Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Max Waltham won't be in Powerslam Magazine...

Max Waltham won't be in 
Powerslam Magazine...

Just so you know, Max Waltham won’t be appearing in Powerslam magazine. Findlay Martin, Editor of said publication, decided he couldn’t offer me even a page of column spread, yet, he constantly checks the WW site for ideas on material.

If it isn’t clear you can see his stylistic conventions of writing have changed over the past 2 months since.

Words and paraphrases not used before seem to be slightly creeping into the structure from it.

For someone who says there are no ‘vacancies’ he sure did seem possibly interested one year or so ago, when articles were sent for submission. Since the arrival of the Waltham, they say they are not at all like WWE, however, are exactly like it in policy.

After numerous emails, I get a response on Page 7, not an email. Couldn’t even afford me a common courtesy? Charming. Might as well have been a ‘future endeavours’ on the website moment.

 “For the benefit of the many who enquire each month, PS is not looking for any new writers, and is unable to offer work placements.”

Clearly my voice isn’t just “anyone’s” and no it isn’t arrogance or egotistical, but I recognise it even though other’s may downplay it or try to “adopt” my tone.

“How can you tell if a piece of writing is a Raymond Carver text without actually knowing the author?” You can tell if a piece of writing is Max Waltham’s than some dweeb on the Bleacher Report as a dumb mark fan. I, however, am a writer.
Quite Possibly, the best in the literary world,
especially for the 20th century.

Scared, untactful and elitist, they complain about the ‘E failing to open doors, yet they maintain standoffish towards the writing world.

It is always a risk to take on Max Waltham, but one that pays off well. Look at the writing of these mag articles and caption photo comments,. Yes. Stylistic conventions are endorsed, and pitifully taken by someone who says they still have much more to do, then need enhancement from me, yet do not recognise me with any page, box on the side or brief commentary pieces.

It is interesting to see the Macho Man Obituary on WW receive MANY page views. A hell of a lot at certain recorded time stamps by UK members. There has been a 3 monthly spread on Macho Man in the aforementioned mag also, which features some nifty catchphrases, comments and implementation reminiscent of Wrestling Wonders.

Not so different after all it seems.

The UK is the worst country in the world to sue for liable.

I live in the UK.

Max Waltham is looking for independent or full time bookings with wrestling companies off and on screen, as well as in publications for print and journalism. If a publisher out there wants me, I am good to go! E-Mail –

Thank You.

 © Max Waltham 19th October 2011

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