Thursday, 15 May 2014

Daniel Bryan suffers legitimate neck injury. Out 1-2 months.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion suffers real 
neck injury. Should he be stripped of title?

After last week's Raw on May 5th Daniel Bryan was revealed to have suffered a neck injury. This one is legitimate and sees Bryan requiring surgery which he will have this week. He revealed this on the past Monday Raw.

Bryan is expected to retain the WWE World heavyweight championship in the meantime. After all the start/stop storylines of last year, once Bryan gained the title he now suffers a debilitating injury instead. Karma is a funny thing. When the air is unsettled, something has to give.

Bryan is expected to return at the Money in the Bank PPV at the earliest. Bryan's injury will sideline him for at least one to two months. 

It is extremely unfortunate this has happened to Bryan. In order to prove himself to the doubting WWE he is capable enough to be its World champ, he risks his body everytime. High spots and fast paced action have affected Bryan's structure, literally. Bryan needs to calm down and respect his body. WWE need to give him faith and ask less extremes of him. 

As for the title itself, in our professional opinon, Bryan should be stripped. The reason WWE hate to do this is because after all the build up, Bryan losing titles all the time he gets them, and losing credibility (no thanks to WWE booking) Danny Boy would lose audience interest.

WWE need to strip the title as two months is too long to have its main title absent. This is the unfortunate nature of the business but when it happens a business decision like this must be done. WWE can return Bryan after rest to regain the quest to become champion and still have his YES! Movement highly supporting him. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. 

This opens the door for a new champion to grow, or even an old one to hold it. WWE could have re-established the faith to Del Rio and put the title on him to stop him retiring and losing his star quality as he is now. Or WWE could have the cajones to boost Damien Sandow in a shock re-style. This would make him regrown, if WWE were serious not to drop him for Waltham mockery. Bray Wyatt is of course the other obvious Waltham-esq choice. 

WWE could even put it back on money maker John Cena then dump him two months later and bost its cash revenues. Then there is the hovering Waltham ideal of Antonio Cesaro. Though WWE dislike all these choices because, they were, well, made by c'est moi. WWE could also hire Max Waltham and stick the title on him if they so choosed. It would get everyone talking, that's for sure.

Regardless, WWE should have stripped and replaced Bryan with someone, preferable a newbie. This would boost them up and give motion to the audience a new change is happening. Or whoever gets the title from Bryan's departure could be a mega heat machine. As a business choice, it is ridiculous to have a non heavyweight champion in the mix at this time. 

We like Bryan and think he is a perfect fit for WWE now, but this cannot change the business aspect of decisions. Bryan tries his best but by trying to raise him above B+ player, WWE have accidental made this his glass ceiling. Leaving would give Bryan more time to grow as a star and upon re-integration with fans to 'reclaim' his title in a short re-launch. It would also open up a new feud, too. There are more options for Bryan to grow than be stale with this choice than be absent and lose all momentum as champion. Plus no-one will watch when Bryan isn't there and a title in limbo.

When WWE finally attempt for a future, the whole foundation around its tentative building of such, is about to crumble.

© Max Waltham 15th May 2014

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