Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Lead writer of Raw, Brian Gewirtz demoted

Lead writer of Raw demoted

Brian Gewirtz, the lead writer of Raw, for its creative writing department, was unceremoniously removed from his post as head writer for the Raw brand, since his debut in 2000. One source on the creative writing team stated “No one saw this coming” as Vince McMahon sternly asked the team to give him “results or resignations” after seeing a rapid decline in viewership.

Last week (1st October) saw the worst ratings for Raw in years. It came a week after the then worst Raw happened on September 24th where WWE assumed it would increase afterwards. “When you assume, you make an Ass out of U and Me.”

Gewirtz was sent home from Raw that evening. Gewirtz occasionally played on-screen stand in roles. He looks quite cute, doesn't he? Gewirtz is said to be remaining with the company as a "consultant."

Appeared on WWE TV in 2001.
Looks like WWE could use someone clever enough to get their product over to the audience. Pride costs ratings.

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