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Hell in a Handbasket: John Cena argues with Vince McMahon over company direction

Hell in a Handbasket: John Cena argues with Vince 
McMahon over company direction

Bionic Man: Hell in an arm-basket
WWE supremo superstar John Cena may have missed the Hell In A Cell PPV, but that didn’t stop him delivering “Hell In a Handbasket” with the WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.
Backstage roughly a month ago, Vince had an altercation with one of his elite stars, and the man revealed was John Cena.

Cena pointed out to McMahon, as Wrestling Wonders has done, that the WWE product is suffering. Cena, who makes the product suffer at the highest of volume, (somewhat irony, wouldn’t you say?) expressed his discontent to the head honco.

Over the last two weeks, Cena has been embroiled in an “affair” storyline, used as inspiration from the “Max Waltham affair” article on this site, as well as John Cena’s current affairs with Mickie James, and former WWE, now TNA star Victoria, allegedly, of course. (Though on good authority.) Cena’s onscreen affair was part of the reason to denounce AJ as the insufficient General Manager of Raw. WWE are awaiting to insert a full time GM, many assume will be Ric Flair. There are a few exceptional candidates. Well, one, really.

Vickie Guerrero currently holds the “Managing supervisor” role that McMahon tripped his words on, Monday night introducing the “Supervising Manager” of Raw for the time being.

Flair will be brought in shortly to work along with Dolph Ziggler, lined up as potential manager to the briefcase contract holder, instead of Guerrero.

Though Cena took a bold move to approach McMahon, a number of reasons met by the WWE Universe were raised as to the intentions of Cena. Was he aiming to establish new feuds for himself realising that his old ones had gone to increase his earnings in merchandise after a hefty divorce settlement out of court, or was it really to protect this company he “loves” more than anything? A man who knocks The Rock for being successful in his own right, and witnessing likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin and others move forward outside of the ring, has Cena burned himself out of options?

Will McMahon “listen to the WWE Universe” as he claims, which most feel an in truth? If WWE made “good business decisions” and moved forward with the unspoken obvious moves and increased its roster base with a +1 that will certainly increase all in the company and its stakeholders among it and maintain healthy relations with networks, perhaps WWE won’t be full of concern with declining ratings.

McMahon, is now laying golden eggs in Ryback. Missing the point, Cena expressed Vin may be "out of touch" with the product need. Ryback will not lay those eggs with the WWE Universe. How much time wasted will be the question on WWE's part rather than have egg on his face to pull the plug on the mass exposure with the wrong star. We can tell you privately, but not publicly anymore, since disrespect and constant abuse from the hand that feeds has been bitten. We know who exactly is the future.

One thing we can respect Cena for is having the balls to approach, but, then, he was the only one who could afford to. Anyone else would have everything to lose, and McMahon thrives on that.

To be a fully successful business man, you need to put pride aside, gather those that can create the workforce for the future and beyond to maintain your “legacy” and continue “sports entertainment” at its highest.

One reason McMahon would not step down, and one Triple H blindly misses why he didn’t gain company rule last year as initially thought, is because McMahon realises handing the reigns to HHH and Steph at this time would further decrease ratings in a “toxic” and politically motivated regime.

McMahon needed ball breakers like HHH to establish when to put a star in his place creatively. Other times he needs Steph to bark orders to maintain ownership. Thought, in doing so, Vinnie understands these do not make business move forward and takes the full path on leadership. Without McMahon, there wouldn't be a WWE, which means it is more than crucial to establish future with not just Steph and Hunter, but lieutenants in place that are young, fresh and capable to maintain their own strength of conviction, whilst obeying orders and further protecting that very company at the highest of level. No-one in WWE can do this, which is why they need to hire outside. Without it, it is doomed to crumble, even if the McMahon family wish to be defiant in that belief.

Earlier this financial year both Vince and wife Linda had to bail out their own company in excess of $30million, according to reports. 

WWE have exhausted itself of options from within and needs energy to further enhance THEIR passion to ignite the product. They need that certain individual catalyst. Have you guessed who he is yet?

© Max Waltham 09th November 2012

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