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TNA's British Boot Camp: Valid or a disaster in the making?

TNA's British Boot Camp:
Valid or a disaster in the making?

Spud and his entourage

British Boot Camp is a mini series, which TNA Wrestling have initiated in order to find some British ‘talent.’ The show, featuring a record four contenders, including 'Rockstar' Spud, the Blossom Twins (Hannah and Holly) and the odious Marty Scurll aims to find a victor, then rewarded with a TNA contract and place on the UK TNA tour in January 2013. The show is due to air in December this year on TV gaming show station, Challenge in the UK.

Scurll and Spud, who had both pretended to have a real life feud before the show was announced to create tension and gain brief exposure to their lesser names in pro wrestling, have also featured on tasteless reality shows. Spud appeared on “Snog, Marry, Avoid” a show which takes horrific looking people and gives them a “make under” to become a natural beauty. Scurll on the other hand was so desperate for any attention he chose to apply for a dating show.

The desperate 24 yr old, from Ely, Cambridgeshire, who uses media attention to gain attraction only to abuse those who launch his platform, featured on the show, Take Me Out, to gain a date with loose ladies, infamous for staging sex orgies, of which Scurll, one of near 40 people was involved. Media whore Scurll was caught on the front page participating in the orgy being straddled by a female who didn’t pick him for a date. Another male was seen cheering him on nearby as others watched.

Scurll, participating in a mass orgy

Trashed mansion

Boozy Scurll, who also admitted on the show he is 'back to school' studying for a degree at college, in case wrestling doesn't work out as his ‘back up plan’ was also expelled  from WxW in Germany last year after causing fights with other members of the roster. His date of the show didn't wish to continue seeing the failed cruiserweight, caught leaving their hotel room after a saucy all-night collaboration.

String bean Scurll

Scurll, who has often had naked fights in McDonalds restaurants with his partner Zack Sabre Jr furthers immaturity and ungracious dignity. Scurll happens to be best friends with TNA superstar Magnus, many assume has tried to ‘sneak him in the back door’. Martin also mentioned recently “I’m not sure what TNA bootcamp is.”

During filming, near two weeks ago, underachiever Scurll expressed his problems maintaining the process of schedule, claiming it was “the most stressful day ever.”

Blossom Twins Hannah and Holly

With TNA’s knockout division at an all-time sufferable low, if they have sense they will offer the Blossom’s a contract. TNA needs reliability and those able to hack it. The Twins often hand out cupcakes when approaching the ring. Not exactly Jeff Jarrett’s taco’s, though all the same, with beauties and food, what more do you need? The Blossoms, who add a unique trait, could benefit the company. Scurll and Spud will continue their fictional feud for mainstream attention once TNA parts ways. Would it be a valid investment by TNA to employ washed up, struggling Indy talent unable to get over? Or take unique acquisitions that benefit one and all?

Trainer, Hogan

All four contestants will be trained by supreme wrestler Hulk Hogan and Rollerball Rocco.

On September 30th, minor Indy promotion PROGRESS Wrestling kicked off with Jeremy Bore-rash introducing the TNA British boot camp with a preview to warm its crowd of ‘fans’ from a derelict garage in London.

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