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WW Pro 50 2012, Part 2, 24 - 1

Wrestling Wonders Pro 50 Part 2

Part 2 of the Wrestling Wonders Pro 50, counting down the 50 best in ring workers over the past calendar year from 1st January to 31st December 2012. 

Text finalised on 2nd Jan 2013


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2011 Placing - 5

After 2011 break from Eddie Edwards, American Wolves tag teamer set out with Kyle O’Reilly  instead in two team swapping notions… As Team Ambition with O’Reilly, won #1 tag title contendership at Underground… Defended world title at ROH over Jay Lethal in a token bout on 4th Feb...  12th at NJPW with Rocky Romero bested Apollo 55 for tag titles in superlative tag splendour… Couldn’t wrest Prince Devitt’s IWGP junior heavyweight gold on 10th Mar… Ended March at ROH as tag and heavyweight champ with back to back wins… Joined PWG’s Epic 8 tournament in April… Crushed Jimmy Jacobs in May… Lost ROH world title on 12th May to Kevin Steen in a raucous pleaser… DREAMWAVE world title loss with Nick Brubaker on 8th June… Fifteen minute standstill with Mike Mondo on 15th was another glowing guarantee… Rematch with Steen at BITW was emotional No DQ wreck fest… Scheduled for NJPW Best of Super Juniors tournament until mysteriously pulled at eleventh hour claiming injury as excuse… Fell to Xix Xavant and Velvet Sky on 1st July in WWC in Puerto Rico with tag partner Melina… Defeated Jack Gallagher for the FSW title at Futureshock card on 25th Aug… 6th October battle with Mike Mondo was another tangible tussle at ROH… Challenged MASADA for CZW world title on 10th November… Misplaced to Michael Elgin in AAW heavyweight title collision on 24th … Reformed team of American Wolves with Edwards winning on 16th Dec at Final Battle over O’Reilly and Bobby Fish in another persistent showing… End of year on 29th Dec for AAW card finished another time limit draw for tag titles lasting 30 mins with tag pard O’Reilly…

Active twenty-nine year old now needs continuity with consistent outlook… Formulated back into tag with Edwards for one last run seemingly… Plans to retire when contract expires in summer 2013… Has retracted retirement plans previously… If remaining or minimal appearances, needs to recapture poise and style with more basis than appearance… Needs to remain in briefs…




2011 Placing - Unlisted

Propelled into first gear for NJPW after years as standard character… Partnered Prince Devitt as Apollo 55 with fourth tag championship run from Jan 4th to Feb 12th … Fought PAC in Best of Super Juniors tournament in June rivetingly… Finally supplanted Low Ki to win the ever near, yet out of reach, as runner up challenger in NJ’s BOTSJ’s series filled with most lavish contending squadron yet over June period… Crowned title shot victor failed to knock off new champ Kota Ibushi for the IWGP Junior heavyweight title in a culminative appraisal on 23rd Sep… Reached finals of Super Junior tag tourney with Devitt against Time Splitters (Alex Shelley and KUSHIDA) on Nov 2nd beating…  NEVER openweight title second round advancement halted by Kengo Mashimo on 19th November… Stepped up campaign for heftier heights losing to Kazuchika Okada on 23rd in gazing response…

Came extremely close to Junior heavyweight accolade… Supports fantastically in pairing with Devitt that sustains Apollo 55 for tag principals, New Japan and their tag partnership… Outsider may edge close to victory next year… Has title in sites either this year of next after Devitt’s prestige raising may fall to keep healthy championship status after fluid run…




2011 Placing - Unlisted

Double champion with Akitoshi Saito received honour of lifting gold straps off Bad Intentions members Karl Anderson and a WWE bound Matt Bloom, as Tensai… Joined All Together 2 charity card in Japan mid February...  Registered fervorous defence of Triple Crown title against Takao Omori… Defenders of GHC tag titles with Akitoshi Saito in thirty min blinder against Go Shiozaki and Keji Muto in March… Days later on 20th won another scorching defence over Keji Muto retaining Triple Crown title…  Presented NOAH’s global tag league tremendously with excellent reputation respected in wins almost everytime… Launched Special Assault Team stable featuring adversary Shiozaki over May period… Once again kept hold of triple crown title fending off Taiyo Kea in twenty three minute tantaliser… 22nd August saw switch of tag gold to inconsequential Magnus and Samoa Joe… Mammoth tag wins over Sept to year end were monumental frolics.. 23rd Dec saw another great win over Naomichi Marufuji… Ended Christmas Eve for NOAH as Mr. Christmas snowed over by a winning Atsushi Aoki in a fun end…

At forty three years of age, veteran is highly respected and best placed with others in tag extremes… Can adapt to all thrown to him… Valuable asset with encouraging participation creates heartfelt emotive interaction with fans on all levels… Physically astute and champion material, Akiyama has no chance of becoming shrinking violet anytime soon…




2011 Placing - 37

Victories over January against the Briscoe’s with Roderick Strong and singles over Chris Hero for ROH… February and March saw equal win/losses in matches with Adam Cole… Partnered Strong once again on March 4th 10th anniversary show in splendid tag action against TJ Perkins and the Amazing Red… ROH title opportunity as challenger to champ Davey Richards on 31st Showdown in the Sun day two event a bright spark… Beat Scotty O’Shea at Evolve 11 on April 13th… Back at Unity against Rhett Titus and Kenny King in tiptop tag action despite loss with Strong… Rising Above next evening submitted Samson Walker displaying aggression… Had title shot at CZW against champ Masada on May 5th unsuccessfully claiming gold… Back on the 12th in ROH took down Adam Cole in tight singles… Followed later part of May and June with minor losses however maintaining reputation… Gripping game against Sami Callihan at PWG in June… Went to no contest draw on August 3rd against champion Adam Cole for TV title… Passed first three levels of competition on September 1st for PWG Battle of Los Angeles tournament defeating Davey Richards, Brian Cage and Ricochet until falling at Cole’s hand’s… Battled Rhino in September smoothly… Part of the six way elimination teaser with Richards, Cole, Strong, Mike Mondo and victor Jay Lethal on September 22nd… Downed Mike Bennett on 6th October… Pinned by champion Kevin Steen on 13th after tense title shot… October 27th at PWG defeated Eddie Edwards then moved on to title match against Steen, also champion, in threeway action involving Ricochet… Bested Davey Richards on November 3rd… Ended Final Battle on the 16th against former stronghold partner Roderick Strong in a seemingly daft choice…

Bulky beast adds aggressive nature to wrestling style positively .. Sturdy company cohort ever growing in himself and organisations associated with... Credible, intense and worthy booking... Only matter of time before titles appear on shoulders within a year period... Shouldn't be rushed and gain tag titles for ROH to begin impact over the year... Can work with anyone... 




2011 Placing - Unlisted

Lost to Keiji Muto in twenty two min blast for NJPW on Jan 4th… Shinuske Nakamura at New Beginning on Feb 12th to elevate prospects… March 4th‘s meeting with Kazuchika Okada on his first heavyweight title defence was an electrifying entanglement… 1st August G1 Climax competition began with Okada and Nakamura expertly… Suffered injury on the 7th during competition with Rush… Soldiered on through pain until October 8th at King of Pro Wrestling event with Yujiro Takahashi where chair assault angered injury forcing Naito out of wrestling in the sin bin…  

Upon return from injury should continue with further high profile feuds from new talent arising to create stable competition for him and his opponents than mainstream pre-marked individuals comfortable in reputation… Eventual title win should be held off until dominance displayed after easing back into action from injury… 




2011 Placing - 27

Spent lengthy time doing all possible in FCW until July… Debuted on Smackdown on 24th July with Santino Marella as competition in two min exclamation point… As threat to Theodore Long’s blooming romance with glamour puss Aksana blast from past Cesaro soon featured regularly on Friday show as favour from Ted to ‘sana… Gained high privilege defeating Marella for the United States championship at Summerslam in all round mid card change for industry outlook… Night of Champions proved star quality over Zack Ryder transpiring Cesaro as one of few talent WWE have left to expertly reform a new era filled with lacking opposition, however, vital for that success to continue… October PPV match with Justin Gabriel was step down in booking, however immensely sold Gabriel to highest level of competition ending with a stunning Neutraliser… Worked through injury unknown to the WWE Universe… Survivor Series on 18th Nov gave opportunity and options to former stale stock R-Truth in a sustainable US title match of credible design… 16th Dec TLC bout with R-Truth was fair replay… Fought with fellow prolific worker Randy Orton in tag action with bumbling Big Show and ever tedious Sheamus with Orton on 30th Dec Smackdown…  

Qi-linguic connoisseur as benchmark for mid-level title scene and structured champion reforms platform for WWE’s previous lacking landscape… Able to launch additional competition in stable performers and opponents of worthy standing… Delivers exceptional tone in formulated match personification with pinpoint timing accuracy… 




2011 Placing - 12

Ousted from Blood Warriors faction after BxB Hulk betrayed him in the Loser Leaves Unit eight man match on January 19th… Jan 29th retained tag titles with partner Ricochet at Open the Golden Gate against Jimmy Susumu and Maasaki Mochizuki… With Ricochet fought Johnny’s Goodtime and Yuma falling at PWG on Jan 29th…  February 5th saw tremendous dream gate title first defence with Jimmy Susumu… March 29th’s Heat card collaboration with Mochizuki a successful new partnership… At Mercury Rising lost in a six man challenge with Chuck Taylor, Samuray Del Sol, Lince Dorado and Rich Swann to El Generico at end of March… July 28th assisted AR Fox over Generico and Sol… Next night again won over Ricochet and Swann for Third Anniversary of DG… Defeated to YAMATO at August 22nd defending Dream Gate title in a exceptional battle… In late October procured Dream Gate title in a rapid encounter lasting over twenty seven minutes with Masato Yoshino… Dropped Drew Gulak, Taylor and Orange Cassidy with Swann and ACH in Captain’s Fall six man tag at Fearless on 2nd Nov… As champs on 3rd defended tag titles over Genki Horiguchi and Ryo Saito… Ended on Nov 4th with a mesmerising scrap with Sami Callihan… Fought on December 23rd to retain title in three way action against Hulk and Shingo Takagi gaudly….

Dragon Gate's top approved star deserves honour, however needs to be on level projection to competititon with booking in order to build opponents, create feuds of longer standing and attract further audience... Came back from injury with heightened commitment... Needs an overcoat to character for wider audience interest... 




2011 Placing - Unlisted

Three way elimination in Jan for UWE on 12th lost to LA Par-K and The Canek... Started strong in February defeating Evil Dogs with El Mesias by DQ in thrilling match up... Survived six way mask vs hair steel cage challenge on Feb 12th for AAA’s War of Titans with Chessma, Cibernetico, LA Par-k and Aguayo JR, forcing Canadian Vampire the loss... Lost great six man match with Toscano and The Texan Jr, on 4th March in two out of three falls... Rivalry with El Consejo stable early year a joy... Soon fought against his partners Texan and Toscano on March 18th ... Followed into Electroshock and Heavy Metal tag defeat to El Consejo members Mascara Ano 2000 Jr, El Texano Jr and Toscano with outside interference costing him to be pinned... In April joined with Silver King to combat stable...  Assisted Jack Evans and Electroshock in another recognised battle with DQ victory in July… Returned in August to IWRG winning fantastic six man tag team triple threat steel cage encounter… April 22nd loss in tag with The Messiah in Durango, Mexico with Drako and Perro Aguayo Jr, 29th at AAA dropped Vampiro Canadian… Next night lost to The Council of Texan Jr and Mascara Ano 2000 Jr… December victory in six man tag pleased…12th July at Carlito & Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team card witnessed loss with Blue Demon Jr and Lizmark Jr… Aug 5th TripleManiaXX downed Mascara Ano 2000 Jr in mask v mask forcing opponent to demask after win for Wagner...

Masked warrior became Mexico's main attraction... Delivered technique, skill, style and character to enthuse fans vividly... Supports company core whilst continuing to shape the roster worked with in formulaic construct... Needs more individual outlook in tag matches while seeming connected...




2011 Placing - 7

Jan 13th at RPW Rise event gave victory over PAC, The Canadian Destroyer and Matt Cross... Followed into tag action at PWG on 29th with Masato Yoshino and PAC against Steen, Akira Tozawa and Super Dragon... Mar 17th witnessed World's Finest for PWG gaining title shot in three way action against champion Kevin Steen and Eddie Edwards to a tantalising loss... CHIKARA's Green Ice event and It's How you play the game on the 24th and 25th saw submission loss to Tim Dinst and victory with six man tag action day later, respectively... Fought intense Last Man Standing match with champion Steen for ROH World Championship resulting in Generico's total knock out, thus remaining challenger on Mar 30th... Day later took on Jimmy Jacobs with a win on Day 2 of Showdown in the Sun... Defeated multiple opponents in outstanding six man match at Mercury Rising for Dragon Gate besting Chuck Taylor, Lince Dorado, Rich Swann, CIMA and Samuray Del Sol... Fought Low Ki at Evolve 11 on Apr 13th... On 21st for PWG in a two of three events win with Willie Mack in tags losing with BJ Whitmer at ROH Unity... CHIKARA's Hot off the Griddle battle with diva Sara Del Ray another losing gratification on  Apr 28th... Drew with Kyle O'Reilly at Rising Above on 29th... May 11th Evolve event with loss to Ricochet delight... Bashed Sami Callihan on 12th... Returned to action with Ricochet in a grudge match victory at PWG... Jun 24th and 28th saw eight man tag and submission win for CHIKARA and EVOLVE... Lost to Tozawa at Dragon Gate's third anniversary celebration card... Sep 8th at CZW Down with the Sickness witnessed title shot available against Masada, though failed to snare the strap... Same evening went to EVOVLE to exact frustration on Samuray Del Sol with a win... Went to PWG once again on Oct 27th... At DG Uprising lost in another considerable two of three falls with Callihan... Took an undefeated streak of five adjoinings over Nov to Dec for DG, CHIKARA, PWG and EVOLVE... Took a Final Battle against Kevin Steen at ROH in a gripping Ladder war for Steen's championship, which Generico didn't leave with...
Highly utilised talent for numerous promotions has a healthy booking repertoire, though for those watching may be bored of placement here there and everywhere... Needs some stability perhaps... Still commendable if dabbling around... Enthuses any audience in attendance, places fair, strong and level matches with great tenacity... Needs to find a niche in character if to be considered for heartier title opportunities...




2011 Placing - Unlisted

PWS heavyweight champ resurfaced with TNA in March in a captivating four way extravaganza for the X Division title with Zema Ion, Kid Kaos and victorious champ Austin Aries which bafflingly ended in a draw… On April 7th at the ECWA Super8 tournament against Papadon contested another buoyant encounter… Split with TNA on May 17th after seeking release due to sporadic involvement…  Returned at Po Wrestling Syndicates 5th Anniversary show on June 1st to battle AJPW legend The Great Muta and KAI with partner Sami Callihan in a substantial ground and pound challenge… Joined EVOVLE Generico vs Del Sol card on Jun 28th defeating Alex Reynolds, Johnny Gargano and Lince Dorado in another tangible four man match… Day later at EVOLVE 15 dropped Mike Cruz in another pleasing effort… Could not top weekend when meeting Gargano one on one on the 30th in the style battle finals… Became NYWC Fusion champion, dropping Stockade on August 16th, still holding currently active reign into 2013, now holding two company titles… September 14th silenced challenger Matt Hardy for PWS heavyweight gold… Beat Alex Reynolds once more on the HOH debut show at the beginning of October…  Successful defence over Star Man, Jay Lethal and Chuck Taylor over October to November for PWS and Fusion titles… November gave tag success with Papadon in Dragon Gate on the 4th over Caleb Konley and Scott Reed… November 9th saw loss of PWS Tri State Championship after holding since 5th March 2011 by Star Man in thrilling three way title fest with Alex Reynolds also… 8th December resulted in loss to A.R. Fox in yet another convincing challenge for EVOLVE on Dec 8th… Finished year at IWC Super Indy Title #1 contendership in four man participation dropping Johnny Gargano, Zema Ion and Bobby Fish in another rapid ruckus of powerful intent…

Hard thinker on options and departure from TNA was wisest move after being marred by company non-approval of working independent card, whilst TNA allowed Ric Flair to go to WWE’s Hall of Fame for second induction… Found sterling success on the indy scene with EVOLVE, DG and others proving to maintain his credible stance and talented athleticism… Would benefit any company that take him full time, should he agree to that… Still professional in every booked match and procures star quality…




2011 Placing - 26

After terrible last year TNA centrefold was re-launched in Jan – Mar with change in direction successfully only to be met with equal undoing in conjunction… Inexplicably implicated in an obscure angle with TNA head Dixie Carter and a female called Claire Lynch to which married father Styles was disgusted with playing such a role the company couldn’t pre-plan, lined on adultery… 10th March tag win with Kurt Angle allowed lifting of belts over Daniels and Kazarian… Part of victors in Team Garrett Lockdown Loser Leaves company in five man megamatch on 15th April to no avail… 15th May Impact witnessed title shot with Bobby Roode… 28th June dropped Kurt Angle and Styles as tag champs to Christopher Daniels and Kazarian days before winning on 22nd in New York… Overstayed welcome in Bound for Glory series over August…  Started regaining stride in Sep – Oct yet still in background somewhat… World title contendership lost on 11th to James Storm… End year loss on 9th Dec to Daniels in twenty one min match was average…

Remained distant memory at early start in slow burner shelving any level of scope as performer… Impetuous repulsion with the mysterious disappearance of Claire Lynch story from goofball Dixie Carter cut Styles reputation immensely… Lack of direction and sustained level of competition puts Styles in another year of awkward limbo due to TNA booking and minimal star projection despite effort…  




2011 Placing - 14

Defeated Blood Warriors on 19th Jan in Ten Man Tag Loser Leaves Unit starter at 32 mins… Surprisingly followed up with this on 9th Feb in same match type in Yoshida Style fourteen man action which they lost in a monolithic endorsement lasting seventy-one and a half minutes… Joined Akatsuki tandem in April… King of the gate tournament over May saw defeat of Akatsuki co-member Shingo Takagi to be eliminated by Dragon Kid days later… Challenged for Open Dream Gate title in six way elimination rules losing to Akira Tozawa on 24th June… On 6th July joined twelve man tag four way elimination with another great involvement… Won tag titles on 22nd with Takahi downing Jimmy Kagetora and Susumu collectively known as the Jimmyz… Defeated Ricochet in a great aerial assault at Untouchable on July 28th… Bafflingly lost to the tedious Jon Davis on 29th at third year anniversary event… Had an eclectic Aug 22nd title opp against CIMA unfortunate, yet uplifting to the masses watching over 24 mins… Falls count anywhere collision on 14th Sept with Don Fujii resulted with loss… On 23rd dropped tag titles to Fujii and Masaaki Mochizuki in another banquet of battalions… Maintained sustainable victories over coming months… Dropped Akira Tozawa in another act of tangible feasibility… Ends year on 28th with supportive loss to WORLD1 Faction…

Tag supremo adds high levels of impact, tenacity and stable tag support… Often challenging for titles is used well by company residing in… Needs to win the big one if Dragon Gate wants to create a new star for its future than just three to four floating around… Is more than capable and holds high level of interest to those watching… Consider 2013 (or 14) reign from May/July onwards… 




2011 Placing - 43

Began January CZW losing to Devon Moore with a shot to heavyweight championship... Over January to February 17th suffered back-to-back losses at Ring of Honour against Elgin, Steen and Strong... Start of March changed into victories including 10th anniversary edition of March 4th partnering Eddie Edwards against former partner O’Reilly and Richards... Fell to Masada at CZW on March 10th... Defeated Adam Pearce at Showdown in the Sun stipulation where loser cannot use the name Adam any more... Unsuccessfully fought Roderick Strong in title action in April... Then reformed with partner O’Reilly in PWG on 21st adding victory over Joey Ryan and Scorpio Sky... Lost tournament next round against Player Uno and Stupefied... Fell to Fire, Green and Soldier Ant with TJ Perkins and Jay Lethal in a stable battle... Challenged for the world title against Davey Richards on the 29th in concrete encounter... Challenged Sammy Callihan at CZW unsuccessfully... Back in Ring of Honor from July 15th was highly respected by company after last year’s downturn in eleven undefeated back-to-back victories including a successful gain of TV title from Roderick Strong on July 29th... Successfully defended very title against challenger Michael Elgin on August 3rd in no contest draw to retain... First mini undefeated streak ruined on September 8th at Caged Hostility from former pal Kyle O'Reilly... Dropped Kevin Steen at PWG Mystery Vortex on 1st December to raise heavyweight championship pinnacle... Followed another successful win  over Callihan on December 8th for CZW... Final showing on the 16th and Final Battle Ring of Honor year end saw  rising star suffer defining loss to Matt Hardy...

Respected from previous year downpour launched technical and barbaric whizz into capable outlook for ROH... Heavyweight and mid level champ further elevated company fortunes in portrayal designating correct style and look of star as frontman... Needs solid matches, core structure in technical main stay with opponents to maintain company perceival... 




2011 Placing - 29

RPW title tournament three way no time limit no disqualification mega match for vacant heavyweight gold was intense match won by Harry Smith… Lost his NSPW title on 14th Jan following RPW with heavyweight fall… Blind challenge with Adam Cole on 4th was short frolic… Took off Jimmy Jacobs on anniversary show for ROH over 14 mins mid-March…  Destroyed El Generico title reign to steal PWG title in three way with Eddie Edwards on 17th … 30th ROH Last Man Standing with Generico emotional… Lost 2CW tag title on 13th April… Defended PWG gold against Sami Callihan in thirteen min scorcher… Fierce nature at CHIKARA lost title opportunity with DQ… May 12th crowned biggest achievement besting Davey Richards for Honor championship… 23rd Jun four way for vacant heavyweight title crowned Steen… Rematch on 24th June in New York forced Richards to change tack to favoured Kev in foreign object, hardcode filled warfare… Plundered through numerous others at ROH in heavyweight defences from Mike Mondo, Roderick Strong, Eddie Kingston, Rhett Titus, Michael Elgin, Rhino, Mike Bennett, Matt Hardy, Jay Lethal and El Generico… PWG title loss to Adam Cole on 1st December was ferocious pleaser… Ladder bout at Final Battle with Generico on 16th continued company stead…

Has passed through almost all opponents in ROH well to maintain championship rule, however, needs to make sure options with them are not exhausted completely… Respected over the Indy scene with multiple heavyweight championships… Needs stronger involvement with careful structure in certain places of match spots… Company downturn could become costly for all if incorrectly distributed…




2011 Placing - 16

Defended with BxB Hulk on 15th Jan to successfully remain tag champion… Defeated PAC in a sixteen min goodie on Jan 27th …No ropes victory over Shingo Takagi in an eighteen min confliction was highly watchable… Part of the Blood Warriors stable, Tozawa convinced name change to MAD BLANKEY before tag match on Mar 1st…  Fell on Mar 4th as Jimmyz Susumu and Kagetora won in Osaka at Champion Gate in an appetising escalation… Stable showings for DG up to May where Tozawa entered King of Gate tournament reaching the finals against Genki Horiguchi HAGeeMee losing in another exceptional bout… Took a serious of important title matches as challenger to CIMA on 22nd July in a trustworthy meeting for Dream Gate title before facing Freedom Gate champion Johnny Gargano on 28th at Untouchable… Joined tag formations well once more over the Summer Adventure Tag League and strong matches including eight man best two of three falls challenge over Aug… Suffered over Sep after winning streak needed losses to create competition… Lost to Gamma and HUB and Magnitude Kishiwada for the Triangle tag titles in a persistent role… Had another crack at guardian Gargano on 4th Nov to no avail in a thirty man, four way exchange joining fallen Ricochet and A.R Fox for the Freedom Gate championship propolsively … Tag supremo towards end of December finished 28th with loss to Jimmyz…

Is assured and capable for title approach, however should only win if Dragon Gate want to propel a star… Ideally should hold off till end of the year, build reputation of star aura throughout and if necessary donate Freedom strap after a high character build over the year setting Tozawa fruitfully beginning his main entry level with Jul/Sep start with YAMATO, who should win first and into the New Year to build and give both a red hot feud possibly ending in March with champ rule for Akira… 




2011 Placing - Unlisted

Debut on Jan 27th over BxB Hulk was graced with victory… Met Bobby Fish on 29th for CZW/Dragon Gate combo card well... March 30th encounter with PAC was topnotch tussle... Flew around with El Generico on 13th April at EVOVLE favourably… Layed down gauntlet to Prince Devitt in New Japan surface over April then rewarded with IWGP junior heavyweight title in defining test on May 3rd … Dropped Jigsaw and Jon Davis in fair jaunts over May 11th and 12th respectively for EVOLVE cards… Took mammoth wins over the Best of the Super Juniors New Japan tournament from May – June setting contention for winner Ryusuke Tagauchi in IWGP title contest at Dominion on 16th June… Remaining Junior champ squandered on July 29th by Kota Ibushi in an ecstatic envoy…  Oct 8th regain lusciously multiplied the previous embellishment… Prince Devitt plucked back title claws on Nov 11th with egregious intent becoming IWGP champ leaving Ki in still healthy position overall… 

Stable force in New Japan Pro Wrestling has found footing with fortunate respect… Guiding force brightly now needs to remain a strengthened pillar in New Japan’s community joined by long withstanding of character and poise…  




2011 Placing - Unlisted

Jan 14th at Dragon Gate saw twenty four minute rapture with Ricochet in fight for Open the Freedom Gate title which Gargano kept… Won epic thirty man gauntlet battle for AIW Absolute… Lost at CZW/DGUSA combo event in a lavish nine man tag three way elimination to Akira Tozawa, BxB Hulk and Uhaa Nation with partners Chuck Taylor and Rich Swann on 29th Mar… Title shots for tag domination with Taylor out of reach on 30th as WORLD1 International Masato Yoshino and Richochet snapped vacant titles up… Consecutive eve, hungry Yoshino silenced by Gargano in ravishing title defence lasting just over twenty minutes… Strong three way with Taylor and Samuray del Sol at EVOLVE 11 on 13th Apr… Crashed out of first round three way elimination at CZW Best of the Best 11 on 14th… As Team FIST, with Taylor fought back victory at CHIKARA on 14th in four team elimination… Enchanting time limit draw against ACH at Beyond Wrestling/SLA Double Trouble combo card on 16th June… 28th saw four way loss to Anthony Nese… Next evening for EVOLVE 15 dropped Taylor in a captivating one second short of twenty one minute supremacy… Revenge on Nese on 30th … Another mesmerizing title defence with Akira Tozawa for twenty five mins at DG Untouchable Twenty minute burner for PRIME costing Jimmy Jacobs heavyweight title on 19th Aug …  Shouldn't have gone to IPW in Aug, who underutilised Gargano on British shores in favour of unknown beings… Excellent battle with Owen Phoenix, however on 22nd…  Another successful defence of title against subordinate Jon Davis a mistake... PRIME title defence over Rhino on 30th Sep decent...  String of victories with Yoshino and Naruki Doi followed… Had Triangle Gate title shot on 27th Oct…  4th gave a successful defence against Ricochet, Tozawa and AR Fox in another amazing thirty min portrayal… Rejoined Taylor at CHIKARA in November… Held onto PRIME title downing Gory on 7th Dec… Final year outing for EVOLVE remained Freedom Gate champion over Sami Callihan in another twenty five min cracker… IWC super indy card losing to Tony Nese with Bobby Fish and Zema Ion was another expert match up… Received year ending victory with Eddie Kingston over Jacobs and Rickey Shane Page aka Nixon Wrestling… 

Last year’s Dragon Gate champ from 13th November 2011 sustainable choice for DG to run with, building repertoire for company and performer… Twenty five year old needs stronger direction than gimmick matches that ruin parts of reigning champion for strong organisation… May need tighter approach with booking principals and match outlook for future showings… Must be careful which promotion placed into viably for heavyweight champion in growing federation capable of strong competition… Success of two time current champion of different promotions cannot be denied placing… 




2011 Placing - Unlisted

Created Akatsuki group in Feb… Lost in a rousing no ropes match with enemy Akira Tozawa on Feb 20th … Won Open Twin Gate championship with YAMATO on 22nd July in a decent outing… Summer Adventure Tag League over 4th – 11 August was another sterling series…Three Way on 19th August was a loss to Don Fujii and Mochizuki and Genki Horiguchi HAGeeMee and Ryo Jimmy Saito…  Back to back victories from 26th Aug to 18th Sep were stimulating… Lost tag straps with YAMATO to Team Veteran Returns Mochizuki and Fujii on 23rd at Dangerous Gate… Regained stride heading into and over October winning tags in a range of gratifying decisions… November was once again outstanding record of achievement… Took on CIMA for his title in three way elimination with BxB Hulk which fell short of victory…

Technical whizz with tenacity and exploration, Takagi delivers high flying assault superbly, however, is not enough to head a mainstream audience when most aren't watching or interested fully, despite his impressive structure… Needs to achieve audience approval of those unaware of the dazzler in the air…




2011 Placing - Unlisted

Started in Jan on 4th with minimal victory over the years she had initially through wrestle kingdom six… Continued the rest of January to February in strong tag action with eight back-to-back victories then loss in tag action on day seven of New Japan’s ISM tournament… Shocked the world with a career defining moment succeeding Hiroshi Tanahashi all the IWGP heavyweight title in an outstanding match on 12th Feb… Defended on March 4th quelling Tetsuya Naito in first major defence… Proved technique over months as champion also quashing Hirooki Goto on May 3rd challenge earning ever more respect from audience… Joined anniversary tour over May mostly on the winning sides… At dominion 6.16 on June 16th unwillingly donated title back to Tanahashi in another gripping power struggle… Entered and won the G1 climax tournament over August period to receive highest honour to title contendership once more… Continued the name worthy representation before New Japan continued tag booking with success mostly… November tag league tournament was credibly profitable… December months undid previous month’s stead with losses in multiple tag bouts drastically…

Was very first person to dethrone Tanahashi’s  ground-breaking title reign making Okada instant star… After gaining such credibility Okada's standards are slipping somewhat which needs to see the twenty four year old newbie presented highly if New Japan wish for him to become one of the companies new and freshest faces to achieve a new audience perspective as well as encouraging the remaining crowd to be highly involved emotionally… NJPW can be commended for making a new talent with Tanahashi’s downfall…




2011 Placing - 23

Lost in the most excruciatingly weird choice of just eighteen seconds recognised by announcers at Wrestlemania for the world heavyweight championship to challenger Sheamus in a nothing match… Snappy catchphrase caught on… Yes, Daniel Bryan was finally endorsed with a little help elsewhere… Went on to Extreme Rules with Sheamus for a proper match in two of three  falls which exhausted Sheamus carried by Bryan in April and then the excellent but strained CM Punk series at Over the Limit ending in a draw and Money in the Bank sullied with AJ as Special Referee ending in a smash through table by champ CM Punk in a timely strain yet well-structured design…  Summerslam anger boiled over with Kane adding defunct win… Basis allowed Bryan to hug and pass Anger Management issues with opponent Kane, now becoming best partner possible in tag team Hell No… Lifted tag titles over Kofi Kingston and R-Truth in refreshing change with Kane at Night of Champions… Successfully defended over Cody Rhodes and saviour Damien Sandow in another consistent match with terrible DQ finish from October’s Hell in a Cell PPV… Threw impressive Yes! kicks in five man Survivor Series team battle… Entered another match of year candidate with The Shield in six man TLC tag origin for WWE at TLC in Dec…

Simmered down tag team with Kane needs re-ignition… WWE tend to break teams after brief monthly runs, needs to maintain partnership for over a year minimally with added partner chemistry… Epics in title scene were there, though needs to be strong player not gimmick ridden… Needs a shave… Needs fuller head of hair… Needs strong opposition… Has been utilised well over past year by previous downgraders…   




2011 Placing - 3

4th Jan IWGP Junior heavyweight tag title as Apollo 55 with Ryusuke Taguchi were crowned over No Remorse Corps (Davey Richards and Rocky Romero) in multifarious display in Tokyo… Enjoyed undefeated streak as champs until 12th Feb when dethroned by Richards and Romero once again in a fresh contest… Exemplary Junior heavyweight title fight with Richards… Ferried over to CMLL as part of New Japan’s partnership in wise decision where Devitt detracted Volador Junior to snare the World Middleweight championship in a superb two of three falls confliction… Made up Block A of Super Juniors tournament in Japan over June with 6th June loss in tremendous zephyral consortium advancing to semi-finals falling to Low Ki in chastising epic… 8th July defence as World Middleweight champion over Taichi was another penchant success… Further Middleweight defence over Volador Jr accomplished resplendently… 18th Aug at wXw in Germany at the Jay Skillet trial series was meritous over Skillet himself… Donated time to UK scene in an abolition of esteemed profile faux pas destroying Devitt’s credibility… Returned to CMLL over September in persistent showings until Dragon Rojo JR dethroned the Prince for Middleweight title in awkward transition… Won Super Jr tag tournament semi’s losing at final to Alex Shelley and KUSHIDA on 2nd Nov… Eradicated Low Ki at Power Struggle seizing remunerative third IWGP coronation on the 11th November…  Battled subordinates on the UK scene making bigger fool of persona again… Finished on the 8th with victory over Karsten Beck in wXw on 12th Anniversary card….

Mesmeric triple holding champion came close to silencing the world in best year ever for thirty one year old star… Vigilant approach to inferior rental to certain promotions is essential to avoid genteel relapse… Despite mistakes, Devitt remains one of New Japan and the industry’s top players stemming with potent undertones… 




2011 Placing - 19

Dropped Jesse Sorenson, Kid Kash and Zema Ion retaining X Division title on Jan 8th at Genesis… Dropped Alex Shelley at Against All Odds… Babyface turn imposed after Ion collision in March began changing pro wrestling spectrum for Aries… Meet with Bully Ray over May, on 13th in radical brawls… After re-signing contract with TNA, made biggest transition of all in the company’s ludicrous ‘trade a title’ initiative, where Aries willingly surrendered X Div title for a World title shot… Used that shot on July 8th in profitable prologue to heavyweight dominance downing Bobby Roode in a magnificent challenge over twenty two minutes… Over July through August demolished every talent TNA had in Bully Ray, Roode, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, Hardy, AJ Styles and Mr. Anderson in wise choices to launch Aries’ platform as #1 TNA have… Swiftly reverted to renegade once again to make way for Jeff Hardy in October in another daft TNA decision at last minute where Hardy removed the championship from Aries waist in a persuasive plight... Turning Point ladder match with Hardy became savage mauling of technical talent positively… Ended another stupid no contest with Bobby Roode on 11th Dec in another abiding dip...

After making one of the most successful stars, TNA plan to place Aries back into X Division slot after making furnished movement to #1 entity company has… Should TNA drop ball on Aries, WWE should ditch its pride and pounce on him… TNA must construct planned finishes, match quality and allow Aries to be its pinnacle of programming in the heavyweight division in spite of feckless favourables Hardy/Sting/Roode and Hogan…  




2011 Placing - 6

Royal Rumble battle with Dolph Ziggler overshadowed by John Laurinaitis angle fair but dejected match for show with Johnny Ace only… Unmovable champion at destructive Elimination Champion setting saw quality tale ending with a glorious pinfall over The Miz… Fought returning Chris Jericho in an alcoholic themed storyline where numerous challenges were missing that je ne sais quoi to excel beyond standard despite interest early on… Ended in Chicago Street Fight on Apr 29th at Extreme Rules, marred by main event booking… Soon rectified tiresome position with Daniel Bryan in series of feud encapsulating matches over the May – July insertion which went on too long in same context and started to become difficult for fans to watch, despite athleticism involved including twenty three min dream at Over The Limit… As babyface incapable of toppling John Cena for company projection reverted to bad ways turning on The Rock at Raw 1000 during July in predictable yet clever unforseen when moment  shocking fans…  Fought John Cena in certain battles which Punk carried immensely to enhance Cena seeming credible… Viciously slapped Vince McMahon on October 8th Raw delightfully only to legitimately smash a fan in the head in crowd interaction that went awry… Crisis averted, moved forward from State of WWE address, instructed to mock Jerry Lawler’s heart attack tragedy after Survivor Series with Henchman Heyman faking such plight in the ring… Awful series with Neanderthal Ryback shelved reputation of ground-breaking champion dimensions… Ended year on Boxing Day Raw downing Big Red Monster Kane…

Despite certain misdemeanours, shadow to John Cena, and marred by Cena and Ryback as surplus character as champion, has been booked credibly by WWE despite narrowly thin set of performers…Protracted quality, effective company presentation of all matches and encouraged fans to re-join the product connectively… Struggle to main event PPV, double and dodgy finishes with Y2J and Cena looked foolish ruining fuller reign as meaningful...  Second best in the world will suffice for Punk, until WWE give him deeper edge to pass monotone drone Cena, unlikely… Still outstanding as lengthy 408 days champion, (only 2012 counted) however, has been beneficial… Still hasn't any balloons...




2011 Placing - 1

4th Jan IWGP heavyweight title defence over Minoru Suzuki totalled record breaking at 11 defences, New Japan’s most successful ever… Launched rival Kazuchika Okada as NJPW’s newest face, the first man to displace Tanahashi’s impressive length as champion… Teamed with stars for NOAH in best match at All Together 2 show on Feb 19th … Advanced to finals of New Japan Cup contest… restored championship rule over Okada on June 16th in what was a ground breaking encounter… July and August stages with Okada once more protracted quality matches and excellent dynamism… Entered G1 climax tournament maintaining honour… Supported CMLL at end of month in excellent tag action for Mexico involving Maximo, Volador Jr, Atlantis and many more…  Took down Naomichi Marufuji and Minoru Suzuki to remain champion in further prestigious defences over Sept and Oct… Supported the NJPW roster raising their momentum in losses that didn’t harm ‘Hashi and built competitors on equal levels for future prospects… Ended dropping Gedo in singles on 23rd Dec…

Managed to remain Wrestling Wonders Pro 50 number one in two consecutive years… Maintains key industry’s pinnacle of prestige, adorned by honour and integrity… Respect for business and stars to help enhance in company portrayal heightens further eastern – western civialisationed connections with renowned faith in sport perfectly… 

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