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Survivor Series 2012

Survivor Series 2012

Coming live from Indianapolis, Indiana, on Sunday 18th November from the Bankers Life Fieldhouse arena, WWE presented its annual Survivor Series concept. Would it be filled with change, opportunity, and lead a path to a new direction for the Royal Rumble’s rocky road?

Traditional Survivor Series 5 man Tag Team Elimination

Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio, Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd and Brodus Clay w/ Cameron and Naomi Vs Tensai, Darren Young, Titus O’ Neil, Primo and Epico w/ Rosa Mendes

Tonight's event and its first match was filled with a bunch of jobbers. Kicking off the pay-per-view with a five-man elimination match up to strengthen the show at its start and intrigue audience members to the product, this match was given place: especially as the opening match and should have been omitted from the card entirely. It was no surprise that the funky dinosaur Brodus Clay was the first to be eliminated in quick succession. Soon enough the no-hoper, block of muscle who still doesn't know how to work a match in basic principles, namely Titus O'Neil, was swiftly removed from competition. Tensai was somewhere in the mix, and then not. Tyson Kidd soon clasped his sharp shooter finisher on Epico soon having him tapping out which was the correct choice to the sharpshooter and its heightened dominance as a manoeuvre.

Primo was soon eliminated thereafter. Titus O’Neil gathered no interest from the crowd in attendance nor those to have this screened to their homes. Prime time junkie Darren Young soon followed as he was way beyond his time. Justin Gabriel delivered a swanton bomb, as an elbow from Tyson Kidd and a splash off the top turnbuckle from Rey Mysterio sealed their fate. All four tag team members, including Sin Cara survived in an interesting beginning match to the pay-per-view which did nothing for anyone involved with a proper elimination of contending superstars which could have been best placed here instead. Clay was the only one eliminated on his team. Someone has to take the fall.

Oh, Primo and Epico have reverted back to being heels in another unseen heel to face to face to heel turn. They are now currently heels again, to no mass interest.

Kaitlyn was soon attacked whilst walking down the aisles as she was previously at the Night of Champions pay-per-view two months ago. Yes, WWE chose to strengthen this one out for two whole months. Kaitlyn however was prepared this time around and grabbed this mystery assailant in a blonde wig, sending her to the floor, as she ripped off the hair extensions to reveal a shocked a Aksana staring back at her.

WWE Unified Women’s Championship

Kaitlyn Vs Eve ( c )

Soon enough the match of the divas title began. It would be Eve and Kaitlyn's title match. It was much worse than any of the divas matches for a very long time since the Kelly Kelly / Bimbo Bimbo era. The struggling divas division is in crisis, desperate for a transfusion of monumental realignment to wellbeing.

It's Skinner! Get it? Skin-her? Yeah, whatever...

Kaitlyn entered in her jeans and trash match attire. This challenge was layered with inaccuracy, though did have appeal. Referee Rod Zapata, chants of “We want puppies” (not again) and ever loud chants of boring, which are near enough in every match WWE books, which should ring clear their placed superstars are in for chaotic times ahead.

Wafting hair wars! Hairdryer on a pole match? 
It would be a ‘normal’ babes brawling contest with a step over body, no interest and minimal moves as Kaitlyn exacted revenge and picked Eve up to knock her down. Eve was on her knees. Katy-lyn delivered another slap to the Hoeski and threw her around by the hair twice. What’s worse, this, was a title match. Kaitlyn, amid her stupid yelling screams gave an Irish whip and jump barge, with a flapjack drop. Backbreaker, then reversed with knees to gut. Two fall for Kaitlyn. This was all about Kaitlyn’s vengeance enacted and nothing more.

Ha Ha ! Oh, hi Rod...

Allowed to finally make some comeback, Eve’s best moment came when outside, Eve counters and goes back in with the next breaker for a three fall. It was terrible. Yes. It ended that quickly, that abruptly and that pitifully. This was supposed to be a title match too. Kaitlyn is not ready for the win, but fans felt there should be some change to mix it up. She shouldn’t win yet but needs to exert further training beforehand. Eve, on the flip side is nowhere capable and needs to lose to the ghost of WWE Divas that was Natalya somewhere in the mist of the diva lockeroom. WWE have let it slide since Max Waltham ceased guidance on such division and the loss of Beth Phoenix.

Alberto Del Rio is now giving a pep talk to his teammates after explaining that captain Dolph Ziggler would be eliminated in five minutes of the match beginning and encouraged his teammates to follow his lead. Wade Barrett also spoke of leadership. Hilarious, I know. We soon got an insight of fairness into Mick Foley's team of the other side of the wall. Oh my Goodness! (to the open legs shot of Randy Orton.) That was absolute heaven. He muttered to Mick Foley “I hate you” leaving all marks assuming Orton would turn heel tonight. How foolish are you?

OMG! <3 It was much closer than this!

United States Championship

Antonio Cesaro ( c ) Vs R-Truth

This match was a technical ground and pound pleasing encounter however with the lack of build up at job opportunity in mid-level players chosen was a little bit boring for the audience despite incredible performance mostly carried by Cesaro. Truth should be very thankful for that. Cesaro made R-Truth seem very capable with pull as opponent who could possibly have lifted the US championship whereas most other stars could not have claimed such company. Truth has had vast chunks of his reputation shattered over the past year and this match was Cesaro and Truth’s showcase of capabilities. When he wants to, Truth can make a pleasing sight that may have caught on, though in ring action was a little too long anticipated, which has a booking ethos by those around him that stagnates his in ring performance and therefore cannot be viewed constantly in every monthly outing as challenger. Cesaro again made this credible for him, but proved Antonio Cesaro must be given strong basis, while he does maintain opponent wealth.

Pull my finger!
Universer's claimed it was like watching a Smackdown show. To them it revealed a lack of pay-per-view booking which is neither of these two men’s fault.

Antonio Cesaro finished this with a perfect neutraliser as Truth also sold this finisher commendably. Cesaro can reverse neutraliser me any time.

WWE have considered before the possible outcome of Royal Rumble having The Rock return and win the WWE title from CM Punk only to have Ziggler cash in and snare The Rock’s glory. That should never happen. Ziggler has not owned a knock off of The Rock especially for the WWE title at Royal Rumble. Plus, Ziggler holds the blue case should WWE forget, is the Smackdown title and cannot be changed to the Raw one, although technically in the mass mess WWE have made of it, Ziggler is a Raw superstar meaning he should not have been entered into Smackdown’s MITB ladder match nor presented with a title opportunity. WWE continually forget their own brand principals…

AJ was at the pay-per-view as this John Cena affair scandal continued. WWE placed this onto the pay-per-view. They also promoted it on one of the big four PPVs. They wonder why the pay-per-view suffers, yet their placement on this card with name worth every single time is infeasible booking when it comes to a November series. The name is valuable, the booking is not.

It was terrible, though the silver lining to come was the piercing shrill of the expertly over Vickie Guerrero. If anyone is truly ever over, we have told you before, Vick is the only star WWE can truly call upon who knows how to cleverly control the angles.

Mutton dressed as glam, or bubblegum, cabbage patch princess?

Soon after their discussion of boredom about presenting evidence, Tamina made her long awaited return to the frame. Snuka joined Guerrero in the ring aiding her by slamming down and assaulting AJ to the ground. Tamina wanted to and has joined with Vickie at her side, in what can only be a good move to strengthen both parties evermore. There is bags of potential here if WWE get it right, but, then, WWE have a tendency to ruin all its strong female angles from within, doesn’t it?

She's arrived!

Paul Heyman partook in a backstage interview mentioning about the “thriving.” It's interesting to see that some people are taking hell in a handbasket seriously.

World Heavyweight Championship

Sheamus Vs Big Show ( c )

Change of wording on a shoulder block from WWE soon saw Show pummelling Sheamus to the ground in the only notable start after a long drawn out process of getting the match going. Only when Show is champ that Sheamus can be down on the ground, eh? The unstoppable force that was Sheamus has now shifted to Big Show. Gawd. This is a tough ride. Big Show with his ever slow timing to gain a breath, stalling for time after being worn out highlighted ever more problems that McMahon believes Show is credible as a long booked match opponent, and champion, no less. Walking around the ring inside just standing as Sheamus on knees waiting comes next. What a world title match, huh? Epic? Not in the slightest. Standard? Not even close.

A ref bump. This exact same procedure happened with the Big Show/Mark Henry last year segments. It is the exact same recycled feud which is just terrible. Vince may be too old for this game. Though many don’t have enough faith in the strength of Triple H’s conviction to run the reigns for not speaking up and booking Brad Maddox, as with others, allowing them to be ignored for Vince’s ‘games’ of point making that suffers the company tenfold when such occurrences play out. Big Show pulled the referee into a Brogue Kick which botched big time. Show then clouted a KO punch at Sheamus to pin for a three fall in an anticlimactic end. No bell rang to end this travesty however the ref called it as the announce team flitted their wings to carry an angle that could hopefully, in WWE’s mind protect Sheamus and his flagging reputation as a tepid entertainer.

A referee now decides a DQ, in the mass confusion to allow Sheamus the win. It couldn’t be more disjointed and thoroughly annoying to all fans watching in the WWE Universe. Same old booking every year. To WWE, business is just the same every year. Tedious. Show starts stalking and abusing the hot ref. Get outta his face, don’t mess with the sexy ref’s, right?

Sheamus, a babyface, uses a chair to assault numerous times on Big Show, flooring him to the ground where show would crawl up the entrance ramp floor like a snail raking through mud some reminisce as a pig on a mucky farm phrase.

Mr Money in the Bank, Dolph ‘irrelevant’ Ziggler was forbidden an entry to capitalise on a downed Big Show. The WWE Universe still aren’t seeing the obvious message here, Ziggler will not be champion and is inadequate to ever hold said title prestige. He won’t be the star of the next generation and quite frankly, isn’t all that. He’s also very boring. WWE sent their message, get over it, Ziggler is done, move on and invest in a new, real star with a chance.


Show would continue his iron slugger crawling. Oh for goodness sake, this went on far too long.

Alberto Del Rio is now “finally on Twitter” ironically as the moment his career has peaked. It would have helped beforehand.

Traditional Survivor Series 5 man Tag Team Elimination

Alberto Del Rio, Damien Sandow, David Otunga, Wade Barrett and Dolph Ziggler Vs Daniel Bryan,Kane, Kofi Kingston, The Miz, Randy Orton.

Not even Dolph Ziggler's zip crotch tights were attractive. Yuck!

Ziggler immediately entered, brandishing his briefcase. Shame.

Some fan signs from the November London Raw... reference to popular TV comedy The Inbetweeners in the UK

The “traditional” in every sense of the word five on five elimination match began, as usual, booked every year in the same exhausting fashion, as Kofi Kingston started against David Otunga, who has replaced an injured Cody Rhodes. That’s the best replacement WWE could find. Damien Sandow soon entered with the “elbow of disdain” on Bryan. Isn’t it refreshing to know Vince is personally reading the site as he has done continually with every post. Sandow was described as one of a handful of elite where the “intellectual always prevail.” Thanks for that WWE. J

Yes! kicks to Sandow were smashed into his chest by Danny Boy until he attempts to leave upon which Kane grabs him back. Kick by Daniel Bryan again deleivered. Kane tags in to deliver a chokeslam for a three fall! The WWE Universe felt shocked Sandow was dropped and as the first man.

Max Waltham says "You're Welcome!"
Others knew it was a political decision to yours truly. Ziggler eliminated Kane soon after. Orton uppercuts Dolph. Punch in after a tag to Kofi. Kofi tosses Ziggler all over the side with a knee leapfrog. “Problems with egos, got to get them on same page with a common purpose” JBL informs. Is that an olive branch I see before me?

Bryan soon took on Barrett now. Bryan on ropes hoisted in between the middle, seated on them in a lovely context, as Wade launched an attack almost tipping him off, as Rio on the outside apron sneakily edged a few feet to jab Bryan off while Wade had the referee pre-occupied. Action soon returned swiftly to Bryan and Otunga, as quickly as per usual which then bore witness to meek Otunga tapping out to the No!, now Yes! Lock.

Back drop down on the ropes by Bryan as ADR lies on mat outside.

Oh my word! <3
Kingston with a running flip back over off the turnbuckle with a two fall on captain Ziggler now. Barrett back in, catch jumping leapfrog Kingston and plants down for a three fall as JBL tells us he is “a future world champ.” No. He won’t be. WWE think he can have a last run as champ, and make it, but Barrett is highly dated, boring and has no core structure, he is simply, vanilla. Forget Barrett and Ziggler, their times are over. Remember when Drew McIntyre was “a future world champion?” Whatever happened to him?

Randy Orton came in with a high beautiful dropkick. Barrett returned with a failing suplex, as an RKO reverse occurred. Miz had a supposed opportunity to tag, but choose not to accept. Bryan swiftly accepted that tag. Jump charge missile dropkick on Wade by Bryan. Wade knocks him outside after a charge. ADR back in to attack Bryan, who almost locks on the Yes!/No! Lock, Rio quickly surfaced to knees with kick to opponent’s knees to avoid submission entry with an added kick to head. Cross arm breaker on Bryan, who was then forced to tap out to loud boos. The submission expert had to be dropped in a manner where he was the leading submission specialist. Another angle should have been worked for Bryan to be placed in a tap out formation. 

Smouldering hot pairing together, Miz and Randy Orton gathered themselves as Orton led further from the front. Orton, with a lovely back shot, stomps in and grabbed Rio for some head drop stomps. Two fall followed. Ziggler enters to wear down with kicks and elbows. Two fall kick out once more. Headlocks. RKO dropped as a thunderous stirring saw Miz make his match appearance competitively taking down all three stars in succession unloading on Barrett. Nailed Ziggler off the side. Turnbuckle knee drop on Wade, reversed by Barrett as Miz attempted the Skull Crushing Finale. Barrett midsection heel kick, then lifted Miz for the Wasteland, a “pump handle slam” most accurately endorsed, where Miz countered Barrett to drop the Skull Crushing Finale to eliminate Wade from the team opposing him. 

ADR charge was then planted by Miz, as ADR re-counters into a German suplex pin. ADR pinned off The Miz in a swift, fluid and miscommunicated projection that bemused the audience after such a high potential earner for the Miz to rise as a hot property once more in his recent transition.

Needed someone else in his corner. :) Mmmmm!
Sole survivor at numerous Survivor Series encounters, Randy Orton fought Del Rio one on one in their feud levelling series. Ziggler remained in the corner. Orton attacked Ziggler, as Alberto knocked down the viper, to catch a two fall only. Ziggler returned with an uppercut, nothing like Orton’s. ADR took to the turnbuckle though Orton scouted his adversary well with an impeccable jump up kick to Rio’s gut as jumping down to attack. Clotheslines to ADR and knocking Dolph off again before a rapid hard scoop slam from Orton on Rio. Ricardo Rodriguez distracted, allowing Bertie to rise and drive a back enzurguri into Orton, for yet another two fall only. Mick Foley supported his team and clubbed Ricky Rodriguez outside for his misdemeanours and allowed Mr. Socko an appearance to stink Ricky out. Randy was down as ADR cowering. Ziggs charged in as Orton moved where spaghetti head Ziggler dropkicked ADR. Orton threw Ziggles to the ring post. Rand soon dropped the RKO to gain a three fall removing ADR from the match.

It was Orton V Ziggler. Rand missed an attack, where Dolph charged from behind with back neckbreaker. A tense two fall. Throw into corner, the DDT rope drape silenced Ziggler to the mat. Thudding the floor, with a cut lip. Orton had a chance to but relented on a pin of Ziggler. Sending a statement, Michael Cole chirped in. Going for a punt, Ziggs was playing possum with a quick heel back kick which quickly sent Orton down as Dolph Ziggler covered for a cheap three fall to win the match.

What star needs to play possum to win? Laughable.

WWE ChampionshipTriple Threat 
CM Punk ( c ) Vs Ryback Vs John Cena

Apparently The Rock is watching for his Royal Rumble opponent.

Touters showed more desperation to be on TV and publically affirmed by WWE because lacking own potential were shown with WWE’s version of propaganda.

Cena is now wearing a yellow streak attire. What’s yellow and releases a streak? It’s that season again.

CM Punk has been champion for a record breaking 364 days. He is officially tied with WWE deserter Hulk Hogan. Will CM Punk now lose to Hogan? Hmm…

Ryback was humourously booed on entrance further annoying WWE’s ideals that Ryback will be an over star and possible champion, where he has done nothing to prove he is worthy, nor even actually earn a title match, and only inserted because of John Cena’s injury and Punk’s lack of opposition. Ryback entered last? He’s not even champ…

Neanderthal Ryback chased Punk, gave beat downs to Punk in corner turnbuckle, as Cena charged in to get some. Both pull another off, forcing a stare down of muscle meatheads Cena and Ryback as Punk unleashes a foot attack to Cena. Ryback lifted Punk up, Cena returned a running bulldog, Punk outside. Cena and Ryback in ring. Finally a lock up, followed by a shove off by Ryback. Playing off “Cena Sucks!” chants to build Ryback. No one will accept him, audience are just hoping that Cena gets broken by Ryback to make their evening not seem pointless for spending x amount on a ticket for a cruddy main event.

Ryback flings Cena to the corner taking a bump for once in his life. Punk in. Blows kiss to audience, (!?) or me? (Thanks baby!)  Ryback no sell grabs and presses down a slam of Punk, Cena quickly comes back out of nowhere with a belly to belly slam for a pin. Cena then applies no pressure on Ryback with sleeper locked on to stall for time. Punk turnbuckle drops down on both. Charge Cena to outside with a knock off. Turnbuckle again for Ryback knocking down to his knee.

Punk turnbuckle again, jump and caught by Ryback. Cena back in with quick roll up, Punk plants Cena with DDT for a two fall.

Attitude Adjustment for another two fall on Punk. Kick to ankle, punch and kicks to ribs then Punk missing a round kick to Cena, who launches for an STF, Punk countered off. High running knee to Cena on turnbuckle.

Cena relocks STF on Punk. With absolutely no hand coverage of applied pressure. Ryback pulls out Cena from the outside to prevent Punk possibly tapping. Running clothesline. As every powerhouse receives endorsement of power move from above…

Shell Shock trumpet lift, and drop two fall as Cena jump axe handles to break the count on Punk. Cena shell shock, first time had to take a move. Shock! Ever more shock would be three guys charge out of nowhere from the barrier to attack. The trio of yobs battered Ryback. It’s the Ryback mafia! Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, were named by Michael Cole, where all three had come from the NXT show. They finally made their anticipated arrival. Their finisher on Ryback was a superb tandem connection where Ambrose and Rollins lifted Ryback up as Reigns stuck his head in between Ryback’s thighs and powerbombed him through the announce table at ringside.

CM Punk used this distraction to leeringly crawl over a flattened out Cena in the ring to retain the title for a three fall as the group disband. Thank goodness Cole announced the trio, as many assumed it was the 3MB (3 Man Band tandem of Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre.) No one needed that.

PPV Rating - 3/10

Man/Woman of the PPV - Dean Ambrose (Tamina almost had it.)

Men/Women of their matches - Tyson Kidd, Eve, Antonio Cesaro, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk

CM Punk has officially become a one year champion. Cena had to take many a fall for once and left the premises swiftly and not as charismatically as he usually does… Hulk Hogan ain’t got nothing on CM Punk now… Once again we have started writing the word turnbuckle a lot more than usual. Once again, its all repetitive as it was last year.

No titles were planned to change, so WWE carried it’s Survivor Series matches to mask that void. With no new competition and no stars thrust into the spotlight to challenge made it ever more boring. WWE need to realise the old and ‘established’ ones with the ‘newly established’ i.e Sheamus are not established and are lucky, carried and have no level of connection to the structure of being. Big Show and Sheamus are both equal in boredom, disaster prone and highly unequipped as stars. WWE can’t figure out who or how to put in the frame. For us, the answer is very clear, and we have numerous selections that WWE could smile about, but, you’re not getting it for free, anymore… “You’re going to have to work for this meal!” Perhaps some researcher should drop an email.

Hoeski Eve taking on cloned Bimbo Bimbo Kelly Kelly Katy-lyn for the guise of the diva’s title was purposely downgraded upon realising they had no tips from those with ideas on how to make it valuable, while low stock in camp and ill fated females redundant of technique. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

The Miz wasn’t allowed to have his face turn to full effect, as Wrestling Wonders suggested would have been highly effective if Miz had turned upon his return at the Money in the Bank PPV. Here, on the team of goodies, Miz could have and should have been sole survivor and won the match allowing a full on transition. Furthermore, another option could have been to win, while disgruntled Randy Orton could have been livid with a loss one way or another and turned heel, thus creating a literally super-hot feud for the two of them. If WWE were clever, they could even team the two of them in the tag team scene for some super-hot studs connection eventually grabbing the titles as faces.

The starting team match was obsolete. As a beginning match to encourage people, especially after the pre-show of jobbers as warm up and the following of a pathetic divas bout, just to prove the tag team division is back, where it was filled with boring jobbers and lame opportunities, was uninteresting. It was bad placement.

Who wouldn't wanna be in the middle managing them? Hi 5 ^!
Cesaro once again proved to be healthy for WWE, guiding R-Truth and having Truth find his own hidden strength to become re-invigorated for a match of fair quality, though a tad limp.

Alberto Del Rio was booked strong but still slightly off in parts due to his vocal behaviour of extremism. This should be instantly removed and maintain his aggression but not linked to such places.

Ziggler and Barrett are vanilla extracts. Don’t count on them, they are finished with. Stop being nostalgic marks. They are; most certainly, over (with) so let them go. They can prop up the others were needed for the time being.

The ending of the PPV was a tremendous close to the event and a clever way to get Roman Reigns on TV. Everyone has been waiting for Ambrose and Rollins and having an unknown third man with skills will be a wise choice to build with. The triad powerbomb was fulfilling in every right. If Ryback is to squash them all then the company will prove woeful for the future. It was a good introduction and necessary, but Punk's match, against two bores, meant nothing once more.
Beard... Mmm...

As a PPV, WWE only ever book it one way, every year, the same way. The over reliance needs a voice of tangible outlook to fix their murky transgression. They think they can make it work, and the call up of Ambrose and Co took how long? That in itself proves how backward the company’s approach to acting on the next big thing is. Speaking of which, that predicted Lesnar/HHH rematch didn’t happen, did it kids? Don’t be duped and listen to everything you read by marks, there is only one source WWE truly listens to. Stick with us, and your golden. As for WWE, the tickets aren’t as golden as fans would like. They are losing faith in the company's decreasing undertaking of future outlook. Adding a last minute few when in turmoil is not going to change the position, even if silencing the WWE Universe for two to three months.

© Max Waltham 12th November 2012
All Rights Reserved

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