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Exposed: the burial of Brad Maddox

Exposed: the burial of 
Brad Maddox

You may have noticed the WWE insert the genome of Max Waltham into parts of many of its superstars, in order to enhance their performance and have a sense of character over recent months, and indeed the last year or so. None more so than the linguistic approach in Damien Sandow, the reformation of the Women’s division from the Kelly Kelly/Beth Phoenix era, Eve as the Hoeski, Brodus Clay as a disco dancer groovester, Dolph Ziggler’s brunette hair, his sustained then dropped push, “unconventional” and “dysfunctional” tag partners Kane and Daniel Bryan, affairs and state of the WWE/stars address just to name a few.

Brad Maddox, representing the aura of Max Waltham, had his first WWE match against Vince McMahon’s rampaging monster Ryback, a man compared to Goldberg for attempting to have his WCW unbreakable winning streak, until WWE realised it did not have over 170 in ring staff to carry that record. Ry-b also had difficulty getting over with crowds who were less than enthused and annoyed Vince’s ego tenfold. Many audience members do not care for the uninteresting block of muscle meathead dominance. The match occurred this past Monday evening on Raw, November 12th 2012. 

McMahon promised Maddox should he win, he would gain a “million dollar contract” and become a fully-fledged WWE superstar, mostly on the Raw brand.

Confident he could do so and attempting to prove his star qualities he can provide, Maddox entered to the ring, whilst filming his portfolio throughout with a cameraman capturing his every move. As he entered the ramp the bleeping sound of reversal rang through.

A vehicle was reversing into the arena. It was an Ambulance! Brad was shocked and worried, somewhat, as he continued to the ring. Ryback soon entered in which, once joining the ring, made Brad a coward by dashing to the outside numerous times to gather distance. When action did occur, the beating began. Maddox was decimated by Ryback, where the six foot blunder proved ever more a liability with the back slamming of Maddox, whom sold the work tremendously. It gathered no esteem for Ryback and showed off McMahon central’s approach to yours truly.

This was meant to be a clear message of destruction to Max Waltham. Fans of the WWE Universe were thoroughly annoyed stating these could have been “an awesome match if WWE stopped this rubbish” as other wanted to see “Brad Maddox can wrestle, WTF” as well as “this is just bs” from the suffering WWE product.

Ego Mania!!!!!
Maddox, who is highly over before his first match in hotness, skill, verbal and all-star presentation as the new WWE star, saw WWE’s ego cost them a chance of a real breadwinner. Because, it has the essence of Max Waltham built around it, and McMahon hates any one with stronger ideas than his own. Hate is a very strong word. McMahon proved that hate tonight.

If the message was not this intention, send another on Raw come Monday, as you have been doing every week. Be sure to look out for it, kids.

Vince McMahon wants everyone to like Ryback, and will attempt to push him as the last new star WWE have as a powermonger. Seeing the demise of John Cena and Sheamus in this grouping, because neither have the sole worked essence to be a fully engaging star, with Ryback added to this, McMahon’s star building attempts have fallen back into the “old era” which assumes this stereotype build. ”When you assume, you make an ass out of (yo)u and me.”

Just look at the ridge on Maddox's back spine!

Wasn't even for McRyback. Knock 'em when
their down and defenceless, eh?
McMahon will never be told no, and once set, will push what he believes will work down your throats until you accept it. This isn’t 1995 or 2003 anymore. People want to latch onto a star they feel is necessary, relevant and more to the point over. Someone who has the look, style, vocals attitude and wrestling technique to do so. Maddox had all of those, and was set before his debut match. All because of Max Waltham. I should be flattered. This “kid” gave support, advice and help to the company and in turn have implemented design, ideas and creative being into its characters and then dismissed the hand that fed. Some of our more recent posts are also eye openers. 

Be A Star! Can they be impressed with WWE as of late?

Playing games with their own self indulgent humour and then adding “some people must have been upset” through mouthpiece Michael Cole on Raw was their intention. In hindsight, Max Waltham was laughing his ass off at how feeble the attempt to show destruction to me was undertaken. Yes, this is not a ruse, I was actually laughing at how hard they tried to upset one yet made me find it all so petty, sad and humourous. Thanks for the laugh. Though in all seriousness, this does not bode well for WWE’s “BeAStar” bullying campaign, as well as WWE nothing more than common thieves and childish undertaking at the creative wing alongside equally responsible Triple H, and to some what extent, Stephanie McMahon. They decide and put out all content, with Vince’s overall approval.  One former WWE writer stated – “Triple H is like a King Cobra. One minute, he’ll agree, the next he’ll turn on you and bite” in order to seek power. Triple H is no fan of Mick Foley, yet McMahon booked Mick for realising he has fan appreciation and can make an angle work, especially with the young’uns and CM Punk.

Maddox is 28 years old. Max Waltham is 28 years old. This “kid” “wants” a job with WWE. McMahon’s assumption has distorted him from reality, as working in WWE’s vast demanding schedule of not looking outside from the company when trying to form all cogs of the wheel allows an impartial view and often misinterprets the message with egotiscal approach.

Again, if your message is not clear, send another. We’ll be watching.

From the words of Max Waltham alone - "You’re Welcome!"

© Max Waltham 12th November 2012

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