Sunday, 9 October 2011

Colt Cabana not joining WWE yet….

Colt Cabana not joining 
WWE yet….

We'd just love to see cabana
model for COLT :D
Over the last 2 – 3 months many believed Colt Cabana would be reinstated with WWE after the CM Punk heat building angles. To dispel the rumour thus far, silence was broken last week, in which it was revealed WWE have since been refusing and ignoring Cabana’s phonecalls on a possible return.

Punk, allegedly tried to gain a supergroup in which Cabana, as Scotty Goldman, could have joined. WWE have caused mass damage to the name of Goldman and have realised the pitfalls that would come with it should CC return. Cabana wont allow his name to become ‘WWE Property’ and rightly so. If you work hard for your name to have tarnished, it is not deserved to be given to the aforementioned who crave it for ownership only.

Real Instigator of the headband!
Should he return, the ‘E should repackage him completely new away from the ‘Goldman’ moniker. It is a workable outcome should those wish to enforce it.

With a sustained following and talent, WWE would be attracting markets instantly. Might even get more viewers in, hey?

Max Waltham, ironically, was banned/ignored, roughly 2 months ago, from the WWE Universe on Twitter, due to response that a thief was around and one touched subject on my plagerised content. Charming of WWE to act without the facts. First rule of Journalism – Know your facts first darling! Cast out of the Universe I am apparently part of, oh the irony of the self imported ego in place of the ‘bigwigs’.

Punk and Cabana at ROH,
with a beautiful 'sault

Maybe myself and Cabana should hook up? :D

©  Max Waltham 09th October 2011

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