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Hulk Hogan: Sex, Lies and Headflux

Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan probes 
dual sex and spine lawsuits

The latest installment of the Hulk Hogan sex scandal has emerged. After previously looking to find the leak of the tape, Hulk has settled his grievances with Bubba the Love Sponge after suing his former pal, now stating their friendship was beyond repair. Bubba publicly apologised on his radio show to Hogan over his sexpose.

Making an impact
with boss, Dixie
Gawker media, who have released a snippet of the clip on their website, were asked and failed to remove the footage from its video library resulting with The Hulkster retaliating legally. Gawker viciously responded “Hulk Hogan has no right to sue Gawker for ruining his reputation by publishing parts of his sex tape... because he had already admitted that he's a lying, cheating bastard.” Further addition of admission in his 2009 autobiography, the online media station added this as extra proof the video couldn't add further disgrace to the veteran in-ring performer. Gawker further add because they did not record the tape they had the right to publish the clip on its site claiming a place on its newsworthy agenda.

Hogan is seeking a rough $100 million. Claims were previously made that Gawker had received the footage in full, from an anonymous source seeking no payment nor acknowledgement for the tip off.  This is Hulk’s second attempt at legal action with Gawker after the first filing. He also believes Clem set him up and played a part in leaking the footage to the media. The clip is said to be from six years ago.  

Accused: Clem and Love Sponge
Hogan, who chose not to cash in on his sex fame from porn media barons which could have made him a quick buck, has spear headed another legal matter, launching a probing lawsuit against the Laser Spine Institute in Florida. Hulk is disgruntled with the firm who operated on the legend’s tired body to rectify multiple lumber spinal problems and multiple disc defragmentations. Hulk now claims the surgery to treat him made his situation worse off and is seeking $50 million compensation.

Clem, who features in the video with Hulk, has allegedly recorded some sexual encounters with at least three other men.

Hulk adds the loss of tens of millions of potential dollars in employment opportunities were his reasoning. Hogan then 56, now 59, adds that the company used his name and image to promote business without his consent.

Earlier in 2008, Hulk paid ex-wife Linda a hefty 70% as an undisclosed sum of his earnings, after which the revelation of his secret infidelity with Heather Clem was caught on camera in sexual relations, during his then marriage to Linda.  

Case continues.

The Answer?

Media outlets run by fans have proven that they know nothing about newsworthy angles and how to contain their image whilst being professional. Hogan may be a cheating, lying wretch on the business, however, that is no excuse for Gawker media using this as an excuse to publish content to damage any individual, celebrity or sporting personality, despite a tip off. If they released a brief 30 second clip with audio and blacked out images of Hogan/Clem, it may have grounds for consideration. Gawker’s childish response to blame his infidelity as sustainable action to defame him and gather massive ratings boosts for its viewership offers no viability.

Gawker chose to publish the video and that is an offence of anyone they upload. Let this be a lesson to everyone not learning that copyrighted material which is not yours uploaded to websites on the basis that someone else gave it to you privately is not justifiable. If you receive it as a tip off that is fine. It’s what you do with it next that causes you a problem. How you share and what you share from a private source is the issue. You cannot simply ‘upload it to the internet’ without expecting any moral repercussions.

How to tell the world you have a reliable source is the issue no-one other than pure professionals can fully understand. Information shared in a public domain with those distributing those details with consent is allowed. This instance with the tape itself wasn't in that case.

Any good journalist knows protecting sources is key, but those with relatable instances to this one, clearly misunderstand and are not in any right an actual journalist and just fandom writing with a 'got lucky' approach. 

Regardless, I am not here to solve Hogan’s case, but Hogan also must accept he cannot claim such hefty price tags and blame others when he takes no responsibility for his own actions.

I guess I could say Hogan now owes me a massive debt…

As for the laser surgeries? Lunacy. 

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