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Brief Raw Results [Post Summerslam] (15th August 2011)

Brief RAW Results [Post Summerslam] 
(15th August 2011)

Triple H explains he wasn’t behind the Kevin Nash saga at Summerslam the previous evening. Del Rio is shown. HHH is seen entering Cena’s dressing room to ‘apologise’.

R Truth V John Morrison occurs. R Truth now has music!! It’s a mash up of his two previous themes. WWE are indeed cheap. It was a Falls Count Anywhere match, in which Morrison did a crazy stunt flipping Truth over into a wheelie chair, which was quite reckless, yet entertaining at the same time. I guess it needed it for their match. What else could they do?

Truth gets flipped over and seated..

As Morrison delivers a kick to the throat

First Flashback of Rey Mysterio’s highlighted career as World Champion at Wrestlemania is shown. (Clear indication Rey has no chance).

Jared, the subway guy, whose been there before.

The Miz came out, to , have a segment with Jared, the subway guy! Reallly!!! The Miz ended up berating him, stealing his sub, eating it, and claiming he could do anyone’s job better than they could.

Good enough to eat - I love a 6 inch meatball...

If U smelllll what The Miz, is, Eating!

A limo pulls up. After speculation Nash exits it. Trace Adkins is sitting in the audience and gets a mention. Here in the UK, Adkins was shown on The Apprentice, which McMahon was also on. (We are that far behind, yes).

Nash is in the house

Bimbo Bimbo and Eve came out to fight and defeat The Bella’s in a match of no importance. Brie Bella was the last remaining Diva’s champion if you are following…

Barbarella and Barbie Doll today..

Brie Bella - last Divas/Women's Champion

The Divas of Doom (Beth Phoenix & Natalya) appeared after on the ‘tron. Cole told us they would give an announcement via Twitter….

Divas of Doom

Punk and Nash traded verbal blows about last night at Summerslam (in which Nash screwed Punk). Nash revealed he received a text to get involved. It wasn’t explained who put him up to it.

Riley's wide open :) - Thank You x

Riley's got it all

Ziggler/Vickie were on commentary as Riley fought and lost to Jack Swagger. They fell out again. Jack backstage asked Vickie to consider his ‘offer’. Vickie only manages World Champions and could take on Swagger… She contemplated it.

Manage Me..

Rey’s Fatal 4 Way victory for title # 2 (World title) was shown (against Big Show, CM Punk, Jack Swagger).

Guys in the front row happened to be wearing suits and scarves. The Del Rio Dynasty has begun. Throw a scarf round me Alby :) Ariba!

Be A Star! Having Randy Orton on my table, (mmmm), and then Stephanie with CM Punk – telling us everyone eventually gets “what they deserve”. [I bloody hope so, though it’s coming toooo late!] She also (verbally) attacked,  Punk for defeating Cena when Punk’s leg was “under the rope” so it doesn’t really count. – Ermm, Pot. Kettle. Black. See Summerslam article, especially Punk & Miz. Clever at omitting overt messages ain’t she…

Lopsided kinda makes her look eerie (&condescending, - which is fine)

Kofi Kingston teamed with Evan Bourne to fight Michael Mc Guillicutty and David Otunga.

Great aerial from Kingston. Should he go heel?

Bourne after the splash for the pinfall

Great legs again

Why they have destroyed Mikey’s character, after it was gathering a respectful movement is dumbfounded. They gave him a ghetto headband and awful ‘gimmick’ to appeal to Otunga’s shortcomings.

What are they doing to this talent?

Heel Turn?
On the other note… Kingston is in full need of a heel turn to re establish himself. I thought it could happen on this Raw. He needs it either way.

After  social network fact, Rey challenges Alberto Del Rio for his rematch, billed as Punk or Cena, wasn’t it obvious neither would be in the role as champion?

Irony came from Coles “deserve and receive comments” as Del Rio eventually won. Rey couldn’t possibly win again. Del Rio attempted to break his arm after the match. Without any appearance of Cena, and nearing the end, as predicted he made the save. Why? Cena had no argument with Rio. He beat Punk and never tangled with Cena. Ill booking again. Cena gives more irony about not being a champ contradictions, before Raw goes off the air. Was that a conclusive ending?

Del Rio squatted, Mmmm

Armbar - now an armbreaker..

Ripping the mask didn't give him the win

Nothing really worthwhile or notable and all built around Nash only. While that was good, we needed more of a show to talk about once Nash/Punk clears the dust. 

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