Friday, 26 October 2012

AJ Resigns as Raw GM

AJ Resigns as Raw GM

Well that lasted long. General Manager of the Raw brand, a Smackdown superstar, AJ chose to resign her post on Raw’s October 22nd broadcast.

After laying her hands on superstars and staff, juvenile antics and inept business decisions, aided by Mr.McMahon, AJ stepped down after “hours of meetings” with the Board of Directors.

Lasting one day short of three months, her last big choice for the boot was “fraternising with a superstar” on the current roster. Super stud John Cena was named as the one whom AJ had an affair! Gasp! You can see the inspiration for this here  - John Cena's affair exposed and here - Who should Max Waltham have a relationship with (Originally titled "affair" )

So, why did AJ leave her post?

AJ’s entrance theme to happy bunny bouncing music with that very hoppish behaviour in a suit did not encapsulate the future in any respect. How can Raw be guaranteed to make it to “the next 2000 episodes” as McMahon spoke on the Raw 1000 show on July 23rd.

The original plan to draft in Ric Flair for the role was put on hold after its halting process marred by TNA, and Flair being lined up for the role to manage Dolph Ziggler instead, saw a newly named “Managing supervisor” of Raw. The role went to Vickie Guerrero. Heyman shrewdly asked for the role of GM, which McMahon declined. AJ's removal was planned last week and weeks prior decided, though delayed for other reasons. The role was too advanced for her.

It was a short sighted choice WWE made as officials were “high” on her in her crazy chick angles with CM Punk. We at Wrestling Wonders explained to some extent that the role in the CM Punk – Daniel Bryan – Kane saga was fair, though was not going to last in a higher role. WWE rushed the decision, as usual, not thinking long term. With viewing figures down and AJ unable to make enough headway in the position, nor gain any credibility longstanding, it was only a matter of time before she fell. WWE should have protected her from this by not giving her the role so whimsically.

Should have married Daniel Bryan after all

Of course, parts of this was another knock at yours truly from WWE’s perspective once she gained the role, to a degree, and in mimicking us, WWE, through its egotistical bravado and nonchalant personification, once again ruined itself from within. In desperate attempts to feel they “won” whatever it is they try to say without making it clear, if we are point scoring as THEY are, (we couldn't care less) then, they lost.

Serial Sex Pest Cena adds AJ to the list

Some will still stick with AJ, naturally, though how much of her credibility to WWE has now been damaged? Of course, WWE will line up a future Diva’s (Unified Women’s) championship run for her, which will highly disinterest people once more. 

© Max Waltham 26th October 2012

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