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WW Pro 50 2012, Part 1, 50 - 25

Wrestling Wonders Pro 50 Part 1

Wrestling Wonders presents the annual Pro Wrestling 50 of 
2012, acknowledging the top 50 best in ring workers over 
the previous year from the 1st January - 31st December period based on Wrestling skill, in- ring performance and not 'top of company' projection or favouritism...

Text finalised on 2nd Jan 2013


Beginning from 50 - 25




2011 Placing - Unlisted

Started year in FCW on 5th Jan for WWE… Resurfaced at EWF combo card in California on 4th March dropping SoCal Crazy… Lost to Kyle O’Reilly in steady action at PWG… Over in EWF again on 4th May at 16th Anniversary Extravaganza downed TJ Perkins… Followed by 19th title opportunity for heavyweight title losing to Johnny Star in equitable challenge... Caught biggest break of improvement with NJPW in the Best of Super Juniors tournament with some incredible outings alongside Ryusuke Taguchi, Brian Kendrick, Tiger Mask and TAKA Michinoku over end May – early June until losing significant battle against Low Ki on 9th Jun… Impressed New Japan becoming fuller part of roster in numerous victories prior with tag stars KUSHIDA, BUSHI, Jushin Thunder Liger and others… Gripping six man Mexico tag action with Psycho Circus at Legend Promociones on 30th Sep… Intense IWGP Junior tag champion with Rocky Romero as Forever Hooligans dropping Time Splitters (Alex Shelley and KUSHIDA) on 8th Oct… Continued extensive rivalry with Time Splitters…Fell to Apollo 55 in Super Juniors tag tourney semi-finals on 2nd Nov… Suffered neglect to Time Splitters with tag title relinquish at NJPW Power Struggle on 11th … 7th December defeat with Romero in Mexico to Kendrick and Paul London was year ending aerial appetiser in Merida… 

Tryout for WWE developmental a loss, Koslov impressed New Japan and other promotions with high flying technique and ability to interact with fans on technical conflictions… Minimal to the big guys initially, has options to remain stable force to build uprising in later years in dependent action… 




2011 Placing - Unlisted

Feb 12th tag team ten man elimination for NJPW on half ended losing side launched potential in mega man collision… Fought CHAOS team unjustfully over March and April… Made extensive headway from 24th through to 20th May with only one loss on 3rd May to maintain competition in dazzling tag appearances to grow reputation… Become a sheer romper stomper force in Best of Super Juniors tournament over late May to June with impressive point scorers over PAC, BUSHI and others…  Beat Low Ki in thrilling action on 22nd July in minimal seven min fresher… 18th battle with Apollo 55 (Ryusuke Tagauchi and Prince Devitt) another critical outing to establish company projections…. Won super junior tag tournament first and second round advances in October as Time Splitters with Alex Shelley…  Won tag team titles on 11th November in excellent tag tryst over Forever Hooligans Alex Koslov and Rocky Romero… Had title opportunity for NEVER gold losing to Masato Tanaka on 15th…  Held position as tag support viably over late November to December…  Ended year on 23rd Dec with Shinsuke Nakamura fall in nine min stable tranquilizer…

Adds incredible focus to tag division… Snapped up by NJPW and recognised, now needs to drive more tag championship challenges with Shelley, ideally forward to embrace competition, wrestling style and encourage worldwide fusion of Japanese-American tandem, which works perfectly for the pair… 




2011 Placing - Unlisted

After breaking from tag partner Adam Cole joined Davey Richards instead... Battled recently departed American Wolf Eddie Edwards resulting in defeat on January 7th... On 20th homecoming in Philadelphia bafflingly re-joined Adam Cole against Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin... Next night gave another loss at the 10th anniversary against Edwards and former friend Cole in technical teaming... PWG World’s Finest on March 17th submitted Alex Koslov... Attempted to dethrone TV champion Jay Lethal in at Showdown in the Sun weekender on 30th...  31st impending battle finally dropped now enemy Adam Cole…. Rejoined Cole at PWG DDT4 event on the 21st then lost on same night in partnership at the next round against Player Uno and Stupefied... Met Ace Hawkins at PWE on Apr 27th for Unites States title... 29th Rising Above card against El Generico a merry no contest due to time constraints... Sank to former partner Adam Cole in four corners survival suspender on June 15th... Best in the World on the 24th lost to Cole under hybrid fighting rules lasting twelve mins… Submitted Tadarious Thomas on the 14th July… Positive PWG Threemendous III meeting Player Uno and Stupefied on July 21st three way tag team Ladder scrap unfortunate... September run over Adam Cole, Christian Rose and ACH re-invigorated... 2nd Sept team sleaze action with Joey Ryan and Davey Richards for PWG battle of Los Angeles intriguing fashionistas…   Missed vacant tag titles for IPW four man with Dave Christ… Mike Mondo, Roderick Strong towards and over October raised profile… November 3rd no acquisition of TV title from Adam Cole a commendable, but distant effort… Partnered Bobby Fish on the same night to defeat Harlem and Lance Bravado ending with Fish on 16th unable to secure win from reformed team Richards and Edwards...

Has been set as and launching of new challenger that suits position currently… Continuity and healthy occasional scene stealer could support… Best in stables or team encounters with minimal singles after tag break with Adam Cole last year was crippling effect upon steady progress…  




2011 Placing - Unlisted

Spent half year in FCW before leaping to mainstream TV… Made debut on Smackdown for Money in the Bank Qualifier advancing over Zack Ryder on 26th Jun… Endured 20 man Great American Bash battle royal won by Ryder on 3rd August… Ploughed through Justin Gabriel and Ryder gathering more steam on Smackdown… Made NXT and Superstars appearances… Along with Cody Rhodes lost tag battle with Sin Cara and Brodus Clay on Raw at end of Aug… Adopted linguistic genome of Max Waltham… Crushed Clay and others over August onwards from Raw… Dropped back on Raw in October to Sheamus as showoff message to inner essence… As Team Rhodes Scholars, gained number one tag title privilege on 22nd Oct on Raw… Oct 28th DQ win kept Scholars in the tag game with Daniel Bryan and Kane… Gave indigenous Intercontinental title challenge to Kofi Kingston on 20th Nov on Smackdown… Scored TLC tag #1 contendership shoving Sin Cara through table to win stipulation match… 29th December loss to John Cena and The Miz was still credible end to 2012…

“Saviour of the masses” kept standing in quality match portrayal, working others and maintaining levels of competition… Re-defining the roster from his ‘inner aura’ via computer… Cartwheel connoisseur and phlembic philanthropist reforms audience with impartial design, “You’re Welcome!”… Plans to align tag team success in 2013… 




2011 Placing - Unlisted

Cameback after intense build-up of secret videos on January 2nd Raw with an over-emotional return… Gobsmacked loss of voice, Y2J couldn’t utter any words for weeks… Passed Randy Orton as hot favourite to snare Royal Rumble honours leading to Jan 30th being last man eliminated from the gargantuan battle royal… Raised steam in Feb’s Elimination Chamber match depleting Dolph Ziggler and feigning a monumental injury angle from champ CM Punk who tossed Jericho out of the open cell into nearby barricade duping WWE Universe immensely… Targeted CM Punk for WWE championship complete with family indiscretions… April Wrestlemania appearance with Punk a difficult watch, despite both displaying tremendous technical tryst missing fuller spark…First ever ‘Chicago’ street fight at Extreme Rules was pace changer from stale growing feud filled with gimmicks ranging from sisterly appearance to fire extinguisher smoke whilst both attired in dire symmetrical jeans adding no contrast… Moved on to new horizons for World title opportunity adding credibility to champ Sheamus defence with Alberto Del Rio and Randy Orton in four man mash up at Over the Limit in May… Suspended in ‘crease and arrest’ from Brazilian tour involving heat generator with Brazilian flag misunderstanding on 24th … Returned to stamp out plagiarising WWE Universe one month later… Had a go at Money in the Bank Raw briefcase opportunity against five previous WWE champions losing out to company hero John Cena working neat exchanges with The Miz… Summerslam kicked Dolph Ziggler to the curb in victory for the Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla complete with storyline rib injury slamming on the Walls of Jericho for further bragging rights…  Final showing at Raw next evening was last, losing to Dolph Ziggler in briefcase stealing chancer... 

Plagiarism protector’s return to squared circle was joyous attraction though lost in process of mainstream booking with championship bouts discredited… Donated credible outlook to struggling stars on roster… Excellent speaker with storyline understanding further enhances dimensions for companies a part of… Should he return, needs to find niche to work with others on level ground, build opponents and have stronger presence for audience appeal over time…




2011 Placing - 9

After Kevin Steen’s return and Edwards backseat to main title frame in ROH had matches with Mike Mondo and Kyle O’Reilly swimmingly before travelling to NECW beaten by Bobby Fish for Heavyweight title on Jan 13th… Dropped O’Reilly and former pal Richards with Adam Cole on March 4th 10th Anniversary show… FCP title secured over Trent Steven on 23rd…  Played in three way with Roderick Strong and remaining champ Richards on 30th Mar in a level, but empty for growth match-up… Joined NOAH’s Global Tag League in April… Back at Honor, battled Steen for title rights on 15th June, unable to win… Lost FCP title on 6th July to former Honor champ years ago John Walters… Won PWE’s Bank the Money Ladder match… Back at PWG with Roderick Strong on 30th Nov gained tag titles from Grizzly Redwood and Jake Manning… Lost to MK McKinnan at FCP in another Ladder title match… Travelled to Germany for wXw losing chance to gain Unified World title on 12th anniversary show… Reunited with Davey Richards to reform American Wolves over Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly…

Has become dependent on tagging… Always seen as one step lower to heavyweight titles… Reformation with Richards, who announced retirement in 2013, may have one last run at Wolves, though with or without, Edwards needs direction and focus… Is mid card talent level though hovers around heavyweight… Role is disjointed… Needs further control and support... For now, should focus on tagging with Richards for a good while to maintain both their reputations after failing short of expectancy of them…




2011 Placing - 11

Returned in July for NOAH on 22nd after crippling injury in loss to Naomichi Marufuji in fair comeback… Captained new stable to revise reputation in No Mercy grouping with string of successful showings over Aug to Oct… Challenge for Sept 17th with Takeshi Morishima in twenty six min encounter in Osaka for NOAH’s Great Voyage card was brisk but unable… Had tag title shot on 8th Oct which was instead durable admist title honours to become champ with Maybach Taniguchi beating brusque blunder Magnus and bulbous Samoa Joe with ease… Lost those GHC tag titles on 26th Oct to Special Assault Team comprised of Akitoshi Saito and Go Shiozaki… Took hectic Tornado six man street fight triumph on 9th … Ended on Christmas Eve in six way action victorious against former pal Taniguchi who switched to Team BRAVE ending NO MERCY…

Tag action keeps KENTA remaining tall in promotion that devotes their time to the veteran… Though in tag is sitting alone in alliance and occasional singles against washed up stars… Has been guided back into frame after injury… Now requires stead to climb back up to perceptive force known for, though with a little stability than just abhorrent dynamism… 




2011 Placing - 25

No holds barred whirlwind with Adam Cole victory on 20th Jan was destructive joy… 17th February No Holds Barred follow up with Eddie Edwards kept safe standing… PWX title shot unfavourable with champion Rhett Titus… Lost March Mayhem qualifier with Jay Lethal… World title three way elimination loss to Davey Richards on Mar 30th effeted potential… Won TV title from Lethal on 31st … Defended title on 4th Apr over Adam Cole… Admirable 29th two of three falls Lethal encounter… 18th May defence over Tommaso Ciampa via DQ a wonderful conversion, bar end result… Won #1 contender four corner survival promisingly over Mike Bennett, Cole and Lethal on same night… Assisted Bobby Fish and Luke Gallows on 13th Jun for NOAH… Bargained 24th June three way title elimination with Lethal and Ciampa… TV title devastation to Adam Cole on 29th dropped championship in fanciful tribulation… Proceeded with World title cash in upon gold waistline loneliness with Kevin Steen on 30th reputably… Lost TV title hunt contendership to Mike Mondo in sterling six man over August… Downed by Ricochet in quarter finals Battle of Los Angeles PWG tournament fest… Tagged with Michael Elgin over September… Persistent PWX tag success with Eddie Edwards gained titles over Grizzly Redwood and Jake Manning… Fought pard Elgin at Final Battle on 16th in eleven and half min deluxe… Ended with Papadon defeat on ICW Final Impact card on 21st December…

Maintained company placement despite loss of fortunes by both… Utilised well with TV title and feuds involving Adam Cole, Mondo and Ciampia though Lethal has been overstrained in yearly repeats… Needs fresh outlook and invigorated persona to become meaningful to audience… Should wear green tights again…   




2011 Placing - Unlisted

January’s Genesis battle with Abyss in the equally ridiculous Monster’s Ball saw Ray fall to masked supremo… Lost to James Storm and Jeff Hardy in Tables tag on 10th to no sustained reaction… Fell to almost everyone from Hulk Hogan, Rob Van Dam and AJ Styles… Lost four way battle for Heavyweight title in Feb at Against All Odds in a disastrous slop fest with Bobby Roode retaining… Became TNA’s Daniel Bryan with 70 second defeat from James Storm at PPV Victory Road in March… Had engaging feud with Austin Aries over their duration with Aries overall stronghold portrayal 6th April TRP event reformed the family for one evening  falling to Devon with Spike Dudley as special referee…  June 10th Hardcore fest with Joseph Park was festering tragedy finally shelved… Dragging Bound for Glory series semi-final at No Surrender in September was dependable over Storm, only to be saddled with interference by Bobby Roode… 13th September lost number one contendership for heavyweight title, making Jeff Hardy credible… Spent November working up no hopers Aces and 8’s tandem, now equipped with mentor/leader/whatever Devon… Respected on 18th dropping Kenzo Richards for DPW… Has been perfectly re-placed with Aries and Jesse for December and New Year beginning… 

Supportive TNA foundation aids others to achieve company stardom… May receive rewards eventually in X title or tagging… Is comfortable building others as every company needs to create a future in prospects… 




2011 Placing - Unlisted

On loan to NJPW downed Hiroshi Tananhashi and La Sombra with monster heel Kazuchika Okada on 21st Jan… 22nd Jan in NJPW lost to Sombra in World Welterweight title stunner lasting near 22 minutes… Captured Middleweight title from La Mascara in Mexico on Valentine’s Day in career defining moment… Downpour in tags over March Battled Prince Devitt on March 23rd in 6 man stonker with Rush and Marco Corleone beating Volly… 30th meeting with Devitt lost him prized possession of Middleweight two of three falls spectacular… Entered Torneo Gran Alternativa contest to resurrect fortunes reaching semi-finals in April… Dropped La Mascara on 23rd April in another two of three falls charismatically… May returned successes… Led to June onslaught of competition whilst keeping them still apparent… Teamed with Mr. Aguila and Los Depredadores del Aire in National Trios two of three falls tantaliser for the triple tag titles… August became standout month in Campeon Universal Del CMLL annual tournament passing through Maximo and La Mascara until knocked out of competition by Hiroshi Tanahashi on 24th in contained range… Went to time limit draw in agile lightning storm with La Sombra on 16th October… Tags with Dragon Rogo Jr, Mephisto, Ultimo Dragon and Rey Escorpian over November were sustainable highlights… Ends year on 28th Dec with six man tag win with Tiger and Damien El Terrible over Atlantis, Delta and Valiente…

Contentious tag stronghold needs to make more of a dominating mark on battles… Does small promotion with rostered stars over a yearly basis extremely well for audience interest and quality match protraction… Champion had valid competition and presence… 




2011 Placing - 34

Spent numerous months remaining in FCW with a heavyweight title reign on 23rd Feb from Leo Kruger… Proved outstanding with string of defences from Damien Sandow, Dean Ambrose, Antonio Cesaro, Kruger, Kassius Ohno and Bo Rotunda up to end of April… Fought long-time FCW adversary Ambrose in another languishing near 23 minute battle… Defended against Dallas, Rick Victor and Big E. Langston on 8th Jun… Had another fair match with CJ Parker and Xavier Woods against Joel Redman, Garrett Dylan and Victor… Downed Brad Maddox on 5th July… Finally went for the big one in the NXT gold rush tournament for the very brand championship dropping Drew McIntyre in an eleven minute stepping stone, followed with a sincere 8.30 battle with Michael McGuillicutty on the 12th July to advance… Continued on 26th to defeat bumbling Jinder Mahal to lift the first ever NXT title… First successful defence over McGuillicutty in another consistent 13.22 match up on 23rd Aug… December battle with Corey Graves proved another delight until DQ ending remaining champ… Lost gold swiftly to Big E. Langston same night on the 6th… Finally called up to WWE TV HQ appearing at Survivor Series PPV to slam monstrosity Ryback into a table at ringside in a devastating display of ferocity with cohorts Roman Reigns and Ambrose… Hotly anticipated debut match loss against Ryback, Daniel Bryan and Kane saw outstanding flight and aggression from Rollins, especially epic plunge through table in first ever six man tag TLC match…

Went through everyone in FCW/NXT and had no place to remain there… Call up to main roster launched the ever awakened star able to make a sustainable force in WWE Universe… Reliable high flyer capable of all asked can add technique, style, aggression and works with others tremendously… 2013 may just be his year…




2011 Placing - Unlisted

Began year down in OVW on Jan 11th capturing southern tag team championships with Marcus Anthony from Johnny Spade and Shiloh Jonze... Just seven days later soon lost those back to their previous owners... Teamed with Rob Terry and Rudy Switchblade to defeat Shiloh and Jason Wayne in handicap match to recapture those titles in a rather messy structure of tag team championship approach on February 22nd... Lost titles with Switchblade under by Anarquia and Raul La Motta on April 7... April 11th arrived and the pair once again defeated competition to lift the titles from Anaquia and La Motta.... On June 20th Board of Directors member Ken Wayne chose to strip the titles from them after referee allowed them the win by cheating tactics… Partnered Switchblade over June periods where as challengers became victorious on the Saturday night special only to senselessly lose the titles back to Raul LaMotta and Shiloh Jonze... Continued through June and tag action successfully... Had fair outings in July and August with the occasional single match...  July 7th also saw tense battle involving ladder match to retrieve the tag championships for record fourth time... Participated in the thirteen man nightmare rumble at Saturday night special on 1st September which Crimson won... Joined in triple threat action with Johnny Spade and winner Rob Terry on the 5th... Denied success over September... Regained stride in tag action over October with Rudy Switchblade including a successful title defence on October 6th after regaining on August 22... Ended OVW stints with losses to join TNA  impact on 1st November defeating ODB as candid competition... Went back to OVW for more successful tag action including title defence... Rematch on November 8th Impact with ODB in handicap tag participation with Tara resulted in loss... Headed up Turning Point on November 11th and first pay-per-view outing unfortunately alongside Tara against ODB and Eric Young in defining start to TNA roster... Dropped Young the following evening in singles... Favour returned next night dropping to Young disrupting his progression... Successfully defended tag titles again at OVW... Dropped the title on December 1st as expected to Sam Shaw and Alex Silva ending with their impressive near five-month reign... Lost on December 10th over on Impact to Bully Ray which is starting to give Godderz credible outlook as a capable talent once more... Ended year for OVW with Switchblade over Elvis Pridemoore and Stephon J. Baxter I I I…

'Mr. PEC-Tacular' call up to main TNA roster as Hollywood boyfriend to Knockout Tara then renamed plainly as Jesse after developing well down south will finally launch greater opportunities .. TNA booking process will guide him gently yet already destroying progress as superstar available for new age focus... Needs valid competition and devotion to angles than daft inaugurations .. Ease into fold with mid-late tag title run possibly adding third man to Tara/Jesse connection...




2011 Placing - 33

Title opportunity from Johnny Gargano’s DG Freedom Gate title on 14th Jan at EVOLVE 10 was ,,,, near miss of heavyweight dominance… 27th saw Spiked Mohicans CIMA and ‘ochet drop junction Three (Jimmy Susumu and Masaaki Mochizuki) in ,,, tag action… Euphoric Brave Gate title match as champion (from Xmas Day ’11) against Naruki Doi went over sixteen minutes on Mar 3rd… Over next two months had strong booking with consistent match placements… 25th saw another title defence defeating Kzy in another level twelve min encounter… Bested Mike Cruz at CZW/DG combo card Heat in Florida on 29th Mar… Ditched MAD BLANKEY to join WORLD 1 International… Mar 30th secured United Gate tag titles with Masato Yoshino… Once Yoshino was absent from dates, titles were stripped from the pair on 21st Jun, giving a three month run fruitfully, all the same… Entered a twelve man four way elimination challenge with Yoshio and Doi, unsuccessfully on 22nd Apr well... 6th May removed title from him by Dragon Kid in a 21 minute tantaliser… traquliser…. Followed rematch on 22nd Jul with another tremendous battle, which Dragon Kid halted the 24 year old Ricochet once more… Lost tag team title with Rich Swann to AR Fox and CIMA on 29th Jul… Knocked out in semi-final by Michael Elgin for PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles tournament on 2nd Sept, though earned Quarter final place downing Roderick Strong afterwards… Had a go at three way heavyweight title with Elgin and title holder Steen, which he failed to receive… Freedom Gate four way against Gargano, Tozawa and Fox was impressive… Took twelve undefeated wins with WORLD 1 faction from Dec 2nd till 20th… Fell in a last year battle for the Triangle Gate belts…

Budding youngster equipped with tremendous talent and high flying panache though requires strong individual standing in a tag formation than joining company favourite CIMA... Has extraordinary options to come... Needs to remain with Dragon Gate should offers come from anyone other than WWE, who should also be approached with caution ... Would be ruined elsewhere, DGUSA builds repertoire fruitfully for future...  




2011 Placing - Unlisted

Lost to Bobby Fish at EVOLVE on 14th Jan in generous barrage… Splintered A.R Fox in tables triumph for Dragon Gate on 27th … Fell to El Mesias and Blue Demon Jr at X Project debut ravishingly… Fended off Colt Cabana remaining PWS heavyweight champion on 9th March… CZW Junior heavyweight title defence on 10th with Drake Younger was another wrecking win… Lost over March in illuminatus tag battles with Bad Bones, Adam Cole Yuji Okabayashi and DJ Hyde in Japan… Won best of the best tournament in CZW in April… 21st Apr challenge to champ Kevin Steen at PWG title was copious carnage… Deposed of Junior heavyweight title to Drake Younger  for CZW on 5th May in gripping two of three falls Ultraviolent Rules … Further battle with El Generico at EVOLVE on 12th May comforting… wXw tag title skirmish loss on 20th … Took on KAI and The Great Muta with partner Anthony Nese rustically… PWS heavyweight title loss in famishing Ladder match for five year anniversary show to Kevin Matthews… Battled Davey Richards, Adam Cole and Michael Elgin over June… 13th July encounter with champion Steen for 2CW heavyweight honour… Followed an extremely luscious CZW junior heavyweight win sixty man Iron Man match regaining from Drake Younger… Lost same evening to loitering AR Fox… IWC super Indy title defence over Rich Swann on 25th August… Battle of Los Angeles PWG test reached semi-finals with Adam Cole… Lost IWC title to Façade in October… Amazing two of three falls with El Generico on 3rd Nov… Couldn’t regain vacant IWC world title in super Indy match with Logan Shulo in rapid teaser…Attempted to dethrone Johnny Gargano for Freedom Gate title at EVOLVE 18 main event on 15th December… AAW battle against champ Michael Elgin ends year on Dec 29th short…

Holder of three different company championships with multiple title opportunities and outstanding progress with intense brawling carnage amid stable level of competition… Adds unique qualities to every match listing with occasional joint promotions further elevating position… Needs contrast however if to become bigger industry player… 




2011 Placing - Unlisted

Started year in slow start with losses which still maintained control… Sat with musician and pal in audience during Jan event... Turned fortunes around in late Feb after losing CMLL World Trios title in two of three falls thriller to Marco Corleone, Maximo and Rush with partners Averno and Ephesto… Re-invigorated March battles were intense, excursive throes for tag action… Blitzed through Delta in a Lightning match on 30th March… April built challengers and kept level ground… Six man two of three falls tag for AULL with Ultimo Guerrero and Rey Escorpions loss to Atlantis, Mistico and La Mascara was another wicked and impressive occurrence… Swift eight min lightning match with Mascara Dorada in August was plentiful… Two of three falls in CMLL at Guadalajara Domingoes with Euforia fell in dense battle with La Mascara and Mistico… Further consistent and sophisticated showings from Aug – Nov including La Copa Junior semi-final Torneo Cibernetico loss to La Sombra in ten man extravaganza on 30th Nov… December placed meticulous Mexican towards top of tree stance in appearance of stride with Voldaor Jr, El Sagrado, Negro Casas and multiple others well… Ended Dec 28th on winning side of six man two of three falls with Averno and Felino at CMLL Super Viernes…   

Tag team stronghold for CMLL and Mexican market delivers fun, severity and clever implementation of working crowd, opponents, partners and emotions… Able to support lucratively… Appealing qualities and attention to detail strives audience participation further in positive light…




2011 Placing - Unlisted

Joined sixteen man Battle Royal which Ryota Hama won…Challegned unsuccessfully in the All Asia Tag Team title with Takumi Soya against Strong BJ… Participated among Champion Canival over May losing in finals to Taiyo Kea… Won at NOAH as part of three man unit with Kaz Hayashi and Shuji Kondo…  Eight Man Tag Team Elimination bout was a fair placing  in August… September 23rd’s Triple Crown championship on AJPW’s 40th anniversary saw Masakatsu Funaki lift the gold nailing a Hybrid Buster in a minimal yet powerful mat and submissive epic…  Went onto the real world tag league finals in November as part of Last Revolution with Joe Doering… Ended Christmas Eve with a tag loss in consistent action… 

Thirty six year old Japanese powerhouse has opportunity to reform AJPW's tag leagues as well as mid level stability with other growing workers in company portrayal... Drives quality from opponents as well as self... Needs further levels of honour, grace and dignity to either fox audience or interact them to brighter outlook...




2011 Placing - 10

Missed huge proportion of starting year… Returned in May with El Generico at DDT… Booked into high level bouts instantly including title match on 13th for tag straps… Won Falls Count Anywhere in a gripping fourty seven min four way… Best two of three falls six man tag on 10th June was adequate… Defeated Yuji Hino for KO-D openweight title in late June… Beat a blow up doll, namely, YOSHIHIKO during enthralling tag action encompassed by Kota’s partner Kenny Omega over Danshoku Dino on July 22nd in a debatably daft or genius match which also looked like a fabulous mock-up of The Hulkster, Hulk Hogan… Successfully retained title on 29th July seeing off DJ Nira… Vanquished Low Ki for another IWGP Junior heavyweight title reign… Then paired as Golden Lovers tag with Omega in triple duty victories for NJPW and DDT on 29th … Won comedy boxing rules match quickly and pointlessly for DDT… Kept IWGP title on 7th Sep besting KUSHIDA in further exemplary action… Dropped all titles soon after with IWGP back to Ki on 8th Oct and KO-D openweight to Generico on Sept 30th … Mostly constant winning approach over October to early Dec to cover losses previously…

Made sturdy progress on return to action though missed grand portion… YOSHIHIKO gave Ibushi a tough time which demonstrated hilarity, precision and skill… Respected in the ring for his talent, Ibushi commands an arena with fan appreciation and interaction vividly… May become first four or even five time IWGP champ… 2013 can only get better… 




2011 Placing - 49

Entered dependable start for Ring of Honor in January against Edwards and Matt Taven... Suffered critical amount of losses down at OVW from January 18th onwards  to February 29th  until business picked up on March 3rd Ring of Honor against Taven... Occasional Ring of Honor victories through to 25th April... May witnessed further losses than good however produced quality match opponents ranging from Adam Cole, Jay Lethal then challenging Davey Richards on June 15th in a stabilising draw when time ran out as Richards hailed the victor... Dropped Mike Bennett at Best in the World on 24th June in another sterling bout... Earned opportunity to battle champion Kevin Steen from the heavyweight title on June 29th in radical opportunity... Conquered Mike Bennett, Mike Sydal and Kenny King’s All Corners multi match on the 30th.... Strayed to Lethal in singles over July... Claimed victory on August 3rd in the six man mayhem involving Lethal, Bennett, Roderick Strong, TJ Perkins and Tommaso Ciampa with tender allure... Veered off course to Roderick Strong in ballast offering in Aug at Boiling Point... Quelled QT Marshall in September... Used #1 contendership on 15th challenging Cole at Death Before Dishonour card on the 15th for world television title... Strode on one-upping Kyle O’Reilly on the 22nd ... Embarked in six man elimination thrill featuring Cole, Richards, Strong and Michael Elgin as Jay Lethal won... Suffered in October by Davey Richards at Killer Instinct on 6th ... Ends the year upstaged by Mike Bennett at 13th Glory and Honour XI raising Bennett prowess... 

No doubt the incredible force of Mondo will eventually gain titles, as working his deserved place towards... Will be excellent star attraction for any company, which ROH listened to and signed who will enhance audience... Stable individual with unique traits adds contentious thrill to action... Needs to gain tighter role in battles where necessary... 




2011 Placing - 32

Against All Odds on 12th Feb in four man battle succeeded over Bully Ray, James Storm and Hardy retaining title sufficiently… Defeated Jeff Hardy to retain heavyweight title on 13th edition of Impact in TNA's lovable No DQ booking tradition lunacy… 28th Feb no contest with Bully Ray was disastrous... Steel Cage win over pal Storm on 15th Apr PPV was tepid scuffle... Following PPV trials with Rob Van Dam and Sting were anti-climactic... Defeated Rob Van Dam in ladder confrontation at Sacrifice filled with stipulation gimmick only… Dropped AJ Styles the next night on 15th May Impact in a nothing match… Title defences over coming months became contrived and boring showing no real star quality though occasional interest considering champion booking… At Destination X on 8th July, new challenger Austin Aries denounced Roode as champion in a shock and emphatic necessary change… Regained number one contenders privilege next night… Went to Hardcore Justice on August 2nd clocking a twenty four minute loss which was another diplomatic match with Aries… Fell into the boring bracket months after Aries went on to greater things… 9th of December saw another battle for the title at Final Resolution with new champ Jeff Hardy who retained… Ended year in yet another tedious no contest result with Austin Aries on Impact

Tedious placement and backwards approach as champion was not beneficial… Roode as champion is substandard, the blame comes in half dose, other half comes from TNA… Needs to booked interestingly rather than based on look as TNA think that will carry him along… Should head back to mid card until learning further wrestling requirements as champion material… If cannot grasp this achievement then this will be a telling sign of where Roode should best be placed to maintain credibility for himself and this company…




2011 Placing - Unlisted

Was forgettable over Jan – March beginning…  Crazily juiced in an unnecessary cage brawl with Kurt Angle in April at Lockdown which was fair but missing full detail… Weak DQ win over Devon on 31st May for TV title… Slammiversary X on 10th Jun was poor three way loss to Mr. Kennedy and Rob Van Dam… Joined a confusing and dragging Bound for Glory series which cut down numerous performers instead of accentuating their possible credentials lasting a tiresome Jun to Sep run… Lost to Mr. Kennedy at Sacrifice in the most laughable TNA production yet when referee Earl Hebner counted three in bungled unplanned finish as Hebner forgot, Hardy evermore looking the fool, the match was still rather frail, regardless... Dropped Samoa Joe and Bully Ray in forgettable matches leading to No Surrender in Sep… October 14th Bound for Glory saw Hardy pluck the heavyweight title once more from a newly turned Austin Aries in a senseless yet robust contest… Became lunatic stuntman in Ladder rematch with Aries at Turning Point in Nov…

Reformed character respected for rectifying personal endeavours to professional response, Hardy, however is lacking direction as many TNA stars with sustained phantom pushes encounter… Hardy’s re-integration may have propelled him atop once again, though was at a cost of competition and company champions needed for talent than gimmick… All-rounder Hardy should remain a constant but not the constant that cuts down competition which is now required as champion… Shabby booking is ever costly for the 35 year old drug fanatic…




2011 Placing - 22

Royal Rumble battle with CM Punk was crowd pleaser placing only sent for enhancing Johnny Ace/Punk feud along… Entered repetitive Elimination Chamber as exact character one year ago for WWE Championship for Raw brand as Smackdown superstar humiliated by elimination from Chris Jericho…Part of Team Johnny/Teddy lunacy at Wrestlemania in another jobber-esq position… World title shot against Smackdown champ Sheamus was tepid encounter where Vickie Guerrero’s vocals energised only interest… Receded to tagging for titles with Jack Swagger in May at Over the Limit borefest… Won Money in the Bank ladder match at self-branded PPV in June to mass expectancy in stupid stunts inaccurately placed…  Battled veteran Chris Jericho at Summerslam submitting defeat... Featured in Y2J’s last match where Ziggles retained Money in the Bank contract on the line forcing Jericho to leave WWE… Flung to grand master Randy Orton to re-imburse star aptitude with intense fail of Ziggler’s worth as main eventer… Teased numerous cash in's as per WWE booking standard with briefcase… Failed leading a team of new stars in Survivor Series five man traditional tag despite a lone survivor pinfall over Orton… Lame TLC MITB match with John Cena in December… Shacked up with WWE floozy AJ adding Mark Henry replacement Big E. Langston after the John Cena affair scandal as a threesome… 

Despite Mr.Zigglesworth’s steady start to 2012, the minimal protraction of star aura has now faded and cannot stand test of time… Has peaked at highest level as main event challenger only… Needs to re-join mid card contention to stabilise, rejoin tag team or else remain in tandem as recently introduced… Burntout booty wiggling blonde sleaze hasn’t many options left as a star…




2011 Placing - Unlisted

Spasmodic Claire Lynch/Kazarian/AJ Styles/Dixie Carter blackmail angle progressed far too long into tedious, unexplained piffle… Beat Samoa Joe and inferior Magnus on May 13th at Sacrifice to lift tag titles with Kazarian…Transitioned with Kurt Angle/AJ Styles team for matter of days before recapturing at Slammiversary in litigious composition… Lost at NOAH for GHC Junior heavyweight title against Yoshinobu Kokugikan on July 22nd… Unveiled as instigators in Claire Lynch story, then revealed, to a one week phenomenon before quietly erased from obscurity… Destination X Last Man Standing on 8th July with Styles was commendable clash… Hardcore Justice four man ladder loss to Styles was relishing but strained excursion… Dropped tag team gold to Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez at Bound for Glory on October 14th …  

Ridiculous booking and comedy goof attitude of Daniels has not helped either strive to a better future… Had some intense matches and feuding was consistent mostly… Main player with Styles in rework of former TNA originals was significant payoff, though overran as often is TNA’s case of self-destruction… Needs to lose goof gimmicks, remain serious yet harboured individual… Less is more…




2011 Placing - 13

Lost string of early year showings to James Storm, Jeff Hardy and an inconsequential time limit draw to Garett Bischoff lasting an exclusive five minutes on 29th Feb… March 18th Victory Road and Lockdown echoes of win/loss level to one another was redundant… March 19th Impact three minute challenge against Garett ended with TNA’s fabled yearly DQ booking victory… Pointless steel cage on 15th April at Lockdown with Hardy… Didn't join Team USA in London 2012 Olympics as hotly anticipated, with excuse being injuries… Angle returned in May to turn babyface dropping AJ Styles at Sacrifice then partnernering him for tag team title victory over Christopher Daniels and Kazarian on June 10th… Tag titles to Daniels and Kazarian in a mirthful transition on June 28th adrift… Loudmouth Angle tweeted further mishaps with lunacy fully apparent… Played humourous 5th August showing at AAA in Mexico with Electroshock and LA Par-K alongside ex-wife Karen’s squeeze Jeff Jarrett under a Hair vs Hair match… Bound for Glory series over August was drain on momentum to audience… Aug and Oct feud reformed with Jeff Hardy in repetitive yet calm competition… Involved in dire Aces and 8s storyline…

Sketchy future for hothead PR disaster who has completed every inch of his core in bumbling organisation… Could receive managerial, authoritive or valet position to enhance other stars and protect longevity as company ambassador… Has no sustainable place in wrestling circles anymore with a ruptured body defragmenting soul being… Needs perspective…   




2011 Placing - 17

Biggest opportunity against CIMA for Dream Gate title in Dragon Date on 4th March Osaka show drained every core of enthralling essence… Respected with back to back wins with high profile names in DG from 9th through 18th March… Fought Low Ki on 30th in twenty three min enhancer… Made exceptional entries in the Best of Super Juniors tournament in New Japan over May - June defeating Prince Devitt in a marvellous head turner before falling in semi’s to Ryusuke Taguchi… Triangle gate tag champ with WORLD-1 International (Naruki Doi and Masato Yoshino) on 30th June and 1st July were filled with suspense… Titles left waistline on 22nd July in nine man, three way elimination extravaganza after a successful last match defence forced PAC to vacate title… Respected immensely with hero send off by the crew in Dragon Gate following impending departure… Signed with WWE for its developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling as Adrian Neville… Defeated Sakamoto in first TV show for NXT on 6th December…

Twenty six year old grappler, flyer and technician finally signed to WWE after years of chasing him… Right time to do so… Re-branded with a skeptical name, Neville’s challenge is not the name but how to add weight to it… WWE need to carefully construct style instead of neutering completely…  




2011 Placing - 21

Entered Jan 3rd pressure cooker with an intense twenty five minute match extravagance defending AJPW junior heavyweight title against Hiroshi Yamato... Feb and March defences over Kaz Hayashi and Shuji Kondo respectively a welcomed reception... May 27th battle with KAI outstanding crowning KAI as champion… Fought likes of Davey Richards and team of Devitt, KUSHIDA and Ryusuke Taguchi over June, July and August in consistent showings… Won King of DDT tourney on July 8th…15th anniversary show falling to Kota Ibushi was exceptional… World Junior title on Oct 7th against Hiroshi Yamato proved another charismatic collision which Omega lost credibly… Won a blindfold match over Antonio Honda in a ten min thrill next evening… Returned at PWG on 27th with El Generico to down Jackson’s Nick and Matt… Won dual - ring five man TLC on 16th Dec for DDT in another reputable showcase… Captured KO-D Openweight title dropping El Generico on Dec 23rd in a fantastic year end as champion…

Stable, charismatic and capable star proves to be perfect all-rounder for companies resides in… Gathers fan attention for his gimmick and professional matches for being delivered in exceptional taste, style and talent… If moving higher up, however, to make fuller impact, should be given stronger booking faith in terms of outreach to audience… 




2011 Placing - 2

Hot favourite to win Royal Rumble in hometown was one of last four, eliminated before Sheamus and Chris Jericho… Strode forward into feud with Kane after Big Red Machine's blip with John Cena devalued him which Orton, capable of working star back up, carried perfectly, despite mild beginning, falling at Wrestlemania then reverberated at Extreme Rules in backstage Falls Count Anywhere minimalism… May 30th generated suspension after failing drug test for unaccounted medical listing not classed as an actual toxin further frustrating the thirty two year old… Sought and gained feud with Alberto Del Rio with submission beating on Aug 24th to build further star fallen… Easily passed through Dolph Ziggler at Night of Champions though kept contention apparent…Next ADR battle at Hell in a Cell intensified followed by Falls Count Anywhere and best of three falls on Smackdown over November as substantial, divine victories… Ended 30th Dec with tag success chaperoning Sheamus over Big Show and Antonio Cesaro for Smackdown

Impeding devilish turn no secret, only question is when... Should do so only when all other options are exhausted, must not be rushed… Long term plan to battle Sheamus for World title may occur in late 2013… Needs high level opponents, can build WWE’s roster playing outstanding role in feuds with ‘lesser’ names adding acknowledgement to Orton expertly star making, absent among other veterans in WWE… May see eventual reigns in mid-level titles though should avoid these, build stars and re-surface as heavyweight challenger in late 2013 or over 2014…Could take IC or US title when not rushed towards end if roster too thin...

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