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WWE RAW 1st August 2011 Results, Review & Realization

RAW 1st August 2011 Results, Review & Realization

The Phoenix has risen.

Beginning RAW, CM Punk made his return to address the Universe. Holding the WWE Championship high, he address Vince being relieved of his duties as well as explaining Vince was surrounded by yes men once Triple H, new CEO, had interrupted. Punk claims Vinnie let go of Mick Foley, Batista, Chris Jericho and Brock Lesnar due to one fact – they wouldn’t simply stand there and say, yes, so easily.

2 of WWE's NO men... Form a tandem with Mick Foley to oppose HHH? It's feasible..

We also received the McMahon playback and FIREWORKS at the start of Raw, they haven't been on for ages, nor did the credits which 'returned'. Bout time..

Call the bell... we've already seen this...

After some heated banter and ‘ask your wife’ quips regarding political pull, Triple H asked Punk to tell the WWE Universe why he really re-signed. Punk claims it was to continue change among the deadbeat simpletons whom agree with anything that is put in front of our way as an audience. (If WWE throw us a banana, we must eat it, well same sort of analogy) you get the ghist. (Punk didn’t mention the banana btw). HHH said Punk has returned for one reason. Every obvious answer ringed out – “money”, come on, get with the Punk program people, it wouldn’t be about money for him to re-sign, HHH said it was down to admiring the sound of his own voice. Punk stated that he would still be 'off the cuff' and outspoken no matter what the WWE weather was. Does Triple H think I'm a pipebomb? Be careful, I'll stick CM Punk down yer pipe.. :D

He’ll address the WWE Title situation later…

The Diva’s battle royal. Now this is where we get interesting…

I was anticipated to see this on the night, and believed it would be the same old. But I am happy with this booking. (Hurrah!). I was SEVERELY upset when Gail Kim was the FIRST to be booted out the ring. Use her to your advantage…

Kelly Kelly was (briefly) on commentary

Holding it up . Again.

One by one the diva’s fell in the predictable manner. The Bellas, Eve , Beth and Alicia Fox were the last few front runners. Fox was sent away by the Bellas with a double team, they were just too much for her. Then Ms.Phoenix raised both of them upon her shoulders together and hurled ‘em outta there!

Beth Phoenix will be going to Summerslam as #1 Diva’s conetender. Finally a good move. Kelly Kelly rushed to the ring to congratulate her ‘friend’ (who was going to be her enemy at SummerSlam).

What a lovely display…

Beth Phoenix grabbed Kelly’s arm and smashed her down. Sent her outside the ring, and then, delightfully smashed her into the ring barricade. Wooooooooo! Some aggression is back with Beth and it was thrilling to see. Are WWE trying to prove they are going to become serious about this division again? I bloody well hope so!

Grrrr get 'er Girl!!!

I don’t do it for shout-outs but, I think the message was clear, Beth grabbed a mic and mentioned for Max Waltham, music to my ears, telling us that the days of the “BIMBO!” in WWE may be put to a halt in favour of real women.

BIMBO! The Phoenix is taking charge :)

This was utterly delightful so thank you WWE/Beth, it was lovely to hear those words, and have some understanding for the importance of said subject. X

Now it needs to be kept up. WWE should consider a Gail Kim or a fresh new opponent for Phoenix after the KK debacle.

For this alone Phoenix has ranked as number 1 over Punk on this broadcast for me, sorry CM x your always good anyway..

Here is the Fabulous video-- 

R Truth was backstage comparing similarities between himself and The Miz. Why they were in the tournament if HHH was bringing Punk back, Truth pondered. Miz didn’t want to be associated as similar to the crazy Truth, but was slightly contemplatory. Both are wary of Mr. H now…


The pair then took to a tag match against Rey Mysterio and John Morrison. JoMo returned to RAW. Would he come back fresh, vibrant and take his career seriously. This was the chance to make his name re-evaluated as bigger than before. He decided to spring out of nowhere and somersault over one of the WWE travel/arena bins full of cargo to great his tag partner. So the answer is no. He just made another big stupid fool of himself. What did this jump achieve? It showed us nothing of his character, or his skills and was just a way to say, I’m here. It was diabolical. How can you expect to be taken seriously (as previously written months ago on WW) when you prance around for no means, as well as in general.

Dolph Ziggler headed to the ring with Vickie. Last week after his match of non importance, he told us over the house mic to “follow that”. No one had a clue what he was on about and now we were going to get an explanation presumably.

Mr.Ziggles made some very ludicrous statements. Claiming he was bigger than anyone in the lockeroom, no one had the charisma he has and was overall the best. His career highlights were explained by the best thing he has going for him, Vickie Guerrero. As he harps on about how good he is, with ugly blonde hair, Alex Riley decides to come on out.

Ditch the B----, Riley's stirring it up!

I understand WWE are over stacked with the main event, Punk/Cena/Del Rio etc… so by god they better not balls Riley up by throwing him to mid card champ level and keeping him there. He needs to have this ‘play’ with the secondary tier and eventually move up to main. Or else you will have no one to depend on.

Riley tells Ziggs to drop Vickie if he is a ‘man’. I think Vickie should be dropped! She BETTER than him. Put her in a very good position on RAW without Ziggler and she will shine.

I may just cringe if WWE make her go with Riley, but, hey, there would be worse. Vickie proved again she is WWE’s top heel, so “Make it work”.

Excuse me... EX-CUUUSSEE M(AAYYYY)EEEE! Pure Genius...

Ziggler eventually walks away with Vickie in tow after Riley claims he could be a “fraud” for hiding behind Vick. Lawler gave some props to Vickie’s wonderful figure – she looks very good. J

Drop the hair, lose the tights, and create your own identity, not Mr.Perfect’s.

Next we had Tag Team Turnarounds. Santino was paired with Zack Ryder! Facing Tag champs Otunga and McGuillicutty, now stand alone characters and not a part of Nexus, new music and booking confirmed this, everyone was hoping Zack would win.

Whose the puppet...

Next to the comedy character, the Universe had hoped he would gain ANY win. That is not a way you should endorse just because Zack is ‘on the box’. McGuillicutty and Ryder should be paired together as champs, in my opinion. The reason Ryder lost was due to the fact that Mikey was good, but Otunga would be exposed as having no role in the company. So, when they do eventually lose, what will happen? Think about it when it comes along?

Otunga got an Axe handle in.

You can buy the cobra in WWE shop. No Lies!
Santino took his cobra a step too childishly. He had a sock puppet of a cobra on his arm! For crying out loud. He looked ridiculous. I know it’s for entertainment purposes, but come on… This is why WWE is viewed as a joke…It did nothing for anyone – he didn’t even use it…

Team Ryder and Mikey Mc Gorgeous. (Both made the WW banner, btw, J, though this is not biased, its actually a comprehensive claim).

My God! this is heaven on a stick, both ends... :) Thank You Both!!

Demolition (the tag team)’s decapitation device finisher was used to end Ryder’s challenge against Mikey. Both worked well together.
Demolition bringing tag team values back!

Josh Mathews popped up to quiz HHH.

Josh and JR Back on RAW (He I/V'ed Punk too)

Alberto Del Rio lavishly entered. He locked horns with Evan Bourne. Del Rio beat his via submission with the perfect execution of the armbar. Del Rio, making this move look excellent, proves he is capable and ready for the main event. Bourne sold well, but was no match for Del Rio. Kofi Kingston made the save for his friend, when Alby reapplied the armbar after the match. He got a pop or two from the fans.

Cor Blimey! Knees and firm! Phwoar.

Don't Cry for me, Argentina.....

The WWE poll of Cena-Punk who should be champ was not exactly a landslide. Punk had 46% to Cena’s 54. Many were wondering if this was a tampered vote….

That smile - omg, so many cutie pies tonight... (punk btw)

Triple H now addresses his Universe with the ‘situation’

He states that for the first time ever, we have 2 WWE Champions. He claimed they are both ‘legit’ reigns. John Laurinaitis interrupts to inform us that HHH is only new here, as CEO. Johnny Ace has been here for 10 years, in post. He declares Cena should be stripped of the title.
John Larry made it to Raw

Cena says JL was the yes man Punk was referring to earlier. Cena then gave a pitiful plea to kiss boss #2’s backside by saying if he loses the title he wants to lose it legitimately by means of a match rather than being stripped. Cena one week earlier punched Laurinaitis in the face at Money In The Bank and he claimed this was another reason Cena be stripped of the title. Cena said he would do it again and will do. H said he had no problem with that as JL left the ring.

You got a lot to learn 'kid'...

I'm hiring Max Waltham - deal with it...

H informs Cena that Punk gave Triple H a signed contract only at last weeks match between Cena and Rey. Punk surfaces, mentions that things have gone back the way they were, same old same old…Triple H finally ends this segment with the unobvious comment of all, the two will unify the titles to one title in a match at Summerslam. Never saw it coming…
Punk's going to take something off...

As H leaves both have a ‘music off’ Punk raises his title, his music hits. Cena does the same, his music hits. This continued to the end credits. It was dumb. People were annoyed and felt sad about this milked angle. It was too much from the sound system.
Raise the roof.. stereo went into overkill

Why WWE did this Punk angle, gaining the public’s trust and respect to cripple its potential for its biggest money making star to have another feud and create nothing in response to it, was daft in parts.

How exactly are both runs ‘legit’. Only there to create a match at Summerslam? Do you devalue your title that much? In Punk’s hands the title would be fine prestige wise. There was no need to ‘give’ it to Cena. Plus fans wanted a change of scenery in WWE.  If the champ leaves, and returns with the title, then that means that the ‘newly created championship’ – which was not new nor created, therefore meaning that the ‘old’ one (with Punk) is still in existence and he ‘owns’ it – hence why McMahon was ‘fired’.

The old title resides with Punk. WWE then need to do everything to regain him, which they have done. Punk is back. So, he is as WWE Champion. Meaning that Cena and Rey’s title runs are, technically, null and void! They don’t count!

SummerSlam is Punkalicious!

And technically, technically, the WWE title is already Undisputed. Therefore you cannot re-dispute it… Talk about flawed…

This is WWE, and this is why the history book can be re written. This is also EXACTLY why you have lost your audience over the years. You need to strip Cena before SSlam. Discount his and Rey’s runs. Make Cena have a legit one on one match at Summerslam that will gather much more credibility for him. Rey can have a rematch. (Rey happens to be transitional and this will harm his look as a future champion now and overall, if this still counts, btw)

Technically Still Champ

It is not hard to keep the principals in place. The bottom line is, after Summerslam, whomever is WWE Champion, NEITHER will have the true respect of the title being a champion regardless of fan base.

Once again nothing will change. Of course WWE won’t change the ruling before Summerslam. You can however claim the Board had a vote, or that HHH could ‘think’ it over and realise he was being ‘hasty’.

This also ruins Triple H’s integrity as CEO. No one is respecting you for your ‘business decisions’ and are questioning if ‘you’ actually can run this company at all.

Bet they wish they would “stick to the script” McMahon?

McMahon just realised, MW has an opinion, and isn't afraid to voice it.

Ask yourselves in your next WWE product meeting… How do we gain the viewers in terms of respect, investment and numbers? What will guarantee them continually viewing and spouting the WWE name on positively?

The only positive that came tonight was Beth Phoenix rising above. That is all I can seem to hope on for now…

Until next time, hopefully I’ll have a different thing to harp on about(positively). Do you not value your lifelong supporters from the old school era? The days of Hot Rod, Macho Man, The Hitman and The Sarge meant something.

I would also like to thank and express my gratitude to all my supporters. I have officially gained EVERY (and I do mean EVERY) country in the world! I am very proud for an individual, non profit outreach worldwide!

From Slovakia and Slovenia to Azerbaijan to Finland. All over the West, East and Poland to Brazil, India to Mexico, Bahrain to Romania, the list goes on...

And feel free to share thoughts on the Wrestling Wonders Banner if you wish - it is my sole pride n joy :), crafted from scratch!

Though I don’t do journalistic writing for ‘numbers’. Keep reading and Thank You.

Much Love X

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© Max Waltham, 04th August 2011

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