Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Metamorpha-Miz! Set to reclaim title picture?

The Miz to return to 
top of the title picture?

WWE plan to reintroduce the former WWE champion into high profile feuds before being able to work back into the area of top tier performers.

As mentioned previously on Wrestling Wonders, Miz should have been positioned back towards headline status upon his return to the Money in the Bank 2012 Pay Per View. WWE should also have considered, and followed through in our opinion, to turn him as a babyface.

Many fans are pleased to hear the hot hunk with oily legs and impressive coat return to the top formation. Others however feel the late move by WWE is reason only to gather mainstream media attention, despite Miz’s improvement and commitment to the sport.

Miz recently dropped the Intercontinental championship to Kofi Kingston, who hasn’t been seen with it, nor Miz being witnessed losing the title, which was a daft move for both parties which could have encouraged audience interest.

Miz will be thrust into stand out, notable feuds to re-work his profile back to the top spot, instead of being inserted up there, like Ryback, most recently, who is devoid of personality and technique, without earning his spot at all.

WWE had shelved a lot of The Miz’s start/stop treatment to make others excel and now realise Miz needs esteemed raising as one of the company’s constant strongholds in all areas.  This is a valid move, however needs to be a serious push and not “when WWE get bored” because the audience are already bored and a good proportion have abandoned the product altogether.

The Miz will feature on this year’s Survivor Series poster.

© Max Waltham 24th October 2012

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