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WWE Vengeance

WWE Vengeance 
[Results & Review] 2011

On Sunday 23 October 2011, Vengeance, from the AT&T Centre in San Antonio, Texas proved inadequate. A strong opening often leaves the ending to fail. As great as the card progresses early on, can only mean one thing, it will begin to peak. One thing it did showcase was lengthy time to developing stars and scenarios, where necessary, with ample time to necessitate meaning.

Vengeance belonged to this man

The night began with bellows of “Excuse Me!” Vickie Guerrero made her entrance after the broadcast introductions announce 5 titles would be on the line tonight! Exciting, isn’t it? The cougar then introduced her team of ZigSwag. Jack Swagger came first followed by US champ Ziggler.

WWE Unified Tag Team Championship
Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston (c) V Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler

4 arms instead o' 2!

AirBoom made their entrance to the Vengeance arena. This was a perfect chance for Kofi to turn heel on Bourne after a loss of titles to the Guerrero led team whom then would have at least 3 tag teams in play for the division. Ryan/Ryder being the third. Awesome Truth are also around as a fourth. Then there are the Uso’s.

Jerry Lawler ruined the match structure phoning it in at the beginning of the match more or less, stating that he didn’t fancy Ziggler’s chances at retaining his championship. This clearly told those understanding that Ziggler would not be losing the US Title, in a match that would follow immediately after this one. That then made members of the Universe aware Guererro’s guys had no chance to topple the high flyers and claim their straps.

Kofi's impressive boom flip on Ziggler, was a highlight

A very good match was in place from all involved, receiving much time, but alas, it still didn’t shake the imagery that said – still a run of the mill, go out and do the first match on the card spot, that becomes , just another match. Albeit an impressive one, though instantly forgettable, regrettably.

AirBoom remain your Tag Champions. This would have been a perfect place, with all its hype to switch the titles. AirBoom have gained nothing in prestige or value with the belts around them, which is something it should enhance for the pair of them. Making them hungry challengers showed them at their finest as a team. Now they have got the big prize, the image transpired, is one that neither really cares about the titles they fought extremely hard to get. There is no passion.

United States Championship
Zack Ryder V Dolph Ziggler (c)

Immediately following would be this match up. Many were hoping that Zack Ryder could break his glass ceiling tonight. Could he became the new US Champion? Others, from Lawler’s earlier gaff, knew quite well how this would go. If Lawler hadn’t made that irrelevant comment, most would still be in the assumption land of the Universe, where the match would be unpredictable and interesting to see if Ryder could topple his adversary.

Ziggler takes the pin on a lovely laid Ryder

This match would then have had legs. But, for the most part, we had Zack’s J Starting well, this match was given ample time that many thought would be a short match length. Regardless of the outcome, Ryder had to be happy with that, and plaudits to WWE for finally implementing it. It was one of the best matches the card had. (See man of the PPV later) Someone will be impressed I’m sure….

Looking smooth

Shortly afterwards, Ziggler found himself on the outside. Bourne and Kingston, whom were still at ringside for some unexplained reason, tossed Ziggler back into the ring, when it seemed Ziggler may be planning to scarper.

Ooh, it's the cutie ref! What's Swagger doing behind? 

With no chance of leaving, back in the ring at the hands of the victorious tag champs, which Michael Cole then spoke from the Max Waltham handbook, that it was unfair and unjustified that AirBoom were there, let alone placing their hands over Mr.Ziggles. They were both ejected from ringside. The referee, (the gorgeous one), did his job efficiently here.

SuperGroup Personified

With chants of “Vickie Sucks!” Dolph eventually moved it along, with a submission hold to follow, Zack receiving valid time, and on PPV, the Universe getting what they want (Ryder – a star they have invested in and wish to witness participate, and a wrestling match from both combatants), Woo’ing it up, Ryder made a mistake and was then superkicked swiftly by Ziggler, which saw the bottle blonde “beauty” successfully defend his US Title. He gained the 3 fall, thus ending Ryder’s US title aspirations.

Beautiful 'curves'

Open legs alert! :D

It was a superb match for a product that has been lacking over many months. Fresh, vibrant, current and interesting whilst managing to tell a story, this became a gripping match. Credit to both men on this showing. You can do it right WWE, if you put newer stars in the spotlight.

Ziggler's snazzy tights and Zack's gleaming legs,
No wonder the Universe were happy.

Ted DiBiase made a visible shock appearance. He was briefly chatting to CM Punk backstage and then walked off as Triple H entered the fray, but all the same, Teddy was around. Punk and Triple H discussed a few details before their match together tonight. They even mentioned, indirectly, about their whole feud/friendship transgressions. Apparently they have shelved the animosity. It looked like they finally “got a room”.
Sexual Tension?

Unified Women’s Championship
Eve V Beth Phoenix (c)

PG version of Barbarella
Always the one the Waltham intently watches on PPV, would WWE drop this flat on it’s backside? Would they mess up Beth Phoenixes run just to be pety and childish? Would they start building foundations after realising that 4 ladies comprises their ailing division? For the latter part, Yes!.


WWE’s version of Barbarella (Eve) entered the den of inequity. Ms.Phoenix was awaiting her prey. Was Eve about to be burned by the Phoenix Flame (A new finishing move there :p) [I should be on the creative team! WWE are getting me for free, here! :@]

The Glammy has arrived.

Before this match began, we were shown a backstage interview where Bimbo Bimbo was standing plain and stiff as a board with a nondescript expression on her face showcasing only 1 dimension of emptiness within her. She then went to speak and talk trash towards the Sister’s of Salvation, before she was assaulted by one of them. That’s what you’ve gotta be prepared for if you gunna talk about someone… (BB was unprepared yet again, and was a constant weakling in her sell). Just release her… she can’t give you anything worthwhile. Afterwards, Eve jumped in and then all 4 were at it like dogs. WWE also tried to initiate a Diva’s Twitter war, favouring Bimbo Bimbo as the main image of it, where on Facebook one fan was shocked to see such an attempt and stated “OMG Who Cares!” It shouldn’t have been done.

A familiar position for Bimbo Bimbo.
Up the wall, taking it hard, and bracing herself.
Natalya is holding her, by the way.

What is she doing? 

After a match that was a long and welcomed showing, Phoenix and Eve put on a fair match that consisted of reversals, power manouveurs and selling for one another. After 4 months of Eve becoming a background character, she started to show signs of her comeback to the ‘Diva’s’ frontrunner position. Though we may not like her , we don’t have to. She has fair standard skills, but not enough in the tank to hold the title yet, even though she ‘HAS’ been champ, this was by default. IMO she shouldn’t be given it back for many months until she provides more of a talent showcase. But with only 4 divas in line, and WWE feeling at times a title change will be necessary, she may grab by default. This however, harms a star in this process more than becoming beneficial.

#Max Waltham :)

Missed a Moonsault, Oops!

You also have other Diva’s. WWE focus on just 4. Aside from those, we have The Bellas, Tamina, Maryse & Alicia Fox. Fox is a dire worker, though she is a ‘Diva’ to be utilised, just not overly, and once she ditches the ‘I’m Rihanna’ look, she can start being a real person again.

The Glamslam was implemented by Beth, but Eve Torres sneakily reversed it. Miffed by this, Phoenix was quickly unaware, allowing Eve a move or two. Michael Cole claimed Beth was “out cold”. I don’t think anyone was able to believe that, once seeing Beth was not out cold and stirring/wriggling around. How could she sell out cold when she is the Behemoth brick house of the Women?

U going down!

Surely enough, Phoenix rightfully grabbed a second Glamslam on Eve. There was no way out for Eve. What goes up… Ms.Torres’ face was smashed into the canvas as Phoenix flipped her over and took the 3 fall to retain the Women’s championship.

Phoenix was thrilled.

BP: It's MINE! Actually, Should be MW's. Keep it warm for me :)
Afterwards, a disturbing scene came. Beth knelt over Eve and began her lesfest. Touching Eve and looking rather sinister, half the Universe were ‘enjoying’ themselves, others were interested to see the devious side to Phoenix arise. There is much more to come from Beth.

Awww, I love ya babe! 

Jerry Lawler now decided to cripple a star a second time tonight. Rule number one of journalism – don’t waste words!

Lawler said that Beth should “get out of there” after acknowledging she won her match. So Phoenix, who has liberated the title from the disaster area, whom had to have all of her credibility sheered off to make someone dire look amazing, was told to take the title, and just leave asap? Surely then that would devalue both? And she deserved her spotlight of appreciation from the Universe. Not forgetting that she should be there to continue the storyline for WWE.

Respected for his work earlier this year, Lawler did a HUGE
U Turn at Vengeance with his topsy turvy mouth!

Matt Striker interviewed Big Show asking if he was ready for his impending match of non importance against Mark Henry, for the World title, would you believe.

Fisting for Matt Striker? Next he'll be doing something with Waltham! :D
Want my Cell Phone? X

Sheamus V Christian
Another feud ticked off in the 6 feud’s post on Wrestling Wonders, the lobster head challenge continues.

This was a good match. I’ve heard of 3 in a row but 4!! And these were all the ‘lesser importance’ matches.

Though it went down slightly towards the end due to repetitive outings and the same booking as previous matches in this upheaval of a battle. An obvious outcome, and nowhere to lead onto, this feud is good to see but it is not opening any doors for either competitor once the time is finally called. It already feels as though it is dragging as there is no ‘spice’ to enhance the tasteless flavour.
Christian did have some rather “SuperSonic” hair. More golden and crisp than usual J. I thought it added a different dimension to Captain C. If only he would listen to changing his tights – this will make you look ever more the star, and if you care about your career, do it! I envisage a red pair of hipster/briefs would be a good move for Christian.

Backbreaking all over

OOF! Brogue Kick signals the end for Captain C

Sheamus eventually nailed the Brogue Kick for the win, in this repetitive series of predictable ending. Christian hasn’t won barely any of these matches together with the Celtic Warrior, so then, what is the point of this feud? “Superb Athlete” Hmmm…

Aye got De Win, Fella!

Lawler made another pointless response about Christian being more tanned and looking orange than Sheamus. There was no need to mention it, for it did not lead on to anywhere.

John Lauri-whats-it, was backstage. The Miz and R Truth joined him. Hailed as a Greatest Tag Team, I’m sure Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin do not concur.

In a baffling retort, the interim GM and VP of Talent Relations (yes yes, we get it), he said that the Awesome Truth “suck up well”. Why he would insult the 2 guys he personally rehired to challenge Triple H’s C.O.O-ship and his allies overall was retrograde.

You suckers!
Miz and R Truth then decided to list suckers… Triple H suck, no CM Punk sucks, no Booker T is a Suckaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! RT then claimed that the state of Texas themselves sucked. Boo’s were rife. Upon leaving they said that Punk and HHH shouldn’t feel safe. Ooh Err!

WWE then showed the soundtrack to the PPV. Interesting how they eradicate any form of drugs on WWE programming. The theme was by a band called Crystal Method. Crystal Meth-od. Say no more...

CM Punk & Triple H V R – Truth & The Miz

After the Vince saga of power was shown to get us up to speed, HHH was in the match where he decided to smack the Miz around the chops. Cole, claiming he “Can’t handle yourself that way” added to the HHH no sell of the last 3 months as WWE’s new power hungry ascender.

WM 27 saw HHH lose to Undertaker

Here’s something valuable: Do we all remember Wrestlemania 27? When Triple H fought the Undertaker? If HHH lost, he wasn’t allowed to wrestle anymore. Funny how we have all ‘forgotten’ this. Talk about drooping on Undertaker’s legacy. As well as the fact you change the rules for your own benefit, despite the stipulations. Retirement is always a dirty word in wrestling, yes, however this was rushed too quickly. A match at Mania or Survivor Series in which Triple H could be reinstated to wrestle a few “contractual matches” could have been put forward. (I should be claiming 60-40 on royalties here…).

But hey, this is Triple H…

Triple H and CM Punk , wait for it, had to CHEAT to gain the victory. Holding each others arms for extra leverage when one of the enemy was in submission hold, whilst the ref’s back was turned being one example. Plus they were meant to be babyfaces, whom carried out heel interpretations.

The ref could easily have seen this, it was piss poor!

Does cheating to win not disrupt the whole CM Punk ‘morals’ angle? Only MW can truly give you morals that stick.

Miz took it like a pro, and was man of this match.

With double clotheslines, spinebusters, and more clotheslines, (HHH won’t put over either star on the opposing side, so what was the point of the match?), he then tagged in freshman Punk. R Truth up on the top rope was removed from it and sent over the outside barricade by Tripper. It was a fine way to bury both men, whom could have evolved to a greater echelon of superstar if WWE had let them ‘play’. (Especially R Truth – who is WWE’s hottest commodity, right now).

What transpired shortly after was a ‘surprise’ for many. Some before the night began predicted correctly, though many didn’t bother to think. Kevin Nash returned! Coming from the outside of the crowd, over the barricade, as he did so many numerous times before, in recent months, dominated the match.

He's coming for you!
Oh No! Nash is Back!
He came for his long-time friend, now enemy, Triple H, whom received a Jacknife Powerbomb from Big Sexy. We were told by commentary that he was not an employee of WWE. Meaning we can’t wait to see the announcement from John L in which he will rehire him, no doubt. Who cares?

Nash's arrival distracted Punk, in ring, after knocking HHH down on the outside. Truth then planted the Lie Detector upon Punk, thus allowing The Miz to capture the pinfall.

Doubts were cast over Triple H, lying feverishly on the mat, shaking at times in his own body, after being layed out. Wonders of injury flocked to the announce team. HHH decided to ‘job’ then? He did it for Nash, didn’t he? No. He did it, once again, for himself. For a man who will be taking over the company after Wrestlemania, it is a rather shocking indictment that HHH still refuses to put the talent over to provide to WWE’s future just because, Triple H, wants ‘a few more matches’ before sitting at the back of the curtain. Jerk. :p

Here is Triple H, "OUT COLD"

John Laryngitis (it’s getting sickening now) re-appeared again. Another segment with Ricardo Rodriguez and Alberto Del Rio, the Mexican aristocrat claimed the WWE Champion was the VP’s “top priority”. Opportunities? John L decided to respond by saying that he was there to give the “best show possible”. Didn’t HHH used to say that?

Top Priority has already fallen to Cena,
even though he technically 'won'.

The Undertaker returned! As a Waxwork. The ‘museum’ showed just Undertaker and Cena. Cena’s looked nothing like anything, but Undie’s looked immensely realistic up close with hair flapping in the wind.

Things started to get worse.

Cody Rhodes V Randy Orton

Doomed from the start
The intercontinental title was not on the line tonight. A clear indication of this outcome. It should have been on the line, and Cody should have retained.

I hope mine had contraceptives inside! And a receipt, of course...

A clothesline sending Cody to the outside by Orton. Rhodes then foxed Rand slipping outside and in the ring delivering kicks. This showed Cody as ‘weak’.

WWE care more about social networking than PPV...

One of Cody Rhodes’ baggers then caused a distraction getting involved. Dirty Bagger! Orton survived. WWE schedules ruin. A second bagee, if the first wasn’t enough, was smashed by Rhodes after Orton cunningly Irish Whipped him into the bagger at the turnbuckle on the other side, diagonally north –left. Rhodes then staggered back turning around, into a swift RKO. The 3 fall followed.

Slammed with the RKO, LIVE!
Orton, who had a good match with a workable talent, may have had this win as a mark of appreciation for his efforts against Mark Henry previously. While I respect this, this is what does not go well with the public. I respect the talent immensely for Orton, however he should not be winning by default. And I don’t think he would want it that way, neither. Should he have lost in a non title match, this would have heightened the 4 year coming feud between Rhodes and Orton, as well as making it fresh for today’s current climate. Both would have a wide range of avenues to stroll down in making a challenge against each other.

Extreme close up

Stubble :p

The Rock, who will team with John Cena at Survivor Series in the annual 5 on 5 man elimination matches, was shown briefly regarding his return. The question, then, is which 3 men will be sacrificed to build the Cena/Rock Wrestlemania pressure cooker?

In fact, I should say which 8 men, as 5 will also be on the opposing side. Having the Rock lose by a Cena ‘accident’ and allowing a team of fresh challengers would launch new stars and build the Mania 28 angle, rather than a pointless win that enhances nothing.

World Heavyweight Championship
Big Show V Mark Henry (c)

This match was just pitiful. Outlived already, the match had one of them do a move, then stop, then take a rest. Not even 5 minutes in and both superstars where blown up and taking breather spots every split second because they are completely out of shape physically. This was an insult to wrestling. And not because they are “fat”. It’s because they are breathless and incoherent after one instance they portray in performance. Serious questions must be asked as to why this was produced.

Yet another Breather/Figure out what to do next spot

Henry struggles to lift the leg of Big Show alone

Do yourself one huge favour. Remove the title from Henry. He only has it so he can receive royalties from buy rates of PPV for a loyalty of being with the company for 15 years. Never has a title been so devalued since the Great Khali, but shockingly Khali, as awful as he was, tried to do something, which was a tiny fraction, thought still better than Henry & Big Show.

Another breather spot

Note: Big Show is a RAW superstar. Technically Raw superstars are not allowed to challenge for Smackdown titles, and vice versa! WWE has forgotten its own brand identity.

Sadly, this may continue...
After their tiresome ‘bout’. Henry and Show, tussling back and forth up the top turnbuckle, choose to do a suplex. In shades of Brock Lesnar/Big Show, the superplex off the top rope from Henry and Big Show saw the ring implode! It broke and collapsed exactly like it did with Brock Lesnar many moons ago.

They broke the ring!

It was a moment, but it was a cheap cop out for a title match shrouded in disgraceful participants. It now means that Henry didn’t defend his title, is still champion, didn’t prove as he states in his promos he is worthy, and more-so, means we have to have a possible rematch no one wishes to be a part off.

Brock Lesnar circa: the old days

Many wanted, and it would have been a better occurrence, to have Daniel Bryan cash in. this was before the ring break. Afterwards, was the perfect chance to do so, and anyone else on the roster would have cashed it in, after Henry tried to walk to the back and constantly fell to the ground like a sack of potatoes. So why not Bryan?

40% wanted a cash in. 

The EMT’s took Big Show out on the Caddy Car slab, whilst Henry, who we were meant to believe would fit on a cardboard stretcher, refused it. The EMT’s were completely incompetent. They didn’t once try to place Henry on the stretcher, and they allowed Henry to try and walk. Inconceivable.

Still can't sell getting on this thing with pain, can he?
Johnny Ace returned after the diminished ring and Henry/Show debacle, announcing that we would have a title match. Then why book one to ignore in the first place? John hoped that we would “agree with this decision”. After paying money to watch the PPV, it was what people were EXPECTING. Not agreeing. As for the WWE title match, it was already on the bill.

Teddy Long came out to do, nothing.

WWE Championship, Last Man Standing
John Cena V Alberto Del Rio (c)

John Cena entered in some new khaki (or is that kakky) shorts. A shameless plug to gain acceptance from the US army, of course. Patriotism is another overt message of manipulation for WWE to protect it’s lacklustre stars.

Banana Hammock. 2 fine eggs nested.

Battling in a wasteland of crumbled WWE ring, (ironic), there were corner battles leading to a backdrop and a count of 6. 3 suplexes from Del Rio were mentioned to destabilise Cena’s momentum. Del Rio had Cena at one point bundled into the corner ring post, tightly tucked in was his arm, to which Alberto ran the canvas and stomped onto the pole crushing Cena’s hand as he jumped to the outside. Cena aimed to feign pain, that wasn’t over with the audience. Even he made that move look shabby, where another star would have shone. A good angle was wasted.

Leg Stomping Cena

Steel steps, which were clearly in place moved away from the ring post from the start on the outside, where picked up. Who’d u’ve thunk it?

More morals erradicated
Cena delivered a dropkick to ADR which smashed into Ricardo by the pole. Cena chose to no sell the step shots he received later. On the outside, Cena pushed his hands against the steps, in full view of the camera! Not one part of his body connected with the steps. In the ring shortly after another shot, in which, bizarrely, he hand jumped them. An utter disgrace.

Tables Galore!

Alby's climbing but Cena's awake

Alberto had a “devious mind”, also being told that with no ring they needed to “improvise”. You don’t say. But where was the improvisation? There was none. Pushing and slamming blocks on Del Rio, and slams on blocks, here and there, controversy rang out.

It was here that Cena was down under the girders for a long time on the ground. He made a miraculous 'hand out the grave' recovery.

Del Rio throws down the gauntlet on Cena

...all 4 of them!
After some backstage arena onslaughts, including Cena showing his strength by toppling over a wardrobe type case from WWE production onto Del Rio. Another thuggish behaviour-ism that the audience is encouraged to do. Cena's morals flew out the window once again. 

Abandons his 'morals' yet again

Cena was hurled into the V sign of the Vengeance set. One fan watching proclaimed –“WWE is so cheap!” for a company that has made millions, and for one that makes bucket loads from it’s overly used superstar, the Universe wanted more, seeing as this was the only highlight they can look forward to when paying money, because no other stars are headlining, and many are tired of watching the same Cena match formula.

SuperCena returned

A table was set up on the titantron near the entrance set of Vengeance. Del Rio began climbing the rafter at the side of this. In a ‘what happened next' caption contest, Cena grabbed Del Rio’s backside, grabbed his body and pulled him down into the table. It looked rather reckless of Cena in how he handled Del Rio so care-freely and catastrophically. One wrong move and WWE could have been paying out a bucket load to a severely damaged Del Rio. Someone needs to read Cena the riot act.

At least ADR was kind enough to open his legs and sell a fall
Once action inevitably returned to the ring, Cena was flung over the announce table that looked so pathetic when he landed and did his one motion face of glum ‘get your bearings’ and just make sure I sit there first, worry about how it looks on telly later, approach. To his credit he ‘sat’ into the seat. To his discredit, it wasn’t fluid in how he ‘cared’ about transmitting output for selling the match flow, nor its consistency.

A table reversal came after Alby removed the TV monitors planning to end Cena. Rodriguez received the brunt of this reversal. Del Rio performed an enzhuguri esq kick to cena at the ring post, which Cena ducked out the way off.

If Cena is a super powerhouse, why is it that the only thing he can ever do is ‘duck’? This ruins every performer he works with. And himself. Sure enough, Cena gained an Attitude Adjustment on Del Rio, planting him through the table he had set himself.

What transpired next made no sense at all. Cena, who made it to the ring, waiting for a count, was attacked by The Miz and R Truth. Just what is going on here? They both have no role in WWE because they are losing matches and attacking randomly, where nothing is explained as to why with no logic.

At this point, Lawler claimed Del Rio had been down for a count of 15! Cena earlier had been down for a count when Del Rio threw those girders down on Cena. He was on the floor, yet the referee chose to count after Del Rio pushed all girders down unto his foe.

Cena gave a clothesline to Del Rio after all the attacks were over, sending him back outside the ring.
Shamefully, this match was about to end. Cena on the inside, Del Rio on the out, were both being counted. Del Rio made it to his feet. Cena did something utterly disgraceful.

Cena was counted to 10. He lost the match and Del Rio was victorious. After the 10 count, Cena got to his feet. He couldn’t even stay down for Del Rio, as well as ruining the essence of the LMS match. This was unforgivable. WWE should be totally ashamed of itself here.

Cena also ruined the essence of the match when he cheated a victory out of Batista, using duct tape to tie his feet down around a turnbuckle post.

Not only did it fail to enhance a rising star, who “never beat Cena before”, now, in his first victory over Cena, meant nothing once again as Cena didn’t even stay flat out down. In a LMS match it is a sign of completing the match, and respect, that you remain down on the canvas at a count of 10. The fact this was not done, casts a very disapproving eye over the WWE product from the ‘Universe’ it so cares about.

And you wonder why you are losing viewers? This did not even tell a story, or showcase an entertainment side, meaning there are no excuses for this.

Interestingly, the ‘main’ headlining stars from CM Punk/HHH onwards began the downfall of the PPV. So far it was a night for the youth. The newbies to excel and develop. The veterans had a chance to create situations beneficial to the product, themselves and the future. Selfless attitudes cost the PPV immensely. The LMS match was the ultimate disgrace to wrestling booking. Once again, this PPV was not a priority. Survivor Series building was the focus. Strengthening Survivor Series is one thing, but you need to strengthen the talent going into that very PPV. Or else SSeries will fall as flat as a pancake as it has previous years.

Will team and possibly clash at Survivor Series

The name is not the problem, the booking before the PPV, costing stars earmarked months after for the Survivor fest is where the damage lies. Ironically, the WWE roster is now in a stage of Survival itself.  Since Wrestlemania nothing has changed in star development. Only Del Rio has ascended, and his ascension has been lukewarm, diluted and failed to grasp the wider audience it clearly could have taken, due to no sell angles, and booking structure alone. For 5 titles, not one changed. The first 2 match titles should have, in order to create a wider landscape, as well as the World title on a rising star.

The Women’s division is the only one WWE has that shows signs of strength. And with heavyweights all over, and just 4 ladies comprising it, isn’t that a shocking sign for WWE’s direction?

Men/Women of their matches – Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, Beth Phoenix, Christian, The Miz, Cody Rhodes, Big Show, Alberto Del Rio

Man/Woman of the PPV – Dolph Ziggler

PPV Rating - 6/10

 © Max Waltham 26th October 2011

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