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Backstreet Boy pleads for WWE Diva job

Backstreet Boy pleads 
for WWE Diva job

Sipping some juice

WWE have outreached its need for Divas so much so that it has offered the girlfriend of Backstreet Boy pop star Nick Carter’s girlfriend one. 

Lauren Kitt, 26, is seeking a job with WWE after the Backstreet Boy tweeted HIS desperation for her to be on the roster. WWE, who do not like individuals asking for jobs, force their double standard when hiring famous entertainment trollops for the role of WWE Diva.

Kitt will have to be prepared for an audience that will not accept the glamour puss as her era was about ten to twenty years ago at best. Her and beau Carter’s naivety proves a humourous concoction, one served with troublesome results.

Got a WWE Diva qualification?
Though WWE are equally as desperate to add more females to its ranks. It once again chooses to hire model type females, rather than women the world want to see wrestle. Fans claim they don’t want to see near porn on their screens with females and require wrestling. Though all wrestling females have left the company over its lack of direction. Only Natalya remains, and she is placed into the realms of obscurity.

WWE believe there is nothing wrong with their division, and misogynistic Vince’s own personal belief is that the Divas are nothing more than something to look at. Wife Linda lost a good proportion of her election, the second time around, which she failed to win a seat in the senate, based on WWE using “nothing more than porn” models mentioned by numerous opposition.

WWE had previously shown interest in hiring then rostered developmental star Catalina White, wife of Jack Swagger, who starred in a porn film produced by Shane's World.

Kitt has already received negative thoughts on her time to WWE, also added with no actual beauty and simply plain. Others simply do not like her.

You might want to keep her away from lothario John Cena.

Carter, who may also be lining up a chance to be a part of the company, has had a string of ongoing drugs and alcohol abuse issues.  

Kitt had previously dated Tommy Cummings till 2008, until the Backstreet Boy romanced her through the inter-highway of Twitter. 

The boyish charm of Carter elated relayed to the world – “Ok @Lauren_Kitt just found out she MAY be a @WWE DIVA. Imagine YOUR GIRL putting the smack down in the ring! OMG i'm so excited! MAKE NOISE.”

Shrewd and desperate Carter added a pre-requisite – “I will have to be at every @WWE show! So excited!! Lets let @WWE know about @Lauren_Kitt !!”

If WWE are clever they will pull the plug instantly. I did say, if they were, clever...

WWE have sent an application out for Divas asking - "with charismatic personalities, beautiful faces and great bodies." They must be between the ages of 18 and 30. Bikini body shots and head shots are also asked for in your application. They misleadingly add - "WWE Divas instantly gain a huge fan base." One question. Would you REALLY want the job?

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