Friday, 9 November 2012

WWE Fandango character revealed

WWE Fandango character revealed

So you may have seen WWE unveil a new superstar soon to debut on Raw.

Who is this mystery wrestler?

We can exclusively reveal that the answer is NXT, Smackdown and rostered star Johnny Curtis.

It's about time Curtis moved up the ranks, after a slow and non-existent start. Curtis has the beef, the charm and the charisma, a young Randy Orton perhaps? Though Curtis is going to have to earn capabilities to that, though our Rand surely acknowledges the type of linkage to one another even though "no one will be another Randy Orton" of course.

Roses are red, violets are blue, Johnny Curtis may be for you...
With Jack Swagger off the show to be repackaged and Mark Henry returning for a last run as a babyface and a lack of stars that add a new dynamic to a future, whilst WWE keep veteran Brock Lesnar in the wings also, the roster is aiming to re-vitalise the future it has forgotten to build. 

Either way, don't you "wanna dance" with Fandango? Better get my castanets out!  *click click*

© Max Waltham 09th November 2012

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