Saturday, 13 August 2011

An open letter to Gail Kim

An open letter to Gail Kim.

On the August 1 RAW, Kim was instructed to find a way to be eliminated, from the #1 contender's Diva Battle Royal(Which Beth Phoenix won) within the first minute or so. Firstly, WWE shouldn’t have instructed her to go first, over such names as Mendes and NXT ladies, for example. Kim decided to eliminate herself from the get go. Since then she had announced on her Twitter that she had ‘quit’ WWE over this latest misuse of her talents, even though WWE will not grant her release.

I respect Kim’s decision to ‘follow orders’ even if they weren’t how WWE were expecting, she ‘did the job’. I am as frustrated for Kim as she is. Gail, please choose to come back. Why? Because as annoying as it is, the Women’s Division needs you in it.

As for WWE, it is time to USE Gail Kim. Once Phoenix is done with Kelly whether Beth wins or not (she should), she will need strong competition. You have no one for that role. No one is babyface, respected and valued among the viewers. A wrestling woman, or one with skills, should have been enough for you to realise that is what’s needed as an opponent. Kelly’s ‘efforts’ should clarify this.

Do NOT grant Gail a release and MAKE her work on Raw. Do not make her work hatchet jobs or comedy angles. Give her the challenge of Beth Phoenix. Whom else will you have once Kelly, Eve and The Bellas are not in the running? You only have Melina (who is annoying people left, right and centre, and has become stagnate), and surprisingly all the wrestling Divas are on Smackdown.

Kim, as Women's Champion
when she debuted
Gail. I know it is tough being taken for a fool or not utilised to your full potential but you are in the position/company you need to be. You just need the exposure of being pushed forward. Stick with it, even though you have for x amount of years.

WWE, it’s time to implement this change. We want it, we need it, and how many more talents are you willingly going to throw down the pan? This Woman has been loyal to the company and kept her level of interest up – even when not used adequately. Surely that tells you something? Kim is one of the best players you have left in a very short stack. The Bimbo’s are not going to be able to cut it or develop any interest, communication or respect.

Use. Gail.Kim. (correctly).

Thank You



© Max Waltham 13th August 2011

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