Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Waltham's Winter Wonderland: Merry Christmas!

Waltham's Wonderland 

To celebrate Christmas this year we've decided to give you all a little sneak peek into 'Waltham's Wonderland' where we had some interesting festivities. Enjoy and Happy Christmas!

Sweet Randall filled our stockings. Some sticky candy canes and a 
pull of his cracker. Good start to the morn. 

Later on we popped out to make a snowman in 
our back garden.

Then we jetted off to the alpine with Jessie for a ski session. 
Ooh, let's get piste!

Looking into the night sky, one shining bright elf shone in the 
distance, below a twinkle among the stars.

CM Punk cooked our dinner as only a champion could. 
He got into the festivities too :)

Only for Kane to burn our Christmas Pud!

Cheeky Miz started to tease us under the miz-letoe.... 

Every Christmas needs a Ho Ho Ho-eski!
We're steering clear of this thorny bush!

Damien charmingly delivered a lovely pressie whilst whispering 
those beautiful words, You're Welcome! Ahhh. Such a wise gentleman.

Austin Aries soon ended our jam packed adventure taking us back to his
idyllic winter zone. It was fast on the back of that sleigh,
but what a beautiful view it was.

Merry Christmas one and all. More coming in the new year, and please do not steal these images, though if you wish to share, fine, make sure you credit. All hand made by and copyrighted to © Max Waltham, 2012.

© Max Waltham 25th December 2012
All Rights Reserved

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