Monday, 19 May 2014

Cruiserweight darling Prince Devitt signs with WWE

Aging stuntman signs 
WWE contract

Over the past two days it has been revealed that Prince Devitt has signed with WWE. 

Cruiserweight Devitt will be heading to NXT developmental in order to train for the company in August. He will have to learn how to work "the WWE way" to prove he can work in WWE's system. 

Many believed Devitt was going to accept WWE's offer regardless and was choosing to play TNA's offer against them to maintain his profile. Devitt had worked on the British wrestling scene often adding ignorant displays with certain workers and companies since he left New Japan at the Invasion PPV in April. He fought former pal Ryusuke Taguchi in a loser leaves NJPW match. Failing to repent for ignorant displays using the British scene with workers and staff that have not benefited his career, Devitt must learn to respect those who deliver for him. 

At 32 years of age and losing interest, Devitt had no other option but to sign for WWE. He will have to spend at least two years training from WWE's rigorous system. WWE workers are concerned over pay with new workers and the WWE Network, among other things.

We wish luchador Devitt the best of luck. It can be difficult to adapt to WWE's 'system' and he will need to show something other than a level of acrobatics. Many fans still believe he is not an adequate fit for the WWE style. Devitt will need to convince the WWE Universe above all that he is good enough, even if fandom publications rant and rave of him at the top of their fan filled thrill which has no bearing on Devitt as an actual prospect and biased behaviour containing levels of ignorance. This cannot be respected as a credible outlook from friends than professionals. For Devitt, this is make or break and it is his choice to decide. Once inside the WWE confines of a contract, Devitt will not be allowed to communicate outside of it to anyone other than the WWE Stanford spectrum.

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