Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Shield: Guarding us righteously?

The Shield

Take cover WWE Universe, the triple tyke of hunky scoundrels have burst into our living rooms! 

The trio of Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were officially named The Shield. Sounds like one of those terrible cop dramas. Although, these bad boys, bad boys, whaccha gunna do, aren’t seemingly playing by the rules.

Charging onto our screens at and after Survivor Series, the three new breeds have made an untactful debut with their aggressive nature and beatdowns of WWE stars. They targeted Ryback at Survivors and have assaulted Randy Orton this Monday's (3rd December) Raw after the burial of Brad Maddox, part Two (coming soon.)

What, however, is next for the terrifying trio of tumultive tremor?
Shield us around your beefy chest hairs!

After this menage a trois were likened to a new version of the supergroup Nexus, where in 2010, two years ago, the batch of new stars flooded WWE with beatdowns of stars including programs with John Cena, Sheamus and Randy Orton most notably.

Seen as Nexus version three can be very dangerous. WWE need to figure out how to best place the tandem who are tearing it up on TV. They have the raw aggression,  now we need to see Dean Ambrose as a rugged, abusive submission specialist, the hired meat of Roman Reigns owning dominance, and Seth Rollins deliver flying beatdowns in the ring with good mic promos to ensure all three stars have monumental placing for a long while. WWE took so long to call them up because it had no idea what to fully do and thought carefully on it and still taking it with a day by day process. I have given you your outline in just five minutes. 

You're Welcome!

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