Monday, 15 September 2014

Christian's unsure return speculated by injuries

Past injuries cause concern over 
Captain Charisma's returning future

WWE superstar and Heavyweight champion Christian is currently in state of career flux. Cleared to wrestle some time past and seen on television, most noticeable with the Pre-Show's to Pay Per View events, what future is likely for the 40 year old veteran.

After being cleared to return to the ring, WWE are considering weighing up the Captain's Charisma. Feeling he may be too "fragile" to perform with a backlog of previous injuries, the former champ could take a few optional routes.

When those dreaded lines "we have nothing for you" are attached to your name and with vivid budget cuts of recent past and looming future, fails to add an encouraging tone to future employment.

Whilst CEO Vince McMahon has never been a firm favourite of Christian as a star, he does value him in other areas. Will it be enough, however, to retain a place in the company?

Christian has a few options, as we will list below.

He could return to the ring as a wrestler. This, under no illusion, however, is clear. It shall not be a heavyweight run and midcard to training jobber at best. We see Christian is capable, with a strong build up to have a one last run as a heavyweight champion. Though WWE, with its current focus on big boys like Roman Reigns, would not favour this. However these choices could build repertoire for Reigns. Being put with the correct workers like Christian and Randy Orton would boost than hinder a relationship for Reigns. Of course, WWE want a quick solution. Only fools rush in. After a heavyweight run, if considered, over two years back in the saddle, Christian can also be placed as mid level IC or US champ and raise that prestige whilst guiding younger, future stars along.

There was talk months previous that the star could also become one of WWE's trainers. Christian would be an acceptable case for this, though if he is not ready to cast away his boots just yet, there will also be an extra focus nibbling away at him. It is better to fulfill the final emphasis before committing entirely to a new position. WWE could always make it work and with WWE and its future looking rather bleak with no new stars to endorse, this could be a profitable decision. Christian certainly knows how all the wresting 'stuff' works.

He could become a road agent and a scout for WWE on talent initiatives as well. 

He could also take a role as a regular and continual worker on the Pre-Shows and maybe even create spin-off shows for WWE's online presence, possibly.

Whatever choices are laid out for Christian, fans and insiders do not see a swift exit for Christian as a helpful manouever to establish a WWE future. Christian's commitment to the company and the business is paramount. He has a true, sole focus and general love for it and is highly committed to striving for excellence. 

However WWE decide the star's next role, it would be beneficial to keep him with the company he has worked for tirelessly than to expend him when there is still much for others to learn from.

© Max Waltham 15th September 2014

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