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Dolph Ziggler's briefcase on the line

Dolph Ziggler's Briefcase to be 
defended at TLC

This Monday's Raw episode bore witness to another invaluable appearance from Mr. McMahon, summoning Managing Supervisor Vickie Guerrero to the ring.
Guiding Guerrero to compose decisive nature in business acumen meddling McMahon encouraged her to alter a proposed "No Disqualification" contest for the PPV event of TLC just two weeks away, thus impetuously proposing a Ladder match.

Orange stripes this time! 

Realising a flawed concept, as neither were champions, and ladder matches require  a 'dangling delight' atop them to receive, Guerrero and McMahon reached an agreement, the match will feature Dolph Ziggler's Money In The Bank heavyweight title contract, against challenger John Cena.

Cena receives another opportunity

For months Wrestling Wonders has showered suggestions for Ziggler, who won't be a star or achieve notoriety as a World champion, should transfer said briefcase to another being, and seeing as John Cena, a man never misplaced, especially toward holiday season alongside a tribute to the troops special as America's national hero representing armed personnel is somewhat displeasurable to an extent that WWE failed to implement a young, fresh star encapsulated with an opportunity to arise and snare the case.
CM Punk will defend the WWE Championship at Pay Per View Royal Rumble against The Rock. The company concern is that The Rock cannot claim victory with a hefty schedule ladened with filming commitments afterward prior to Wrestlemania. Though The Rock requires a win in order to establish a place on the big card, of which he will be part of.
WWE have considered that CM Punk is the only available superstar as a strong heel to combat The Undertaker. Punk, however, cannot do this as champion, meaning The Rock has to win at Royal Rumble. WWE has considered the plan to allow John Cena to cash in his title opportunity and defeat The Great One in order to cement their re-match scheduled at the upcoming 'Mania. Last year was initially for the title, however sensibly overtly removed from their encounter.

The only possible way to halt The Rock leaving with heavyweight title is to stop him at Royal Rumble. To do this, Cena would command the case to challenge. Receiving the honour as victor of the Rumble match itself, has not been ignored. WWE have also contemplated The Rock winning only for Cena to confront either through briefcase contract or Rumble honours.
The response? 

All options are dire, but WWE still have zero plans mapped out to create new stars assisted by those neglected for numerous years continually. If WWE had scheduled younger talent into the position of Cena at TLC, with a promising upstart claiming the grand Rumble encounter, two enhanced stars with golden opportunities mounted handsomely, regardless of becoming champions or not. 
So Cena/Rock II at Wrestlemania would always become obvious, however, should WWE have the balls to stand firm avoiding draining the parodic blueprint on a reptetive scale instead allowing epic encounters to remain, the company and it's stance would maintain further credibility. Only influenced by capital gain, WWE's snout for aromatic buy rates harms the company overhaul with a rather toxic stench.

Concerns raised further of the Ryback character participating on the card arose. Various levels of perception over the muscle meathead, from its audience watching, hasn't earned any rights to placement at the event nor in a role based on in ring action. Devoid of personality or mic work as alternatives in the back usually do and only granted favourably based on puppeteer McMahon's adored formula, height and size proportion. Ryback is geared towards the indolent liability known as The Big Show.

Where does this leave our peroxide blonde delight in the mass confusion of hubba balloo? Dolphy Zigger's will retain at TLC therefore making the match and his opponent in a rather tedious and pathetic placement which will most likely end in a DQ/shoddy end to protect Cena and maintain Ziggler's approach.

Sources within feel Mr. Zigglesworth and Wade Bore-ett are "ready" for the big time. Up scaling the pair for title acquisitions or main event line ups, the only reason for this is solely based on Ziggler and Barrett's high levels of boredom and intolerable portrayal. Their time has passed, as we have addressed before, and WWE will usher them into the spot as it has neglected them beforehand. Having no levels of scope remaining as worthy and with the new breed of superstars protracting interest while out doing these guys that 'should have made it already' are rendering them obsolete,without even trying. Times change. Ziggler and Barrett, have stood still.

Ziggler should transfer the case and remain mid card, as with Barrett. WWE needs other high profile stars to evolve than boring one's filled on a loyalty package of wasting their years achieving nothing in the hope WWE might get with the program. They have no qualities as champion material, need guidance and without certain people to fully prepare them for that, they cannot attain it whether given WWE backing in script and 'personality' on paper. The star, will never shine brightly for these two because they simply don't know what to do to capture the market, and to an extent, WWE have lost their function with this.

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