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Ole! WWE hire El Generico

Generico contract leading way 
for multiple influx?

WWE hasn’t officially signed masked wrestling superstar El Generico to a developmental contract as the internet marks have jumped on a false inclination once again with inaccurate details.

Generico has been spoken to and invited to take WWE’s rigorous medical tests, upon if passing will surely be signed, which everyone understands. Generico speaks a multitude of languages, which was said to be a tipping point for WWE’s worldwide scale. Generico has been told to and complied with cancellations of lined up events including PWG’s approaching weekend event. Previous deals with Kassius Ohno, Daniel Bryan and break downs such as Nigel McGuiness deals falling through are standard procedure before mass signage. WWE may remove Generico’s mask as a worker. This would be a mass mistake noted by the WWE Universe.  

The soon to be signing comes as WWE plan to expand their developmental future, widely understood by Triple H. Head-hunter Tripper also plans to sign up numerous independent superstars previously eyed up years ago. Some of those include Sami Callihan and Adam Cole, who again, have been in WWE’s eyesight for numerous time and due to receive tryouts over January. More signings are expected over coming months.

Other stars lined up could include Roderick Strong, a bundle of divas, Mike Bennett and potentially former WWE Diva and Bennett’s girlfriend Maria, Shelton Benjamin, Alex Shelley and Brodie Lee among others. Bennett had his meeting/tryout last month. 

WWE plan to considering calling up as well Ashley Flair and Paige to television.

Speculation also emerges WWE have considered signing model Kyla Cole.

John Morrison has also been assumed to return to the company after his contract expiration within a year and a half to two years. No word on Melina returning. He shouldn’t.

No word can be revealed on whether Max Waltham will sign.

Asked if WWE would re-hire others?

After being asked by fans from letters in email and social media, Wrestling Wonders believes WWE may re-introduced Maryse at the WWE 20th Raw anniversary show and has been in contact with her for a return at some stage. We wouldn’t be surprised if it made offers to Michelle McCool, Maxine and The Bella Twins. WWE have asked Trish Stratus to return, of which she declined. Lita is also in the frame. Batista is only a matter of time before an approach is made. WWE should re-hire Sylvain Grenier.

WWE’s attempt at creating a future because it neglected to make one is an upset and yet pleasing move that it finally looks to hire more capable stars, however, how much time has been neglected, and what of those stars still residing in WWE? The ‘E need to band them together than cause lockeroom conflict. Hiring certain people who bring others together to gain the best out of staff are sterling choices. WWE need to offer more than a few Indy stars and re-work the roster. It needs people to help shape them. Those individuals are just as technically priceless as the stars themselves to formulate a decisive future perspective.

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