Friday, 28 September 2012

Kelly Kelly released from WWE!

Diva seeks unauthorised work 
behind WWE's back

WWE diva Kelly Kelly had been previously granted an endorsement from WWE to seek independent bookings with modelling companies, the first for any star in the new era to gain media attention. Kelly, often known as Bimbo Bimbo, for prancing around in the wrestling ring in next to nothing with her attire, destroying the very legacy of female wrestling everywhere, featured in a shoot unauthorised by her employing organisation.

WWE did not approve Kel’s appointment for Let It Fly Energy Shots, which also featured rapper Timbaland and MMA fighters Ryan Bader and Gray Maynard. Erica Van Pelt, a previous American Idol victor was also on set for the shoot.

The Daisy Duke look has been milked way too putridly

Kelly is wise. Barbie Blank has been attempting to secure a future in the modelling business, eventually being able to jump ship after realising her future doesn't lie in pro wrestling.

WWE’s problem is its stubbornness and failure to listen. Kelly played the company right under their nose. Kelly has no valid options in the wrestling business, though WWE signed her to a new contract in late April-May, before she took a break to seek outside deals elsewhere.

Aces High, playing her trump cards

Kelly, who made shockwaves over the last year upon revelations, had cavorted with at least TEN active rostered wrestlers with sexual relations.

The swimwear model, notorious for her naked shoots, has been favoured by WWE since her debut to perform in raunchy scenes and naked stripping on programming as she was thought to be the hottest diva to portray for the company to gain media exposure, possibly the reason she received her opportunity to seek work. So, does this then make Vince McMahon a pimp? As like internet fans say - "If I need porn, I have the internet for that, I don't look for it in WWE" 

#VoteForLinda !

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Shortly after this article it was revealed Kelly Kelly had asked for her release from WWE, who complied with the request after being unhappy with her venture into unapproved bookings. 

Kelly Kelly has now left pro wrestling, thankfully. How much of the Divas division she has damaged in the course of her time however remains in tact. Expect an article on this next month. 

Until then, the division will remain in a very sorry state.

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