Sunday, 18 May 2014

Mason Ryan released from WWE

Muscle hunk Mason Ryan amicably released by WWE

Mason Ryan had all the tools for WWE, the look, the body, the Welsh honour of a star and being quite sexy too.

A loveable guy, Ryan was simply not cut out for a WWE run. Ryan was quietly released on April 30th after WWE could not keep him any longer. Sometimes this happens. Ryan should be careful to avoid lame talk shows making him desperate offers as these could severely ruin his future forever. Ryan is more in need than ever to protect his career than ruin it.

If serious he should get back in the gym, continue working on promos, maybe in the mirror, and prove to WWE he's developed. They may give him a performance centre tryout to confirm if a change has happened for the best. This would prompt WWE to rehire him. He now has to do this on his own time if he wants to get back in. If not, then it is sadly over for Ryan.

It took a tough decision on WWE's part to let Ryan go. For them, they held onto him too long and knew it, but desperately tried to maintain his place on the roster. Ryan was said to suffer since his Nexus to mid card jobber then NXT re-call sapped his momentum. This is why it is crucial not to rush a call up to WWE. 

In recent week's WWE have called up inexperienced Brit flunkie Paige and unknown rosebud Adam Rose, formerly Leo Kruger, whose character dipped badly on NXT. Bo Dallas is due to return soon to mainstream roster upgrade. 

We're sad to see Ryan go. He was a tried, a hot dude and cool guy. Many American audiences simply felt he was a Batista rip off which couldn't go any farther than that. One reason Ryan failed to connect was on the simplest of reasons he and WWE fail to notice. He simply should have cut his hair. Something as small as hair can stop all progress. He could always sign with us for re-development lessons. 

© Max Waltham 18th May 2014

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