Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Matthew Molone plagerizes Max Waltham via Bleacher Report!

Matthew Molone, Thieving Texan, supported by Bleacher Report 

EXPOSED: Matthew Molone plagerizes Max Waltham via Bleacher Report!

Once again, it has come to my attention that people are taking Max Waltham’s ideas to pass off as their own, use for career development and add a “little extra” to their “articles” which they stole and covered up from this very blog. Shame on you! You cannot call yourself any form of a writer.  This is called theft and plagerism.

Do you know what you write can be traced on the web?

The latest theft was clear and you can see that easily, though it can also be ‘covered’ by those as they have added extra to it and elaborated on my views with some of their own. It’s not clever, it’s actually very dumb. But there you go…

Don’t think I won’t expose you.

The Thief is Matthew Malone from Texas.

Here is the video of the theft. Of ALL the pictures in the world, and the website (BR) preferring CURRENT pics, why of ALL the pictures, did you choose the one I had? AND I wrote the name of the picture MYSELF. hhh old suit.

The guy is also conning websites by using his ‘slideshows’ which he gets elsewhere.

Next time it might go further could it continue.

This theft was conducted on and part of the Bleacher Report. A website that allows ANYONE to steal people’s ideas and thoughts written down so that they can get their ‘numbers’ up. Of course, receiving emails in question from the BR are always ‘fun’.

They cover their backsides and also tell you that they cannot take action on someone sharing ‘the same view’ or ‘picture’. Yet you can clearly see that the picture name has been unedited and ‘cropped’. And the writing is very ‘similar’. Yet no action is taken. Disgraceful.

Continue to steal and maybe, this will go further. Writers AND the website condoning such actions will have to answer.

Listen up – Would you like a lawsuit?

Sort it out, or I may just do so.

In this case, the Bleacher Report ‘team’ have declined to comment.

Since re looking on the 10th August, the Bleacher Report have changed the image name since the report was made – this proves they are endorsing and encouraging plagerism and theft on such levels – which means you are responsible for this ‘cover up’ also. The person reporting also had their comments removed….

All evidence has been tracked. Also, your system can be traced should it be investigated… so it isn’t a wise move to delete everything when you are responsible. An accessory to theft. Shame on you Bleacher Report.

The copyright symbol is there for a reason. Take note of it!

© Max Waltham, 10th August 2011

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