28) opponent

Madison Square Garden (the venue for the event), will see The Rock return after 8 long years away.

WWE encouraged fans to keep viewing the status on Ticketmaster as more tickets would become available in the coming weeks.

CM Punk comments on his goals.

“I’m running out of goals, No.1 with a bullet would be main eventing Wrestlemania. Winning a Royal Rumble would be a feather in my cap. And I’ve never won the U.S title, so watch out Dolph Ziggler”.

Jeff Hardy's Court Case Result

The result of Jeff Hardy’s trial, on September 8th, for drug related issues has been decided. Hardy, whom pleaded guilty on 3 counts, therefore having all other charges dropped, means he will serve just ten days in jail.

He was found guilty on 2 counts of intent to distribute a controlled substance, and 1 count of conspiracy to trafficking in a compound containing opium.

Hardy, will also have to pay a lump sum of $100,000 as well as being on probation for thirty months. Should he violate his probation he will immediately head back to prison.

He was granted a request to travel outside of North Carolina, enabling him to work for TNA. Hardy will return to action there shortly. He must also remain in drug abuse treatment program. TNA, still plan to use Hardy, whom has received no such punishment of any sorts (suspension, fines or the like).

Hardy is also reported to have inked a new tattoo of large proportions onto his back.

Hardy was arrested in September 2009 for his drug related paraphernalia.

In other news of the week, after TNA’s No Surrender PPV, Gunner posted an absurd comment on his Twitter account for the entire world to take note of.

Gunning down the Internet

Gunner (formerly Phil Shatter on the Indy scene), called all those whom type behind a computer screen “fat computer marks”. A fine way for a star trying to rise the ranks of the wrestling circuit, in the second most public area of the wrestling spectrum, to ruin his chance of just that.

Do you not realise that those who come to arenas, then go home and use a computer? Looks like you just lost a fan base, there! I wonder if he likes wrestling wonders – don’t worry we won’t give him the time of day.

Gunner, started his TNA debut as a lame security guard who gathered no sustainable interest. There’s one back for you, “darling”.

He also wanted to make it “trending” on Twitter. Clearly a plea for desperation, seems Gunner has shattered his chances of making his name of interest anymore.

Best Wishes To Piper

Hot Rod, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, underwent neck surgery after an injury on September 12th. Wrestling Wonders wishes one of the greatest and most inspirational voices and stars of the biz well in his recovery.


William Regal plans to retire this year/early next year. He stated he would love to have one last run before the end of that career as World Heavyweight Champion. Regal has done everything possible in WWE except this. More audiences would be interested to see the veteran have one last run as Champion, and more so, in favour of Mark Henry. WW concurs with this. It would be extremely fitting if Regal, from Blackpool, England, could win the big one live on the house shows in Liverpool later this year. Liverpool is right next door to Blackpool, so it would be just like home for Will.


In the Diva news, Rosa Mendes created some anxiety. Launching a verbal attack on NXT rookie diva, AJ, Mendes branded her “not even a real diva”. Accusing AJ of buying clothes from children’s stores sizes and not looking like a diva annoyed her. Mendes, to her credit, looks nothing like a WWE Diva in certain minds of the Universe and this was found to be “rich” and “hypocritical” as well as unnecessary. WW previously wrote that Mendes will be future endeavoured shortly. This may bring it along further. Rosa hasn’t wrestled or been on WWE programming since the CeeLo Green performance at the Summerslam PPV as well as before then, not making any impact whatsoever when she had air time.


Speaking of endeavoured stars, it is rumoured former WWE Diva, Melina may chose to wrestle in Mexico. Melina was recently banned by WWE’s arena, after being released due to many problems, including her attitude. She was waiting outside the arena for “my man” John Morrison, whom she is still in an open relationship with.


TNA knockout Mickie James also did not dispel a possible return to the WWE. She may be willing to head back, and this should make WWE consider her a an option, now that only Phoenix and Natalya are all they have. Kim and Tamina are in limbo (being “underutilized”) at this current time.

Edge will be appearing with a cutting edge show on this Friday night’s Smackdown in an “Edge appreciation night”. Trish Stratus is also advertised as was Bret Hart – whom appeared in Toronto, Canada for this Monday’s Raw supershow.


Triple H has also responded to his “critics”, whilst delivering some business sense, on Fox Business.

“We can change with the times. We just kind of evolve and go where the fans want us to go. That’s what Vince McMahon and the company has always been genius at is keeping their finger on the pulse of what our fans want”.

Another false fabrication in political public speaking for the company, WWE hasn’t evolved. Only a name change and defabricating wrestling’s meaning alongside booking old favourites that has seen no change on WWE TV screens since the last 5 years, including more. While I respect McMahon for his contributions many years ago, he has not been “current” for many a time. With biased booking toward lifetime friend Henry, as well as others, he doesn’t give what fans truly want. Hence the re booking of Cena as champion – McMahon sells out on every level for extra capital gained rather than building the future.

In regards to this statement, WWE haven't listened to their audience. They will really have to put into practise rather than claim they have. Actions speak louder then words.

Mark Henry pushed for an undeserved World title through loyalty of doing nothing, to Vince McMahon, Christian dropped despite being fan favourite, endless Cena booking stupidities, and no pushing of new, fresher talent have seen something the Universe has been complaining about, yet WWE is full pushing. And we all know Wrestling Wonders views on Bimbo Bimbo and the Diva’s division (which reignited it, showcasing they did listen on that front, yet took two steps back in retaining her pointless title, she can’t uphold – literally).

After Night of Champions – his in ring time will be very limited. Expect a Triple H victory at Night of Champions then.

Triple H went on to give another interview afterwards to Chris Yandek of Discussing items on the itinery, the issues of holding wrestlers down in the past and receiving more preferential treatment to shine, by being married to the bosses’ daughter Stephanie Mc Mahon. “I know what I accomplished in this business. I know why. It’s mostly started by people who are jealous or angry that they failed. I was told it when I started the business.”

Triple H could have got himself featured to the world if he dropped into Wrestling Wonders for a few brief words. But, they don’t like to acknowledge the fountain of feeding. J I don’t have the ego, but others have one to WW! It’s not beneficial seeing as my views are heard and taken seriously in some note (which is a godsend and an annoyance when nothing changes). Maybe it’s time WWE flew me over? :D

“I don’t have anything to prove to anybody. I’ll put my drawing power up against anybody in the business. That’s irrelevant. It’s people’s opinions”.

Tripper also discusses what he feels the WWE product lacks in today’s age with today’s newer wrestlers. His advice – “We’re a victim of our own success. Even when you get the guys off the independent scene, they are very much independent wrestlers. So these guys are the greatest in the world and you bring them up and they flounder on the big stage. They can’t.” Victims? Hardly when you see their quarterly earnings. But the true cost is that there are no new talents produced. Money wont come in when no newbies are formed. Viewing figures are also telling us this.

“Just listen, at the end of the day, you just have to find guys with the right charisma. Work rate is important, guy’s skill in the ring is important, but at the end of the day its about charisma”.

The only people I can see in WWE right now who have charisma (and in ring ability, are The Miz, Alberto Del Rio, Alex Riley, Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan. Dolph Ziggler is missing one iota of that special something – even tough you refuse to work on it (WWE). If you did, he would be nearer to a star than he is as bland now.

Triple H also mentions winning numerous auctions for his mentor, Killer Kowalski’s items. From this he contemplates an actual Hall of Fame stacked with memorabilia and itemry of the legends whom have shaped the business. He also believes that the Attitude era drawing 7.0 ratings will be seen again in today’s age.  Highly unlikely unless the correct people are pushed to enable new stars with the ‘oldies’ to open new feuds. Cena and Orton are running out of opponents. 

© Max Waltham  15th September 2011