Friday, 21 September 2012

WWE Diva Beth Phoenix to retire

WWE Diva set to retire

Shock news for WWE Women wrestling fans. WWE Diva Beth Phoenix plans to retire after next month.

Phoenix, Elizabeth Carolan, almost supplanted Maryse Oulette as longest serving champion in a single run for females though dropped the title to Nikki Bella on April 23rd 2012. She was just one week away from defeating the streak. Nikki Bella also left one week after the victory and was ushered in to the win as a result.

Phoenix at an age which WWE considers less favourable in today’s era and with some personal issues in Phoenixes life, the female realised her time may be to move on.

The Glamslam
She will be a great loss to the division but perhaps this is one additional reason as to why the division will sink. Phoenix made valid contributions to reshape, where audience respected her for her achievements.

She debuted in 2006, helping Trish Stratus in Stratus’ then feud with Mickie James. 

She also won the WWE Women's Championship twice.

Expect her to job before leaving the company as WWE reward their hard working females with neglect for leaving. Phoenix participated in a no music entry, in ring job to new champion Eve on the previous Raw earlier this week. 

Phoenix won the deadliest finisher over her impressive title run in the 2011 Wrestling Wonders awards  here - WW Awards 2011

Wrestling Wonders wishes her well and will miss her viable efforts to pro wrestling.

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