Sunday, 20 January 2013

Another WWE diva released

Meteorite hits another WWE Diva!

WWE developmental diva Skyler Moon, 23, known to many as Buggy Nova on the independent circuit was released from her contract on 11th January in the company’s annual releasing season. Moon had been battling a maelstrom of personal issues during her time in the WWE sponsored rehab, mostly for an eating disorder. 

Moon made her debut for WWE’s NXT show on August 16th teaming with Raquel Diaz and later with Paige.  

Upon her release the former star tweeted “I can finally cuss again in the internet…..F********K :) .

WWE felt her time in rehab given ample length to deal with personal endeavours and out of the limelight for the company was too much a strain on both and took the simple option to disband. This was clearly for the best.

Numerous releases are expected in coming months, as many are aware.

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