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WWE Hall of Fame 2013 revealed. Trish going in!

Trish Stratus enters WWE Hall of Fame
 at Eleventh hour change!

WWE have secured diva Trish Stratus a place in the Hall of Fame class of 2013 scheduled at Madison Square Garden after reaching her at the eleventh hour last week. The original place was potentially marked for Sable.

WWE’s other inductees this year have confirmed Mick Foley and Bob Backlund. D-Generation X will also go in as now will Trish Stratus.
Deserves honours nonetheless

All members of DX will enter. Triple H, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, Shawn Michaels (again?) and X-Pac. WWE diva Chyna, an original member, however, will not be inducted.

Kamala has been discussed early on as rumour though high on the list to seek membership to the HOF.

Triple H has been personally aiming to acquire Bruno Sammartino into the prestigious class, though Vince McMahon’s feeling isn’t that fussed with Sammartino due to bad beef over the years. Sammartino has rejected previous offers from Vince due to the HOF being a farce with non-wrestling celebrities and ridiculous stars that contradict the legitimacy of a true legend inducted. WWE’s Hall of Fame consists of legends, a few wrestling personalities, a game show host, a comedy chicken and a convicted rapist.

Triple H has personally flown to ‘Tino’s home and believes this to be a ‘making’ of his power and style if he can ‘pull it off’ and acquire Bruno. Bruno is about honour, prestige and wrestling talent.

DX used to even mock what is seemingly at
WWE's reasoning for snubbery
Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts was one name being discussed and could make up the numbers if Sammartino doesn’t ‘comply’ with WWE’s request. Roberts has been long overdue.

Although, there doesn’t seem to be anyone named for the celebrity spot. We feel Cyndi Lauper may receive the nod this year, though if she doesn’t WWE may gear towards eventual inductee David Arquette.  Should Jake Roberts finally get his honours it would be the best and fitting option to place Alice Cooper into the celebrity wing. Lauper, Cooper and certain others paved a way that deserved their celeb honours in wrestling.

When it comes to WWE’s HOF booking, they select the most valuable star name, then the WWE Universe feel they pick random, pointless, non interesting stars or personalities to make up the surplus numbers.

The fact WWE chose to select its own choices without legitimacy, taints its lineage, something Sammartino has high concern with. The fact it wants all of DX in, but leaves out one member adds contradiction to the ceremony. Inducting certain people twice is becoming a farce among itself. HBK and Flair taking two honours is ridiculous and the whole point WWE miss is that those going in are the wrestlers/performers on one entry alone. So, even if say, Flair/HBK is part of a group and they were inducted as solo beforehand, then it means that the group they were in can get their honours meaning you’re not inducting DX, you’re inducting all the members but as a mass cluster in recognition. HBK, for example, always remains as a member who made it first.

Probably wont ever gain entry
Another example. Triple H, some say is likely to gain a three time record inductions spree as part of groups including DX and solo performances. All those members, A,B,C,D and E are lined for induction. Say A is HHH and B is HBK, then A goes in. B is already in, and can join on stage with his comrades, or induct. A will not gain another nomination. Not because they don’t deserve it, but because they have already been inducted. Do you understand?

The nWo, for example, many believe Hogan is trying to gain another entry from, would send in Hall and Nash, but Hogan has already made the honours, therefore can celebrate but already sits in the ceremony, therefore has no need to go in again, and again,, and again. You go in once. That’s it.

We mentioned in our Sable article that ideally Trish and Lita going in next year at Mania 30 together would have been much better and a fan delight. WWE rebuked that ideal. WWE have been seen by many Universer's as only going for headlines in mass media outlets than honouring the ceremony and it's performers, another issue sitting firmly with Sammartino.

Let's see how it unfolds on Raw every week then, shall we?

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