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Summerslam Results & Review & Post RAW Results

Summerslam 2011

On August 14th, Summerslam was in its 24th year as a top 4, annual, PPV for its company. Was it built as productively as perceived?

WWE Champianio! (ala Undisputed, no less)

The Miz Vs Rey Mysterio

Kicking off Summerslam’s 24th annual outing, The Miz entered the arena bursting out from behind the ‘Awesome’ balloon letters. (To which, WWE production crew could be instantly seen recovering the opened space to close those letters). How did this enhance The Miz as a main event headliner?

The Spanish announce table was then introduced with its newest announcer joining the team – to which no one was interested. Usually the SAP announce table claims a victim when introduced into play…

Hang on, this match has changed!

Alberto Del Rio entered, as did R Truth. This match is a…

6 Man Tag Match

The Miz, Alberto Del Rio & R Truth Vs Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston & John Morrison

The only person in this match whom all felt like he didn’t deserve to be there was the red herring himself, Alberto Del Rio. All the same, a headliner shouldn’t be booked so lowly or derogatory surely?

The Miz and his team LOST! That’s right; the winners were three stars who had no weight or potential to WWE’s market in today’s climate. All 3 have been struggling or have failed to deliver anything intriguing over the last few weeks, let alone months, regardless of Rey’s efforts, it hasn’t stood up to be fair.

It was an OK start, but it wasn’t anything interesting for the audience to be captivated.

Kingston put on a good effort, but was unable to gain acceptance from the masses.

Johnny Laurinaitis & Stephanie McMahon, wife of the C.O.O, bumped into CM Punk to wish him ‘luck’. Punk then declines a hand shake from Mrs McMahon-Helmsley, (who has an even longer job title), claiming he knows where her hand has been. She extended her hand after reiterating on the comments weeks ago that she was the “clueless daughter”. Punk corrects that he mentioned “idiotic daughter”. [if she had anything to do with Kelly Kelly retaining, then it’s accurate].

H & Steph in the corridor halls..

Sheamus Vs Mark Henry

Both wasted their time in this one. Henry, still isn’t current or over, and never will be. Only booked due to size for Shemaus to be re built as a power face wasn’t achieved. If you’re building him, it’s probably not a good idea to throw him to someone ‘mean’ and ‘menacing’ as Henry?

Does anyone know what they are doing? This is tiresome.

Out of date for 2011
Henry was brogue kicked to the outside. Upon retrieving him, Sheamus was spinebusted into the ring, from outside and received a modified world’s strongest slam. The Celtic Warrior was counted out for 10 seconds. Yes. It ended on a countout. And in Henry’s favour.

After two match slots aiming to draw us into Summerslam, it was time to see the R’n’B heavyweight CeeLo Green perform. Many sighed at this prospect. I kept an open mind. Certain angles are necessary like this, and it was a very clever way to incorporate an entertainment angle as a breather space. Only problem was the first two matches weren’t so great in feeling that we needed a breather…

Cee Lo Green Performs

CeeLo’s outfit was met with harsh comments. What else do you expect him to wear? He isn’t as emancipated as Kelly Kelly is. Maybe WWE’s pushing of her is what is causing a bad position for society on that count?

I though CeeLo was going to join the ministry of The Undertaker or even challenge Gangrel in his garb :p

CeeLo and the Bellas, Mendes & Fox

CeeLoo was joined by The Bella Twins, Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes, all of whom were dressed up and his backing ‘dancers’. The female DJ looked uninterested as all of us towards them, and she was even better than them. She showed more passion for what she does. Apart from the Bellas, Mendes & Fox are next on the endeavours list should they fail to step their game up.

Up until this point on the show, and until Orton/Christian, CeeLo was ironically the best thing on the card. WWE should seriously think about how unoriginal its Summerslam card was.

Divas Championship

Kelly Kelly (c) Vs Beth Phoenix

The Glamazon Beth Phoenix set her sights on destroying Kelly Kelly as retribution for KK’s self destruction of the Women’s division.

Phoenix was escorted to the ring with gal pal Natalya. Eve also did the chaperoning for Bimbo Bimbo. Both had no role outside as managers in this match. Kelly began this match by being crushed by Phoenix, who worked entirely the whole match, doing her best, as predictably instructed by those in charge, to carry KK along to a decent outing. Beth did that well, but she couldn't make KK any better than what she is no matter how hard she or anyone else tries. Phoenix as strong, domineering, controlling and destructive seemed to be in full swing to nabbing the title the right way.

Doesn't even care with that smile -
a slap in every ones face from Bimbo Bimbo

Kelly Kelly once again, picked up a fluke victory, on the off chance, due to those in charge causing a swerve turn on Max Waltham. It’s been clear the only change from the division has been widely due to my rambling of righteousness on the division. WWE would never have punished it forward without such passion from myself. The problem, then, is that WWE, with their dictatorial approach, fail to respect the sport and the division. Many value Women’s Wrestling. It is also very marketable should you book it throughouly. Today’s stock of WWE dollies, however, cannot be added to that claim.

Still can't wear the title... VERY thin legs..

Did WWE do it just to string me along? Make it look like we are taking this guy's views on board, and as the PPV culmination comes, slap him widely in the face on a public level? The tactics of WWE’s belittling process is very clear. It doesn’t bother me, but don’t think I don’t SEE it. I see VERY deeply than any other ‘internet rambler’ as WWE have understood to an extent at least.

Lately, ideas on WW have been helpful, suggested and implemented in some way on WWE programming or ‘skits’. I am not here to flaunt myself. But if the KK win was to ‘fk me over’ – then you are absolutely pointless at running a multi national/global company.

The only persons that this showed up were those in power on WWE’s ‘team’ applying the decisions. You look like you don’t know what you’re doing by allowing her a ‘feeble win’ which did not show anything special, unique or skilful from KK – even in the ‘entertainment’ sector.

Does The Fabulous Moolah mean absolutely nothing to you. That woman worked her backside off for years and built this division expertly, and you have mutilated it with the ‘production’ of Bimbo Bimbo. She would be turning in her grave. You are disgusting to disrespect her like that. How many years did she reign for? (I know the answer, do you?).

This woman had it all. Keep her legacy alive.

I solely believe even your OWN father would be disgusted at how you have lost sight of this in today’s market. It is very questionable to whether you know how to capture and captivate an audience giving them what they require to be fulfilled from an event.

In the old days, many came to a venue and got what they wanted in some respect. No one is asking nor expecting to have everyone they want on the show or winning, but some areas are solely important and the Women’s division is one of them.

Phoenix should have gone over. Plus, it would have reignited the division AND the beef between the challenger/s. This would also place all the Women in the locker-room in a healthy position of having a role.

Phoenix lost a match she was sure to win...

Vince McMahon is a millionaire who should be a Billionaire, some believe. The reason he has failed, may just be the lack of direction? Comedy angles, ego, and not being told what to do with stubborn attitude causes the problem to ensue, perhaps? Maybe you should prove you are here for the people who make you a millionaire, as well as respecting those ‘fans’ that have been here since 1984 and onward from then? Old School to New School matters… and the Women’s division is NO small area to ignore. (Many flock to see girls really go for it, Japan is a prime example, as well as, [mentioned] the WWWF/WWF back in the day).

R Truth was shown backstage and received a potential coach/agent to help him win matches and get his fire reignited. Jimmy ‘Mouth of the South’ Hart was giving these tips to Truth. R Tee finally realised. Hart was Little Jimmy?? He wasn’t happy with the Jimmy and stormed off…

Daniel Bryan Vs Wade Barrett

It was very obvious how this would go. And was the right call. “Bryan will win.” 
Bryan took a beautiful tumble Mmmm


"He just won MITB." 


Surely that then means he is going to lose to keep his contract  As well as the - will he, won’t he guise in play.

Face first of Bryan Crotch - Wade is so lucky!

Barrett's Booty - scored the win

After a very good wrestling match, Barrett won with the wasteland. This gave Wade a win he desperately needed. It is also credited to Bryan that he had a good match on wresting foundations. It was, however, uninteresting, due to placement on the card seen as unimportant or not given enough attention. All the non-wrestling ones were highlighted more for the entertainment world.

LeBell Lock is on

It's all over for Danny Boy

World Heavyweight Championship

Randy Orton Vs Christian

Displeased from the start
Christian told everyone before the match was underway that he had a special person in his corner – Edge! The Rated R Superstar returned to the ring to inform Christian he was happy to see him as champion, congratulatory, and then, everyone loves a swerve. Rated R said he was appalled and disgusted by Christian's actions of winning the World Title by spitting and DQ’s. Edge would not support Capt’n C and left him to sink on his own ship.

Edge, sporting a perm, told Christian to forget it...

Edge turned his back on Cptn C...

Christian entered Summerslam as defending champion. His second reign, won just one month ago, via DQ, (at Money In The Bank 2011) was to be defined tonight. He was going to showcase to everyone in the arena and watching worldwide that he had what it took to beat Randy Orton clean, credibly and take charge as head man as champion. 

WWE felt obligated, for the second time, to diminish and crush Captain Charisma once again. After ANOTHER sterling match from both competitors, which has clearly become feud of the year as well as possibly clocking up a match of the year somewhere, Randy Orton recaptured the World Heavyweight Title from Christian in a No Holds Barred match. The match itself, featuring items reminiscing a hardcore match for 2011 PG standards, was welcomed and engaging. Steel ring steps, chairs, the aluminium bins, all added to the fierce depth added to the match structure. I wanted a shopping trolley back! They could've gone around the ring with one  inside it :)

But it was too much for Christian. Orton rose above and nailed him for the 1-2-3. Randy Orton is once again in charge, and has signalled the end to the challenger. Only question now is, who can Orton face? No doubt WWE will throw Mark Henry at him. Have you no other people whom are current, fresh and young? There are more than enough on Smackdown. Cody, Ted, Bryan, Barrett and Sheamus are just a few names that come to mind instantaneously.

Orton-Wan Ken-obi! Mmmm Gimme your lightsabre!

WWE ‘Undisputed’ Championship

John Cena Vs CM Punk
w/Special Referee (C.O.O Triple H)

Left as Undisputed Champ, shortly..
Both entered as a ‘legitimate’ WWE Champion, which is again, a false fa├žade. There can never be two champs at one time. Should one be pinned (for instance the title bout featuring HHH/Benoit/Edge saga) in which two superstars pinned each other, at the same time, therefore both winning and therefore, both losing – the title becomes VACANT. On this case that first scenario did not occur.

Entered as WWE Champ

The second scenario is that CM Punk (who never actually left/quit WWE), was still technically WWE Champion as he resigned his contract BEFORE this push was initiated. The worked ‘shoots’ on RAW were obvious to mine and a handful of minds that it was a case of severe manipulation, though rather enjoyable for once, that the ‘E already had Punk earmarked for WWE Title stardom. Therefore rendering Cena’s reign as, again, illegitimate.

Some wrestling moves :O

The Miz, at Over the Limit, and on RAW (when Riley used the belt, and was then ‘discovered’) had his decisions by the referee reversed. They were reversed AFTER the decision was made. Technically, it is still The Miz’s title reign and in the case of Cena his last two titles don’t count as a result of Miz and Punk. But WWE changes its history books as much as possible. HHH went as far as to quote MW with the “this is the WWE”.., and anything can be changed when they see fit, can’t it?
Stopped a crappy finish happening -
maybe it shouldn't have been played out at all?

At one point there was a double countout for BOTH men. HHH wan't allowing this to happen nor end this way. (Sheamus was allowed however), and threw both back inside the ring to continue the match to a decisive winner.
STF, not enough..

This is also how you lose an audience and its respect for the intended message.

lovely legs again ...

What a Shot! Mmmm its an MW sign!

CM Punk and John Cena had another good match, but not as great as MITB. Punk, once again carried it, but Cena was “ecstatic” about it, apparently. It was a fair showing from Cena, but nowhere near ‘cutting the mould’ (My mould has a U in it purposely). Its old festering flesh. Maybe this has given Cena a sense of purpose to re evaluate what this ‘sport’ means to him.

Punk got Nashed! 
Cena was dropped to CM Punk to massive elation from the WWE Universe. Yes. Almighty Cena was defeated by Punk legitamly.Triple H, after doing the job as special referee in this match, clapping for Punk, left ringside to the back. With his back turned...Someone stormed over the barricade (claiming a lot of action that barricade…) and attacked Punk from behind (it wasn’t Max Waltham L …). Holy Cr*p! It’s Kevin Nash!

I must commend Triple H for choosing to wear zebra stripes as WWE referee. Recently, Stone Cold Steve “I quit after Wrestlemania periods and return for paychecks only” Austin, on two separate occasions, decided not to wear the pins. Disgusting. It doesn’t matter if he is ‘Stone Cold’. Even in the attitude era, he wore them. This matters.

Handshake from the COO/Referee
Thought it was over..

How, Why or What? There was no time for an explanation. Walking down the ramp was Alberto Del Rio, alongside a referee and briefcase. Del Rio officially cashed it in. The match was on now…

WWE Undisputed Championship

CM Punk Vs Alberto Del Rio

Fresh from a powerbomb dealt at the hands of Kevin Nash, Punk was layed out. He got a chance to recover, but was quickly taken down by the opportunistic Del Rio. The Mexican Aristocrat claimed and finally lifted heavyweight gold. Alberto Del Rio is WWE Undisputed Champion.

The first ever Mexican born wrestler as champion started right here.

After the dust settled on Summerslam 2011, was this a poor attempt at claiming this was Triple H’s first successful show as C.O.O? If so, then it failed dismally. Only the World title stood out again. And you say Christian can’t draw? Orton is a spectacular worker, but it does take two to make it work.

Summerslam was built on standard matches, no excitement in the early stages and filled with a pointless desolution to a match that could have stole the show (yes, the Divas title). Orton/Christian’s series was the only savior. Oh how Punk has fallen. That’s the John Cena effect for you. Del Rio was right to win. It took WWE enough time deciding what to do. Ill booking cost this PPV and WWE its reputation dearly.

PPV Rating 4/10

Men/Women of their matchesKofi Kingston, Sheamus, CeeLo Green, Beth Phoenix, Daniel Bryan, Christian, CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio

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