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Winner of TNA’s British Bootcamp crowned

Rockstar Spud gains 
TNA contract

On the 22nd January 2013 broadcast of the TV show British Bootcamp, 5 foot 3 superstar Rockstar Spud won the show and received a TNA contract from aging wrestler Hulk Hogan and TNA President Dixie Carter.

Spud beat competition in the series against loser Marty Scurll and The Blossom Twins.

Soon to be thirty year old, next Wednesday, Spud, real name James Curtin, said of his victory "This is the greatest moment of my life. I can finally tell my parents that I'm not a failure, this isn't a dream, this is my job, this is what I do." Over the course of 2012 Spud won 7 of 28 Matches.

Spud was most known for his loss against a reality contestant Billi Bhatti, from UK TV’s Big Brother show in August 2006, where the rookie dropped the Rocker in his debut match. Bhatti has moved on to a career in pornographic material since. Curtin has also appeared in ‘Snog, Marry, Avoid’ in which ugly looking people get transformed into a ‘natural beauty.’ He has an upcoming cameo in short film “Light the Lights” featuring run down son and Z list celeb, of a football legend's fame, Callum Best. Spud will play a clown.

Sweet Tarts, The Blossom Twins
During the episodes, all six of them, at thirty minutes long, of the three contestants, Spud was instantly involved in a fight in the limousine with adolescent Marty Scurll, 24, which the pair have a faked ongoing rivalry to make the show. Scurll began the fight over how many twitter followers both have. Spud almost decked the juvenile taunter, whose pithy excuse were girls being present to sit back after igniting the fire. They were soon warned of their unprofessional conduct. Scurll continued mocking Spud with his wrestling in the ring throughout the series.

Current? Sarah Rose smooching
Date withTake Me Out series 3 contestant Jamie. 
During the series, lothario Scurll, who has been involved in mass orgies on the front of newspapers with reality contestants for a dating show, Take Me Out, featuring thirty females and a bundle of desperate guys aiming to be selected participated, on its second series. Scurll soon moved on to one of the female contestants in British Bootcamp, Hannah Blossom. After tonguing the face off Blossom in an odious manner, Scurll was seen kissing another female just moments later. Scurll previously added insult to the company stating he “ wasn't sure what TNA Bootcamp is.”

With "My Baaaaabe" Georgie Ross from Take Me Out
Chauvinist Scurll also publically stated that he would love to have sex with his boss, Dixie Carter in another childish retort. TNA officials later confronted the boyish blunder on the issue. He showed no remorse for his comments. 

Teaching assistants to primary children, The Blossom Twins, 24, were classed by audience members as “a right pair of slappers” which clearly ruined their chances as well as not showing much personality as background characters. The twins bring cupcakes to the ring with them. 

Carter, along with Hogan, Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy giving evaluations of the hopefuls, announced Spud the winner adding the others had “one more opportunity” promoting twitter and impact fans to respond, “Knew it was faked all along so they could get everyone on the roster” as another added “This is mindless, Carter can’t run TNA with a paper bag on” whilst one more mentioned “Load of bulls**t, only one was supposed to win. Ridiculous. Such a farce.”

Rollerball Rocco and another photo opportunity, in
a derelict side street garage lock up 
The series was edited by Jeremy Borash which viewers disliked as a media show off, The Only Way Is Essex/Jersey Shore set up style which was highly tainted and unprofessional. World of Sport veteran Rollerball Rocco was the trainer of the series as was Hulk Hogan overseeing proceedings.

The Result?

Spud showed the most levels of intensity and charisma, the Blossom’s didn’t bloom and were forgotten characters, whilst unfocused personally. Scurll was once again the juvenile, adolescent alcohol guzzling; schmoozing creep letching on any females around with no actual style, skill or proof of a star many understand is the “Zack Ryder jobber of the UK Wrestling scene.” Scurll is still studying unrelated subjects not involved with wrestling as a “back up career” if his minimal wrestling skills fail to impress, as he admitted on his dating show appearance last year. Scurll is only interested in gathering headlines in media and chasing females for sex, which is highly unprofessional to any organisation.

Of the three, Spud was the most valuable and has an opportunity to reform the ailing X-Division or tag team area. Many feel it won’t be long before he leaves the company within a year timespan.

TNA plan to use all four on the ‘Road to Lockdown’ tour over the 26th Jan 2013 period.

Many workers on the British scene were ultimately annoyed how three weaklings were selected over them. The response is clear; TNA did not scout any of the Brit scene and can’t figure out how to find real stars. One superstar felt he clearly deserved a place over some of the males. He plans to retire in 2013 as a result. 

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