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Raw, Pre-Summerslam 2011, Results and Review - (08th August 2011)

Raw, Pre-Summerslam 2011, Results and Review - (08th August 2011)

Tonight's RAW begins with the man newly in charge of WWE, Triple H. Heading to the ring, he informs us tonight that there shall be a contract signing between CM Punk & John Cena involving their match at Summerslam 2011. We also learn that HHH is NOT the CEO/Chairman. He is a dove. The COO. Chief Operating Officer Triple H explains about change, and how the “landscape of the business” will too. He also explains both Cena & Punk will have matches on Raw prior to the signing. Cena’s begins now.

Great elevation

Triple H also mentioned not being pushed around, respected, and absolute – oooh, do we share the same values? J Triple H said this was the role for the special referee of the match – it will be himself overseeing the controversy.

You spin me right round...

A challenge against Jack Swagger. No one expected Jack to win, however this was a perfect opportunity to showcase himself. He did. Swagger upheld the match well for Cena and also proved he has something to contribute to a good working provided. It was a strong outing for the All American American.

Cena won, of course.

Bret Hart V Mr.Perfect from Summerslam ’91 was shown. I remember this match as if it were yesterday. It was truly one of the greatest for the Intercontinental bouts, which Perfect gained.

Alberto Del Rio appeared to give us a speech backstage with Josh Mathews. He chose to mention CM Punk and the MITB situation. (Unable to win at the PPV, just weeks ago).

4months ago, John Morrison was inured by the reckless R Truth. We saw a “good R Truth” whom explained the question posed, “Why attack your friend John Morrison?” Truth questioned a question with a question. He told us he was the Captain of the ship (hmm, WW?), mentioned spiders and how he would quash them, and The Miz v Rey.

“The RnB Heavyweight” CeeLo Green will perform live at Summerslam.

Nice Pins, Dolly
The Miz launched a physical attack as Rey Mysterio, his opponent for the night, entered first. Miz slammed him into the WWE sign up on the titantron. Ouch. Rey sold well for The Miz. Many preferred this to a match that feels like constant replays on a weekly basis. The Miz then proceeded with a verbal attack on the WWE Universe, speaking of being a media, internet and trending superstar.

He then wished to be declared the winner by forfeit – which was right. And he did. Just as he got the win, word came that HHH has initiated a second match for Miz, in place of this attack. Who would it be? Riley? Ryder? (many were saying it would be Ryder), well not tonight. Out came... Kofi Kingston.

Let me pin the Miz...

Thank You Very Much!

You would lay on top of that, wouldn't you?

Both put on a very interesting show. Although a long start getting into the match, both delivered a very good one. Structured, deliverance and an air of either participant possibly winning.

Punk then received an ‘impromptu’ interview when walking through the back. He questioned the current COO’s business decisions. Claiming HHH was only in buinsess for himself, and that keeping him out of the running would be much better for it, Punk stated he was the better business prospect. HHH loves the spotlight, we are told. He feeds on it like a “Solar Power” as Punk claims.

Afterwards, we gain a fact from WWE. WWE Global? Hmm, is this because Mr.Waltham revealed he gained readership in every country last week? J

Punk had his match. Both Punk and Cena have been booked as babyfaces on tonight’s broadcast. Mmmm, juicy teasings.
Now that's how you sell an outside spot :)

Great stances

Technical delight

Del Rio was the one challenging Mr. Punk. Once again, a sterling match ensued. Both sold each other better than anyone else could. And I personally enjoyed the whole ‘tease’ angle. Bravo! (Punk won, with the GTS).

Next up was a match with following segment in the ring, involving Dolph Ziggler and his current squeeze Vickie Guerrero, and Alex Riley. This was delightful. Before the match, Alex said that Vickie needed a breath mint and that it smelt like death had “taken a dump itself” inside her. Ahh, the toilet humour. (Brings back memories of Goldust’s shitake mushrooms :D) [Video above]. At least Riley was given the stick – he can work one of those, you know.


Talk to me :)

Riley fought Ziggler in a fair match. The result occurred when Vickie got into the ring and had enough of Riley’s goading and gave him a slap. Oops! A-Ri won by Disqualification. He smiled his fine ass off and left in a good mood. Ziggler was pissed! Vickie screamed back as much as Dolph did in a rather enjoyable display of dysfunction. Vickie told Ziggs SHE was better than him. Did she just walk out on him? Vickie deserves better! You go girl!

It's about to get messy...

Open legs again - TY

Bye Bye! It's over...

Given a real opportunity, Vickie, on Raw, can seriously ruffle many feathers, gain immense exposure and hatred, and deliver wonderful angles on the brand. Develop her a much stronger character – she has everything in place. Plus she has worked for it, and sells brilliantly.


From one strong woman to another. Beth Phoenix entered the arena. The female gladiator of the WWE’s piss poor Diva’s ‘division’ (It’s still WOMEN’S division, btw), The Glamazon had a match against WWE’s very own version of Barbarella – Eve.

The flame haired Phoenix slams Eve by the hair

Rookie mistake, Eve gets caught by the Glamazon

Shockingly, this was given ample time for a match. I was very pleased. Hopefully WWE are giving the division serious time and consideration. Thank you for listening. But it’s going to take more than 4 weeks to complete. Strong opponents and correct booking are vital to its re-ignited success. 
OOF! Phoenix takes a tumble

It's Barbarella & Daisy Duke!!!

After the match, when Phoenix raised and dropped Eve high with her finisher, Bimbo Bimbo, Kelly Kelly came out of nowhere to attack Ms.Phoenix from behind. Michael Cole pointed out that this was no way to conduct yourself as a champion (thank you Vince x), and technically no, she shudn’t have, but it was ok for the angle. Though it still looked utterly weak with a minor tap of her elbow to save her ‘friend’ Eve, and get some retribution. It’s time for the Phoenix to rise as champion. And bring back the Women’s title. (That’s the one that was Unified, when Melina as Diva’s champion lost to Michelle Mc Cool then Women’s champion as part of Laycool, with Layla as joint champion – which should NEVER happen again).
Barricade claiming victims tonight...

What goes Up.... (You been Glammed!)

You got told!

We saw some media clips. At a kids award ceremony, The Miz and John Cena were together, separated by a female holding both on either arm. Trading a few insults, Cena dropped a swear word. At a kids ceremony? And in pubic? And as babyface? Clearly this can go ‘unpunished’?. Anyone else wouldn’t. Is it a solid message to send out to your audience?

Another MITB recap, though it was bearable. Keeping the crown jewel, new beginnings upon WWE, prodigal champ Punk returns? Clear straplines, but, will they be upheld?

Still WWE Champion.

A quick reason to watch Smackdown – Mark Henry will battle newly formed face Sheamus. As much as I respect WWE for trying, Henry needs to be dropped from main events. He isn’t the slightest part over, and is not current. He is superstars material. He is only favoured due to his long time history with the company – again respected, and due to his size as a ‘behemoth’. While I prefer him to Big Show, the problem however, is that he is not over. We need fresh faces in the picture.

Up and over..
R Truth and JoMo (JohnMorrison) or is that BoMo (BoringMorrison). He may have tried, in his mind, but it is just dire. Big sighs are released everytime JoMo is in a match. Drop the Spiderman gimmick, lose the jumpy antics and be a real character. The current one is so 3 years ago. Lose the clothes, change the hair, wrestle differently and stop Spiderman-ing around the WWE. You are not a superhero – don’t make yourself one, you then become typecast and in a few years – future endeavoured. Apart from some of the wonderful high spots, and aerials – which are fine in small doses, Morrsion looked exposed and weak aside from the flying moveset.

High Flying antics
In their match Truth took Morri to the outside and smashed him into the barricade. Morrison launched himself on top of the barricade after recovering from Truth’s toss over it. Truth wasn’t stupid. He tripped JoMo’s foot which then sent Morri down like a house of cards landing on the back of his repaired neck hitting the back of the barricade at ringside. It looked believable. Barricade for the win! Its taken some ‘victims’ tonight and last week :D. Eve was also slammed hard into it. (see video above for the match and attack).

You got GHOT!!

Johnny Ace and Tripper were going over the contract backstage before heading out (After commercial). We were also seeing a graphic of Rey V the winner of the WWE Championship after Summerslam next week. His rematch from transitional champion will begin. But will Cena OR Punk be champion? Everyone loves a swerve!
Finalising details

Mysterio will challenge on the post Summerslam Raw... or will he? and who will be champ?

Christian also made it to Raw, as World Champion, delivering a message for SS and Mr.Orton. Randy did not come tonight.

The World Heacyweight Champ - Christian greets RAW

On with the contract signing.

2 current champions, making history in itself. Punk explains no one can ever have a civilised signing – they always end in assault of some kind. 

Comfy Man Punk

2 WWE Championships, 1's REAL 1's a REPLICA. Can you guess which is which?
Sitting down, he showed Cena a clip from a ‘pal’. Dwayne made an appearance, via Facebook, which CM Punk thanked. In the video, from The Rock’s Facebook, he trashed Cena’s same act, his jean shorts circa 1992, the red wristbands and the whole typical Cena package. Again, it was another first class vignette from The Rock.

The Rock Says...

Punk then continued delivering his. The Rock was just as similar to Cena. John C had a chance to respond. His first words were? To tell us about his comparisons to being a “product of the system” “too PG” and a “modern day Hulk Hogan”. Cena attempted to say these instances as a rumour to pass off, but actually admitted and exposed himself as exactly that. As WWE’s top ‘performer’ he shouldn’t have done this so freely. Cena proved defiant to his “haters”. Drumming up more support, he stated that he was only concerned with his loyal people. Those who “don’t give up”
Punk sits so beautifully...

Cena signed 

You just bumped yourself once again. Those who haven’t given up are the fans who are your “haters”. You should be doing EVERYTHING possible to try to re convince them you are sorting yourself out. Instead you practically said screw you to all who support the sport/business/industry. Plus you limited your option by placing yourself with ‘the kids’. It’s also interesting to note how a 30 something man is a stronghold for kids? Isn't that WAY too old?

But Punk willingly dotted first..

Cena accused Punk of living in a “glass house” Oh the irony. No, I am not a ‘Cena hater’. But I am merely pointing out the flaws that are clearly there. Don’t make me go into it in full. Not yet anyway…

Many things can be learnt should people listen instead of ignoring through arrogance.

CM also explained how the kids pee their PJ’s when Cena is around. Roars for Punk were thunderous. Cena tells Punk he “almost gave up on him” until Punk gained the ECW title a few years back. “Who the hell are you” Punk retorted. Punk was accused of only wanting his face on an ice-cream bar to which he did not deny. A hyena to Cena’s lion, Punk would not allow himself to be anything except outspoken. A voice for the voiceless. Someone’s been reading their Raymond Carver as much as I have J

3 men, 1 match... suspense a cometh...

Punk declared he is not a phoney or one hit WONDER as chipped in by Cena and Hx3 over the course of the signing. He gladly signed. Cena, the ‘diatribe’ then signed after some more verbal. The match is on. (Which we already knew, just 1 week heading into SummerSlam). 

HHH has a few words for 'money man' Punk..

Punk also asked Johnny Ace if he had told face to face, the guys that they were fired. Vladimir Kozlov, DH Smith and Chris Masters have been released. Punk praised Master’s work ethic for improving, to which WWE dropped him. Masters, who has a look and options for feuds, should WWE be bothered, should re hire him and make out CM Punk was ‘ahead of himself’ ‘got it wrong’ or that ‘WWE realised the voiceless Chris Masters should be given a chance again”. Plus he is eye candy right? Wasn’t he in the Summerslam video package with JoMo and The Miz showing off his ‘hot body’?

Or you could just rehire him, new contract to Raw and then, make him fight CM Punk as a ‘punishment/be careful what you wish for’ angle? I personally don’t mind staring at Chris Masters than John Morrison.

The Master Hunk, Chris Masters :)

DH Smith – I doubt I can save you. Sorry love. Kozlov HAD to go. He was lucky to be there for so long.

All that’s left for now, is to drop some Rileylicious! – es or for one week only stick MW on the back of Riley’s tights? :D Mmm. 

The contract signing went off after Cena decided to break the ‘first ever pleasant signing rule’ flipped over the table, stared down Punk and then descended into chaos. Punk got a blow in and received one, Cena ‘accidentally’ bumped into the COO of the WWE, Triple H. He wasn’t happy about this… Don’t forget he is the special referee in this match.

What the hell! Who you knocking??

On the whole, this was a stable Raw heading into Summerslam, and many were showcased on talent tonight. Having longer Women’s matches, strong contenders, and no clear cut winners were definitely worthwhile. Heading into Summerslam on Sunday 24th, it seems rather interesting and a watchable card. How it transpires will be the next step.
The poll from last week again, EXACT same result...

© Max Waltham 11th August 2011

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