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Triple H vote of no confidence, Smackdown fall out, Big Show Returns & Vince McMahon’s possible return

Triple H vote of no confidence, Smackdown fall out, 
Big Show returns 
& Vince McMahon’s possible return

On the Monday 3rd October (2011) Raw, Chief Operating Officer Triple H partook in a “Vote of No Confidence”. Aiming to establish who would support the COO and weed those not so supportive out, The Cerebral Assassin may have made an unwise choice.

Some new talent for RAW, but not who we really want...

The Result was led by Christian, whom kicked off the no confidence voting. Others agreeing with Captain C, were the newly crowned unified ‘Divas’ / Women’s Champion, Beth Phoenix. Jerry Lawler made a return to TV after selling the Henry decimation angle, to inform Triple H he too agreed The Game has lost an edge to his practises to make the product better for all concerned, sparking a mutiny. Even the Referee’s, headed by Mike Chioda, responded negatively.
Yummy Brunette on the right

We prefer the fit brunette ref behind Chioda
The King told the King of Kings, it was a no go 

Barrett became castigated, or was that castrated?

It wasn’t looking too great for Tripper was it. Would it improve? No. Triple H even had Wade Barrett chip in. HHH decided to berate Barrett, instead of trying to verbally build him as a singles star. (He could have gained a new respect in following should HHH have sold for a new up and comer that WWE desperately needs in place).

Leading the charge. Mmm Absy Del Rio :) Bit sweaty too...

No confidence in the C.O.O from his peers

Every talent stationed around the ring then dispersed and left with no faith in the COO whatsoever. Following off, certain announcers then left the fold, until good ol’ JR, Jim Ross was left as the standalone supporter. JR, after a paused thought, decided to leave Triple H’s presence. Everyone signalled they had lost belief in the former WWE Champion. Johnny Ace came out to appear on the titantron with a disgusted look before leaving.

Riley is leading the faces, a role WWE should push forth

Look at this shot, he has it all, and is the
only one in the pack whom  looks like a star

Raw closed with him alone in the ring. (After Raw went off the airwaves, Zack Ryder came out to say he changed his mind and asked for a clip on his mobile for his YouTube show, Z:Long Island Iced Story, to which The Game agreed to, smile for, then delivered a pedigree to Ryder straight after.

Received a Pedigree for his troubles

Over on Smackdown, we saw Dolph Ziggler, Christian, Cody Rhodes, Vickie Guerrero, Jack Swagger, Wade Barrett and David Otunga. Otunga is then confirmed as the legal counsel of the WWE lockeroom, before the gathering of stars issue an ultimatum that the COO has until Monday's Raw (10th October) to step down from his post, to avoid walkouts, otherwise they will boycott all WWE events. Alberto Del Rio enters the fray, to which he, Rhodes and Swagger demand respect from the audience.

As a group, looks strong, but booking will decide it's fate

Rhodes and Christian were booked on the Friday 7th Smackdown to lose to Randy Orton (via the RKO) and Sheamus.
Returned to S/D on 7th Oct

Phoenix and Natalya also crushed Alicia Fox and wanted her to scream and cry.

Big Show made his return here also, in which he demanded a title shot at Mark Henry, whom stated Show did not deserve one. Where this maybe true, neither did Henry.

Air Boom insisted they will only wrestle on Smackdown for the duration of Triple H’s COO-ship. Don’t expect a Raw return anytime soon, then.

Air Boom were part of a winning team, Riley and Ryder
should have had their places on the team

So, where is this angle heading? Triple H insists he shall not be pressured into leaving his role as COO. Well the Raw GM has been quiet as-of-late. Johnny Ace often sends texts. A new supergroup to combat the corporate takeover has been put into place.

All you need to know is that McMahon shall be returning. But in which camp?

I'm sure I annoy him as much as he does me, but I have morals, passion
and no fear in putting a step forward...

Though WWE wouldn’t do it, they should have Stephanie be behind the Triple H destruction. Once wifey removes her hubby from ‘taking what was hers’, she can then be questioned for doing it for Vince. Then McMahon can resurface to either combat his daughter’s takeover, or indeed turn the angle around to favour and be alongside Stephanie, possibly with Johnny Ace and Kevin Nash. Adding some muscle approved by WWE may then make it another ‘Corporation’ esq feel, but since WWE is a constant replay, we could easily bypass that being a concern. While Steph's business sense may be questionable, as an on screen character, she is always able to deliver and is watchable. This would be the perfect opportunity for that, as long as she had a purpose. Maybe having her own warriors on hand at her beck and call? McMahon could, of course join Triple H should the supergroup become bigger on paper.

Is she in cahoots with Waltham to topple Tripper?

I give too many ideals away, failing to be rewarded, but hey, it’s a work in progress! I can’t give everything away online to the marks who wish to steal ideas and say “I came up with an idea” that falls flat on its backside, but WWE are reading, so take notes if you wish or not, but its important to 'do it right' whatever the case for an angle of certain magnitude. I should really get a cheque for 10% from McMahon. :@

You can expect Orton, Punk, Cena, Sheamus & Big Show to be Triple H’s lieutenants pushed forward. Only one of these stars has been, relatively, new, namely Sheamus. A lack of star evolution will fail to raise viewership ratings. Start sending forth the new talent to create backbones for these outdated stars, or else WWE just wont amount to anything at all as a product anymore, in the eyes of viewers.

Triple H's yes men

Triple H stands alone

 ©  Max Waltham 09th October 2011

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